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Membicarakan Ceramah Anwar Ibrahim ( siri UMNO adalah parti perkauman)

Ceramah Anwar Ibrahim pada Kongress Parti Keadilan Rakyat 2006 ( video boleh ditonton di ) membangkitkan beberapa isu. Untuk membicarakan kesemua isu itu pasti menyulitkan. Oleh itu saya menjemput rakyat Malaysia untuk membicarakan salah satu isu utama yang diketengahkan oleh Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim dalam ucapan beliau menggambarkan bahawa UMNO adalah parti perkauman dan setiap kali UMNO merasa tergugut maka isu perkauman dibangkitkan. Anwar Ibrahim menyatakan bahawa formula parti perlbagai kaum adalah relevan sekarang ini dan dasar seperti Dasar Ekonomi Baru harus di lupuskan kerana ianya hanya membantu golongan elitis UMNO yang merompak hasil rakyat biasa.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia adalah parti yang melangkah dari pemisahan kaum kepada satu bentuk perpaduan yang akan membantu semua kaum. Kepimpinan Keadilan terdiri dari pelbagai bangsa dan ini menunjukkan bahawa parti itu lebih relevan dari UMNO. Menurut Anwar Ibrahim, setelah 50 tahun merdeka kita masih lagi mengamalkan politik perkauman dan lebih memburukkan keadaan UMNO menggunakan isu ini sebagai senjata apabila mereka tertekan.

Adakah formula struktur Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia yang terdiri dari berbagai kaum adalah struktur yang terbaik? Adakah struktur ini mampu menjaga kepentingan politik orang - orang Melayu? Adakah hak - hak keistimewaan orang Melayu harus digugurkan memandangkan demokrasi menyeluruh adalah pegangan Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia? Mampukah Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia memjaga hak orang - orang Melayu dalam kedudukan mereka yang dipimpinan oleh pemimpin dari berbagai kaum? Persoalan - persoalan ini harus kita fikirkan bersama dalam membicarakan isu UMNO adalah parti perkauman. Saya menjemput ahli - ahli UMNO, PAS dan pembangkang lain seperti DAP serta rakyat menyeluruh untuk membicarakan secara terbuka. Ini adalah satu persoalan penting yang harus kita perbincangkan sebelum kita membuat keputusan dalam memilih kepimpinan dan parti memerintah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anwar harus sedar bahawa beliau lahir dari sistem yang sama iaitu menggunakan isu Melayu sebagai salah satu senjata perjuangan.

Hari ini semata - mata kerana politik dendam Anwar mahu mengajak agar semua kita menolak parti bersifat perkauman.

Barisan Nasional bukan bagi saya pakatan parti satu kaum. BN adalah pakatan sesuai bagi kita mentadbir negara disamping parti - parti lain menentukan hal ehwal bangsa mereka. Ini tidak akan bercanggah kerana akhirnya mereka akan bertemu bagi membincangkan isu - isu antara kaum bagi tujuan keharmonian.

Formula yang ditanya oleh editor laman ini, sama ada Anwar mampu berjaya atau tidak dengan parti multi kaum, jawapan saya mudah TIDAK.

BN pecahkan komponen mengikut kaum kerana sedar bahawa kaum - kaum lain perlu berbincang antara mereka bagi kepentingan kaum mereka. Kita tidak akan berjaya dengan satu parti yang diterajui oleh berbagai kaum.

Illusi Anwar hanya untuk mentadbir semula Malaysia. Pendeknya mahu jadi PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Umno leader speech is written by the BN government. The government is telling itself what it should do because it doesn't do what it ought to do.

After the speech is read, it is all back to square one - the abuse, corruption, deceit, lie, pilferage, pillage and all that the leader said ought not be done - is done with impunity. Kids, this government is incorrigible. We are fighting a lost cause.

We can only wait a see it self-destruct!

After 48 years of independence, why should the government continue to encourage jealousy between races, and using that as a pretext to allow Umno to enrich themselves?

The 30 years operative plan for NEP should have appeased the 1969 incidents, the cause of which is still yet doubtful, although the government has been brainwashing its people that it was due to so-called inequitable participation and distribution of assets among the various ethnic groups.

It seems to me that the country is moving backward and one day our competitiveness will be as 'sunset'. The sun will not rise again as far as competitiveness is concerned. Everything is tie to the competitiveness.

One of the examples is education. As pure common sense, education system is the top agenda in any country. Once a country plays a fool with it, the country will finished.

Since the current administration is still in denial syndrome, where is our country is heading?

When the country does not operate on sound principles, nothing you can do make our lives better in the long run.

I can't help but to stress times and again the following point. The root causes of all problems facing Malaysians lie in our governance: Lack of accountability, integrity, meritocracy, transparency.

All these problems we are discussing here are really not new. Frankly we can't expect accountability, integrity, meritocracy, transparency to happen naturally. Rightly, we should ask why accountability, integrity, meritocracy, transparency are so lacking in our land.

As I watch this country over the years, there are many fundamental things that we overlooked. Instead, we are merely focusing on the periphery and that is why we never seem to get the country on the right path.

The next is with regard to rule of law. What we have today is rule by law. Increasing we make laws that violet due process, usurp judicial review and erode human rights.

Now, if all these are not right, how then can we have integrity, accountability, transparency and meritocracy? Remember the phrase: 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. Fix the fundamentals; the rest will fall in place.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the statistic from my own experience……….

Of the same batch of students graduated during the same semester in my college in USA, only 3 of the 12 students returned to Malaysia so far. None of them intend to return in the near future.

Right after graduation, my friend went to Melbourne to do her masters, with one objective on her mind, she wants to get a PR there.

Of the 100000 or more Malaysians who have emigrated to Australia, most are professionals. Their off-springs more often than not, are some of the best performers in schools here (Australia).

Someone mentioned that two-thirds of the community of practicing doctors in Singapore is Malaysian Chinese.

Don't forget Singapore's Netwater……….That is founded by Olivia Lum, and presently also a nominated member of parliament in Singapore who made it only because she left Malaysia for Singapore!

Our Malaysia country is so lucky to be blessed with abundant of very best quality resources including human resources. I leave it to you yourself to go and find out who is who.

You name it and we have it. We just have a lot of very talented people from all fields, be it finance, IT, R&D, and etc. These people are highly sought by not just first world countries but the developing ones as well. They willing to offer everything they could even citizenships and needless to say about monetary rewards.

I am pretty sure they (from Mahathir to Pak Lah) know about these very well and they even know more than what we do. But question is, why nothing could be done to curb the losses?

NEP is the key, from the past until today, no Umno leader dare to bet on their entire political career by abolishing the NEP and revoking malay special rights.

Our Malaysia competitive edges like better educated workforces, better financial and legal systems, better infrastructure etc, are no longer better. It is either being offered or better by other Asian countries which are hungrier than us.

The developed countries like Australia know this and continue to pursue brain-gain policies which partly resulted in their 5% economic growth. Malaysia has not even reached there in its economic development and we are struggling with the current growth rate.

For them to survive, they have to be global citizens. I am making sure they master global languages like English and Chinese. The world will compete for the brightest to maintain their edge.

If one's parents continued here Malaysia, it would have been such a waste of talent. Look around us, everyday you see such wastage in our human resources……….

It is not a loss to Malaysia, as Malaysia simply does not have a culture and materials to nurture genius brains, due to its "non-competition policies" so to take care of fools……….

Some person is lucky to have parents with a foresight who would be able to get him out from the black box on time. The right type of soil will produce right type of fruits. In Australia, he becomes a sweet orange, if he were to be in Malaysia, he would turn into a sour lime.

I agree that has nothing to do with the Bolehland.

If he were to be in Malaysia at this present age, our Malaysia leaders would simply tell him: "Oh! Sorry, actually English is very important, let us start all over again to teach English in mathematics and science subjects beginning from primary school."

