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Pemuda UMNO mahu bela MELAYU

Bukan perkara baru - akan bermesyuarat - akan melakukan sesuatu perubahan untuk Melayu , bagi membela nasib Melayu yang terpinggir di kota. Melayu akan terpinggir jauh dari pembangunan arus perdana kata Khairy Jamaluddin Naib Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO. Dalam melihat kenyataan ini akhbar Berita Harian 3hb September 2006 , saya termenong seketika, sejak 1971 lagi sewaktu Tun Abdul Razak mula membicarakan DEB hari ini kita menceritakan mengenai Melayu bakal terpinggir dari arus pembangunan.

Teringat saya mengenai cebisan tulisan saya yang belum sempat yang suarakan dalam blog saya. Mencari cebisan tersebut dan inilah kata - kata sempat saya cakar :

Anak Bangsa ini,
Kini berdiri,
Lesu berbicara
Di sisi,
Di tepi
Mengeleng - geleng,
Menyesali diri,
Tidak ada tempat lagi,
Anak bangsa ini,
Diambang mati
9/5/2006 Melawati 1.52pm

Adakah kali ini - dikota kata. Exco Pemuda UMNO akan bermesyuarat - seolah mengerti apa erti Melayu di kota dan di desa. Apa erti kesusuhan mereka dan siapa yang menyusahkan mereka. Kenapa tidak mahu ditanya hanya duduk membicarakan erti - diertikan sendiri, duduk mencari jawapan - dijawabnya sendiri - duduk mengatur langkah - menari ikut rentak sendiri. Bila mana kita mahu melihat Melayu itu bangkit, bila mana mahu kita lihat Melayu itu bangsa bermaruah dan bermartabat.

Akhirnya Khairy berkata " perkara seumpama itu sepatutnya tidak berlaku kerana kerajaan yang memimpin negara sejak merdeka diterajui Umno dan sepatutnya nasib orang Melayu lebih terbela." Apa pula kata Melayu?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jangan mengharap pada UMNO. Selamanya begitu. Kedududkan Melayu yang terancam sebenarnya datng dari perbuatan mereka. Lepas itu mereka pula kata mereka nak bela. Udah le...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

With such a corrupted and incompetent government in power now, who want to celebrate the 49th national day? We should mourn the beginning of the death of Malaysia instead.

To Pak Lah and all others, please wake up! Enough is enough! If you cannot perform, please go and let other able men to take over, it is so simple. But where to find able men from this bunch of BN joker ministers?

Umno will never learn nor accept the truth, their only concern is: Power is money - money is power. They will never walk the talk and will never admit the wrong they had created.

When the country has been hijacked by a political party for its top members, waving the country flag is like waving the party flag. I will not do it.

For some reason, I don't feel like flying the flag too. It is like I am not even proud to identify myself a Malaysian - knowing how bleak the future of our nation with our current leaders and those "heir apparent".

The socio-political mood in the country has not changed much from a decade ago. What a shame! (They are plunderers, lowlifes, cheats……….yes!)

We cannot trust politicians to take proper care of the country and its ordinary people. Let us draw a line here and learn from our past mistakes and move Malaysia forward together.

Independence? What independence! We were freed from the British 49 years ago. But we were ruled by apartheid-typed leaders from our own Malaysia, which I think is worse.

These are all bull shit. We do not need to accept all this Umno shit. Let them fight among themselves. One day, there will be a new story and another a newer one through the wits of reckless creatures aiming for the adulterous seat. The country has no place for these hooligans who do not have Malaysia in their hearts.

I just hope that it is not too late before general election comes. Voting to a certain extent is still a passive role. We need to rekindle the same love for Malaysia as our forefathers.

The racial and religious tensions in Malaysia have to get worse first before getting better. Some things have to the wall hard first before most people come to their senses.

If the "leaders" of the day have the political will, then the situation may be remedied to a certain extent. Unfortunately none of them do, as they have selfish and vested interests. We are heading for this wall faster than ever.

Those who swallowed the wealth of nations are the ones who do not love the country. The rest are loving the country. Flying the flag is no longer needed.

I should complain about our country that spent so much money in celebrating every year. There are too many national celebrations in Malaysia. This is no more than wasting money.

Our country is so divided now than ever in our history. There is no more unity and the malays are getting more and more arrogant. Their leaders don't give a damn what they say to their followers as long as it wins them some popular votes.

Our leaders lack calibre and direction. Our nation is heading for a difficult period and it will take a lot of effort to unify our various races.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umno, which effectively runs the government, is riddled with corruption and croynism.

Members crave for the award of lucrative government contracts given out under the pretext of the NEP. But the party is filled with bureaucrats with no management skills and no productive economic skills.

In a freely competitive market, they would be in the lower rungs of the public sector or would have lost their jobs altogether. To maintain their way of life, they have to ensure that the NEP is continued at all costs.

A large segment of the malays are still poor after 35 years of the NEP and on top of this the income disparity between the rich and the poor has widened. Clearly, the NEP as a method of equalising economic disparity has failed.

The benefits of the NEP to the poor malays is a pittance compared to the benefits to the rich and well-connected malays. It is in reality a tool and facade for the rich and elite malays - who are in the minority - to continue their extravagant way of life at the expense of the rest of the country.

The cost of the NEP so far include unemployable graduates who are mostly malays, increased racial polarisation, declining education standards, brain drain, bailouts of well-connected companies, an inefficient and incompetent public service, a government which makes decisions first and studies the impact later - just about everything that is wrong in this country!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this country is quite obvious but what most people don't get is what is right with this country.

Malaysia is an incredible fortunate country with abundant natural resources and systems that prevents it from committing worst mistakes than it already has.

From palm-oil, oil and gas, to the British-influenced systems left behind to basically the tolerant nature of all its people and even the fact that Singapore, our cousin down south, is a constant reminder of our place in the world.

Malaysia is fortunate to have these checks to ensure continuous growth throughout these many years.

Its because of these fortunate that shields us from some harsh realities that the country finds it unnecessary accept global and universal realities. These fortunate still exists and so long as it still exists, there is no impetus to face realities. These fortunate also hold us back to realize our full potential and have cost us incredible opportunities in the past.

Certainly we would have been a developed country by now if not for the NEP.

For the idealist, you have to face it that these fortunate still exists. For example, our government is actually trying to control the deficit despite the political cost. This is most fortunate compared to the bankrupt ways of some other developing countries.

Of course international financial realities is forcing us to control the deficit but those international realities is a result of our past legacy and our circumstances rather than our very own philosophy or believe. In that sense we are fortunate.

So long as we have these fortunate, so long we will postpone the kinds of ideal and justice we talk about in these. We are a nation led by mediocrity and waste. It is a given.

For excellence, it has to be somewhere else for we do not have the strength to make it ours.

While it is normal for an individual to protect their pride even when they know deep down that it is wrong, it is a totally unaccepted behaviour for academics to be in such depth of denial.

I have been thinking for a while as to the reasons for their constant state of denial and came up with three ugly conclusions:

(1) The academics are just incompetent to produce quality research work. They were chosen as academics simply because of their political link, or the fact that local public universities just favour bumis.

As pointed, government-linked companies are usually managed by people with political connections and not based on their expertise and competencies.

(2) The "tidak apa" behaviour which is a wide spread culture in Malaysia public. While at times it is nice to be living in an easygoing society, such practice has done more damage than good to the society especially in the service, skilled and knowledge-based sectors.

