Thursday, August 10, 2006

Penggiliran Ketua menteri Pulau Pinang

Pemuda Umno Tetap Cadang Penggiliran Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang

Sokongan perlu diberi kepada Pemuda UMNO Pulau Pinang dalam resolusi mereka supaya jawatan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang di jalankan secara bergilir - gilir. Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Negeri kesal dengan tindakan sesetengah pihak melabel cadangan ini sebagai satu cadangan berbau perkauman. Ketuanya, Salim Bari memberitahu Bernama di sini Rabu, pergerakan pemuda negeri juga kesal dengan kenyataan pihak-pihak tertentu yang mendakwa bahawa usul penggiliran Ketua Menteri itu sebagai berbau perkauman. Kenapa ini tidak boleh dilakanakan.
Adakah cadangan ini berbau perkauman ?
Kenapa apabila cadangan seperti ini dibuat maka isu perkauman di heret sekali sebagai "defence"
Pemuda UMNO Malaysia seharusnya turut memberi sokongan terhadap cadangan Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Pulau Pinang. Kita tidak semestinya terikat dengan alasan kononnya ini berbau perkauman dan sekiranya cadangan ini dilabel sebagai perkauman adakah bukan satu isu perkauman sekiranya Pulau Pinang hanya diperuntukan Ketua Menteri dari kaum lain sahaja.
Apa pendapat anda mengenai isu ini?


Blogger semuts said...

Adakah dalam perlembagaan menyebut bahawa Pulau Pinang itu mesti dipimpin oleh kaum Cina? Jika tidak, maka, apa yang dicadangkan oleh pemuda Umno itu adalah baik untuk dipraktikkan.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous anakmelayu said...

saya setuju agar Ketua Menteri PP digilirkan. Desakan Pemuda UMNO PP harus disokong.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Believed Penang will be flush out if Malays are to head Penang. I belived this will lead to a crisis between gerakan youth and Umno youth. What if gerakan were to leave BN. Will Umno survive in Penang? Be mature Umno youth! Dont create unnecessary tension. BN will be at the losing end - period

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angkatan Muda Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) menganggap tindakan Pemuda Umno Pulau Pinang mahu jawatan Ketua Menteri digilirkan di kalangan parti komponen Barisan Nasional negeri itu sebagai retorik dan bersifat perkauman.

Ketua Pemuda PKR Pulau Pinang, Amizuddin Ahmat berkata, usul yang hendak dibawa oleh Pemuda Umno itu lebih merupakan gimik politik dalam usaha untuk mempertahankan pengaruh BN setelah menyedari pengaruh PKR dan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim semakin kuat di negeri itu.

Katanya, Umno gusar dengan pertambahan ahli dan cawangan PKR secara mendadak selain parti itu yang diterima oleh semua kaum.

berita penuh :

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lihat saja keadaan di Sabah apabila BN mengadakan KM secara giliran . Sebelum KM dapat menjayakan rancangan pembangunanya , dia ditukar ganti dan KM baru mula dengan rancangan baru . Jadi sipa yang susah .
rakyat yang rugi .

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saya tidak setuju dengan komen mengenai takut kepada PKR. Pada hemat saya PKR sendiri tidak berani menuntut atau mencadangkan penggiliran kerana mereka dibelenggu dengan kepimpinan bangsa asing yang ada. Tengok isu IFC dan Artikel 11, bagaimana Naib Ketua mereka menyokong kumpulan IFC.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous evil dodger said...

Itu cadangan gilir gilir macam orang poligami sudah. Mau tengok apa benefit, kalau orang melayu jadi CM, tidak lah banyak pun boleh buat di Penang itu.Orang melayu mesti kaut d Penang, orang cina jadi CM tidak mengapa tapi melayu mesti pandai demand untuk kepentingan melayu pulau pinang.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous no brain leader said...

Very funny indeed. The only reliable section worth reading in Malaysia newspapers are the comic sections. Period.

Get real.

Alternative news and blogs are not accurate because they don't carry all the stories of rape and incest that the mainstream media carry. That surely puts the country in bad light because readers will think that these things don't happen in Malaysia and it could be misleading.

Yes, along the way, let us dump the Federal Constitution and replace it with the Umno Constitution, that ought to do the trick!

Bodowi, Badawi, Baboowi, where were you born? When were you born? You try so hard to be more stupid than yesterday and only yesterday we thought you cannot be any more stupid than the day before!

You came back from your holidays rehearsing all your answers and you were talking like a canary……….suddenly, you revert to your old incredibly stupid self. Bodowi, Badawi, Baboowi, sigh.

We all know that the mainstream medias are direct or indirect controlled by the government. Therefore the truth will never be known by people on the streets, only what they read from the newspapers.

Websites are the truth uncensored news, may it be the truth or the lies, let the people be the judge of it, instead feeding only lies.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous cool man said...

They sound so stupid that only a true Umno pig could post them. I hope, for your own sake, that you are not an Umno pig type.

The Umno pig speaks of media credibility. Here is the million dollar question. What media credibility? All newspapers in Malaysia are government affiliated or owned. There are no real independent daily newspapers in Malaysia!

You want harmony in Malaysia……….then control the spread of radical Islamization and stem the march towards Arabism.

The greatest threat to Malaysia harmony, above and over racial tensions, is a majority group with no sense of identity (or a misplaced one). Controlling the Internet will only result in speeding up of stupidity.

Don't be angry. He minister just another asshole. He thinks he can control the Internet media. Huh! Even the US government can't! Morons will be morons! Pretty lame excuse to ensure racial harmony!

Anyway that is the only excuse they got. Answer this Umno moron, how can you promote for a free media where you have licensing board to control it? What kind of country that enforces Internet control? I know one which is the communists. So are you trying to tell us that we are communists? Why be afraid of the Internet if you have mentioned yourselves that it should not be treated as the main media?

Just because we are not allowed to talk about racial issues doesn't mean they are not there. The issues will always be there until we all grow up, our balls dropped and ovaries ripen and we address the problems in a mature way.

