Friday, November 30, 2007

TUNTUTAN HINDRAF : memorandum ini adalah tuntutan Hindraf. Kenapa dalam tuntutan itu kepimpinan India Malaysia tidak disentuh malah bukan Barisan Nasional yang di hentam tetapi UMNO sahaja. Bukankah Samy Vellu berkali-kali menyatakan bahawa beliau adalah pembela Masyarakat India dan merupakan orang pertama yang patut di belasah sekiranya Masyarakat India tidak puas hati atas apa yang dilakukan selama ini. Hindraf masih lagi kabur bagi . Adakah ini hanya helah politik P.Uthayakumar yang sebelum ini pernah berusaha untuk membentuk Parti Reformasi Insan Malaysia untuk menjuarai isu dan juga untuk menambat hati Masyarakat India. Kita bicarakan selepas kita membaca tuntutan Hindraf yang benar-benar menyentuh perasaan orang Melayu, atau adakah salah kenyataan ini?

50th year Merdeka (Independence) demands by the two (2) million ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia to Y.A.B. Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Prime Minister of Malaysia on Sunday the 12th day of August 2007 at 10.00a.m at Seri Perdana, Putrajaya Malaysia.
1. Whereas:

The Reid Commission was appointed by her Majesty the Queen of England and the Conference of Rulers in 1956 with the view to Malaya (and now Malaysia) achieving independence by August 1957.Among the primary terms of reference of the Reid Commission were a Common Nationality for the whole of the Federation.
2. And whereas

The overwhelming of the 131 written memoranda submitted to the Reid Commission as evidenced by the declassified documents from the Public Records Office, Kew, London, United Kingdom which represented the will and wishes of the then Malayan population were primarily equality and equal opportunities etc for all Malayans irrespective of race or religion as follows: -
2.1 In the grant of state land,
2.2 Admission to public and administrative service;
2.3 To trade and do business, licenses, permits etc
2.4 Primary, secondary, skills Training, university and overseas university education.
2.5 No special privileges for the Malays,
2.6 No discrimination of any ethnic community based on race or religion,
2.7 The retention of all their places of worship in particular Hindu temples, crematoriums and burial sites,
2.8 Freedom of Religion,
2.9 Malaya is to be a Secular State and not an Islamic state,
2.10 Right to mother tongue education in particular Tamil schools to be fully aided,
2.11 Minimum wage for the lowest paid, and
2.12 Equal recognition as sons of soil for all Malayan born.
3. And whereas
Based on the aforesaid proposals the Malaysian Federal Constitution, which is the supreme law of Malaysia as drawn out by the Reid Commission in 1957 was passed by the inaugural Malayan Parliament and which formed the basis of independent Malaysia.

4. And whereas

Over the last 50 years since independence on the 31st day of August 1957, the United Malays Organisation (UMNO) controlled Malaysian government with their majoritarian might, and backed by police, Attorney General’s Chambers, Judiciary, civil service and the media continuously violated the Malaysian Federal Constitution by their racist and Islamic extremist policies and which in effect have created an apartheid system ala Malaysia and especially resulting in the degeneration of at least 70% of the ethnic minority Indians to become the underclass of Malaysia who end up in the poor and hardcore poor category. The rest of the 29% raised above the poor and hardcore poor category wholly and/or substantially through their own efforts, sacrifices and labour with no or very little assistance by the UMNO controlled government. The 1% of the cream thrives anyway.

5. And whereas
The plight of the Indians have been made worse by the racist UMNO mindset having spilled over to even almost all of the Opposition parties, NGOs’, Civil society, Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam), Bar Council, the media etc who do not take up the Indian plight for they are deemed to be lacking “political mileage” (race based) and/or no funding.