In general, there is a lack of perfectionist behaviour which has led to a less-than-constructive society. No doubt, this has very much hampered the reliability and improvement of the local workforce.

(3) Many of the academics are also lacking in professionalism. Very few of them, if any, could take criticism in a constructive manner.

This resulted in an over-protective behaviour shown - for example in the way they handled public criticism in their drastic drop in university rankings.

Like I have in the past couple of years tried to point out these issues to the general public, which unfortunately was not taken very seriously.

Many times they just fall onto deaf ears. Even when there are people who agree with it, they usually lack the courage to come out of their comfort zone and make a strong stance on such critical issues.

Racism is an excellent political tool. We have had one of the best examples set by Hitler. He blamed on the fall of Germany economy and everything on the Jewish people, and that ended up with the lost of so many innocent lives.

In order to survive politically, you have to allow them to use the race card. Yes, Umno did it.

I think Mahathir has been one of the key players. Converting the English medium into malay medium and then found that it did not work well, and finally decided to convert it back into English medium. When Mahathir sat at the top as the leader of the country, he realized that it was not the right way to govern the country in that way. Now Abdullah must be feeling the same.

How much was there suffer of our education system? The politicians in Malaysia never take responsibility and they don't even apologize to the people for the mess created.

As you can see, within malay communities, only a small fraction of the people gained wealth while majority were the same as before who made very little progress.

Sad day indeed……….

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You see my friends - in the pursuit of the malay agenda (might I add - blind, overzealous and racist pursuit), they are now paying the most costly price of all - a terribly poor command of the English language!

All the bluffing and lies on the bullshit meritocracy has failed them - actually a slap in their face! Serves them right!

No else has lost out like the so called son of the soil - wonder no more as to why there are about 60K graduates (cannot use ones) are jobless! You reap what you sow!

Dr Mahathir - It is a joke that through your old age recognized the education system in Malaysia does not work. It was you that one of the formulators of the system.

Your education system threw out hardworking, honesty and all the merits of a good education system.

You instead taught malays to be:

Dishonest (steal from the people)
Lazy - your NEP
Steal from the Chinese
Threat the Indians bad even though you were half breed yourself
and worst of all taught everyone in Malaysia to be
Crooked like you.

So now you are feeling the heat because your educational boys are not able to survive in this competitive world.

Your fight with the Badawi and his Oxford scumbags thieves, will take this nation to ruins. 22 years of education ruin by this old Dr Mahathir and his cronies.

Why Dr Mahathir said it now? What did he do in the last 22 years? Maybe he should be a prime minister now at the age of 80 as he is wiser now. Should not be a prime minister 22 years ago or maybe after 22 years he was in office (as an apprentice), then he is really ready to work in a real world……….

Malaysia new dilemma - Some 60000 unemployed graduates, mostly malays have to be retrained; capable non-malays lost to Singapore.

In Singapore there are lots of ex-Malaysians or Malaysians. I just visited one of my primary schoolmates (first met 40 years ago).

He rounded up some chaps, and when they told me one by one that they have converted their passports (even those diehard, hardcore Malaysians who vow not to surrender their Malaysian passports), I felt a huge sense of loss, indescribable.

I have to accept the fact that this is the real world. Some of them are directors, CEOs of multinational, pilots, principals of schools, professors etc.

The only one who came back to Malaysia married a Malaysian wife. Like other diaspora, they scatter and put down roots where there is nourishment and they grow there. Best wishes to our fellow Malaysians.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The basis of how the Malaysia government works is based on the NEP, a highly flawed and self-destructive (to most) system. We are citizens of a flawed system. There must be something wrong for those of us who grew up and indoctrinated on low class mentality.

The crutches mentality and NEP have simply permeated too much of civil servants and the government.

Face it, too many people managing public education in this country have feudal mindset. Next to the police, the public education establishment is probably the most opaque and unaccountable.

We have principals and teachers who make shocking on decisions in schools on their own. We have administrators who make bad decisions on programs, schools, syllabus, teachers, etc.

Before we get a first class university, we need to get first class students from quality schools. Sadly most of the good schools have been decimated by who have become more engrossed with 'tudung' fashion than the quality of teaching.

Face it, there are many in the government that see education and skills the way they see government contracts - they need to monopolize it and limit the other races from it. It is very much part and parcel of 'ketuanan' idea.

Their greatest fear is that non-malays would take what is available and run far ahead of them. In other words, if they can't have it their way, no one should get any either. It is better to spoil the game then let someone else win the game.

As long as those elements of the NEP inside higher education policy, don't ever dream on having first class universities. Second class is also out of our reach. Third class……….yes! This is what we are having now. Look at our local graduates that being churned out from these third class universities.

The frequent flooding is just one sign of all that has gone rotten in Malaysia.

Seems like none posters have confidence and hope at all on the government and the policy they implement. Any move they make is just to benefit their members and bringing down Malaysia to the knee and suffered its citizens.

I think the posters have no hope because we believe with the NEP and affirmative action to the majority favouring certain 'upper class' - there will be no prosperity for Malaysia regardless of the illusion they throw at us.

The grievances expressed here are tips for the government to reflect on the issues and to improve on its administration. It is free advice. We do it as if we are happy, or have no choice, but to let BN to continue to be in power forever.

I grew up in small town when I was a kid and that was the best part of my life but this corrupt system has to be stopped somehow. Even if they are not money corrupt, the system is ideologically corrupt and unsound.

It is just spinning on a vicious cycle. I don't see Pak Lah breaking that cycle. In fact, he is playing into it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mohd Ali Ismail

Saya membaca blog ini dengan hati yang terbuka. Tetapi nampaknya kaum lain yang ada tidak.

1. Kontrak sosial adalah pengimbang kepada apa yang diberi dan diminta.

2. Kalau hari ini bangsa - bangsa lain mendesak agak hak keistimewaan Melayu di gugurkan , apa pula sekira ada yang mendesak kewarganegaraan di kembalikan atau mulai hari ini dipohon dan tidak aotumatik.

3. Sekiranya negara ini gagal sebagaimana yang dituntut oleh kaum lain akibat Melayu dan rasuah - cuba kaji balik pemberi rasuah yang turut sama - sama bersalah dalam hal ini.

Kita mahukan keharmonian tetapi dari posting org - org yang agaknya sekumpulan pendesak Cina ini menimbulkan kemarahan kami juga.

Sedar asal dan sedar tujuan kalau tidak , Melayu boleh tolong sedarkan

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have relatives in Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Let me detail the experience of my family members in the West:

1. Equal job opportunities at all levels expect probably the highest post but today even this is changing. Look at the recent appointment of an Indian born lady as the CEO of Pepsi Cola.

2. Equal opportunity to be elected as dean or vice chancellor of universities. Some of the heads of top universities in the US are Chinese or Indians.

3. Equal opportunity to enter universities for all courses including medicine.

4. Equal rights for all citizens unlike Malaysia where recent Muslim immigrants from Indonesian and Pakistan have been given more rights compared to non-Muslim Malaysians whose ancestors arrived in the country some 300 years ago. This is religious apartheid.

5. No differential prices for houses.

6. Scholarships based on either merit or need and not on creed, race or religion. In Malaysia, a malay Muslim has a better chance of getting a scholarship compared to a non-Muslim from a poor background.

