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Merdeka adalah kata palsu buat bangsa. Itupun bagi yang sedar akan dusta. Bagi mereka yang tidak lena. Merdeka hanya perubahan penjajahan, dari kuasa luar pada gunting yang bersembunyi dalam lipatan. Merdeka adalah pada mereka yang bisa ketawa, punya kuasa untuk terus menipu anak bangsa. Merdeka adalah pada mereka yang lupa akan janji pada negara. Bagi kita merdeka akan hanya ada - bila celek hati dan mata, bila akal dan fikiran terbuka, bila jiwa bebas dan mampu bersuara. Apa ertinya merdeka - pada bangsa hina yang ada. Merdekakah kita? APA KATA ANDA -mengenai kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke 49. Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan - biar apa pun maknanya.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maknanya, Melayu masih belum merdeka. Melayu masih ditakok lama dan saya setuju bahawa merdeka adalah hanya laungan kosong orang yang menindas Melayu khususnya kepimpinan Melayu yang menipu Melayu itu sendiri. Hari ini yang merdeka adalah pemimpin Melayu umno yang hanya tahu menggunakan nama Melayu untuk memunggah kekayaan buat diri mereka sendiri. Merdeka untuk remaja melayu, hari cuti untuk tengok bunga api

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you Singapore on your National Day.

Your leaders have done well for your country, taking it from a backwater state to a leading economic power. You have all reasons to be proud. Sadly in Malaysia, the leaders are still bickering while the country is going down the social and economic drain.

Though some of us will still fly the Malaysia flag voluntarily on our National Day, we find it very difficult to be as proud as you, as we have so much racial disintegration, inequality and discord, which were sown over the years by unprofessionally, poor leadership, corruption and communal politics.

To all Singaporeans a happy National Day holiday. You have to cherished Lee Kuan Yew for bringing Singapore out from the pits of hell in order to enjoy the success you have today. Good on yah!

To all Malaysians, can't wish you yet but a National Day is sure to come, happy or not is up to you to decide!

As for me, I have decided to leave the Malaysia country for the sake of my family. Whether we like it or not, the government over the period of 49 years have created a "think only of myself" society.

Malaysians cannot blame Pak Lah for all those speculative things such as with their respective company. You put him there to temp him. You already knew from the past that this kind of things will happen. But you still chose to vote BN.

Irregardless of whether you vote for the opposition or not, 90% voted for BN in the last election. Why complain now?

That is it. I am fed up. I am leaving the Malaysia country.

Australia has a much bigger diversity but they have all sorts of ethnicity (Singaporean, Scottish, Malaysian, Italian, English, Chinese, etc) but they are still able to govern the country with good leadership. Also, it is a larger country but the same amount of population as Malaysia.

Also note that all leaders of the developed world as they call it have highly qualified leaders to lead them. Not any Tom and Hay that marries the minister's daughter then get a deputy post in a party and move up the political world.

It is always a joy to watch their Singapore National Day celebration.

60 thousand people were fully packed in their national stadium. The security check was world class as the possible terrorism threat was never ruled out.

The patriotism was written all over everybody's face; the parade of the school band, the navy and the air force, the armed forces; the excitement and enthusiasm of the people was fantastic; the creativity of the performers; the beautiful fireworks, the whole Singapore was celebrating with great excitement; that includes people outside the stadium, overseas Singaporeans who flew back from overseas just for the celebration and also the tourists; no need to threaten; display of Singapore own designed riffles, the apache helicopters.

What is wrong with our country? My tears rolled down when I watched the TV program of the celebration of Singapore National Day; happy for Singapore but weep for our country.

Yes, it is sad to see what happened to our promising country.

Singaporeans are successful and confident people. To them it does not matter what race or culture come out first to show their tradition and culture in their National Day.

When politicians and political parties decided to mix politics with business to acquire quick and enormous wealth from their position of power and influence, the country and its ordinary people are victims.