6. And whereas
The Indians having no or very little opportunities for upward mobility or hope either turn to crime (60% of Malaysian detainees are Indians though they are only 8% of population-Suhakam 2005) or end up committing suicide which is 1000% higher than Malays (Utusan Malaysia 12.9.2005).7. And Whereas
at a public forum attended by 1,000 over Indians on 28.7.2007 at 7.00p.m at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, the participants unanimously resolved to forward their 18 point demands and which this peaceful assembly gathered here today on the 12th day of August 2007 at Putrajaya once again unanimously resolves to demand as hereinbelow outlined. And now it is hereby demanded for and on behalf of the two (2) Million ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia from the UMNO controlled Malaysian Government their 18 point demands as follows:
(1) End 50 years of violations of the Malaysian Federal Constitution.
(2) End Racism, end Islamic extremism and end Malay privileges on the 50th year golden jubilee mega Independence celebrations of Malaysia on 31st August 2007.
(3) Call for affirmative action plans for all poor Malaysians especially the ethnic minority Indians.A Protection of Ethnic Minority Malaysian Indian Act 2007 be passed to secure and safeguard the interests of the poor and defenseless ethnic Indian Minority Community.
(4) All 523 Tamil Schools in Malaysia be made fully aided government schools with immediate effect and to have equal and same facilities as granted to national schools especially in terms of financial allocations, sufficient graduate teaching staff, financial allocation for extra tuition, ample computers, Information Technology facilities, school fields, sports, recreational facilities, air conditioned library, textbook loans, kindergarden, school uniforms and pocket money for poor pupils, nutritional food programmes, teaching aids, school building, infrastructure, film screening room and facilities, financial assistance for poor students, rehabilitation classes, non Muslim religious classes, etc. A RM 100 Billion grant @ 20 Billion per year with effect from 2007 be allocated to Indians under the 9th Malaysia Plan (5 years) for refurbishing the existing 523 Tamil schools and rebuilding of the 300 Tamil schools demolished over the last 50 years.
(5) Extend and implement with immediate effect to Indians the affirmative action plans, grants, scholarships, loans etc as extended to Malay Muslim citizens with the view to providing equal opportunities for higher education, university education, admission to foreign universities, post graduate studies locally and overseas, Trade and Skills Training Institutions, Science Colleges especially for each and every Indian student from the 70% poor and hardcore poor Indian category.
(6) Extend and implement with immediate effect affirmative action plans as extended to Malay Muslim citizens with the view to provide equal opportunities in acquiring wealth, venturing into business, trade, industries, medium and small scale industries, government linked companies, corporate sector, procurement of direct government contracts, in acquiring licenses for contractors, blue chip and / or guaranteed return shares, lorry, taxi and bus permits, loans and licenses to venture into trade, business banking and the corporate sector for each and every Indian from especially the 70% poor and hardcore poor Indian category. To this effect the UMNO controlled government allocates RM100 Billion at RM20 Billion per annum with effect from 2007 and implements successful strategic schemes in investments for the Indians as implemented for the Malay Muslims with the view to the Indians acquiring at least 10% of the nation’s equity.
(7) All the aforesaid is to be handled directly by the UMNO controlled government and UMNO is to stop “playing politics” through the “Mandore” (supervisor) system by dishing out on a piecemeal and/or peanuts basis or merely public and/or newspaper announcements and declarations by the Malaysian Indian Congress (M.I.C) who have no or very little power or say in the UMNO controlled Malaysian government.
(8) 20% of the Government top most level postings (Secretaries Generals), Middle level Management (Directors) and management level (Managers) postings, and the same for the Private Sectors, and positions of District Officers; Foreign and Diplomatic Service positions, civil service positions are reserved for Indians for the next 15 years.