The current Malaysia education system still incapable of maximizing the full potential of the younger generation (even the older ones). A revamp is needed!

Go to the local premier university, see for yourself how the professors recruit research assistant, to help them prepare journal and PowerPoint. Then you will realise how the professors get the title. Afterward, you expect this kind of environment can nurture talent?

Yes……….another Malaysia Boleh!

Because Bolehland university got a quota to meet……….Because Bolehland lost all the talents with no regret……….Because Bolehland got double standards for everything……….

What a sad, sad loss to Malaysia and its economy.?!

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The prime minister was quoted earlier to have said that the Barisan Nasional has fulfilled its election promises with the unveiling of the 9th Malaysia Plan. Here is a list comparing the BN 2004 Election Manifesto and what has transpired since then.

I urge the prime minister to re-read his own manifesto before making grandiose but fraudulent proclamations.

On corruption and abuse of power, the manifesto said:

· BN will continue the all-out campaign against corruption, without fear or favour.

The reality -

· "Umno does not intend to report the cases to the ACA. We have our own mechanism." - Radzi Ahmad, Umno secretary-general, on money politics in Umno.

On economy, the manifesto said:

· Your opinions and views continue to matter as Barisan Nasional endeavours to implement people centred policies.

The reality -

· "I hope the public will not question the money saved………." - Prime Minister Badawi, March 17, 2006, on the RM4.4 billion saved from fuel subsidies.

On education, the manifesto said:

· Barisan Nasional has worked hard to provide universal access to education. We will……….foster student interaction to enhance national unity.

The reality -

· "I will never allow non-bumis to enter UiTM. I will ensure that the percentage of malay students given places at public universities will always be higher than the percentage under the previous quota system." - then Higher Education Minister Dr Shafie, Umno General Assembly 2004.

On human rights and freedom, the manifesto said:

· Barisan Nasional safeguards the interests of all citizens. We listen to and act on the hopes and aspirations of all groups regardless of age, ethnic, gender, and religion.

The reality -

· "We will not think twice about using this law against anyone who incites - that is why we still need the Sedition Act and ISA (Internal Security Act)." - Nazri Aziz, March 20, 2006.

On parliament and democracy, the manifesto said:

· Barisan Nasional is strongly committed to parliamentary democracy, which gives each citizen a say in the administration of this nation.

The reality -

· "We used the whip (once) so they had to follow, now it is the same………." - Nazri Aziz, Dec 21, 2005, on the forcing of women BN senators to vote for the Islamic Family Law bill.

On religion and culture, the manifesto said:

· BN upholds the diversity of religious practice, language and culture.

The reality -

· "Members of uniformed services, including the police, must abide by the regulations on the wearing of their uniforms." - Badawi, March 27, 2006, on the compulsory wearing of the tudung by non-Muslim policewomen during official functions.

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many many years ago, my brothers, cousins and friends, all top students applied to local university to be computer and electrical engineers. None of us got in.

We all went abroad, many of us made a killing but all of us had a good career and was in the centre of the IT revolution.

Recently some of us were approached to return to Malaysia but even at million ringgit salary, we unanimously said - no.

Cheated once, it is a pity, cheated twice is your fault.

"Only a quarter of Malaysians is Chinese while more than half of the population is malays. Yet Chinese control half of the economy while malays only about 20%."

Whether there is NEP or not, don't make much difference in the long run. When you walk with crutches for too long, you lose the ability to stand on your own legs.

Drug abuse, hate, incest, liberal extremism (culture of miniskirts and gay marriages), murder, racism, rape, religious fanaticism, parochialism, snatch theft, spoilt-bratty behavior, tribalism, wife abuse, child abuse, all that is associated with the malay race.

To them, malay is the biggest impediment towards building a truly Malaysian nation, and should be chucked into the dustbins of history.

Sad. Sad. Sad. The question asked by many of my fellow Chinese is this - Why can't you just tell the malay peoples to adopt Chinese culture which is superior?

History always repeats itself. And nature is cruel. Any race of lower intelligence gets wiped out eventually.

See what is happening to indigenous tribes and their lands, always taken over by smarter people from elsewhere. Look at Singapore, who owned it in the first place and who came and took it over?

America was taken by Europeans from the Red Indians. Even British convicts and unwanted lowlifes managed to grab Australia from the aborigines and reduced them to what they are today. They may become extinct one day.

However, Malaysians still have hope as they are learning fast. Just hope it is fast enough. Problem is that some of them are still crying for bumis policy as a crutch. The smarter ones know that it is just prolonging the agony. Anyway, the smarter ones actually are not from Malaysia originally.

You can only survive if you are able to stand on your own two legs. Shouting "Malaysia Boleh" is no use - if you can, you can.

Friend, you have a place there. Find your own niche in the food chain. (If you leave for greener pastures, you are repeating what your forefathers did when they left China and ended up in oversea.)

People with brains can overcome all sorts of man-made obstacles or unfairness. Those with brains but do not use them will cry for help.

You can decide which type you want to be.

1:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Najib and the other ministers said all Malaysians have to work together to achieve the 9th Malaysia Plan.

I say we have been working all along from day one. It is when the government and those in power are stopping to squander the taxpayers money? Besides who have been the biggest contributors? Yet they say some are playing the race card in parliament. It is those corrupted up there who are robbing from the people.

It will be a "tax again and spend again" tendency. The sad fact is voters are left with a choice of "comment after mandating" and "imprecation". Politicians are applauding of what a good plan is and citizens are keeping abreast with the time.

The difference is one receives fame and the other one receives heavy standard of living. However, some people said "good" without financial consideration; some people said "no good" without thoughtfulness. So I have lost my abstract sense on it!

When the shit hits the ceiling they point their fingers and blame the biggest contributors. And those who do not know the facts are led blindly to agree.

Mahathir wrote the book "The Malay Dilemma" which was condemned and banned when it was released. When I served in the malay kampung, as underwent cultural shock and had my first experience in social consciousness, the book was not totally shocking.

It took me a long time to understand Mahathir actions when he was prime minister, I was bombarded by confusion, deception, lies, propaganda, rumours, and suspicion. For example, when someone asked for a cut in a project, he said it was for the senior ministry officer, or the minister, or the prime minister Mahathir. Who actually pocketed the money?

Good intention:
- Certain people were selected to be leaders of business organizations.
- Mahathir and his government created opportunities for the malays to acquire business skills, financial skills, technical skills, etc.
- Their moral duty was to create wealth and to distribute the wealth to their people.

- Instead of being responsible leaders, they mutated into opportunists and traitors.
- Instead of benefiting from the government efforts, the people have been cheated and betrayed.
- Instead of distributing wealth to their people, they kept the wealth for themselves.

This is the sad and pathetic truth about Malaysia GLCs. All this plundering of funds is left unchecked and those who are guilty remain scot-free, whilst the innocent suffer and pay for their misdoings.

When the whole world is trying to compete head-on, trying to outdo each other in getting new market/FDI. Countries try to ditch out everything they have to gain that small extra advantage.

It is really frustrate if certain "group" in the country, keep on harping on dividing whatever little we have - more "equally" because they think the country owe them a living and the world owe them a living.

When global competition heat up, citizens in every other nations try to help their countries to be in the forefront but only in Malaysia, situation is different. Instead - the nationalist people, the national car, the national everything want it to be the other way around.

You don't have to go far to see the consequences and glimpse a possible future of this country by year 2020. It is just across the sea, a country whose major export to the world is menial uneducated workers.

By the way, I can also have my peaceful "peaceful multi-racial neighbourhood" and "teh tarik" in many other countries and in the middle of the night, sometimes I don't even have to worry about being robbed, of snatch thief, etc. Some are very near, try down south or down under.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. It is greener because people put effort to it, nurture it and fertilize it. They don't stop because of others are less green.