As a multiracial religious country, we are suspicious and not friendly with non-Muslim peoples and countries. We have politicians making unnecessary and bias statements to hurt the country name and image in the world. This is allowed to happen for decades.

Something is very wrong with the government.

Yes, the little red dot down south, our separated twin, can teach us lots on racial harmony, positive patriotism, meritocracy education, globalization entrepreneurship, effective public transport, etc.

Singapore is fortunate. The first generation leaders of Singapore had a clear vision - a Singaporean Singapore - and worked towards it. They laid the foundation and they groomed future leaders of similar or higher vision.

Our nation is now in a mess. It is not a Malaysian Malaysia. Even if we want to change for the better, it is not easy. We are stuck in a quicksand of many negative practices and cultures. How can we improve when we are not empowered to remove ineffective and corrupt people, many of whom are in positions that determine the fate of our nation?

Compare the daily news in our newspapers and those in the newspapers of Singapore. Ours are predominantly on violence crimes, unfair allocations of resources, systems breaking down, racial or ethnic issues, etc - now of course on the ex-PM and current PM.

Singapore leaders took the painful and bold steps of uniting their people after independent. We did not! We have too much pride and arrogance with too little leaderships in responsibility, competency and accountability.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the video of the ruckus in UPM and I am shocked and disgusted with the hooligans being let off with an 'advice' from UPM vice chancellor. At the very least the ring leader doing all the shoving and shouting and the other supporters should be put on record for their violent behaviour and put on notice.

Can you imagine the bravado these people involved will be feeling now, do you ever think they have learned any lesson from this advice, the only thing possibly is next time we will push the envelope even more and see what happens.

The education ministry is lead by loose cannons, firebrands, who twist and bend regulations to suit their whims and fancies. From the minister down, everyone and each should be put on notice that they are not suited for the jobs they are given. In any other country, this kind of wanton irresponsible behaviour would have got them the sack.

Is it any wonder that our universities are not even listed in the 1000 in the world! The education minister is too busy politicking to give some time to his allotted duties in the ministry.

Having said that I would urge political parties to refrain from politicizing the issue further as it would do no good - eventually it would only worsen the polarizing process now driving the races poles apart.

What is happening in the country campuses is a mirror image of what is happening in the community at large. Much as I am disinclined to repeat the oft repeated statement, "We reap what we sow" - it is still very much so in this case.

What do you expect from a university which is not even in the radar screen of the top 300 universities in Asia? When you have an uncivilised vice chancellor who is incapable of disciplining his students, that correctly reflects how badly our university has deteriorated.

The acceptance of fascism among students is a reflection of the Umno acceptance of fascism itself. It is the latest proof to show how easily Umno leaders are willing to exploit their own suppose BN partners for their own personal gains.

The same goes for those Umno Youth in Penang demanding administrative change. All these are about selfish personal gains and got not much to do with issues and it is institutionally accepted.

A civilised person knows his/her rights end, when someone else rights begin. A civilised person does not use threat, intimidation and fear to achieve his/her goals.

This is a case of gross lack of respect and of discipline for the rights of others. One could only blame on the leadership and environment in the university.

The BN government again has failed to protect the public. BN has failed to protect the public university. BN has failed to protect the public in public areas and in the areas of residence. BN has failed to protect the poor. BN has failed to build a quality of life to the public.

BN failed……….BN failed……….BN failed……….And what do we do when someone fails. We don't reward them with another vote.

Thugs, road hooligans and gangsters are now recognized by BN as national assets. Why? Because the BN ministers themselves behave like thugs, road hooligans and gangsters. They even refuse to pay their traffic fines. Malaysia needs a change in government urgently!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to follow the "Today In Parliament" program over the Singapore TV network. The high level of professionalism and intellect in all the ministers are apparent in their line of questioning and quality of their answers.

I have never seen any unbecoming or rude behaviour, including the opposition. It seems like in the Malaysia parliament, it is more like a zoo. It is not even worth it to televise the proceedings as the BN ministers set a very bad example for the public.