(9) The UMNO controlled government makes public and is transparent on all of the aforesaid affirmative action plans i.e. the aforesaid education places, licenses, scholarships, grants, loans, permits, licenses, opportunities etc by publishing the same in the official website of the Government of Malaysia as and when the same is granted and/or on a monthly basis specifying the Indian beneficiaries thereto.
(10) Stop the indiscriminate unconstitutional and unlawful demolitions of Hindu temples, crematoriums and burial sites in Malaysia. All existing Hindu temples, crematoriums and burial sites be granted state land and permanently gazette as Hindu temple reserves as has been done for all Islamic places of worship and burial sites. Compensation at RM10 Million per temple be paid by the UMNO controlled Malaysian Government for the 15,000 Hindu temples demolished up to date over the last 50 years.Every individual given the Right to practice and profess Religion/s of his/her choice in accordance to Standards adopted by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. The State and its Authorities barred from interfering in the personal beliefs and conscience of individual citizens . Disputes between Muslims & Non Muslims should be adjudicated in the Civil Courts.
(11) Stop the victimization and direct discrimination by the Police and all other state authorities of the Indians. All Malaysians earning RM 3,000.00 and below are to be fully borne by state funded legal aid for any criminal charges they face.
(12) The UMNO controlled government forms with immediate effect a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Kg Medan Mini Genocide, condemns the violence thereto, apologizes to the Indian community on this mini genocide, undertakes not to repeat the same in future and pay a compensation of RM1,000,000.00 for each and every citizen killed, permanently maimed, maimed or injured in this tragedy.
(13) Each and every Indian especially the Indian poor in the aforesaid 70% Indian poor and hardcore poor category is paid compensation which is to be adjudicated and determined by the United Nations Secretary General for the aforesaid 50 years of Constitutional violations by the UMNO controlled government.
(14) All homeless Malaysians are to be provided affordable homes and not low cost flats by law. A minimum wage of RM1,000.00 for each and every Malaysian be made law.(15) A Royal Commission of Inquiry is initiated to report on the aforesaid constitutional violations by the UMNO controlled government and appropriate recommendations for amongst others further affirmative action plans for especially the 70% Indian poor and hardcore poor category.
(16) All forms of racial and religious discrimination, oppression and suppression of the Indians / Hindus in both the public and private sectors are stopped with immediate effect and a Race Relations Commission Act 2007, an Equal Opportunities Commission Act 2007 and a Freedom of Religion Commissions Act 2007 be passed and powerful Commission thereto be put into force to give effect to anti racism, anti Islamic extremism and anti direct discrimination practices by the UMNO controlled government in both the public and private sectors.
(17) The UMNO controlled government passes specific laws to give effect to the Independence of the Judiciary, the Attorney General’s Chambers, Civil service, Police Force, Army, the Malaysian Human Rights Commission and the Malaysian media and for the Opposition parties, NGOs’ Civil Society groups, Bar Council and the media not to discriminate and side step Indian issues but instead to voice out the same without fear or favour. The Malaysian media is also to be legislated to report the real happenings especially on the 70% Indian poor and hardcore poor without fear or favour.
(18) A minimum of 20 Opposition members of Parliament are elected exclusively by the Indian Community to represent their interest at the highest political level and also as a Parliamentary Democracy check and balance and the same is safeguarded and entrenched into the Federal Constitution and which is to be increased proportionately with the increase in Parliamentary seats.
Proposer: P.Waytha Moorthy Seconder: V.K Regu; (Chairman, Hindraf) (Secretary, Hindraf) Compiled by P.Uthayakumar legal Adviser, Hindraf based on the ground reality, sentiments, pulse, blood, sweat and tears of the Malaysian Indians after 50 years of marginalisation, discrimination, oppression and suppression by the UMNO controlled Malaysian Government.