Today problem is not about race and religion. It is about the decline in morality and the loss of conscience.

Again, I totally agree. The plan Mahathir implementing is flawed since the beginning. Maybe it is meant to be flawed. Intention is only 10%, implementing make things happen.

If the government really want to make the economy work, help the people, care for the people, they can. Transparency and accountability will improve the efficiency. Take a look down south or down under. My question is do they really want?

You are right, assuming that you have working experience in procurement part of the government business. Try take a look at some abandoned projects or, scenic gigantic, unproductive, wasteful undertaking and white elephants. Who want to pocket the money without exerting any effort or broke a sweat?

Many Chinese businessmen said that 10% of many projects went to Mahathir coffers. Yet, instead of upholding good business ethics and practices, these same businessmen continued to "partner" with the "manipulators" - all for the sake of "earn living". By the way, these "earn living" businessmen own mansions and luxury cars.

It is all about the know-who and not the know-how. How many times have we seen businessmen who uphold "good business ethics and practices" (and who are able to quote competitively, I must add) not even making the initial list of companies to be evaluated for certain contracts or projects?

So how can you blame them when they are forced to discard whatever integrity and ethics they had in order to survive? Hence doing what they are doing to "earn living" is more often out of coercion rather than by choice.

Yes, they own mansions and luxury cars, everybody sees, but when they sweat, plead, cried, bleed, seek finance, improve the economy, get goods and services to the consumers, export to overseas, employ people, etc, etc, and nobody see.

But the leader, the government, their cronies, also driving luxury cars, also have great mansions, plus private helicopter and jet to move about, why no mention? Their 10% cut goes into their pocket? Improve the economy? Benefit to people? Help fight corruption my friend, not promote it.

Well, what does the government ever do to curb this? Nothing. For example, you don't have to look far. Look at MAS. I read of exorbitant charges for airline meals. If this is true, who is the one signing off the purchase orders and agreeing to these kind of prices? What happened to the police report made against MAS two years back about misappropriations in the company?

My point is no one is brought to book for any misdoings. When they know that they would not be trailed by the courts or ever brought to justice, these people are willing to "sell" their morals and consciences.

If these people are brought to justice, their successors would think twice about following in the footsteps of their predecessors. But we all know that wouldn't happen in Malaysia. At least not happen in my lifetime.

Yes, it is not about race and religion. It is about transparency, it is about fairness, it is about equality, it is about accountability. Race and religion, most don't have a choice but born into it.

Handout to the old and infirm is commendable. Indiscriminate handout will breed a society of lazy bums, loafers and scroungers. Prudent fiscal policy is required.

I hope Pak Lah will not let the costly and painful lessons of the Mahathir years - which I think our grandchildren will still be paying for in their time - to be repeated.

Excuse, diversion, apologist, it is all parts of the losers attitude. Hope this attitude will not spoil the so-called "paradise" Malaysia in the future.

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comfortable house, fun holidays, nice car……….yes, but at what cost?

Are all of these worth the systematic dismantling of democratic institutions that is the foundation of every developed country in this world?

Many Malaysians equate monuments like the Twin Towers and the Sepang F1 track with developed nation status. But survey the truly develop nations in the world and you will find that each and everyone of them is built on a solid foundation of vibrant, and functioning institutions of democracy - vibrant legislative body, an independent court system, a free press and checked executive.

Measured against these benchmarks, it does not take much imagination to rank Malaysia two shades above a banana republic.

The running of the country is always a one man's show. It was like that for the past 22 years, and it looks like Pah Lak has inherited it all.

The whole government machinery is like an impotent old man when the mind says "yes", the body part can't move at all. Poor old man!

No doubt, his has utilized some of these powers to some economic good for the country, a portion of which you enjoy now, but again, at what cost to your fellow Malaysians, to your children and your children's children?

We have achieved some progress but at what price!

As Petronas accounts are state secrets, we don't really know how much of our children's future have been squandered on dubious deals.

Malaysia now sits at No. 39 of Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index compared to Singapore No. 5 spot. And the difference in the quality of living between the two countries is quite apparent.

The old man studied in English in his time and forgot about the story of "The king and his new clothes" until a small boy said he was naked.

In fact I do admire Mahathir as a very capable leader in that he was able to make all things work to remain in power for 22 years.

However, if he has contributed to the major problems we are now facing, he is also accountable. After all, one even says that if a crime had been committed, being in retirement is not a safe haven.

There is no other country with the Approved Permits (APs) system, and if you open APs today, Proton will die, maybe tomorrow - clearly admitting that the Malaysian carmaker would not survive without continued government protection.

In effect, it is a licence to print money. Typically, APs holders sell use of their permit rights to car distributors for prices from RM10000 to RM50000, depending on the make and the model.

The permit cost, plus the cost of the car and relevant taxes is then passed on to consumers by dealers, in a system that makes Malaysian car prices one of the highest in the region.

The licences were introduced in the mid-1970s to encourage Malaysia economically weak ethnic malay majority to venture into the vehicle-distribution business, at the time dominated by foreign multinationals and ethnic Chinese groups.

Over the years, it has become a big business but one that has enriched a small number of privileged, and well connected malays. It will say that a vast majority is given to bumis and of that, a vast majority is given to the rich and connected bumis.

These people are the chosen one says Obi Wan Kenobi, beset by the force of darkness soon they going to be your lord.

So let it be..........let it be..........

It is about time Pak Lah should stop all the international scenes and stay home to solve the national problems.

No good governance at home, and he is now preaching for good international governance? Why do we vote for people who are so adept at wasting time?

Isn't he pathetic? Promising so many things to the citizens and yet, nothing to be deliver, now he want to "preach" at international level. Pak Lah simply amazing.

Has he changed anything? Has anything changed?

Anyways, what happens at home will too reflect on the outside. So, I hope Pak Lah think carefully for this and make an effort to clean house.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as Malaysia it is a Muslim country, it won't go any further - Muslim malays, worst! They are just as stubborn as the donkeys - narrow minded!

I wasn't a racist person, but after I tried so many times wasting my time typing all sorts of articles regarding the multiracial society and the special rights, all I got is just a pile of negative comments and letters - and calling me a racist person and asking me to go out from the country if I don't like Malaysia.

Think of it - if we don't like Malaysia - why should I spent hours writing the articles and they were all written in malay so they will understand it better, and my English isn't good either.

Well they said go away if you don't like this place and I did. I live in Australia now, and I have a handsome pay as well, and I am a visual artist, and I survive beautifully. Thank God.

Like I said again, it is the mentality of disgruntle as a result of strong sense of "Bumi" and "Tanah Melayu". Just imagine the tax that you pay for the government was channel to systematically help out the malays (i.e. contract, education, housing, social plan, etc) and buyout the non-malay assets.

It is entirely and practically putting the gold on a big plate and knee down and two hands submit to you. The policy has created huge wealth to malays and has controlled more than 50% of economy equity (if taking into the figure of government-linked company).

Unfortunately, the noise of crying for protection still so strong - I guess greed and lazy become habit of you. Eh, you malays don't feel a bit of shame?

Hey, you malay pathetic and all the malays who has the same feeling/thinking like them. You guys don't feel shame being spoon feed by government using the taxpayers money?

I guess all the protection policy make you all even more lazy and narrow minded and stupid. The majority of you folks once step out of the Malaysia soil will sure starve to death.

Let us put it this way, when other races (non-malays) good, disgruntle and jealousy feeling will start boiling in your head, and if there is a little accomplishment achieved in your community……….showing-off start to creep in on your appearance, yet still disgruntled and crying for protection. How pathetic is that man!

Hoy, I think you guys should try some pig meat once a while to make you more intelligent a bit. Look at around the world region, anti-pork meat countries are mostly rippled with starving and war or worst non-stop crying for government policy protection.