I am a Malaysian born before independence and educated at a local university and have served the government much longer than some political (PM) wannabes.

I am saddened and very distressed to see how far the country has slid down over the past three decades. Due to corruption, excessive politicking and faulty policies, the country is gradually heading for the direction of Argentina, Indonesia and Philippines or even worse.

I fear that we have now reached a point of no return. Only the oil reserves are buffering us from a more rapid descent. But for how long! Then the crunch will really bite.

Please have your parachutes ready when the great crunch finally arrives.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

USA, UK, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, etc - What make them different from Malaysia?

Why are they successful, well most importantly they practised meritocracy system and secondly they don't have law that discriminate against skin colors or religions or minorities.

Sorry facts are facts. Sorry in spite of all, you malays still cannot compete. By the way - you are so wrong that we Chinese do not look towards China.

Where there is money to be made, and where we can improve other Chinese well being be it Malaysian Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese etc, we are looking towards it. You bet. The next world is not Malaysia, a tiny little dot in this world.

Where opportunities exist, we look elsewhere just like Singaporeans they are going everywhere.

If you are to do a study among all Muslim countries, the level of development will be directly proportional to the level of Islamisation of the country.

Just do a study - you will know the fact. The reasons are so obvious why this is so. I do not want to elaborate here to hurt the feelings of Muslims but I mention just two:

- they sidelined the women.
- how many Muslims nations are in deep religious based wars?
- and plus many other activities against productivity.

You cannot have it both ways. Live in this world or live in the after world. There is time only for one.

This is why I see very bleak future for Malaysia the way it is heading - the day when we 'Talibanise' Malaysia.

Our constitution does not say we are a secular state. But by the same token, nowhere does it say we are an Islamic state either.

A country can be Islamic but yet remain secular in government. Turkey, Egypt and Algeria are prime examples. As long as the constitution remains the supreme law of the land, we are an Islamic country but a secular state.

All these are really non-issues as long as everybody sticks to the original game plan.

Look at it one way, it seems like they want to keep the NEP because they are taking advantage of perks and curbs, keep the Umno linked filthy rich.

First of all, the NEP has no goodwill towards the non-malays. They think that the non-malays are rich and can afford to run overseas because of the drought of local university places available?

This is another fallacy. Truth is a lot of the non-malay parents have to work their asses off, keeping a small unit family, just to use all their savings to finance education overseas because local opportunities are not forthcoming and not available.

Malaysia lose a lot of talents in such a way, especially when the NEP has indeed made certain non-malays very competitive on the global scale. For these people having been successful overseas and given a fair go at the opportunities, they will think twice to come home to adversity in Malaysia.

And that is a fact. Do you know that we lose almost 80% of our local talents to the US, UK and Australia every year! Go check the emigration records. Do you know that the Malaysia contingent is the largest oversea students in Australia, and almost 100% that succeeds takes up Australia PR and citizenship?

That is exactly the formula used by many progressive countries including the US, UK, Australia, even China.

These countries have policies that stress both the affirmative action to aid the poor and complement it with an emphasis on high standards, including robbing other countries of their human capital by enticements such as international scholarships.

So I can't understand why it is not palatable or applicable to the malays! Why lay back when you have the world as a challenge.

The failure of the various Malaysia communities to integrate is not because there is no common language, but the ill will festered by the outmoded communal politics that Umno Youth seems to want for perpetuate, the NEP, and the lack of Malaysia kinship (e.g. one race want to be tuan).

It is only nature that human beings and animals learn more from failure than success. So, be prepared for a soul cleansing in the next 10-20 years in Malaysia.

Yes, the one common denominator is that they are all not Muslim countries. Even among Muslim countries, the less that Islamization is the focus of national existence, the better off the society from a social, political and economic standpoint.

That is why Turkey used to be relatively better off in various aspects compared to other Muslim countries but this has been starting to change recently.

Hate to say it but yes, obsession with Islam is anathema to progress, political stability, peace and economic well being.

We agree that it is difficult to manage a multiracial country like Malaysia with its diverse religions and races. It is also obvious from the discussion that the current political and economic model has failed us, particularly with regards to racial integration.

We are heading towards a crisis. We need to have a paradigm shift in our socio-economic model. Otherwise the omens look bad.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a secular state. It was so when we attained independence in 1957 and it is still so, today. To say otherwise, is absolutely nonsensical.

These problems and confusion were all brought about by none other than our prime minister of 22 years - Dr Mahatir. He is the culprit and if the country suffers in any way as a result of what is taking place today - it is all due to his incompetence and arrogance.

He was a dictator in his own right and made many questionable decisions that has brought about upheavals amongst the various races. The non-malays cannot accept an Islamic state per se.

All they want is to be left alone to practice their faith in peace. The Muslims can go about and follow the true teachings of Islam and likewise practice their faith in peace as well. This is all there is to it.

Why then do they insist on wanting to use the term Islamic state now when they know pretty well that it was not one at the time independence was obtained! Let the status quo remain as it was.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cina

What is wrong with Mahathir! Mahahtir is the one who agreed that the malay rights to be abolish, giving in for meritocracy and later towards the end, giving permission to the Chinese University. He is the one who favours doing business with Chinese and people like Vincent Tan and Tan Sri Francis has a lot to thank him.

Now u guys are attacking him - berterima kasih sahajaa la...

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't waste your breath. They BN steal the country blind, they strike deals amongst themselves so that all of them can stick their hands into the country's till, then they fight amongst themselves when one group doesn't get to steal as much as another group.

Then to divert attention, they blame the Chinese. The Chinese parties are told, "Hey, don't worry, all this is for show only, you can continue to feed off the crumbs from the table." and the circus continues.

They announce programs to help the poor, then they take them away through robberies like medicine labeling. They own private hospitals, so it is in their interests to let public hospitals deteriorate.

Make no mistake about it - the hardcore poor are still mainly from one race, and unfortunately they are being conned into voting these thieves back in at every election.

49 years of independence? It is more like 49 years of growing independence for Umno selfish and unilateral ambitions for one community. And 49 years of deterioration for the MCA and MIC into mere puppets in the BN.

MCA and MIC are no more effective in defending the rights of the minority communities in Malaysia, as they are easily overpowered and silenced by Umno every time there is am interracial issue.

A vote for MCA or MIC is effectively a vote for Umno. It is better for MCA and MIC to leave BN, in order to represent their communities more effectively.

Wahoo! MCA Youth demands "apology" from Khairy from playing the racial card. Excellent leadership it may seem but wait a moment………They are saying that they have always been obedient and servile to their master (Umno) and now their loyalty is been doubted.

MCA is one of the main reasons for the systemic problem prevailing in Malaysia. So don't bloody pretend you are able to stand up for meritocracies.

With the increasing arrogance, greed and selfishness of Umno, with the MCA and MIC relegated to puppet status, less than a few percent of non-malay taxpayers money return to their own community.

Almost all of non-malay taxpayers money goes into projects that benefit and enriches the malay community. This is set to worsen in the years to come. BN is a racist party and does not deserve any support from the non-malays for all the injustices it has done to them. Off the soapbox.

49 years, we have our independence from the British. But think about it more intensely. Are you sure that we have really got our independence!

At the beginning, Tunku had led us to the independence. But after that era, The Umno who inherited power from Tunku turned around and form the new breed of "colonial master".