However, look at the way things are now. Our "universities" (I truly hesitate to call them that. I think "zoos" would be the more appropriate term, seeing how the suck at UPM act recently) churn our graduates with shit for brains, making them follow the government blindly and useless for the workforce (just look at the number of unemployed local "zoos" graduates).

I find it "funny" and ironic that an Umno pig would open his mouth (snout?) and ask for a ban on the Internet to stop it from being used as a rumor mill when, if we look back to the history of Malaysia, Umno pig is the only party that has spread rumors that have led to bloodshed and racial genocide. Yes, I am talking about May 13.

Yes, Gerakan was wrong when it ran a rally that "insulted" the malays. But, Umno pig could have stopped the whole thing. Gerakan apologized profusely after the rally and the Umno pig could have just ignored them and not host a retaliatory rally of their own.

They could have been the bigger man, but they chose to be eviler pig. They started another rally, spread rumors that some malays were killed by Chinese, and the rest is history.

So to recap, how strange for the only party in Malaysia to cause bloodshed through rallies and rumors to ask for an end to rumors.

Mr Umno pig, are you sure you want to end rumors on the Internet? It has served your Umno pig party very very well in the past, giving you Umno pig control of this country and making you are cronies rich. Think again. Sure you still want censor the Internet?

6:55 PM  
Anonymous winner said...

To me, Ketuanan Melayu is the false notion of malay greatness or malay supremacy. Truth is - there is nothing to associate the malay race with greatness.

By any widely accepted standards, it will be obvious to see that the malay race does not quality to be called one of the great races of this world. Truth is that the Chinese and Indians have a culture accomplished much more and far greater than these jokers have.

It should be Chinese and Indian supremacy in Malaysia. The only reason why malays have power in Malaysia is because they have the biggest population, and the racist rhetoric of the malay Umno politicians always sway the malay vote towards themselves.

Anyway, back to the untrue notion of Ketuanan Melayu. Let us see what malays have accomplished. Has any malay won the Nobel Prize - no. Has any malay been nominated for the Nobel Prize - most probably not.

By contrast, numerous Chinese and Indians have won the Nobel Prize and various other awards. The Chinese and Indian diaspora is widely recognized as two of the three most successful diasporas in history, the other being the Jewish diaspora. All over the world, Chinese and Indians have become successful artists, CEOs, doctors, filmmakers, scientists, writers, etc, etc.

Name one malay who is widely recognized around the world in his or her field. The only malay whose name might be recognized out of this country is Mahathir, and he is part Indian. Is malay culture recognized as a world renowned culture - no.

Malay culture, if cultures were ranked, would be close to the bottom. What is their culture compared to the great Chinese and Indian cultures that are centuries old and really rich. The Chinese and Indians have a 5000 years old history during which China and India have played a very important part in world history.

Nobody knew about malays until the Indian kings of south India first came here. That is why the oldest archeological remains in Malaysia, in Lembah Bujang, are Hindu temples.

The malay sultanate itself was started by a Hindu - Parameswara. And even at the height of its power, the Malacca Sultanate was nothing more than a vassal of the Chinese emperor.

Have any malay architect designed anything worthwhile - no. Have any malay author won the Booker Prize or the Pulitzer Prize - no. Have any malay filmmaker won an Oscar - no. Have the malays achieved anything in sports - no.

Chinese and Indians have achieved all this. So there is no real Ketuanan Melayu. It is a fiction concocted by racist stupid politicians to keep the "kampung" malays happy thinking that they have had a glorious past.

They don't. Their history isn't worth mentioning. You would never find a mention of malays or Malaysia or Tanah Melayu in most books of world history while entire chapters are devoted to the history of China and India.

The discriminative constitution and law of Malaysia is just a recognition of this fact. The malay leaders and to every single malay knows that on a level playing field, the malays will never be able to compete with the Chinese and Indians.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous low class mental said...

This is from the Malaysia man who brought you these, not in order of magnitude:

1. World class airline - MAS
2. World class bank - Bank Islam
3. World class capital - Putrajaya
4. World class car - Proton
5. World class dam - Bakun
6. World class democracy - Umno
7. World class exchange - KLSE
8. World class ICT - Multimedia Super Corridor
9. World class law - ISA
10. World class parliament - August House
11. World class polis - Bukit Aman
12. World class steel - Perwaja
13. World class trader - Bank Negara
14. World class transit - Putra and Star
15. World class transparency - EPF

Let us support this man in order to further his cause in creating some world class intelligence and memory challenged followers. We may even be the hub of world class! Boleh!

7:01 PM  
Anonymous the model racist nation said...

Yes, a lot of non-malays in Malaysia are leaving this country. But what the hell, they (babiputras) don't care. They are happy that we leave.

I do agree with you of those you mentioned, our country is stepping backward, we are loosing in all aspects and yet overdue and retard ministers are still available on shelf. The ministers think that they are the only ones capable and qualified to be there and not replaceable, otherwise the country could collapse.

Looking at Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq likes looking at this country future. The well-connected malays are getting richer. This government is spoon feeding the malays at this nation expense. I am sick of this country too.

My advise is let them rot in their own stew.

The Barisan government has achieved 0% in reversing the trend of racism.

While South Africa has disbanded racism through the government's initiative after the global news onslaught, our Malaysia government leaders are propagating RACISM and FACISM in every way.

In term of racism, we are the most uncivilised country in the world. Look into our neighbouring countries of Asia, they are advancing economically on a straight forward objectives, for their citizens.

Whereas, we are moving in deviationist path, widely off the international economic theory, for the sole objective of propelling the well being of a supreme race.

Mahathir era is over, here we have Badawi. Is he changing the trend? Not a single sign of it.

How about the future under Nazib? Sad, sad. They have more camouflage in readiness.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous oversee said...

The damage has been done. As long as the culprit still has the power to rule the Malaysia country, there are no second thoughts of returning back here. For vacations maybe, but even that will be full with hesitations.

To be honest, if dissatisfied people in this country have sufficient financial terms and non heavy commitments, I can bet every single one of them would have left this cursed land long time ago.