Fact is fact when you malays are stupid is always stupid - although it can be help by consistent protection and nourishment policy but the end result will not go far because the quality of gene is there.

Yes, there will be smart malays produced as a result of the several decades of policy but the number of these elite malays can be counted in finger.

1:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously think malays should learn how to stand on their own feet instead of blaming non-malays for their own failure. Without the hardworking non-malays, Malaysia government won't have money to subsidy the hardly work malays.

NEP and institutional discrimination have brought negative effect to malays mindset and competitiveness.

I need to remind you; don't fool by this protectionism. Like APs, government contract, government land, government loan, government subsidy.

Tell me how many poor malays able to access to these goodies or did you get something from the list above! The grass-root malays have being cheated by the rich malays for supporting the NEP.

Only those rich malays have connection for these programs. Malaysia automobile policy has only created four APs kings vs. thousand poor malays. Wake up, your own people have cheated you not the non-malays.

Here is the following list of near bankrupt GLCs:

(They are direct GLCs or indirect GLCs via EPF, Tabung Haji or other government agency.)

(1) Bank Bumi (no longer exist)
(2) Bank Islam (looking for capital injection)
(3) IntraKota
(4) MAS
(5) Park May
(6) Perwaja
(7) Proton
(8) Putra LRT
(9) Renong
(10) Star LRT

It is about the wake up call for the malays. NEP will make malays as good as a 'katak dalam tempurung'.

Whatever you think may not be whatever it is. Non-malays never forbid malays to open their own business. Non-malays never ask malays to be not hardworking. I only hear non-malays complaint malays not work hard enough.

When malays choose not to work hard, please do not stop others to work hard by imposed regulation and rule such as permit or quota to stop someone to excel.

Why can't malays look beyond what is the protection? I never suggest take away all the protection; I know malays did not ready for that. But malays like you so scare to dare not even try for partial of the protection.

If this situation prolong, malays forever will live inside the protective area just like Red Indians live in their conservation.

I live in USA before, I used to work as an IT consultant. My pay was similar to the local white guys. They never treat me as a foreigner. I easily get a place for my MBA with a state scholarship. I never get discriminated even I have different skin color as them.

Yes, the income tax is high - 35%, sales tax is 7%; every time you buy anything you have to pay extra 7% for the goods; but when I call the city police regarding my car key being lock inside my car, they reach the site within 10 minutes. The best thing is the police never ask me for coffee money but some friendly advice for me to carry a spare key in my wallet.

I don't know where did one get the impression that USA is discriminate against foreigners. They know everyone in USA is foreigner. The black getting more scholarship than the white but the black don't like the book instead of drug/gun.

Protectionism will not able to broaden malays horizon. The best defend is reach out. Do not hide inside your protested area. It won't work. Learn how to reach out and proactive. Just like the fish in the river, either you being push down stream by the current or you constantly swim to stay ahead.

1:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just don't ask the professionals to come back and say that Malaysia is home country since we are just - penumpang.

Nice speech there……….Did Singapore pay you for that? Because you are encouraging people to go to Singapore and never look back.

You will see an exodus of people going to Singapore and Singapore will thank Malaysia for being the surrogate mother for 12 years (free education from Standard 1 - Form 6).

Singapore is not a natural country but man-made, a trading post the British has developed into a nodal point in their worldwide maritime empire - they inherited the island without its hinterland, like a heart without a body. Don't get me? Ok.

Managing Singapore is easy? You must be kidding me. Try to read up on the history of Singapore when they first leave Malaysia to go their own way with no signposts to their next destination.

They had to build up an army from scratch, and the British had made no offer to help. They need to prevent massive unemployment when British wanted to pull out. No financial centre at the beginning, messed up the general election, the communist self-destruct was even scary……….

My history probably get the facts wrong, but what I know is that the Singapore we see today - shining, rich and modern was a poor, decrepit, colony once.

The Chinese and Indians have been in Malaysia for more than a hundred years but still some people think they are second class immigrants, not even full fledged citizens.

Let me ask you a question. If you say that the other races are second class, why collect the same amount of taxes from them? Why not has a separate taxing system for the different races? If a race contributes more to the country income, I can understand if the government decides to give that race special rights and privileges.

Otherwise, it is a silly policy that will make us lose out in the global competitive environment. How do you compete with another country, say Singapore, when you have a steady decline of human resources (the educated and technical population) to the other country? Singapore become first world within one generation. Where are we now?

It seems that they are contented by the fact that we are the leader of third world countries. Nothing to be proud of - actually - but that is their mentality……….

To be honest, I rather see Malaysia economic die than see people been unequal because of their race. Most of us here are eligible to vote, so say no to Umno and their BN bullshit. MCA, MIC are Umno's puppet.

Show me a malay who has more than 9 A1s in SPM who was turned away in his application for scholarship, and I will show you 20 non-malays in the same situation.

I wish the pro-malay special rights people could step into a non-malay shoe for one day and taste life in Malaysia.

I will just leave. Sooner or later, they are going to realize the massive brain drain - in fact they already have.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am currently studying in the Australia, I grew up with the slogan "Malaysia Truly Asia" - however, this is not true, it seems more like "Australia Truly Asia" and let me explain why I think so - when I first landed here, I saw a multi-cultural society consisting of people from various ethnic backgrounds.

It doesn't even matter if the person has landed on the moon, you will only be awarded if you can prove that you deserve it. Your well being here depends on who you are (your personality), and what you can contribute!

Unlike Malaysia, where opportunities are given to the malays, regardless of what they are worth of. Shame! As a Malaysia citizen myself, I am ashamed to tell fellow Australia citizens that I am from Malaysia, because they all know that people like malays are given privileges.

The malays have no pride in themselves and that is why they will never ever be able to compete on a level playing field. There is so much discrimination among the other races that there is no sense of pride whatsoever in being a Malaysian.

Your eyes are open now because you are in the Australia. That is the difference between a developed country and a third world dump!

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking about the international competitiveness, in the first place we can't even compete to have our own talents back. It is now an impossible dream to try to get back that international competitiveness unless there is a miracle.

Human resources, the most important and invaluable asset a country would like to have, and yet our government does not seem to give a damn because of the racial prejudice and narrow mindedness.

Each year millions of ringgit are spent by private overseas students who are deprived of opportunities in their own land and upon graduation the host countries could just easily absorb them and forever we are the losers, and our government is impotent to do anything about it. Even the government scholarship holders in terms of many hundreds also refuse to come back.

Today, we can't afford to hire back our good people, instead they are happily employed by our competitors, the host countries and they give their best years to whoever could afford to employ them.

You do not have the good people; as a result, you don't have the top grade of management system, top grade of quality, top grade of R&D and the top grade of products. Certainly you lose out in the global competitiveness in all fields. The 60 thousands unemployable graduates are of the inferior quality otherwise, they could have crossed the blue ocean to seek greener pastures.

This is a vicious cycle, we can't attract good people to our side in the first place because our salary scheme is no longer attractive and our ringgit is weak. And our good people because of attractive pay outside tend to go over the other side.

The top grade people go out and the second grade people stay behind. In the long run, we are getting weaker and weaker, and our competitors are getting better and better. You pay what you get as the saying goes, "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys."

Without good qualified people, how are you going to compete? What we could attract now are only those low-grade Indonesian labours.

It looks like we are following the footsteps of Indonesia and getting closer as years go by, after all one said: "Since we come from the same race and the same blood flows in our veins, it is imperative for us to find common ground to resolve all our differences."

Look at Indonesia's policy for the 1960s against its own ethnic Chinese populace. Typically abang-adik with Indonesia, Malaysia already has a model to follow.

It is time we separate administration and politics. The mentality, that we fought and won elections, so we must enjoy the spoils, must go.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Andin Salleh said...