In the name of various beautifully sounding policies. The new colonial master is more interested to channel goodies into its own exclusive elite members. Except for some miserable spillover, all really deserving poor irrespective of races hardly receive any thing.

The problem is most people think joining the opposition is a suicide and we should just become always contain and feed the lion and its herd so we might not be eaten.

Young educated Malaysians must now rise up and be responsible to our country before things go out of hand! If we can't criticise our government and they are always in a state of denial - change them - nothing to lose.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leader of Malaysia Gerakan and MCA supported Pak Lah and Umno. They represent the majority of the kenapa Cina - Cina di sini bising. Pergi tanya yr leader dahulu!

I guess orang - orang cina juga tidak tahu berterima kasih sedangkan ketua - ketua mereka sedar akan sejarah dan kedudukan mereka di tanah Melayu ini

1:02 PM  
Blogger A Voice said...

Coming from Khairy, he wants to trust Pemuda UMNO?

6:33 PM  
Blogger A Voice said...


Coming from Khairy, who wants to trust Pemuda UMNO?

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It appears that most comments posted, I am sad to say, neither bother to read and understand history, nor do they care about what is enshrined in the constitution.

Perhaps, I cannot blame them; because it is likely that they were mostly born after merdeka.

Historically, the British protection of the Malays in the realms of business and education, were made even before the independence. This has been recognised by the British in the Federation Agreement 1948, Article 19(a) and (b) which stated that the British High Commissioner was responsible to protect the interests of the Malay Rulers and the Malays, that:

"in the execise of his executive authority, the HC shall have the following special responsibilities, that is to say:

(a) the protection of the rights of any Malay State or any Settlement and of the rights, powers and dignity of Their Highnesses the Rulers.

(b) the safeguarding of the special position of the Malays and of the legitimate interests of other communities (The Fedration of Malay Agreement 1948, pgs. 11-12.)

Whilst Malay Reserve Lands was also recognised as protected Malay land in the villages or towns.

These protections were done by the British with an explisit consideration, that:

1. The British recognition to the pribumi (son of the soil) status of the Malays, because the existing concept of "foreigners" and "temporary residents." People in both these catageories are NOT recognised as citizens of the Malay Stares or citizens of the Malay Rulers. They have NO legitimacy in the Malay States.

Under the Pangkor Agreement 1874, the Malay States were merely regarded as Protected Malay States. They were NEVER known as Crown Colonies such as Malacca, Penang, and Singapore - where they have no Malay Rulers.

It is, therefore, a fact that the protection of Malay rights were NOT done at the time of achieving independecnce, which most people, especially those who do not care to know about Malaysian history, tend to believe.

It is under these circumstances that the protection of the Malays and Bumis were retained.

It is also for similar reasons that the Malay Rulers and the Malay citizens became the guardian of the Malaysian governmental political systems under UMNO.

This modus operandi were used to plea bargain with the British. visa viz. cheap non Bumi immigrant labours who were brought in by them to ensure economic exploitationa and dominance remained in their hands.

A plural society were deliberately created for the purposes of their power grip on Malaya then.

The number of immigrants came to overwhelm the Malay population in the country. Besides, the British allowed the non Malays, were allowed to own land, at the same time created the uncalled for open door policy to them. This created further problems to Rulers and the Malays.

In 1948, they created the Malayan Union which the Malay Rulers and Malays vehemently opposed, with little help from the non-Malays.

Worst, the non Malays tried to wrtest powers from the Malay rulers when the Commuinists tried to overrun the country.

The influx of non Malays to the country, gave reason for the British to persuade Malay Rulers to relax the citizenship acquirement policies in 1949 forcing the jus soli on the Malay Rulers and Malay throats against their will, and which was also against the Federal Agreement 1948.

To unlock the impass, Malay Rulers and the Malays resorted to plea bargaining, which ended in the Social Contract agreements that were enshired in the Constitution.

The Malays were protected by the Article 153 of the constitution, with some 60-70% of non Malays were given citizenship, in exchange.

This was the essence of the Social Contract agreed upon by all parties concerned.

I can go on further, but suffice for all who refused to know Malaysia's history, to read and understand what made the country to be what it is today.

As for Islam. It is clearly stated in the Constitution (again please read) that it is a State religion, with other non Muslims allowed to practice their religion in harmony.

That they are not allowed to desiminate other religions to the Muslims in the country..

The recent call for all Federal terrotories and Rulerless States to incorporate these provisions is aimed at standardising this constitutional requirement.

You are also reminded of the Seditious Act which forbid people to touch on sensitive issues, like Islam as State religion, Malay language, the position of the Rulers, and Article 153 of the constituion.

The fact that everyone is allowed to touch on all these now, with non being taken to court or detained under the ISA or charged under this Act, shows how liberal the current government is.

Know your facts first before before saying things which one might regret later.

If anyone insists on carelessly or irresponsibly saying things which are inaccurate and setidious, or trampling on the sacred Constituion and/or the social contracts which our forefathers have agreed upon to ensure harmonious living, they doing it on their own peril or the country/s displeasure.

After all, if anyone who is not satisfied with Malaysia, they have other places to go, including the Malays and the Bumis.

The Malays belong to Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (the real name of Malaysia), that is to say the Malay land, and the Nusantara. Just like other people have their own "Nusantaras".

3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No need to prove who come to this Malay Land first..
Just look at Australia... We look at other people's country, not that we fancy or admire certain country.. just that we learn from the best! Dun care who they are what religion they are.
Think about it.... Vietnamese refugees also received the same treatment as anyone else in the country.. refugees's children received the same education and treated the same with any other kids from australia.
I was born in Malaysia... I dun care If u Malay get 15% discount when u buy a home, but why my result from my examination passed with flying colours.. I dont get the scholarship like others, remember, my family isnt rich as well!

Why these refugees from Vietnam... other migrants from Israel , Middle eastern, Italian... They can live happily together ? and they are so unite! Why vietnamese can become so successful in australia in barely 15 years and why malays need 50 years and the standard is not there yet.. think about it.

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those who still quote Singapore malays are victim of Singapore should feel shame.

This is biggest joke, when Malaysia malays think that they are fighting the right for Singapore malays and use this as an excuse to fulfill their greediness. Yet Singapore malays look down at Malaysia malays. They are proud to be Singapore malays.

Hahaha. Yes, again biggest joke is, They control almost every resources in Malaysia, and practicing daytime robbed, yet someone still quote Malaysia malays can get what they want if other race agreed.

This is what we called, Dr Spin.

Don't you know Umno strategy? Keep the malays forever dependent on them so that they can stay in power. There are many capable malays but they are so used to crutches that their muscle are dystrophic. It is like the doctor (no pun intended) who prescribes his patient an addictive quick fix so that they will keep coming back to him/her.

The fact that Mahathir maybe more "modern thinking" than other malays, many may not aware, could be due to his training in Singapore!

Malays from Singapore just far outclass the malays from Malaysia in terms of knowledge and capability. But we have this "katak bawah tempurung" who thinks "don't becoming like the malays in Singapore"!

Friend, you are just far from them! You are just losing out! The poor deputy minister can never be as good as the Singapore malays in this life! And he never thinks to be like the Singapore malays to excel from the competition! Need to say more?