I just wonder if all the non-malays are financially independent and just stayed at home enjoying life. The country under the 'supreme' ruling of the malays and the outdated worthless NEP system, will crush itself like a 500 pound bitch humping on a dying 100 years old guy.

Soon, the globe will be spread with Chinese!
They will be the ones who contribute to the progress of the host country.

They will be accepted,
by their host country.


the malay politicians will still be using:

Special Rights

to tie their own countrymen down just to continue voting for them.

Some malay intellectuals will probably follow the footsteps of the Chinese.

The recalcitrants will be left behind to continue being (had) by the malay politicians.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous run away said...

They came in Tanah Melayu……….You mean Tanah Orang Asli, you Jawanese pirate descendent came in?

Perhaps that is what we should give these ungrateful leeches like malay ultra: Non-malay businesses should just pack up and leave, taking with them their capitals and investments. Non-malays with the means should emigrate.

Then these sick brain malay morons not only can keep their 30%, they can have 100%……….of nothing.

And we sit back and watch them implode under the heavy load of their bureaucracy, crutches and religious fundamentalism.

As for implosions, that is the only way malays are going to head if they don't pull their heads out of the sand soon. The world doesn't owe you jack shit, and very soon reality will catch up with the lot of you. You can either embrace reality or perish by it.

(You chosen a moniker make a monkey out of you and a complete insult to humanity. You have crossed the line a true malay would never cross, i.e. insult other faiths and religions.)

As a non-malay and proud of it, I am ashamed to associate myself with hypocrites like you and your followers. I chose to leave the land of my birth because of people like you and guess what. No regrets whatsoever. Best decision I have ever made.

There is no reason for malays to be poor unless they are ass lazy or mentally deformed or really stupid..........pick your choice.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous boleh said...

This malay pig race is so stupid, that they'd never amount to anything in this world.

This message board has been here for awhile, and if anyone goes back, there is no one message, that talks good about this stupid malay pig race, because everybody knows how stupid, and hateful this malay pig race is all about.

The malay pig have drawn up a plan to displace all non-malays. They are discriminating against all non-malays. More and more non-malays are leaving.

You know why he/she need to leave……….? It is all because of those idiots who voted for the pig government to chase those talents out of this country.

This scenario would stay.

They would prefer to remain backward, so long as they are in control over you and me. I think they enjoy seeing non-malays 'begging' all the time.

Even though they are left far behind Korea, Taiwan and now Thailand is coming up strong. To them these are not competitors. In their narrow mind, the 'enemies' are local non-malays. Must suppress, by all means.

All malay pig are programmed to be promoted much faster ahead of non-malays the moment they join University Malaya. Soon University Malaya will be dominated by malay pig and the ranking will slip further.

Most of the malay pig in Malaysia cannot think clearly, their mind and thinking are clouded by such things as comfort zone, frog-in-a-well syndrome, ignorance, racial pride, stubbornness, etc.

I will stop here. The more I think about it, the more pissed off I get.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Jiwa Melayu said...

Kali ini biar serius, apa nak ditakut kalau Gerakan keluar BN! biar May 13 berulang baru dia orang tau langit tinggi rendah.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Jiwa Melayu said...

Kali ini jangan gertak saja macam yang sudah-sudah, go all out, dah tiba masa nya ditukar mindset kaum cina bahawa Pulau Pinang bukan milik cina. Biar Gerakan keluar BN baru kita tahu dia punya "true color".

11:14 PM  
Blogger ali allah ditta said...

Tak payah adakan "pengiliran KM PP",kerana tukar pun orang Melayu terpinggir macam tu juga,yang jadi KM tu & kroni2nya pula akan jadi jutawan raya.



1:00 AM  
Anonymous moral behind that story said...

My grandpa came to malaysia from china on 1931 with only 10 cent malaysia ringgit that time... he came here with nothing but only a pair of hands willing to work.... he got his first job working as a construction builder and earn only a few cents a day...
my grandpa married my grandma in malaysia and they both work hard together to earn a living and then they have babies, my dad and uncles... during the war time, my grandpa still worked very hard to earn a living and finally, by enough feeding the family and savings... he managed to set up a small business selling the coconut sugar sweet thing along Kayu Itam area.. and after another 10 years later when my father turn 14, my grandpa finally manage to open a shop in Alor Setar and they have the stable income.. my dad managed to get into high school in penang because my grandpa's business was doing really good. And when my grandpa die, he just left a car for my dad.. and the rest of his wills, he donated to the charity, because he said , my dad doesnt deserved his wills because he has done nothing and he gotto earn his own money. And YES.. my dad earned his own and support me to Overseas uni.. and after 3 generations... I wonder why those non-CHINESE and INDIAN people still needs special rights and still making sambal belancan at the corridor. I dont mind if they choose the life, but then they whinning other races took thier opportunity and blame us for causing them poor and unable to achive anything.

I wonder why my grandpa and father can earn everything by their own hand.. and those malay whining we took all their things from their land..
We dont steal, we dont rob the people.. we just simply earn with our bare hand..

and you non chinese/indian people still whining for something you impossible to achieve and, why not just wake up and get back to the reality, and work like a REAL MAN in this universe? WE NON MALAY dont even care and wont spend our time here complain about the government and other stuffs you guys did... simply if we dont love this country...

sometimes, really... your race's generation X and Y need to wake up a bit.... your people still struggling about the "GET IT BACK FROM THE CHINESE" concept.. and dont you forget, this country.. IS OURS TOO..!

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Negeri yang maju tukar bagi orang yang bodoh dan malas memerintah. Kita boleh bayangkan apa yang akan jadi...

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ru guo rang na xie ma lai ren lai lin dao bing cheng, na zhen hen zao gao.wo kan bing cheng ke neng hui dao tui shi nian.

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bagi orang yang malas, sila baca:

Allow me to be politically incorrect: The No. 1 reason people aren't rich is because they're lazy. This is purely my opinion and no one else's, and I have no scientific proof to back it up.