Malaysia adalah sebuah negara berbilang kaum. Mereka belum wujud sebagai satu bangsa -- bangsa Malaysia.Oleh itu, hanya parti perkauman yang boleh menjaga kepentingan kaum masing-masing.

Parti pelbagai mesti mendapat sokongan daripada semua kaum.Kalau tidak, jadilah parti perkauman seperti DAP dan Gerakan yang pada mulanya ingin jadi parti pelbagai kaum, tapi akhirnya jadi 'parti Cina'.

Keadilan juga akan mengalami nasib yang sama. Dia akan jadi parti Melayu, jika pemimpin yang dominan dari kaum Melayu, ataupun akan mati seperti parti IMP, pimpinan Dato'Onn, jika tidak mendapat sokongan dari semua kaum.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Andin Salleh said...

Sejak Dato' Onn menubuhkan IMP pada tahun 1950-an, kewujudan parti pelbagai kaum di negara ini agaknya masih lagi merupakan satu "percubaan".

Apabila Gerakan ditubuhkan pada tahun 1969, dengan diketuai oleh Prof.Syed Husin Al-Atas, seolah-olah ada harapan sebuah parti pelbagai kaum akan dapat wujud dan berfungi di negara ini. Akan tetapi, Gerakan dengan cepat menjadi parti Cina apabila pemimpin Melayunya meninggalkan parti itu.

Keadilan pula seolah-olah merupakan parti pelbagai kaum, kerana pucuk pimpinannya Melayu, tetapi pada barisan pemimpinnya ada juga tokoh bukan Melayu.Dan ahlinya sekarang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum, walaupun agaknya Melayu yang lebih ramai.

Akan tetapi, bagaimana jika "Ah Chong" dan "Muthusamy" menjadi pemimpin utama, dan tidak ada lagi pemimpin Melayu yang dominan? Adakah orang Melayu akan terus menyokong parti itu? Adakah parti itu akan dapat mengekalkan sifatnya sebagai parti pelbagai kaum?

9:23 PM  
Blogger JaguhKampung said...

Sdr Anuar,

While I do sincerely hope there will be a multi-racial party in Malaysia, my feeling is that it will never happen for another 50 to 100 years.

In my opinion, the BN formula would be the most practical formula for Malaysia. Through time, with growing maturity among the rakyat, BN will evolve into a party by itself.

Unfortunately today, we do not see that. We see how much mistrust each component party have against each other. The ugly face of racism came out again. One party is accusing the other. The BN's concept of power sharing and the BN spirit is gone.

As mentioned by some bloggers, I am also of the opinion Keadilan will slowly evolve into a Malay party.

It will be good if Keadilan, DAP can find a manifesto that is similar to what BN is offering. Let there be another Barisan Alternative that could give BN a challenge.

When there are 2 Barisans with multiracial components, the fight will not be for race anymore. Both sides will have component parties to champion their own community. It will be a fight between the quality of candidates capable of bring development to all Malaysians irregardless of race.

As a Malaysian, my wish is to see at least 2 Barisans capable of running the country. BN has been in power for too long. They have raped the country for too long. The parties inside BN have now become greedy. They are now fighting for more positions.

I think the recent ugly events have led a lot of Malaysians went into deep thoughts. I think a lot of Malaysians are willing to give the alternative a chance. It is time Malaysians be prepared for a change in government.

I am prepared.

I am aware your blog "Arah Kita" is for your community. While I respect the cause you are championing, I hope one day, your "Arah Kita" is for all Malaysians.

Thank You.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anwar - sudahlah - boleh blah.

We dont need you.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very confident that Vietnam will overtake us Malaysia before 2020. Their citizens are having the determination of moving forward and not looking backward.

Do not look down on Vietnam mental strength. Even in chess, they already produced few grandmasters, while we still remain behind with some international master titles only.

What Vietnam did is not comparable to our Oxbridge gang here training racist and mob future leader for the preparation of the 2020.

We should not compare to Vietnam because the standard is too high, we should compare to Afghanistan since we are also in the process of 'Talibanising the nation' and I guess we will reached there before the Afghanistan. Poppy will be our main export in future.

I am not Oxbridge but postgraduate from one of the world's top universities (non Malaysia). I can easily reel off a dozen reasons why Vietnam will overtake us and sooner than you think.

Sleep on Malaysia! I can't imagine any country that foolishly shoots itself in the feet. All the talk about human capital development is humbug - unless if you are thinking of only one race that seems perennially 'behind', decade after decade.

All the Umno politicians for the last 49 years have been perfectly useless not to be able to uplift its own kind.

And all that talk about the BN spirit and solving BN problems closed doors - absolute baloney! Wish I can just pack my bag and leave this swill and hogwash.

Malaysia is happy to be overtaken by any country in the world so long as malays can overtake non-malays in Malaysia. That is the 'Jaguh Kampung' mentality which has guided Malaysia since 1969.

And I glad I am out of this country. I would feel much better when I get citizenship elsewhere. Currently I only have permanent residence. Every single time I see the farce that all these BN idiots come up with I laugh my ass off.

We will work and strive our hardest to contribute to the country that accepts us as we are regardless of our skin color and race. The funny thing is we are treated more like first class citizens in our adopted countries as opposed to being second class citizens in the country we were born in.

Good luck to those who are still stuck in this God-forsaken paradise. Malaysia truly is a beautiful country. Unfortunately it was destroyed by a bunch of nincompoops

Just look at the red tape in Malaysia, the state sponsored segregation laws, the state of the police force, the education system that is exploited by Umno members to, and how can we forget - the crime rate. Can we be proud?

Patriotism does not mean keeping mum while the government destroys the country. If it is not working, change it. People are the government, choose your right one and don't whine after the next election.

I can bear the above if malays are using their true ability, persistence, intelligence, hard work and other proper means to over the non-malays. But in actual fact, you all know. The malays will bring down this country in no time!

Yes, instead of building towers they are building holes in the ground.

I have worked in Vietnam, worked with them, have many I call friends, and I will tell you this - It is not a question of it but when! In fact we don't have to look at Vietnam, Thailand will likely achieve Vision 2020 which we already know we will fail.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading these comments. I just realise how ethnocentric Malaysia is become in the 21st century!

They sit in parliament to make laws, head ministries who they themselves have no confident in, fail to raise it above level and send their own children to overseas because they know, the quality of education in Malaysia is not good.

First, Malaysians……….you have been cheated by BN politicians and second, Malaysians……….the BN leaders sucked you, they use your tax money to finance their children overseas but your children have been neglected…………double fools.

Have commented that malays including intellectuals want non-meritocracy and NEP to stay or implemented. Even malay intellectuals distrust feelings against multiracial parties even though they are against Umno.

They believe that only Umno can protect malay rights. Therefore it is imperative that non-malays vote opposition to change the present system otherwise non-malays will continue to send their children overseas for education because they have no choice, whilst malay politicians and wealthy ones will continue to send their children overseas because the education standard here is low.

How ironic.

MAS case is only the tip of the iceberg. The whole country administration machinery, privatized or not privatized, is governed by a bunch of incompetents.

We can't trust our schools and universities as the BN leaders also send their children overseas to study, as they themselves also can't trust the education system.

In case of sickness, our BN leaders also rush to Singapore or overseas to seek treatments, as they themselves also can't trust our own medical system. The only thing we can hear is the boastfulness everywhere in this Bolehland.

If we correct from our mistakes we are still men. But the trouble is that we keep on repeating mistakes, and instead of correcting, we keep on fining excuses.

Worst still we want to imagine that we are great, sending astronaut to the space using other people's spaceship.

In the end, the money come from the taxpayers again to fund these losses while the political leaders and top management get away with huge pay packages, and to make matters worst, they will just run away with it.