I too was fortunate enough to have a father who was farsighted enough to send me off to Singapore to be educated, some 10 years ago. Just like him, I will also send my children to Singapore one day, as I believe that their education system is far more superior compared to Malaysia, and to prepare them to face the future challenges in this competitive world.

It is not the race factor that makes Singapore what it is today. It is the system. Singapore is very wise and very careful never to mix religion/race with politics. Anyone irrespective of the race gets severe punishment if involved in religious or racial slur.

Their work ethics and accountability of every civil servant and their leaderships/heads based on merit rather than skin is so glaringly obvious. In Malaysia we are exactly the opposite in almost any area one can think of.

I really doubt many Singapore malays would like to move to Malaysia which obviously the Malaysia government would be too happy to grab them. Yet this is never an issue. It is not happening. Why?

This same goes to the Singapore Chinese. The Chinese there are more advanced than the Chinese here in Malaysia.

As a Chinese, I have to admit it and I really hope Chinese in Malaysia to start opening their eyes and learn the lessons to be more outward looking, improve themselves like learning more English and not dream that the next decade is easy going or get frustrated by the NEP.

We should first start by inculcate into our children from now on these values. There will be difficult times ahead and unless Chinese they make themselves competitive now, Malaysian Chinese will fall behind and be history.

Just like the NEP cannot bring an entire community to overcome their economic weakness overnight, so is the Chinese need to forge ahead to remain competitive cannot be achieved overnight. Start the ball rolling now.

To this end, I ask all Chinese leaders to lead and there are opportunities beyond the shores of Malaysia. We have to help ourselves because no one will.

If you are to make too much money in Malaysia, how the heavens can the malays catch up and give up NEP when the percentage of their economic cake will remain the same or stagnent?

So the solution for Malaysia is to increase the malays national wealth and the non-malays to increase their wealth globally - and keep it there. Right? This is open for dispute.

It is cool, Singapore malays achieved such feat because of the system, but the system was helped tremendously by the fact that there is no race issue.

I have friends in Singapore who are malays and they never consider themselves as malays. They always call themselves Singaporeans, something a country like Malaysia will never be able to achieve with the malays having the ketuanan attitude.

If only we have more people like a farsighted malay, Malaysia would be as progressive as Singapore. In fact with all our natural resources we could even be better than Singapore.

Our government is wasting money on subsidy to the malays when it should be teaching them to be independent. That is why today we see a lot of malay children too lazy to work and spend most of their time on drugs and become mat dull.

Slowly the Indonesians are coming over to take all their jobs and eventually they will be beggars in their own country.

There is plenty that I do not agree with the Singaporeans, their "one party state" for example, and their serious curbs on freedom of speech. But there is also plenty that we can learn from the good points of other nations as well, may it be the US, UK, Australia, even China.

But the underlying issue here is that a system based on mutual respect, meritocracy and equality works. Singaporeans have reach great heights in the international scene despite being very limited land, natural resource poor and limited population.

Yet their formula is a good example of a system that works. Every person benefits if they are willing to work hard and aim high.

Or would you rather Malaysians stay ignorant. "See no evil, say no evil, and hear no evil." Think about it……….

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The original concept of NEP is laudable, but along the way it has been politicised by Umno aspirants. Yes, Tun Razak spelt out it was not to rob A to pay B. The formula was to expand the economic cake.

From what I see there is no sincerity among the malay leadership to uplift the malay masses. To deflect this discrepancy, non-malays are always used as the scapegoat and tarred as a threat to malay interests.

Malaysia needs malays to be successful. But why the great divide within the malay community in terms of income parity after close to 40 years of NEP?

You blame the implementation instead of the policy. But who are the implementers? Not the non-malays by any stretch of imagination. It is all your corrupt leaders robbing you all blind in the name of Ketuanan Melayu.

Again, you have to look at the leaders you have which glaringly show populism to seek self-interest is the mark of their leadership.

Economists of capitalism has long know a non secret recipe of a successful economy is best practised by non-interference of the authorities, a set policy like NEP is bound to failed in the first place! We might as well rely on the rule of communism rather than NEP!

We should from now on apply the rule of totally non-interference free economy in Malaysia economy, government shall only maintain the basic rules of law and providing a basic social net, and its function stop here! Let the economy run as free as it should, by merit!

Look at China and India, how they open up their economy and prosperous! Let the poor countryman to prosperous at later stage, at the meanwhile teach them how to fish, not give them the fish! Sooner or later, they will know how to fish!

You will say it is so painful! Of course, it is painful, but it is the certain and only way.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reality, although NEP is officially dead, some of the policies remain favoring one race regardless of needs (example: education, housing, loan facility, etc).

The non-bumis feel that NEP is holding them back (this is true in many cases) in order for the bumis to catch up. It is sad to think some bumis believe the best way to catching up with the non-bumis is to hold non-bumis back.

Malaysia has lost many able non-bumis to other competing countries (brain drain) and is unable to see the relative advantage of retaining this pool of talents to help them.

What an irony that I experienced less discrimination in foreign country than in my own soil?

After my studies in the US, I applied for job there and to my surprise it is unlawful to be discriminatory, employers do not ask your race and religion, and the good things, employment is based sorely on merits regardless of your background, a lot of my friends stay back because the incentives are excellent and the R&D facilities are cutting edge reputation, universities there are really centers for breeding new ideas unlike in Malaysia local universities, where freedom of thoughts are controlled by acts.

Frankly, I have no ideas how we can compete with them when our "think outside the box" culture is oppressed. We say one thing but we do the opposite, the government is sending the wrong signal. In this country, even we have the hardware, we lack human-ware.

Border has no meanings nowadays, talents will go where they are demand and appreciated, and one day globalization will break down our affirmative actions whether we like it or not.

While I submit that Malaysia is a net loser in this global "brain drain", I think the country has to re-look at its programs to stem the outflow. The sad truth is that what we attracting are the "lower skilled" or "unskilled" types.

Malaysia is just the only country in the world where special privileges are shamelessly given to, and accepted by the majority of the population.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a post-independence-born Malaysian, I would like to offer my thoughts on Article 153 of the federal constitution which mentions the special position of the malays. Please note that there is no mention of the words 'special rights' or 'special privileges' in the constitution.

For too long, there has been a lack of understanding of what our forefathers had in mind when they included this clause in our much talked about social contract. To gain a better understanding, let us take a trip back in time to 1957 to actually visualise the scene then.

In a scenario where the immigrant Chinese and Indians were seeking citizenship rights in Malaysia, it is reasonable to presume that they would have had to understand and acknowledge the difficulties faced by the majority malays.

And this is where the meaning of the words 'special position' comes into focus. What did our forefathers mean by the special position of the malays? Did they mean that the malays would enjoy a higher status than all the other races? Did they mean that the malays would have special rights and privileges in perpetuity?

If this is what our forefathers had intended, then our constitution would have mentioned this specifically. However, the constitution or social contract does not say so.

What then, could the words 'special position' mean? It is reasonable to infer that our forefathers were concerned first by the fact that the malays were left behind economically despite being the indigenous majority in the country.

Secondly, they were concerned by the fact that, despite being immigrants, the Chinese and a small segment of the Indian community were relatively much better off.

The clause was therefore more so of an acknowledgment by the non-malays of the disadvantageous economic situation of the malays. The consideration given by the former to the latter when entering into the social contract for citizenship rights was to agree to provide some measure of support for the malays to improve their economic standing.