Why the sudden honesty? I'll tell you.

The Best Policy?

One of the things I loved most about the Marine Corps was that I never had to worry about what anyone was thinking. When I was preparing to be an officer, there was no sensitivity training. When superior officers spoke to you, they didn't have to wrap their words in ribbons and bows, and didn't worry about hurting anyone's feelings.

In fact, we often went out of our way to hurt others' feelings just to test their core toughness. (I'd repeat some of the more choice comments I've treasured over the years, but I'm not writing for a military audience.)

When I returned from the war and entered the civilized world of business, I was shocked by the phoniness, the covert hostility (disguised as caring), and the fake smiles that are rampant to this day. It's been over 30 years since I was discharged from the Marines, and I still haven't adjusted.

Today, I'm still hesitant to let my employees know exactly what I'm not satisfied with for fear of being sued, or to compliment a pretty woman for fear of being accused of sexual harassment.

But I'm happy to say that things are changing. We now have reality TV instead of Father Knows Best, a phony show about fake family harmony from my era. Today, commentators like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart rip into politicians under the guise of humor.

We also have Donald Trump, who has millions of people from all over the world tuning in just to hear him say the magic words "you're fired" to an apprentice wannabe. And of course there's Simon Cowell of American Idol, the critic of all critics, whose book of brutally honest dismissals I was recently tempted to buy.

An Honest Assessment

All of this overt honesty, while sometimes contrived, encourages me to be more honest about my favorite subject -- getting rich, and who's most likely to do so.

Most of you who follow my books and this column know how I make my money. First of all, I'm an entrepreneur. I've been starting companies since I was a kid. I never wanted to be an employee -- I always wanted to be in control. I didn't want someone like me telling me what to do. Consequently, I now have companies, agencies, or strategic partners all over the world.

Second, I love real estate. Not only do I think it's the best investment in the world, I can prove it. What other investment is there that has bankers lining up to lend you money? They won't lend you millions of dollars for years at a time to buy stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. And what other investment will your insurance company insure against losses? Surely not mutual funds or a 401(k).

Third, I love commodities like oil and gas. Why do I love them? Because they're in short supply and in great demand. Wars have been fought over oil and gas for years. What do you think the war in Iraq is about?

6:05 PM  
Blogger Mushroom Ali said...

Apa saya sudah sesat atau di tempat yang betul?

(garu kepala)

9:23 AM  
Anonymous OSAMA ROGOL anak sendiri said...

si bai nu ya shi ge da bai chi!!!....zhen shi da sha gua..............:p

10:09 PM  
Anonymous BoDOH aNuAr!!! said...


10:12 PM  
Anonymous Faham Tak? said...

U "Anak Melayu" see things only see from the outsite... I think when we talk to anak melayu we need to simplify eveything or else they wont get you.
ok the case here, Penang was given by your anak melayu's ex sultan from kedah for british.. because kedah WANTED protection from being attack by SIAM.. get that picture now?

ok now.. let me speak it in the other way, to let u get the full picture.

like.. ur kampung almost kena attack by other kampung, so ur ketua kampung asked for protection from.. lets say, superman... OK so ur ketua kampung gave him a land in the kampung for him to build his own house...and said.. oh that land is urs now... its given to u.. ok, and his superman welcome all races of people coming in to his land to tanam all sort of fruits and flowers..chinese kah, indian kah... all come to superman's courtyard plant something... but the kampung people too lazy to do anything... sit there and watch.. and one day.. superman decided to go back to his own galaxy.. and he terbang away.. left those chinese and indian there continue to built their home in the land that given by the ketua kampung to superman, and superman let those cina and indian to live there as well at the same time. then after 50 years superman has gone... now the anak anak kampung claim that that piece of them belongs to them, and they forgot.. that ex ketua kampung gave it to someone else..
I wonder they understand the basic moral of.. "YOU GIVE AWAY SOMETHING, NEVER TAKE IT BACK."

the moral behind the story? YOU ANAK MELAYU ALWAYS THINK WE TAKE AWAY UR LAND AND EVERYTHING... but honestly we earned it and deserved it, you guys dont understand what is earn it and deserve it, so I have to twist abit, U GIVE AWAY THING, DUN ASK FOR IT BACK, thats simply not gentleman at all.. unless u are a coward.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Faham! said...

HAHAHA....seperti itik bertelur, semua ayam berPEKIK-PEKIK ingat telur tu milik ayam, bila itik bagi telur tu kepada ayam ayam semua, diapa tak tau macam mana nak hatch telur tu... Good one!

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yang paling pelik ialah, kalau bangsa Cina hebat kenapa tak pulang sahaja ke negeri china. kenapa menjaja kehebatan orng - orng cina tetapi hidup setinggan kat negara lain.

Sebenarnya dengan tamaddun yg begitu lama, mereka tetap dibawa oleh Inggeris sebagai hamba utk bekerja. Sebenarnya Cina adalah bangsa yang menerima banyak habuan dari Inggeris dalam usaha untuk menjadi tali barut mereka.

jangan cerita kehebatan cina kerana org dari negeri asal China juga dtg dalam zaman ini menjadi pelacur.

jgn cerita kehebatan cina kalau kerja hanya untuk melakukan cetakan vcd haram mengaut titik peluh org yg berusaha.

jgn cerita kehebatan cina kerana berjaya berniaga dengan menjual moral.