Yes, this is the secret recipe called 'Boleh' - only available in Bolehland!

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is simple, Malaysians (the malays) think with emotions not brains. As long as they don't use brains but emotions, we will never progress!

Look at it, you can't even have a ground to speak on racial issues without people getting emotional and wanting to fight, I guess that probably the best outcome of the NEP!

How stupid can someone to think feeding fish to a man is going to guarantee his future? You mean our past leaders were so stupid not know that only by teaching him how to fish, and allowing him to fish on rough seas by himself, will he be successful in life?

Look at Singapore, not that the government don't care, but the policy is simple, you have to compete with anyone around you, not only fellow Singaporeans but also outsiders!

And that gives you a truly intelligent society!

Look at Malaysia, when a minister condemn a dumb ass company like Proton to buck up, you get thousands of idiots in the floor chanting "Hidup Proton"……….now you tell me, is that emotions, intelligence or stupidity!

Australia, Singapore and UK, the main beneficiaries of our rejected (but bright) students, may have laughed privately about our higher education policies for the last few decades - Why would a country invests 12 years of primary, secondary education in their citizens, only to deprive them for the opportunity of a tertiary education?

The policy of overemphasis of non-science courses at our public universities may have caused the shortage of scientific talent in the country, as well as creating a huge number of unemployable graduates.

No wonder Singapore is very happy with the gain. Thailand too is applauding our policy. Simply it is holding our Malaysia progress to developed status. Hence, Thailand is quietly but surely overtaking us in all fields. They are already in nano-tech.

Malaysia? Umno Youth busy waving the keris frightening the non-malays and would be investors away.

Singapore is friendly to expatriates working there. They treat those experts well. Also they allow them to make decisions. But back here, the experts have to take instructions from half-baked scientists who know almost nothing.

Look at USA. The citizens be they white, brown or black, they are really proud of their country.

A quick glance of their policy will reveal the answer. In Malaysia, for a Chinese or Indian to be promoted to chief clerk is almost an impossible dream.

Blame it on the government and Umno.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racist. Racist. Racist……….(50 times)

Now almost 50 years of independence, we really should review the social contract because it has not served its purpose. Somewhere along the line, it got twisted further and a religious dimension was brought in.

This is because 3rd generation non-malays born and bred on this soil is considered 'pendatang' and second class citizens. Whereas recent Indonesian newcomers and Pakistani husbands to malays enjoy better privileges.

Now this agenda is religiously skewed and that is how the Indonesians and the Pakistanis are enjoying better privileges at the expense of 3rd or 4th generation non-malay Malaysians.

This also probably explains why the Orang Asli still do not fully enjoy the privileges of the social agenda.

The NEP has only served a few. Its original motives were noble because weather you or I agree malays do need a lot of encouragement but not the sort that have been getting as opposed to the ones in Singapore.

In the 1970s in Singapore, O and A levels pass marks for Malays: 28%, Indians: 65%, Chinese: 75%, others: 50%.

This NEP discrimination only made the non-malays smarter and the malays more dumb. Pass mark for Singapore malays in state: 50%.

Singapore allow them to leave Singapore any time they want but they choose to stay because their kids are properly educate, got better opportunities, housing and health care……….And they are truly loyal to Singapore.

I would like to add further to what has mentioned.

(1) Singapore's first president was a malay. The republic has also had two Indian presidents including the present one.

(2) The republic Singapore has had two Indian deputy prime ministers including the current one.

(3) It has had two Indian foreign ministers.

(4) The country's present minister for education is an Indian.

(5) A former police chief (equivalent to Inspector-General of Police) was, yes, you guessed it, an Indian.

Can we ever expect such important government positions in Malaysia to be occupied by those representing the minority communities in Malaysia? I am afraid the minorities here can only dream.

As I said, the racial disharmony in Malaysia is not the cause of Chinese, Indians or Malays.

The fault and blame lies squarely and directly on Umno and Umno Youth leaderships, and their barrel of race-based politics and policies.

Are the malays so impoverished in intellect and ability that they need handouts to survive?

The alternative already exists - the day the malays rely on themselves, not Umno, is the day they write their own destiny.

Protection for the malays means isolation for the malays. As long as they ask for more protection, they will be isolated from the progress of the world.

In the end, they will be hiding in caves like the Taliban. Nowhere to go because of inadequate skills, or skills that are not useful to the society and humankind at large.

Income and employment statistics show the Chinese are still ahead of other races but nowhere near pre-NEP levels.

The aids and opportunities provided under the NEP, if given to non-malays would propel them sky high in half the period.

The hardship makes us better, stronger and wiser. Hence we always try our best for the better of our next generation.

If you malays don't like the non-malays here, then go back to Sumatra, Jawa, or wherever your ancestors came from and give this land back to its rightful master, the Orang Asli!

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top scoring students not getting scholarships? This is not new in Malaysia. It has become a recurrent national news every year after the release of SPM and STPM results.

What is indeed sad is to find less qualified students of Mara getting scholarships to pursue their studies overseas. There are many qualified Malaysians who will eventually end up leaving the country.

Foreign countries like Singapore would treat the minorities of this country better than the nation of Malaysia itself. It is much easier for someone like top student to secure scholarships overseas than locally.

I feel sorry for talented people like that. It is the whole education system that is failing in our country. And I personally don't see it improving even by year 2020. Very unfortunate and sad.

If everyone who is trying to make this country a better place is asked to emigrate elsewhere, then I will have to say that this country is truly doomed.

Pak Lah rhetoric about making Malaysia a fair country to all should be stuffed into the dustbin. He should pull up those parochial malay bureaucrats feasting in our Malaysian civil service a public scolding or a sack, instead giving the citizens the usual political crap about racial fairness.

There is obviously discrimination in the higher education system here, both in selection of entry as well as scholarship. It was institutionalised under the quota system in the past. I can and have lived with that.

I can live with quotas. At least we know where we all stand. But I can't stand hypocrisy. And unfortunately, whenever this issue is brought up, someone invariably asks the aggrieved party to leave the country.

This is not an isolated case. This scenario is one that is repeated year after year after year, where a bright, apparently deserving student is denied a scholarship to further his education, the common factor being their non-malay status.

We talk a lot about brain drain, loss of human resource and all that, but if we were really serious about arresting this, we'd be doing a couple of things. I am a fourth generation Malaysian, and I think I have as much say in the country as you or anyone else. Unfortunately reality isn't like that.

Thus we get people like you. It is people like you that make people like me say - "Fine, if I am not appreciated here, then I will go." Thank you ultra malay and all your kind, for driving away people that are much needed now in Malaysia, especially in the current economic climate.

If there is no opportunity to progress or grow in this country, I think we are given the choice to leave this country.

My brother is a straight 10As student and he did not get a scholarship. We don't care! We just pool some money and send him overseas and he was able to get scholarship in the second year.

Guess what? He is doing very well and he doesn't intend to come back to Malaysia because he is being treated very well overseas. I am sure better than he would possibly be in Malaysia.

Well, I am sure top student can do it as good or better. Go to places where people appreciate you and give you the opportunity to grow!

1:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malays are a race of people who still live under a coconut shell. To us, the world is as big as the shell we live in. We are fortunate because we are princes of the land, our land is fertile, anything can grow on it.

When we want to cook curry, coconuts are there. If we want chicken meat, all the kampung chicken run wild. If we want to eat fish, we can easily catch one or two from the rivers or padi field. What more, we produce petroleum too, the only thing is we have not learned how to extract petrol and diesel from it.

"Malaysia is very advanced, self-sufficient and most knowledge in the world come from Malaysia, so all the information that we need are in Bahasa Melayu. The world better learn Bahasa Melayu in order to access all these wonderful knowledge that we have in Malaysia. Because we are world's biggest economy, other countries who want to trade with us better learn Bahasa Melayu."