If our forefathers had meant for these preferences to last in perpetuity, then there would not have been a request for a review in 15 years.

When I see the compulsory requirement for non-malay companies to hand over a certain portion of their equity to the malays for no input at all, I am tempted to ask: Is this what our forefathers had in mind? I can go on listing the abuses forever because there are plenty of them.

It is intriguing to hear senior BN and Umno leaders repeatedly asking the people to adhere to the social contract. What contract they are referring to? It cannot be the federal constitution. It is most probably some contract that they have entered into unilaterally without the agreement of the non-malays.

So it seems to be incorrect to firstly equate the words 'special position' with 'special rights and privileges'. Secondly, it also seems incorrect to suggest that the malays have special rights and privileges in perpetuity and, therefore, that they have a higher status than everyone else.

The non-malays only agreed to allow them preferences over the others for a finite period of time. It has now been almost 50 years since independent but has such a meaningful review of those preferences taken place at all? Absolutely not.

In fact what has happened is that successive BN governments, dominated by Umno, and especially after the 1969 tragedy, have taken the liberty to very liberally interpret Article 153. This has led to the wholesale abuse of the consideration provided by the non-malays in 1957 for their citizenship rights.

It seems to me that the real social contract of 1957 was torn up long ago by the BN government with the way in which the NEP was implemented from the 1970s onwards.

To me, the real social contract of 1957 has long been dead. I hope the day will come when the people of Malaysia in the true independent spirit will make it live again.

Then perhaps, we would not have to spend hundreds of millions of ringgit on nonsensical projects like the National Service to inculcate unity amongst the races.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A typical bumi filled with smug complacency and adept at trotting out trite justifications for the pernicious politics of privilege that pervade Malaysia.

The Red Indians would then be our Orang Asli. Curiously, the US historically granted native land rights to the Red Indians, some of who have become wealthy due to oil rights and the opening of casinos on their native lands.

In contrast, our Orang Asli have been granted only some hunting and fishing rights, and I am told by them that the malay administration refuses to give them allowances and medical benefits unless they become Muslims.

Yes, black slavery was practised in the US till the Civil War but thereafter, the full rights granted under the US constitution were available to all US citizens.

True, until the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, decisively ended segregationist policies through enforced busing, affirmative action policies, etc.

In contrast, our Malaysia majority malays have perpetuated special rights for themselves till Kingdom come, not for the many poor Indians, who were dispossessed of their allotted estate housing and menial plantation jobs for almost a hundred years when plantations were sold off for housing estates for big profits, or for the many poor urban and rural Chinese eking a living.

It is an obscenity to see well-fed malays driving around in Mercedes Benzes and drawing fat salaries, yet availing themselves of 7 percent bumi discount for posh houses, plentiful government scholarship forms to go overseas, entitlement to bumi unit trusts paying 10 percent returns when everyone else is in recession or going broke, while the Chinese and Indian Malaysians keep quiet because they know they do not count.

Do you get my drift?

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Malaysia has to push forward, they have to rebuild their political system to ensure that discrimination can never ferment in Malaysia.

I personally think that Malaysia is heading to a dead end, where it will meet Indonesia. Both of them might have taken separate ways, but the navigator (government) shares the exact same blood, teaching and thinking.

This Malaysia country is along the way of 49 years of independence has sideline the basic foundation of our government. Won't be surprise that many of our ministers do not even understand our constitution yet even knowing the Rukun Negara.

The purpose of Article 153 of the constitution and the National Economic Policy was to protect the interests of the bumis, in the fields of civil service, public education and public scholarships, as well as empower them economically.

Has this policy translated into tangible benefits for the non-malay bumi communities in Sabah and Sarawak? Not yet, if the economic disparity and the income figures, between the rich Chinese timber tycoons and their malay sidekicks are anything to go by.

We have double standards everywhere. One for the Umno and one for the non-Umno, I weep for the fools who think that their minister is fighting for their right. With every RM1 they give to you, they are taking RM100 away from your kids. Your son will grow up to become suicide bombers, trust me. Because they will think that the West robbed them.

Long-name Isa got kick off of the club for corruption, he was never prosecuted in court. Long-name Osu gambled millions away, in debt and nothing happens. The Rafidah-APs scandal? Last I heard she is still a minister.

Conclusion? We have a bunch of criminals in the parliament, and guess who is the head?

Well, you know what they say. Power corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely - given the chance, should he not watch himself, any politician (or most) would abandon his mission for money and status.

In summary - Malaysians enjoy the being multi-racial, love the country and not hung up on mixing with other races. The politicians (Chinese, Indians, Malays, and others) screw us all up, play up the racial card to protect themselves so that they can plunder the nation and put the blame on the people.

But anyways, it is sad to see the state of the modern Malaysia. I for one believe that Malaysians are very talented, and we can literally take the world by storm. If only we were given the chance and the support to do so!

Being an undergraduate, I have been advised time and time again by my elders, that if it were possible, attain a job oversea (currently in Australia). And don't come back. Except for the food and holiday.

But I still would really like to see its betterment. Fine, perhaps not in my lifetime.

My honest advise to my fellow countryman, no matter what race you are, save enough money and emigrate. You are doing yourself and your future generation a big favour.

Goodbye Malaysia. I guess there is no longer hope for a better country as long as it is a Muslim country and is governed by the ever corrupted bumi system. They suck big time.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pak Lah, you are losing ground as the clock ticks. You are supposed to be an honest and religious man when you are chosen to be the prime minister. You preach and talk of great things to come for all Malaysians regardless of color, creed or race. You have not shown any of your talks being implemented.

Get rid of the dead woods and the useless ministers, and give the opportunity to the younger generation to help you rebuild the country.

It is hard and tough decision to make as everyone knows, but still you have to do something to correct all the wrongs that are getting worse as the days go by. Now your own ministers are going against you.

This is just a case of ministers hijacking the issue to further their political standing. Sadly at the expense of the public people. How in the world can we vote them in? It is like a case of voting them in to screw us and yet we say they are doing their job.

Our Gerakan, MCA and MIC ministers have lost their consciences and souls a long time ago. So it is pointless asking them to do the right thing.

These are the reasons why I always mention that the BN ministers were fourth class mentality people.

When the British
- ruled the land
- crushed resistance using Gurkhas
- took the natural resources (rubber, tin, etc) to be brought to the UK
- they were called "penjajah"

When our own Malaysia people
- rule the land
- crush resistance using ISA and police
- exploit the natural resources (gas, oil, etc) to be brought to the bank accounts in Switzerland
- they are called "satu lagi projek kerajaan Barisan Nasional"

Some ministers have strong connection and influence to get away with saying and doing anything without any respect for decency, law and order.

It seems the environment of fear, intimidation and threat is very strong to speak out for what is best for Malaysia and its ordinary people. This is a very unhealthy environment for a civilised, modern and progressive society.

It is time for the people to wake up and smell the coffee and think for themselves what is right and good for the country. Discard the bad and retain the good.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malay leaders in Malaysia like to see their folks contained in a chicken coop. They tell them that they are free and yet to be beholden to them as they are the ones providing them their feed.

They even believe that if they left the coop, they might be eaten up by the wily fox, and that they might otherwise starve to death.

The Singapore malays is in no illusions and they know they are out of the coop. They got to find their own nourishment and they got no leader throwing in the crumbs to them.