Cuba lihat doku dalam astro mengenai tuhan cina. mrk sogok tuhan mereka , kata discovery channel. nampak betul budaya sogok adalah budaya mereka dengan tuhan -tuhan mrk disogok. marah - jgn u guys started it all

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Orang malas said...

ta men dou shi da sha gua...bie gen ta men shuo na me duo hua

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yalah yalah.. melayu paling pandai...
cina tu.. dulu, you cakap mereka juga hamba... pernah jadi pelacur... pernah jadi kuli..

kawan, dulu ekonomi dunia rapuh, you masih ingat? dulu, ada peperangan.. world world 1 and 2 masih ingat? dulu, tiapa globalisasi ekonomi or teknologi or whatsoever, you tau tak?

tapi, kita move on , walaupun kita pernah jadi hamba, tapi sekarang, at least kita improved alot dari segi living standard and education..

you tahu apa itu.. civilisation? you tahu apa itu improvement? tahu tak? tak tahu.. jangan cakap nenek moyang orang jadi pelacur dan sebagainya.. yang paling malu.. awak yang tak pernah improve at all.... compare living standard awak dari 1920 ke 2020, sama je standard awak. Orang lain move on to era baru.. awak stay the same, and nak claim balik apa yang pernah jadi milik mu( which is probably not yours)

6:34 AM  
Anonymous pirated men we are said...

dont forget, 6 years ago, before the pirated cd and dvd become a serious problem in south east asia, one original cd, average, 45 ringgit, and one dvd original, 80 ringgit! we you think about it... our average income back then was only what? 1100ringgit? why is one original CD can reach 45 ringgit? who get the money who get the tax? and why is the tax from the government against the entertainmen industry so high in malaysia? you know i know where all the money go? I enjoy pirated CD back then, I was still a student, back then the pirated cd also 10 ringgit! its pretty expensive, yet much more cheaper than theh original one.
Who enjoy the benifits? of course those illegal seller, and of course you people as well..
It is a bad thing, yet it is a good thing for us, Honestly. I know its not moral yet.. our economy not helping us. pirated cd, sounds bad for the country economy, but honestly when you think about it, there is no impact at all.. I agree pirated cd and dvd need to be stopped, but, think about it.. if not that case happened, probably we need to pay 70 ringgit for the CD and 150 ringgit for the DVD today... money end up to? you know who get the most. government tax.

even 1999, i remember i bought a cd, cost me 69.90, and its only an album from china.

in other countries, 10 dollar for one cd, or even 15 or 20. people average income, 2500 even back in year of 2000. Do you expect us to watch wayang kulit and everyday tv1 malay series drama?

think about it! you blame us chinese sell the pirated cd and dvd.. you alot of malay enjoy buying those X-rated video the most... I have friends who tell me... some police station order 3 x rated video every week and he had to send them there!

If our police is hardworking and smart enough, they will destroy the so called illegal business a long time ago.. why they always need to wait until the matter get so serious and severe only they think of the solutions... dont tell me you dont enjoy the pirated version of cd and dvd! I bet u have a copy of pirated siti norhaliza cd in ur car as well!

we chinese pirated version people, You are the one that wanna pay money for it.

we dont sell if there is no customer.

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kita tahu banyak projek besar sudah di di bolot, di rampas oleh umno tua, umno muda tak cukup makan kot, jadi sekarang nak minta Pulau Pinang ?

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lembah Sari's chairman Haris Onn Hussein pemilik syarikat yang mendapat kontrak $100 juta selepas kerajaan memaksa syarikat rokok tempatan mengunakan label-sekuriti.

Hishamudin pun dapat bolot banyak, dermalah sedikit kepada pemuda Pulau Pinang.,4582,205142,00.html?

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why dont finance minister post also gilir-gilir? rafidah aziz post also gilir-gilir? these post were held by tan siew sin and ong yoke lin before May 13!penang governor post? malacca governor? the malays have blame the chinese cheating on them during colonial days like selling stuff to their kampungs,the stuff cost one sen ,they sell to them fifty cents!!!they also accused of cheating the weight of the dacing?these are all excuses to halau the chinese out from malaysia ,then only malaysia be left with only malays and all of them will live prosperously like brunei malays?well if that so let this country become like bosnia,i wont regret a single thing!then let UN come in to our country like Bosnia last time!!way back in 1987 ,tere was nearly riot just because MCA say malays is also from another land!it's hard for them to admit it!i think gerakan will give in at last resort because the rich chinese towkays are scared of malay burning their belongings like during may 13,have to agreed to give 30 percent to malays!how i wish that there are still communist in the jungle because i am not rich!

3:25 PM  
Anonymous orang malas said...

saya tui ni ma qiu chi bai la!!!

7:48 PM  
Anonymous anak anuar said...

bapa u get fxxk lah....dun be stupid ok...

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

F%@# umno pantat mak kau ,kepala butuh jubur ,i think its time for another May 13,in 1987 it nearly happened!in 2002 not as teruk as May 13, to anak anuar f!@34 ur mother pantat! i am not stupid,UMNO is!!!!org malas if u r malay,then kepala butuh bapak kau,another May 13 is good and this time it wont just be one week or two,it will become like bOsnia! bcoz umno ask for it!!!During May 13 69, communist are ready to come out and supply arms to the chinese but the towkays freeze out bcoz they r bloody rich!

3:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For god sake, you man, do you really think u need to use such words to scold the malay? talk with senses mate, I am chinese too, but i cant stand the way u used those words... be smart dun fall into their trap and show them, we chinese talk smart and think smart, not only use these whatever cursing words ok?
for god sake you think twice.

I am chinese too, just dun buang air muka chinese.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Anuar Mohd Nor said...


12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's right, for those who use faulty language and writting insult with no basis, please stop it as it creates hatred and anger.

What's the use of doing this, we should be asking for non discriminatory policy, non racial basis law, equality and acceptable universal values for all Malaysian irregardless of race. Please think befor you post!

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

saudara,untuk lebih adil.semua negeri mesti gilir giliurkan jawatan menteri besar antara kaum.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saya cina, tapi sokong juga dengan cadangan pemuda UMNO ini ...

secara rasional, ini dapat membendung kuasa monopoli ... siapa lebih berkebolehan dan membawa manfaat kepada rakyat ... kita sepatutnya sokong untuk mengecapi kejayaan ...

Harap juga cadangan ini perlu diamalkan di semua negeri di m'sia ... pada masa itu, dengan sistem bergilir-gilir, cina juga boleh memimpin selangor and negeri lain ... adil dan saksama ...