We also have a lot of "former world No. 1" exporters - tin, rubber, palm oil, air conditioner, etc. How nice to relive the nostalgic yesteryears every now and then……….

We may never be big again. Never mind. "Malaysia Boleh!" We Malaysia Boleh compare with the Japan, German, America, anybody, just name them!

Funny, isn't it? The country will be 50 years after independence, the government still provide us with tongkat. We love you Malaysia!

This is a laughing stock article.

Think of improving the country from bribe, economic and equal right among races so that the Malaysia real meaning Boleh.

In my view, no matter what is said now and in the future, and whether English does get re-instated to its former position of importance or not, whether our present batch of politicos and up-coming will or will not make the changes to elevate English, this blasted fact will remain - Malaysia has let innumerable opportunities for super-development pass in the last two decades.

The other fact is that these opportunities will never come our way again.

Let those who feel study English is not important continue to study Bahasa Melayu and those who want to continue to study English continue to study English. That way in time to come we can see which group progresses faster and more employable.

There is no need to deprive any group from studying what they want to study. We lost a generation of English speaking citizens through the short sightedness of our leaders.

All these talk are pride and again a result of entitlement mentality. Not having faced real world competition, a disconnect exist between their ideas and knowledge with the real world. All the talk are theoretical and imaginary, not implant-able solutions and results. Coupled with false pride, the result is just that - false.

Because of this shortsighted policy, thousands of graduates are unemployable. We have only to blame our leaders for this state of affairs and is a sad reflection of our leaders capability. Time and history have proven that our leaders lack vision and foresight.

The sad part is that the leaders of this country did not have the vision to place a higher importance to this aspect which had been one of Malaysia's competitive advantage. So we are now lagging behind.

Bolehland is lost! Too many mistakes are made at the great expense of ordinary people and the country - socially, politically and economically.

At the end of his tenure, Mahathir said the only thing I give him credit for, no one is going to wait for the malay race to catch up, the rest of us will move on and the harder it gets the harder we push.

It is very sad to see a promising country in this difficult situation! Those responsible for this terrible mess should come forward and apologise to the ordinary people with concrete plans and solutions to resolve the many critical issues confronting the country - immediate, long and short term plans and solutions.

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the language diversity in our educational system a stumbling block to so-called 'national unity'?

Despite the insistence of this idea by the self-interested ruling elite, it is simply wrong.

And the common use of English did not stop Americans from fighting Britons in the War of Independence. And let us not forget the American Civil War - both sides spoke English.

And to the contrary, we see Europeans of different mother tongues coming together in a democratic manner to forge a united continent in the form of the multilingual European Union with common standards of democracy, governance and human rights.

English-speaking people with different mother tongues are also now living peacefully in five different independent and sovereign countries namely the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Britain and Australia.

It is time for the Malaysian ruling elite and their ideologues to stop spreading the voodoo of that language diversity hampers national unity.

The root cause of national disunity is none other than the existence of race-based political parties like Umno, MIC and MCA, which perpetuate race-based affirmative action policies and which only benefit the upper class BN-members and their sons, daughters and cronies.

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always seen Mahathir as a personification of all that is evil? An overkill description but then if you put down the damage he has done to democracy that you would understand.

He suppressed press freedom, made the entire police force and judges to his pet poodle, emasculated the judiciary, detained his opponents under the ISA, and abhorred free speech.

The country lost billions of ringgit under him. Never forget how he humiliated Anwar. His own Umno ministers feared him and never dared question his views and opinions. Print and electronic media never had one critical word about him.

He was made into a demi-God. He was a virtual dictator.

Now he talks with his second tongue because he is despised by his party. He is actually a nobody that even the Proton management ignores him. He deserves even a more severe ignominious treatment and an exit to hell.

Looks like we are pouring too much adulation on Mahathir for the Twin Towers, MSC, highway, etc. Any prime minister worth his salt would have done them as Malaysia had to progress with the rest of the world. With the money we had in the coffers, it was possible to implement all these programs.

But look at his colossal failures - tangible and non-tangible. He dismantled the rule of laws and all democratic institutions! He lost billions in countless business ventures and megalomaniac dreams.

If he had been a good PM as some claim him to be, then the present PM would have had no difficulty taking over the reins.

Today Pak Lah is running hither and because Mahathir did not lay a strong democratic foundation for its continuation. The transition would have been smooth had Mahathir been a "good" prime minister.

Remember Mahathir was No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 in the old government. There was a vacuum left after him. Thus, Pah Lah's current predicament!

National car: Did you know that we are subsidizing a corporation immature venture overseas? Did you know that Proton cost dirt cheap in London? How is it ever possible that our Malaysia living standard can increase when we are subsidizing Proton, and indirectly, the British?

MSC: A good idea, but lacks implementation. Our International Advisory Panel said so, and surprisingly, what was done and what was the result? They are still saying we lack the manpower and most of the knowledge workers here! Why?

Highway: If we didn't use the money on the white elephants in mega projects, perhaps we will be driving toll-free roads today?

Ketuanan Melayu and Islamization will go hand in hand and surely this cannot be a good ingredient into to take - "the nation to great heights in terms of prosperity and achievement, well respected and a choice destination for immigration, holidays, education and business".

Authoritarian government carries a huge risk if the objectives and goals for the country and its ordinary people are not achieved. Ordinary people will suffer for many generations to come as a result of losses and failures, e.g. Laos, Indonesia, and many African countries.

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ketuanan Melayu is only a slogan to please the ignorant malays. If you are lagging behind in economic achievement, what is ketuanan melayu all about? The malays must be competitive, for them to be competitive, they must be hard working, dedicated and willing to sweat. Bloody malays when they get a govt contract, the next moment will pass or 'sell' the contract to the chinese. Chinese make 20% margin, malays get 4%. Malays could joint venture with them, but you malays must participate and be active,the moment you leave it all to them that is the beginning of a fall. This has been said time and again by UMNo leaders no less, but the greedy malays won't give a monkey's. Never mind about Chinese wanting to emigrate, let them do so, the more the better because this country is having to many of them,they will go anywhere except back to where they belong i.e ChiNA.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mahathir has spend most of Bank Negara money like his own money and built Putrajaya,probably when he died he will be buried there and preserve his corpse for future generation,Thats why the opposition called him Mahafiraun(the Pharoah)The mental healthcare in Malaysia is at its worst kind.when you go to psychiatric ward in HKL ,you will see the indian pariahs attendtant threatening you for money.The last time i visit there one of their leader(Periasamy) will then said he had a private centre in Jalan Ampang(beside Thai embassy,behind Rozel furniture shop)and if you do not agree for your family member to be sent there(he ask for RM700 or 800)they will then direct your family member to Tanjung Rambutan which is full of shit!(and aedes mosquito too!)Thats how the mental healthcare system in Malaysia with those corrupted psychiatrist and those bloody hospital attendants in government hospitals!If you are minorly mental ill,you wont be cured,your condition will be worst when you meet these arseholes(unlike Singapoe they have Institue of Mental Health)here in malaysia you meet these kind of corruptor and if you complaint ,you probably will get some "medication"! or when you fast asleep,these pariahs will come and tied you to the bed and said you are a threat!You can get false witnesses to blckmail your enemy in the psychiatric ward!You can make up story about the patient molesting your daughter,raping your wife etc and they will ask $$$$ dependsa on what youn want to "do" to your enemy!! What a joke!!!

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before HUKM in Bandar Tun Razak ,KL was built the psychiatry student from UKM use to do their training at HKLs ward.They also took part in torturing the mental patient like some sort of interrogating to know the level of their mentality!!!One student told me that he enjoyed torturing these patient as it was his revenge to other races!!!! I wonder did he end up being like the doctor Hannibal in Silence of the lambs!!He told me sometimes it was ordered from the doctor (Dr Chong,Dr Ani etc)Imagine these things in the government hospital,and nobody cares like it never exist!