If they don't want to labour for their food, they can always go across the causeway and be given citizenship rights and take advantage of all the crumbs thrown at them. But most of them will not.

Of course the chicken shit from there have all long crossed over. But the rest have a little more dignity and stay on to show what they are really made up of.

I respect the Singapore malays for that. It does not matter that they have made a lot of wrong turns or that they have hardly a fighting chance. But they got more respect and dignity than their kinsfolk from over Malaysia here.

This is what half-past-six ministers that we have in Malaysia. Even comparison between Singapore malays and Malaysian Chinese, Singapore malays are never discriminated by their government based on equality.

I have so many Singapore malay friends from school mates, college mates to business partners. Penang malays would be so glad if they are treated like Singapore malays. Just ask the Singaporeans……….do they want to be back to Malaysia?

The problem with the Malaysia malays is their jealous attitude. If they are left behind, they will prevent others from moving ahead too! And sometimes even sabotaging others, and some resort the use to cast spell on others.

Not only the laid back malays are preventing their own people from being successful, but other races too. We too want the malays to be successful by creating value in the society so that everyone benefit but not by taxing the non-malays then give contracts to the malays, who will then deliver half-past-six service.

Change your own attitude first through value creation using your own tears and sweats!

As said before, had Malaysia been managed by Lee Kuan Yew and his colleagues for the past 40 years, Malaysia would have been much better off today, including all the malays! 95% would have owned a house and no such rampant corruption!

For the malay ultras, facts speak louder than your bigotry cries, wake up, grow up, be men instead of sissies!

You see the problem here - the malays just cannot face up to their main problem - Laziness. This shows how thick-skinned and self-deluded these people are.

Malaysia is a multi-racial country. Jika kamu tak suka, kamu boleh blar……….tiada orang larang.

The fact is malays you are the biggest loser! I am trying to wake you up instead of using the way like what our government is practice to provide NEP even though it is proven NEP is a failure in the past 30 years. Keep on dreaming if you think Malaysia could achieve Vision 2020 with your kind of attitude!

Majority of the Penang big government contracts is being awarded to the malay firms. What else you want! They get the same as other malays in Malaysia. The only different in Penang is, the Umno guys cannot tap the government fund into their own pocket, as other state Umno did. This is the main reason why they raised this issue.

Speaking without substances and distorting facts seems to be the good old habitual ways of Malaysia malays, which is probably inherited by their much loved masters, the "malay killers" - Umno.

To add to this, constant distorted facts with regards to the situational state of the Singapore malays remains among the commentators of Umno. It is hard not to see that some people really need to see the situation and know it firsthand before dishing out their empty vessel mentalities.

Anyways, good thing you be it Malay, Indian, Chinese in Singapore is open to competition, and cherish diversity. Not like the radical son of terrorist we can find many in Malaysia.

Most malays in Malaysia hate diversity and discontent to the minorities, especially the Chinese. In blog, radical malays can be either extreme or pretentiously diverse-minded. Very few is genuine.

I do admit there are lazy malays that depends on handouts, but this kind of malays will be phase out and this kind I would say hypocrite. They tend to claim they work hard to achieve success, in fact they relaying on government support. I myself despise this kind of human being.

Little do they realize this safety net is fast disappearing because the government is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the system in the face of global challenges! But these handouts have become an addiction. Refuse the junkie and you get booted out of power.

It is the malays themselves that must come to realize the damaging side effects of the NEP. For someone who wants no better than to see his own race succeed, this must be painful.

And you can frequently see the malays are often envious of not only the non-malays, but of their own successful malays as well.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Anuar Mohd Nor said...

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2:46 AM  
Blogger Anuar Mohd Nor said...

Berikut adalah kajian yang dibuat oleh pakar perundangan dalam mengertikan pembentukan "Hak Keistimewaan Orang Melayu"

Warisan Perjuangan Bangsa

1. Dari kongres orang Melayu pada tahun 1946 dengan sebuah gagasan besar menentang Malayan Union tajaan Inggeris, bangsa ini meninggalkan sebuah mercu tanda perjuangan sehingga terbentuknya sebuah kerajaan sendiri pada tahun 1948. Dan kongres itu perjuangan menentang penjajahan dan menuntut kemerdekaan mendapat momentum baru yang akhirnya membawa kepada turunnya Union Jack yang berkibar sejak tahun 1786 itu, dan sebagai gantinya berkibarlah bendera baru Persekutuan Tanah Melayu pada 31 Ogos 1957. Dan bergemuruhlah teriakan keramat ~‘Merdeka!” yang kita warisi hingga kini.

2. Negara Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, yang diperluas menjadi Malaysia telah menyepakati sebuah Perlembagaan yang secara khusus kedaulatan raja-raja Melayu, kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu, agama Islam sebagai agama Persekutuan dan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan, seperti yang termaktub di dalam Fasal-fasal 3, 32, 38, 152, dan 153.

3. Seorang peguam ternama, baru-baru mi mengkaji secara terperinci laporan Federation of Malaya Constitutional Commission 1956-1957 yang dikenal sebagai Suruhanjaya Reid. Beliau mendapati bahawa hak keistimewaan orang Melayu diakui dan diiktiraf sebagal satu hak asasi (fundamental rights), lama sebelum merdeka. Salah satu daripada tugas Suruhanjaya Reid dalam Section 3(v) adalah bagi melindungi hak keistimewaan orang MeLayu. Ini bererti Suruhanjaya ini ditubuhkan bagi memastikan hak ini dipelihara dan dilindungi. Perlu difahami, hak keistimewaan orang Melayu tidak timbul atau wujud ekoran daripada satu kontrak sosial ” yang dikaitkan dengan persetujuan atau tolak ansur yang dibuat semasa Persekutuan Tanah Melayu mencapai kemerdekaan pada tahun 1957; ataupun daripada kompromi dengan kaum-kaum bukan Melayu.

4. Menurut Section 163 dan Section 164 laporan tersebut, hak keistimewaan orang Melayu bukan sahaja wujud sebelum Tanah Melayu mencapai kemerdekaan, malah hak tersebut sudah wujud dan diiktiraf dalam persetiaan (treaties) asal yang dimeterikan di antara pihak penjajah British dengan raja-raja Melayu. Oleh itu hak keistimewaan Melayu adalah satu hak asasi dan segi undang-undang atau "fundamental Legal rights” yang wujud sebelum merdeka. Sesungguhnya hak ini mesti dipertahankan sebagai hak warisan Melayu zaman-berzaman. Amatlah tidak wajar untuk diremehkan dan dipersoal oleh mana-mana pihak.

2:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apakah Hak Keistimewaan Melayu yang Peguam Ternama itu mengaji?

Maybe thats a fact that you said, but honestly I dont understand you. and of course your fellow malays wont understand it but they accept it because it is sided to them...

Why these reports never been publish in school so we can read them and we wont question about them for years ... and why must wait until everything happened and we only show this reports to the public, as in non malay people and throw them on the face?

Is the reports consists all the special rights the malays have, or just a few and there are a few more not being listed but the malay has it?

We dont wan to hear there is black and white, we want to see the black and white...

No point for u telling us there is something, unless there is really something that u can show us and shut us mouth quiet,,
sorry if my question is a bit too harsh;)

7:28 AM  
Blogger Anuar Mohd Nor said...