Malangnya ... saya rasa sistem ini tak dapat dijalankan ... kerana ... dapatkah pemuda UMNO menerima hakikat selangor atau negeri lain dipimpin oleh orang bukan melayu di bawah sistem baru ini ...

jawapannya semestinya -> Tidak Boleh ... kerana golongan ini walaupun sembahyang 5 kali sehari, tapi tak erti ciri-ciri suci islam yg diajar ...

mereka ini gemar nak berkongsi hasil titik peluh orang lain ... tapi tidak sanggup berkongsi hasil sendiri dengan orang lain ...

Inilah sikap yg menyebabkan kemunduran ... apa yg mereka buat adalah betul ... tapi benda yg sama dibuat oleh orang lain ... itu adalah salah ...

12:13 PM  
Blogger Anak Malaysia said...

Kenapa Perdana Menteri tidak digilirkan ? Only the best to be the leader.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous ruyom said...

The world's most notorious system of positive discrimination has had only limited success, and hardly any recently. What if anything, should replace it?

In Malaysia, as in many South East Asian countries, the Chinese minority traditionally controlled the lion's share of the economy, while malays worked as farmers or fishermen. The government of the day (also led by Umno) settled on affirmative action as a means to defuse racial tensions.

The prime minister and leader of the party, Badawi agreed that the NEP needed fixing, as it had imbued malays not with the intended spirit of entrepreneurial, but with an unfortunate proclivity for rent-seeking. But many Malaysians, both malay and non-malay, wonder whether the NEP is needed at all.

Most jobs in the bureaucracy were reserved for malays, as were the majority of government contracts. Quotas were set for university admissions, allowing malays to win places ahead of better qualified Indians and Chinese. Companies were supposed to place at least 30% of their shares in malay hands. Developers were required to sell a certain proportion of housing and commercial property to malays, often at a discount - and so on and on.

Since 1990, however the malay share of equity has stagnated at around 20%, despite all manner of government incentives to raise it. Blame lies partly with the Asian crisis of 1997, which put a greater share of equity in foreign hands.

The rent-seeking the prime minister complained of also plays a part: Malays snap up the shares reserved for them in initial public offerings for example, and then sell them on at a profit.

Perhaps the biggest failing of the scheme, however, is the culture of cronyism it has engendered. Early, when the authorities revealed the list of malays granted valuable permits to import foreign cars, the main beneficiaries turned out not to be struggling malay entrepreneurs, but former officials at the Ministry of Trade.

By the same token, the government of Mahathir, the previous prime minister, built up a coterie of malay tycoons through lucrative concessions, only to see many of them go spectacularly bust during the Asian crisis.

No wonder then, that disenchantment with affirmative action has grown among Malaysians of all stripes. The NEP after all, was originally billed as a temporary measure. But when it expired in 1990, it was renamed, but hardly changed.

In recent years, Indians have supplanted malays as Malaysia most disadvantaged ethnic group, but do not enjoy the same privileges. Poorer malays meanwhile, are frustrated with the slim returns from a policy adopted in their name.

Many Umno members argue that the system of racial preferences only needs a little fine-tuning. They point out that the government is already placing less emphasis on creating malay captains of industry, and more on promoting professional malay managers. State-owned enterprises are also trying to foster competition among malay firms, by forcing them to compete with one another for contracts instead of clinching them in back-room deals.

Other mooted reforms include placing greater emphasis on helping poor malays specifically and drawing up government contracts in a way that prevents sub-contracting to non-malay firms.

But a surprising number of malays, as well as Indians and Chinese, argue that racial preferences should be abolished altogether. In line with western critics of affirmative action, they contend that the NEP has fostered a culture of dependency, and so undermined its supposed purpose of malay advancement.

Non-malays who are forced to study abroad for lack of university places at home actually get a better education, and feel more of an obligation to make the most of their opportunities.

The results were mixed: the proportion of malay students rose somewhat overall, but it fell in the most competitive courses, including law and medicine. That drop in turn, led many Umno members to demand that quotas be reinstated, and prompted some wags to ask whether it was really the party itself that had become politically dependent on the system of racial preferences.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous yoy said...

UMNO = Untuk Makan Nasi Orang

This is a new generation of lazy malays who evolved from their lazy ancestors. Not surprising la! Wait for the next generation of lazy malays at the future with better parasitic economic policies.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous tim said...

I feel I am not very comfortable with Indonesia. The government, when think of it, it is also quite funny.

First, they don't want Chinese to be in their country. Good, kill Chinese and get them out of the country. After when they are no Chinese in Indonesia, now look at the country - A junk country. Useless currency, the country is over populated with uneducated peoples.

No more Chinese in Indonesia mean no one do business there. Because 70% of the economy are control by Chinese. In addition, majority of the companies are run and own by Chinese.

And you? You are just a person filled with racial jealousy. Proof? Why should we prove anything to you? We are a rich and prosperous race, I couldn't care less if dirt crawler like you don't believe it. Back to the hole you came from!

Malays, you are in denial. You want evidence? Just open your eyes and look! All around you, in the TV, on the streets, in Indonesia, in China, everywhere! Chinese are superior money makers!

Ha……….it is not about boosting our ego. I mean why would we have to? We have so much to be proud of already. It is a matter of truth.

I am sorry if you can't take the reality that malays aren't the ones who control a good amount of economy in South-East Asia. But it is not like you don't have anything to be proud of.

I am not thinking that our races are the best. I am talking the truth. Look at Indonesia before the riot, the country is well and stable. But after they have thrown all the Chinese away, the country has fallen. And lots of poor peoples there. The logic is already able to tell you.

Hahaha! Despite living in Malaysia, I already have second home in Perth Australia. Why should I must live in Malaysia! What a fool!

I will pay loyalty to Australia. Why should I pay my loyalty to country like Malaysia which only care about their own ass malays? Where Chinese is treated as second class citizens there!

Why should I care about your peoples, and also I don't care about your peoples anymore. Because I am spending more time live at Australia. One day you will see your country collapse and become a second Iraq. You will see the time will come.