Blogger said...

Soalnya, jika demontrasi hindraf disalah dan dikutuk, mengapa PM mengarahkan Samy Vellu membentuk jawatan kuasa untuk melihat lebih jauh masalah orang India. Jadi macam PM terpedaya juga dengan demo hindraf itu.

Mengapa PM tidak ambil peduli tentang demo Bersih 10 Nov. Bukankah itu lebih universal berbanding hindraf yang perkauman?

Mungkin juga sebab demo 10 Nov kebanyakannya orang Melayu. Nilainya kurang....

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya suparjo kerajaan kita ini sudah tahu, Melayu mudah di kaw tim, itulah sebabnya mereka buat tak pot dengan demonstrasi org Melayu. Melayu bukan mudah lupa tapi Melayu mudah kawtim

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kalau betullah kita ni negara Islam, bukan kah patut semua kaum dapat peluang sama rata? Bukan kah Islam tidak membezakan kaum? Umno is beyond reform.

1:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bodohlah malaichai, keadilan itu bukan sama rata lah bangang. Islam mahukan kita berlaku adil la ngok. Adakah kamu maksud sama rata, sama peluang membiarkan equal dari segi masjid dan kuil. Bodoh..India minoriti dan nisbah kena ikut kedudukan minority mereka lah bangang.

Jgn cakap pasal Islam kalu tak tahu..

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ada Melayu yang bangang macam keaddilan pi sokong hindraf. tak bangang ke pemimpin yang kemaruk kuasa macam anwar ibrahim, lakukan apa sahaja untuk kuasa sampai jemaah mempertahankan kuil pun dibela olehnya.

Org Melayu kena lupakan keadilan, biar pilih PAS atau UMNO.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alamak...terkena bodoh plak. Sia-sia aku belajar kat UIA dulu. Apa yang dimaksudkan peluang sama rata adalah dari segi ekonomi, pelajaran dan hak-hak individu seperti dalam perlembagaan Malaysia.

Say No to Constitutional Amendments!

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hanya terdapat 7% penduduk di Malaysia adalah Keturunan KELING PARIA(lebih kurang berjumlah 1.3 juta sahaja) dan mereka terbahagi kepada berberapa parti politik di mana MIC , IPF , Nalakarupan punya parti 10%, DAP, Keadilan dan Gerakan.

Yang menyokong kerajaan hanya 1% sahaja yang lain "caca marba"

Mereka memang suka bina kuil tanpa kebenaran majlis tempatan , Pantang ada benda pelik sikit terus jadi tuhan dia dan terus dirikan kuil, contoh Lembu kepala Dua, Kambing ekor tiga dan Gajah ber belalai tiga.

Sebenarnya dia lupa diri , Orang Melayu yang TERPINGGIR DAN TIADA HAK SEHINGGAKAN TERPAKSA MENERIMA KELING SEADANYA. Kita sudah berkorban tanah dan negara ini dengan PARIA.

Negara India sendiri tak mengiktiraf mereka-mereka ni, Golongan seperti di India adalah kasta PARIA setaraf dengan Anjing sebab itu sering kita dengar "PARIA DOG" DI UNGKAPKAN.

Bahasa Tamil bukan bahasa kebangsaan India tatapi Hindi, Paria hanya hidup dlam kotak-kotak kertas di tepi jalan , berak dan kencing di Merata tempat.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waytha Moorty menambah lagi dengan ayat berikut.
"Kaum India telah mengalami kesengsaraan di bawah pemerintahan majoriti Melayu Muslim dan pemerintahan Inggeris untuk selama 200 tahun".

Apa asas dakwaan ini? Sedarkah peguam ini bahawa hanya beberapa kerat kaum dari benua India dibawa masuk oleh Inggeris untuk bekerja di Tanah Melayu sebelum tahun 1890. Itupun kaum Punjabi beragama Sikh.

Tiada kaum India berbangsa Tamil beragama Hindu yang dibawa masuk untuk bekerja di bidang infrastruktur sebelum itu melainkan golongan pedagang yang kebanyakannya terdiri dari kaum Tamil Muslim yang datang untuk berdagang ke Tanah Melayu sejak ratusan tahun sebelum itu.

Hanya apabila harga getah dunia meningkat antara tahun 1910 hingga 1930, system Kangany diperkenalkan dan pekerja-pekerja dari Tamil Nadu di bawa masuk secara kontrak, untuk bekerja dan pulang ke tanah asal mereka apabila kontrak tamat.

Malang mungkin tertimpa kepada mereka apabila British gagal untuk mengurus system ini dengan berkesan.

Asas dakwaan Waytha Moorthy mungkin berkisar pada pengabaian tanggungjawab oleh pihak British ke atas kaum India yang dibawa masuk untuk bekerja secara kontrak seawal tahun 1900 sehinggalah dasar imigran diperketatkan pada tahun 1931.

Tetapi, apa pula tujuannya bagi beliau mengaitkan pemerintah hari ini terhadap susur galur kedatangan masyarakat India ke Tanah Melayu?

Secara logiknya, dalam tempoh 100 tahun, masyarakat India di Malaysia telah dipertingkatkan taraf mereka melalui satu proses serapan yang sangat pantas dan tidak pernah berlaku dalam mana-mana peradabab dunia.