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we can live with an alliance of different components parties according to race like BN. This model have so far work at least politically. What we need is to improve on this strength.

The Government or ruling party biggest weakness are implementation and enforcement. Good examples are we never short of directions, leaderships, laws and regulations but lack of converting this into practical use. When this is not address, inefficiency kicks-in and follow by bribe. Bribe is like a "lubricant" to make the process looks efficient, which is not in reality. This manifested to many bigger problems that Malaysian faced today.

Annuar wrote on discussion to resolve issue. I fully agree with this. But can the Malay and Muslim do it? We all saw what happened during Inter-faith dialogue? Even the law enforcer have to give way to law-breaker. This is probably the first in the World - yes another First for Malaysia.

I think an open dialogue and commission should be setup to look into conflict between interest of different races. Please, no politicians should be in this commission but only intellectual and thinkers should be in. This commission should have the power from Parlimen and Agong and not Government and could discuss on any issue related to social including races.

No doubt everybody agreed that Anwar had gain from racial politic when he was in office. We saw it many times when a leader in office, they will never dare to say such comment as it will compromise their support. Now is good he brought it up himself. Whether he harbour hope to rule Malaysia again, yes maybe. Well he had almost been there, so it is not surprise to think he want to return again. But well I have long learned never to trust a politician.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaum ww. & Salam Sejahtera.

Saya berharap seluruh rakyat Malaysia menyedari bahawa salah laku yang dilakukan oleh BN berpunca daripada BN terlalu lama memerintah. Selagi penguasa tidak dipersilih-gantikan, selagi itulah penguasa akan melakukan kesewenangan-wenangannya, yang semakin lama akan semakin mencekam rakyat. Kalau tidak bertukar-tukar bukankah monarki namanya, tapi ini monarki politik (BN).

Masalah yang dihadapi oleh kita semua adalah rakyat terlalu penakut, dan yang penakut itu bukan orang bodoh-bodoh. Bagaimana mungkin intelektual di semua menara gading boleh seperti kerbau dicucuk hidung ?, kalau orang yang tahu dengan makna kebenaranpun tidak melakukan apa-apa, apa lagi orang biasa lagilah takuuuuuttttt.

Kenapa tidak seorang Polispun yang berani melawan pada Mahathir ? dalam kes DSAI ?

Kenapa tidak seorang raja/sultan pun berani membantah pada kerajaan BN ?

Di sinilah akar kemenangan BN, rakyat ditakut-takutkan seperti orang tua dahulu menakutkan kanak-kanak dengan hantu, pada hal orang tua itu sendiripun tidak pernah berjumpa hantu.

Bab takut ini yang paling pelik adalah, takut nak ditukarkan kerja je. Sekadar tukar kerjapun takut, bukan mahu masuk jel, bayangkan keberanian apa yang ada pada Anwar Ibrahim jika dibandingkan dengan orang-orang di luar sana.


Putra Perpatih

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sudah tiba masanya rakyat M'sia buka mata dan sedari bahawa UMNO bukan satu-satunya parti yang boleh memerintah. Begitu juga MCA atau MCA. Sama ada sesebuah parti mewakili uni-kaum atau dwi-kaum bukan persoalan utama untuk memilih. Siapa yang memimpin parti tersebut yang menentukan arah negara kita. Kalau pimpinan korup, 90% dapat kat mereka serta kroni dan 10% shj dapat kat rakyat, baik tukar aje kerajaan. Ini negara demokrasi, tapi rakyat takut nak guna kuasa. Di US, kalau parti tak memerintah dgn baik, rakyat tukar kerajaan. Kalau terpaksa pilih antara 2, pilihlah yang lebih baik. Jika UMNO dah jadi no.2 untuk bela rakyat, tukar kepada PAS atau KEADILAN saja. PAS atau KEADILAN pun boleh bentuk kerjasama dgn MCA dan MIC. Tak mustahil bila UMNO kalah, mereka tinggalkan UMNO dan pergi kepada parti lain untuk dapat naungan. This is politic!

Kalau nak kata UMNO membela Melayu jugak, adakah semua ahli UMNO sekarang muslim? Ada yg dah convert kristian. Adakah mereka akan bela kita orang Melayu-muslim dengan penuh dedikasi? Apa yang penting sekarang, ialah rakyat mendapat manfaat terbanyak daripada pemilihan pimpinan dalam pilihanraya. Tak kisahlah sama ada PAS ke, UMNO ke, KEADILAN ke. Asal dapat bela rakyat. Saya lihat di Kelantan aman saja, pembangunan pun ada. BUkanlah teruk sangat seperti yang diwarwarkan. Beri peluang kepada alternatif, kalau tak dapat buat kerja dengan baik, tukar saja lepas 5 tahun. Yang penting kita berani buat keputusan utk masa depan anak cucu kita.

Bekas UMNO.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seharusnya Melayu telah mampu bedikari atau sekurang kurangnya bekerjasama sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Kemerdekaan dikecapi semua rakyat dan haruslah selama 50 tahun semua yang lahir dapat diiktiraf sebagai rakyat Malaysia baharulah kita mempunyai bangsa yang bersatu padu, yang mantap dan yang boleh disegani oleh negara lain.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is this? karangan untuk SPM? umno, pak lah and bn your days are numbered. I ll make sure to ke ick you in the head and stomach whe you fall to the ground. Dosa umno and bn kepada rakyat is too much!! no word can described, don't know where to start. You re the lowest of the lowest scum of the earth.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

naaah.. bn rocks.. others sucks.. lalalla anwar bekas banduan .. yg hanye mahu balas dendam dan tak layak nak memerintah.. ! korg yg tak reti berterima kasih kepada kerajaan.. sekolah buku sume dah bagi free road tax dah turun harge.. tu pun nak kecoh lagi,... kau ingat ade ke org boleh bagi korang minyak free.. pegi lah duk lam hutan cari sendiri.. tol sume nak free? kau ingat tu jalan sape punye? haih.. pk pk lah..

8:29 PM  
Blogger ++HaNaMizY++ said...

rakyat harus sedar..anuar tubuhkan PKR demi keadilan. BN banyak guna duit rakyat. pembangunan tue bergantung kpd kerajaan yg memerintah mada masa itu..kalau parti PAS@PKR misalnya yg memerintah negara, semestinya pembangunan juga yang mereka lakukan...

11:57 PM  
Blogger beupdate said...

Anwar Ibrahim bukan sahaja buta sejarah malah lupa tentang hakikat mengenai dirinya sendiri. Semasa dalam BN khususnya ketika berada dalam UMNO, dialah orang nombor wahid yang membela polisi dan dasar BN. Semua projek besar seperti empangan Bakun semuanya diluluskan oleh Anwar selaku Menteri Kewangan. Ketika kita mengalami kerugian teruk berbillion ringgit kerana tukaran mata wang asing dengan pound sterling, dia juga yang sibuk bercakap dan bertikam lidah dengan ketua pembangkang ketika itu, Lim Kit Siang.

Dia juga yang bersetuju 100% mengenai penggunaan ISA dan seumpamanya. Tetapi sebaik sahaja gagal dengan segala cita-citanya termasuk gagal mengguling Mahathir dan kabinetnya, dia kata semua sistem tak betul. Yang betul diri dia sahaja.

Dia kata dia tinggalkan UMNO kerana terdapat konspirasi. Hakikatnya, Anwarlah yang dipaksa meninggalkan UMNO kerana konspirasi yang dirancangnya. Dia tumbuk meja untuk terus bertahan dalam UMNO. Putar belit betul dia ni.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anuar sekadar balas dendam kesumat.. jadikan rakyat sebagai alat.. tak sedar2 lagi ke... ke wat2 tak sedar..

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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