Malays, stop your stupid thinking. The truth is the truth. One more thing, you make the laugh when I think of, you can't even compete with the Chinese! Most Chinese think that your kind is crook. If you know where what I mean.

Your anti Chinese thinking will never improve your peoples. You should look into yourself before you insult other races.

You can't even compete with the Chinese, my friend. We are everywhere. Doing business, earning money. Anti Chinese is always anti China. Every word is against the China. Even China become superpower, you will find something to say China is bad. Ha!

It is extremely unwise for a Chinese to flaunt his wealth in Indonesia. He should have kept quiet about his wealth and stash away his money in a hidden Swiss bank account.

A country is poor because of its own faults, don't blame others. China was extremely poor until the 1980s when it decided to drop its arrogant ideals and open its economy.

For example, if you want to be rich. What are you going to do? Of course, think logic and hard working. That is how a businessman will success. Don't blame anyone else if you are poor. Blame yourself for not work harder and smarter enough to be rich.

This is different - Chinese success in Indonesia, where the malays start killing Chinese is because of jealousy. And Indonesians should stop blaming Chinese for monopolizing the economy because Indonesians themselves are quite lazy compared with ethnic Chinese.

What do you expect, his Indonesia homeland is weak and the peoples are poor. His culture stays in the bottom of the world. Maybe he should look into himself before commenting other races. What a shame!

But come on, Chinese culture is obviously superior to those countries in South-East Asia such as the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

China has had an ancient civilization and a long commercial tradition. It is no coincidence that Chinese have uniformly dominated the economies of this region for so long. It is a cultural difference, not a racial one.

If Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia adopted Chinese culture and become Chinese way, they would be just as successfully. It is a matter of cultural values and a certain worldview.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous coolooc said...

Absolutely agree with you.

I feel so sad that our MCA and Gerakan - all blind..........act like idiots, they even go to blame professional non-malays for leaving our country. Sad to say they just want to serve their own private interests. They are the worshippers, followers of the great greedy.

They shamelessly lie, mislead and deceive on all issues, we find the traces of work of these running dogs. They twisting the principle of social fairness, justice and equality, distorted facts, for just to win a bone throw by their master.

The people acted like beasts, had already traded their soul with the devil.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous aston said...

Ah malay, I just saw your comment, and couldn't believe that you are that delusional. I have grown up as a non-malay Malaysian citizen.

I have Chinese friends receiving straight As that cannot get into colleges and universities, while substandard malay students with Cs are being admitted to these same institutions. It is a disgrace.

This cycle of malay favouritism should be broken. It is only spawning racial dissension that we will reap the results of in the future.

Not going to joining the debate between you guys. However, I really feel disappointed on what our malays had perceived on those discrimination policies, so much has been taken away, and yet they are not realizing that this is unfair and it will just drive Malaysia to a dead end.

I am so happy that I leave that place Malaysia, I was in the midst of considering taking up the citizenship of my country of residence……….I guess, all these comments have really hinted me that I should pick up the citizenship while I still can do that.

Work hard and all the best fro those Malaysians who are still struggling there.

Our Chinese is being abused and stupidly handing out money for the lazy people. We work hard and save money in bank but the bank give us 3-6% interest, that is way too low if compare to Australia and US.

Nevertheless, the malays can invest in government assisted fund and get 8-12% increment. What an unfair practice. We have no choice but to emigrate to others country in order to enjoy higher benefits and returns.

Malaysia will no progress and lastly became a less develop country.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous romsam said...

Malaysia business community, like that of nearly all East Asian countries except Japan and Korea, is dominated by ethnic Chinese and this have created envy and ethnic tensions in the countries, where the Chinese are a minority of the population yet is a majority of business leaders.

In some countries like Indonesia, this have provoked occasional anti-Chinese pogroms while in Malaysia, the malay majority have given themselves preferences in various ways. Including quotas in universities and companies and even a requirement that companies must distribute a certain proportion of their shares to malays.

In the purported intention to lessen ethnic tension and jealousy from Malaysia ethnic malay majority population and avoid the kind of anti-Chinese pogroms frequently occurring in neighboring Indonesia, the government there has instituted a extensive affirmative action program for the malays (including forcing businesses to hire malays for top jobs).

The policy has been successful in avoiding outbursts of violence, but it has not been successful in terms of getting the malays to be successful on their own.

For 30 years or more, Malaysia has given economic privileges to the malay community to help it win a more proportionate share of the economy.

But even former prime minister Mahathir, the great champion of malay special rights, ended his 22 years as premier frustrated that, rather than develop a work ethic, many malays had simply developed a sense of entitlement.

How astonishing! If people get something for nothing, they get less willing to do work to achieve it. Who could have thought that?

Ethnic Chinese in South East Asia have done a remarkable job of wealth creation and I don't want to belittle it, but we should consider that part of their success was due to the corrupt governments which the Chinese used to further themselves economically.

I am not blaming the Chinese; they simply played the cards they were dealt better than anyone else. In a world without the rule of law and protection of property, the Chinese had to resort to connections and bribes in order to protect themselves.

While the "malay professional class has grown rapidly from a negligible base" on a percentage basis, in real terms the size of the whole of the professional class could have been larger without affirmative action.

Yore analysis of Malaysia racial preferences does not consider their impact on ethnic Chinese emigration. As a scholar in Singapore, I met highly qualified Chinese Malaysians who were refused entry into Malaysia universities and emigrated with little intention of returning.

In a message now reports how this have aside from making malays lazier also created strong discontent among the Chinese. Many are now trying to emigrate to Singapore and other places where they won't be discriminated. This brain drain will of course hurt Malaysia economy.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous yuking said...

I was studied in Australia Melbourne for 3 years, I met a lot of Malaysians who had emigrated to the country, some of them are work in big company such as NEC, Nissan etc, some of them open restaurants (there are Malaysian restaurants everywhere in Australia), and their life is fairly and good treated by the locals.