Untuk memahami suatu akan menjadi satu masalah sekiranya kita membaca dengan dalam keadaan emosi yang melampau dan terganggu. Fakta sejarah mengenai Suruhanjaya Reid bukan sesuatu yang tersembunyi.

Anda boleh mencarinya dan membuat kajian lanjut mengenai intipati apa yang terkandung didalamnya. Dengan pengkajian yang teliti mungkin anda tidak perlu mencaci dengan kasar tetapi dapat memberi hujah yang bernas.

Usaha adalah untuk berbincang tetapi bagi saya orang - orang yang tidak berkemampuan berbincang dengan baik adalah mereka yang tidak tahu , tidak mengerti , tidak mahu tahu lantas mengambil pendekatan kasar dan tidak berhemah.

Saya syorkan sekiranya dikemukakan satu hujah dan kali ini kita merujuk kepada Suruhanjaya Reid, ambil initiatif untuk mengkaji, meneliti kerana tidak ada diskriminasi antara kaum untuk masuk ke Library di Malaysia.

Dari kajian itu, apa yang mahu diterangkan adalah kedudukan orang - orang Melayu yang disebut dalam Suruhan jaya Reid sebelum perjuangan menuntut kemerdekaan lagi dan kedudukan kontrak sosial.

Saya akan menajwab setiap soalan semampu mungkin tetapi kemukakan dengan berhemah , jelas dan tersusun.

Salam Hormat

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My input on the matter :

a. Do not drag Islam into it .. whatever bad things the leaders do got nothing to do with Islamic teaching. The same thing ... whatever the problem with UMNO .. do not equate it to the Malays in general. Who voted for BN ? Aint it you guys ? So why complaint .. you deserved it.

b. If you guys especially the Chinese feel that other country will be a better home .. please migrate .. no one is stoping you. The best you can always go back to China .. if your motherland still recognise you. Singapore also not a bad place for you guys to migrate.

c. If its gonna take the Malays 100 years or more to develop the country .. so be it .. we will do it on our own ... with or without you guys.


3:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mata aku sepEK,
selalu digelar cina pEK.
Sambil makan kerepEK,
tengok kamu semua ni merepEK.

Masa kecil rajin belaJAR,
dididik jangan kurang aJAR.
Cita-cita mesti dikeJAR,
disamping berfikiran waJAR.

Tekun tak kira dimaNA,
agar hidup tidak meraNA.
Namun usaha aku dihiNA,
hanya kerana aku ciNA.

Walau penghinaan pada KU,
namun masih nyanyi negaraKU.
Mat salleh tanya mana rumah KU,
tetap dijawap malaysia negara KU.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nampaknya special right akan wujud selama-lamanya,
special right adalah digunakan untuk menolong miskin kerana pada masa tu melayu memang miskin
tetapi sekarang hidup melayu sudah banyak berubah, banyak CEO adalah melayu, 10 anchor bank ada 8 adalah bank melayu, 2 yang lain adalah public dan hong leong
kontrak juga diberi untuk melayu
yang ini semua saya tak kisah
cuma kenapa peluang pendidikan bukan melayu telah dihiriskan?
mereka juga dilahirkan di negara ini
mereka juga berusaha belajar untuk masuk university
saya rasa ketidakpuasan bukan melayu adalah bermula disini kerana yang bukan melayu cemburu terhadap melayu kerana peluang pendidikan adalah tinggi, matrikulasi untuk melayu 90% ,tanpa perlu mengharungi STPM yang amat susah, cubalah kalo semua ambil peperiksaan yang sama, itu baru adil
sudah masuk university, ada group dari matrik dan ada group dari STPM, memang tak sama layanan tu, matrik 1 tahun, STPM 2 tahun... mana sama?
mereka ni juga dilahirkan di negara ini, mereka hanya lah remaja sahaja, mereka belajar di sekolah apa itu makna "adil", jika adil itu tidak berlaku ke atas mereka, tentu lah yang bukan bumi cakap pasal special right tu, 12A tak dapat scholarship tetapi 8A dapat scholarship? orang yang berakal normal tahu itu tidak adil sama sekali
180 sekolah untuk sekolah kebangsaan dan 2 sekolah untuk SRJK cina dalam RMK9?
adakah itu adil? jangan lupa ada lebih 60000 pelajar yang bukan cina di SRJK cina, kebanyakkan adalah melayu, adakah mereka perlu menghimpit sampai 45 pelajar dalam satu kelas? 45 tu!!! bukan tak sampai 30 pelajar puratanya di SK!
silalah bina lebih sekolah cina jika pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO berhati perut...sekarang orang cina kena "minta" untuk membina sekolah cina, mungkin kawan-kawan melayu tak tahu situasi di masyarakat cina, tetapi sekarang sekolah cina adalah separuh bantuan daripada kerajaan, bukan bantuan sepenuhnya yang dapat dinikmati di SK.
adakah ini adil?
adakah cina tidak dibenarkan belajar bahasa cina?
sebenarnya saya amat berterima kasih kepada tuan milik BLOG ini untuk memberi peluang kepada bukan bumi untuk cakap apa yang ada dalam hati kita
cuma saya tak faham kenapa ada lagi bumiputra yang tidak tahu bersyukur malah fikir yang bukan bumi merampas kekayyaan mereka
Melayu terancam? saya rasa tidak, kerana UMNO boleh memerintah negara dengan sendiri tanpa MIC MCA kerana UMNO ada lebih daripada 50% kerusi di parlimen... adakah itu terancam? kalo nak buat keputusan, UMNO boleh buat tanpa memikir perasaan parti lain termasuk yang lain lain dlm BN,semakin cakap semakin sedih kerana bimbang atas kedudukan generasi bukan bumi yang akan datang tetapi UMNO masih mengatakan melayu dipinggirkan di p.pinang, jangan lupa melayu di negeri lain lagi miskin daripada negeri p.pinang, pemimpin yang belajar di university oxford itu bukan bodoh, cuma nak rampas kuasa ketua menteri di p.pinang, saya rasa kuasa itu boleh dirampas dengan satu syarat, iaitu jika pemimpin itu dapat menunjukkan bukti bahawa purata pendapatan orang melayu di p.pinang adalah paling rendah berbanding dengan negeri-negeri dimana yang dikawal oleh ketua menteri/ menteri besar UMNO. jika tidak dapat membuktikan, ini menunjukkan ketua menteri di p.pinang telah menjaga kebajikan orang melayu di sana berbanding dengan negeri-negeri lain.... kalo cadangan saya tidak betul, saya meminta maaf sahaja lah,

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Siap kata melayu di Pulau Pinang terbela..cuba tinjau ke Batu Maung kaum mana yang terhimpit dicelah2 parit yang berbau busuk.Mengapa mereka diam membisu?Mengapa banyak yang dah berpindah ke Seberang mahupun ke Kulim?Walhal masih lagi bekerja di bahagian pulau.Sedih nasib melayu di Pulau Pinang..kalau yang bekerja kilang jangan harap la boleh pi sampai level manager walaupun ada kelayakan..mengapa? Lu pikir la sendiri..sebab tu la kalau jatuhnya MCA di Pulau Pinang jangan hairan pasai sebelum PRU 12 nama ketua menteri yang dicadangkan oleh su kon ketiga2 nya cha ya nun fikir la sendiri..aku anak jati penang.

5:07 AM  

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