Tindakan HINDRAF yang cuba menganjurkan perhimpunan bagi membuat tuntutan ini tidak mendatangkan apa-apa masalah dan kesan malah tindakan mereka untuk menuntut pembelaan sewajarnya atas pengabaian Britain ke atas mereka adalah hak mereka sendiri.

Tetapi, sebelum itu, fikirkanlah bahawa, sistem kontrak yang membawa mereka masuk ke Tanah Melayu adalah satu umpanan untuk menaiktaraf kehidupan di luar negara semata-mata yang masih kekal berlaku di mana-mana pelusuk dunia hari ini.

Semestinya ia berlaku dengan kerelaan dan bukannya atas nama tawanan perang seperti buruh paksa Jepun di Burma.

Tindakan mengapi-apikan sentimen perkauman dengan mempertikaikan pemerintah hari ini yang didakwa menekan masyarakat India tidak boleh di terima dan mungkin mengubah persepsi masyarakat majoriti terhadap kesetiaan masyarakat India kepada negara ini.

Dakwaan kononnya masyarakat India hanya memiliki 1.5 peratus ekuiti berbanding 8 peratus populasi bukan bermakna mereka tidak diberi peluang.

Kaum Bumiputra yang terdiri dari 60 peratus populasi pun hanya memiliki 19 peratus ekuiti. Ini banyak bergantung kepada tahap kompetensi sesebuah bangsa itu sendiri.

Sesungguhnya, mereka lupa bahawa mereka diberi hak untuk pulang ke negara asal dan menyambung rumpun akar yang putus pada ketika itu dan juga hari ini.

Seandainya mereka pulang selamanya, apakah nasib mereka lebih baik dari hari ini? Apakah negeri Tamil Nadu menjanjikan apa yang mereka peroleh hari ini di Malaysia?

Persoalannya sekarang, apakah agenda tersembunyi yang cuba mereka bawakan? Juga mampukah polis bertindak sama rata ke atas semua warga Malaysia yang melanggar undang-undang seperti penganjuran perhimpunan haram ini?

Berapa pula tuntutan yang layak bagi kaum Melayu kepada British kerana bertindak membawa imigran India masuk satu ketika dahulu dan mengubah demografi Tanah Melayu hari ini?

Bukan itu yang diperlukan. Yang diperlukan hari ini ialah sikap realistik dan futuristik dalam bersama-sama merangka masa depan.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh jadi ker perhimpunan tersebut?
sebenarnya bangkitkan kemarahan melayu tetapi melayu umno.sesungguhnya yang menjadi fokus di sini bukan melayu secara keseluruhannya tetapi melayu UMNO.jadi sesiapa yang nak membincangkan hal ini harus memberi fokus kepada melayu umno.soal anwar gila kuasa atau tidak kerana bersengkongkol dengan hindraf tidak timbul sebab UMNO sendiri bersengkongkol dengan MIC untuk berkuasa.harap dapat menilainya tanpa terpengaruh dengan hujjah yang sedemikian.kita juga bolih kata PAKLAH GILA KUASA ATAS SEBAB YANG LEBIH TERUK; PENIPUAN DEMOKRASI.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Silentrader said...

PM dah kepung yg anjur KAWTIM..skrg tgh sibuk tunggu SEKOR LAGI hindraf yg kat luar negeri tu balik lak

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bila pulak pm nak buat temujanji yang dipinta olih pemimpin pembangkang?

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dey tamby..There were malays here long before Parameswara came to tanah melayu and opened Melacca la tamby.They were the native ppl of this country.Like bullet said the malay indons came and united them and soon became a small structural government.My ancestors were one of them la thamby.So dont talk shit acting like you know everything la tamby.U read blogs to much for a living and just take the bullshit they say.No bullshitting again a tamby.Go masak roti pratta lagi bagus la tamby

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

malay are not stupid..we are very kindness coz allow you with your live in our country..why you ask is too much..remember malay is a gentle and spokeperson people.but if you recently attack us you can't imagine what would we do...

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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