In Melbourne, a lot of Malaysians (99% Chinese) live in a suburbs, most of them send their kids to local school, and all have no problem on their nationality and race because besides Malaysians, there are also a lot of Japanese, Singaporeans, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesians, etc. They can learn their own language without any restriction from the authorities. And everyone is compete on level playing field, everything is based on merit.

The living environment there is very nice, clean air and water (water can directly drink from tap), nicely built roads and residential area, almost perfect mass transit system (although I feel that Singapore is better) where you can live and travel easily without own car. Living cost there is relatively cheaper compare to Kuala Lumpur (dollar to dollar).

The main reason for this migration is that some of them felt that they were second-class citizens (the Chinese) and third-class citizens (the Indians) in the country that they were born in. The high cost of living and non-support from the Malaysia government have also resulted in smaller families among the non-malays.

For those who ran away or are thinking about running, my best wishes to you. But for the others who stand and fight, my respect for you.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous killer said...

For all the bad things you stupid melayu babi say about the Chinese, when you are in trouble and big shit, what do you do?

You come crawling back on your knees to the Chinaman to help you, because you can't trust all your malay pig who are rapists, sodomy incest culprits, drug addicts.

Without the Chinese, you malay pig will still live on trees, swinging from tree to tree like monkeys or forages on the ground by your four legs to eat all the shit.

You malay pig are a truly ungrateful lot - the minute all the Chinese leave Bolehland - you melayu babi will collapse into the sea and die - that is your destiny!

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harapan melayu pulau pinang untuk melihat ketua menteri berdarah melayu bukanlah cerita baru. kekuatan melayu semakin hari semakin pudar, ekonomi pula semakin rancak dikuasai oleh bangsa lain. Tidak salah hidup berdemokrasi cuma jangan lalai atas kealfaan diri sendiri. Sedarlah kita sudah jauh ketinggalan...bukan masanya untuk berjalan tetapi belari untuk mengejar kejayaan kaum lain. Semuanya atas daya usaha diri sendiri, tiada kejayaan yang datang dengan mudah. zaman ini zaman kompetetif hanya orang yang betul-betul berusaha sahaja yang akan kemuncak kejayaan. Kejayaan tidak mengenal sesiapa tidak kira dari mana asalnya asalkan. Jadi tidak bolehlah kita mempersalahkan kaum lain yang lebih maju dari kaum melayu... cuma perbezaannya adalah atas landasan agama masing-masing... mujurlah atas keperihantinan orang kita masih lagi ingat haram halal, tapi tidak ketinggalan pula pada orang yang melupakannya...asalkan dapat apa yang dikehendaki dengan cara yang mudah. Tapi bukan pegangan agama menjadi persoalan cuma gandakan usaha kearah kejayaan. InsyaAllah Allah akan bersama mendoakan kepada orang yang jujur dan amanah kerana pencipta-Nya.
Berbalik kepada isu penggiliran ketua menteri pulau pinang, pada pendapat saya, siapa yang menjadi Ketua menteri pulau pinang bukanlah masalah besar...yang menjadi masalah adalah ketulusan kepimpinan...adakah penggiliran ketua menteri pulau pinang kepada kaum melayu akan memberi jaminan kepada kaum melayu pulau pinang untuk terus hidup di pulau sendiri? tiada yang boleh membantu melainkan ketulusan dan kejujuran dalam menjalankan amanah rakyat. elakan RASUAH, elakan daripada bertuhankan WANG, dan hentikan tabiat `ALI BABA'....sedarlah, melayu boleh berdiri sendiri dan bukannya hanya boleh dibeli...keluhan anak melayu pulau pinang. hidup melayu...hihup UMNO...

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang harus ditukar dan hanya dengan
UMNO, orang melayu dan Indian Muslim dapat hak mereka dan maju dalam bidang ekonomi, sosial dan lain-lain. Tapi ingat... Ketua Menteri tersebut harus dipilih daripad a orang melayu yang berkaliber dan bertanggungjawab.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what will happen if the CM is not changed. Pulau Pinang will be another Singapore and Malay will suffer in their own land.

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kalau bangsa lain jadi ramai dan monopoli ekonomi... x ape... x ade masalah... kalau bangsa cina jadi ramai dan ambil alih ekonomi... memang masalah.

This is true... Why???

In Singapore

In Indonesia

In other state in Malaysia

Now in P.Pinang

Mungkin Pasal tu Jepun x suka cina Kot?

Tapi lebih baik CM ditukar kerana 13 May puncanya
pasal gerakan dan DAP

beware Melayu P.Pinang

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cina memang bawa masalah. They don't know halal and haram. Main langgar aje adat dan hal agama orang Islam. Mane x jadi marah?

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiada satu kaum di dunia ini 100% pandai ataupun 100% bodoh. Cina kat malaysia pandai bukan pasal gen diorang , tapi diorang tolong-menolong antara diorang. Bukan macam orang melayu. U can see this in Universiti2 tempatan dan tempat kerja. lagi satu, muda-mudi melayu sekarang x payah cakap... macam2 masalah... Cinta-cinta lepas tu khalwat jadi maksiat mula-mula mabuk lepas tu dadah then masuk Penjara

Orang Melayu, cina dan india perlu diasah drpd akar umbi bukan disuap dengan perasaan perkauman

2:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apapun kepada orang melayu seluruh malaysia, tepok dada tanya selera...sudah genap 50 Tahun Malaysia Merdeka. Tapi apakah kejayaan Melayu Malaysia? Oh Melayu...usah menuding jari sesama sendiri kaum lain yang tidak dapat status bumiputra yang nampaknya berusaha bersungguh-sungguh. Jangan biarkan negara kita dijajah oleh kaum lain yang sememangnya telah gah dalam ekonomi & pendidikan, walhal kaum melayu masih lagi perlu disuap untuk terus hidup. Ayuh!!! bangunlah bangsaku, jangan biarkan kita meminta sedekah dibumi bernama MALAYSIA...Bersatulah wahai melayu, jagalah generasi mu, berusaha mencari kejayaan pada bangsa mu dan bukan hanya diri sendiri. Selamat Hari Raya....

2:34 PM  
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