They come unprepared, the quality of discussions is mediocre, they are disrespectful, and worse of all "cakap tak serupa bikin".

To all BN ministers, swallow your pride and learn from the opposition members or even the parliamentarians in Singapore how to conduct yourselves. You have been elected by the people to represent them with dignity, and to deliver results for the country betterment. So, wake up as the next election might not be so lucky for you!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a corrupt and racist country and that is the reason we have this malay dilemma.

This malay dilemma exists because of one person, that is, the leader of that race. If the leader is corrupt and racist, we will have all sort of dilemmas - the Barisan dilemma, the Chinese dilemma, the Indian dilemma, the Malay dilemma, the NEP dilemma, the Proton dilemma, the Scenic Bridge dilemma, etc. The list is endless and is dilemmatic……….

Yes, this corrupt racist is dilemmatic but yet was at the helm steering Malaysia into dilemmatic waters, that is why Bolehland is having all sorts of dilemmas in Malaysia, not only the malay dilemma!

The definition of a system is defined as several components linked together so that when an input is applied to the system, the desired output is attained! It is up to individual to choose any one of such systems and applying it to the day to day lifestyle living.

There are efficient systems and inefficient systems. And every system is operated by different components in the systems. If a system is to work efficiently and systematically, each of the components is to function the tasks assigned to that individual component accordingly.

A system can work efficiently with a favorable environment, abundant natural resources and most of all intelligent human resources. The most important component of an efficient system is the human component!

Malaysia can create the best system in the universe but if we have a corrupt and racist operator managing the Malaysia dilemmatic system, what do you expect the outputs of this corrupt and racist dilemmatic system?

Hence the axiom, garbage in and garbage out (GIGO) as illustrated in a computer system.

If the Malaysia quality system is to work efficiently, harmoniously, peacefully and prosperously, all the components got to link together and work diligently and efficiently. Then the Malaysia system will produce quality production!

Now if the malay component is practicing corruption, cronyism, deviant religion, misuse of funds, judiciary, powers, and NEP, nepotism, racial discrimination, and etc etc, can anybody expect such Malaysia system to work efficiently? Can MAS, Perwaja, Proton, the government systems work efficiently?

The mockery of the corrupt and racist Malaysia dilemmatic system is that when an input is fed into this system, there is no output from this corrupt and racist dilemmatic system, it is all devoured by the various corrupt components in the corrupt and racist system!

As long as Malaysia is having this corrupt and racist dilemmatic system, we will have the Bolahland dilemma, the Chinese, Iban, Indian, Jakun, Kadazan, Malay, Sakai etc dilemmas, the Malaysian dilemma, and etc.

We can see the obvious problems to the Malaysia dilemma and the solution to this dilemma is to overhaul the corrupt, inefficient, problematic and racist dilemmatic system and replace it with a clean, effective and efficient quality system.

This implies all components in the system got to work effectively, efficiently and impartially according to nature laws - not the deviant religious laws, fancy laws, jungle laws and whim laws.

And what are nature laws? Nature laws are the efficient application of natural resources for human benefits and needs. Not the prodigal and raping use of natural resources for personal luxuries!

Yes, Malaysia wants qualitative production, not quantitative production!

So, for an efficient, harmonious, peaceful and prosperous Bolehland, Malaysia must adopt the best component, the best operator and the best system.

That is why Malaysia needs a corrupt and racist free, quality system with quality district, parliament, state councils, quality judiciary, quality leaders and quality Malaysians in order to achieve quality production!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You stinking malay pig, please get the fxxx back to your own land in Aceh or Jawa, whatever. Because this is Tanah Orang Asli and malay pig like you are pendatang!

To someone……….time and time again we have said that the malays are from Jawa. I always say that they are from Aceh, Sumatra, etc - do you see anyone of these racists (obviously malays) objecting to that fact?

This is the truth and this they cannot handle. They don't dare say that because it is so true! Even Mahathir admitted recently - The origins of the malays are not Malaysia but Indonesia - Sumatra and island etc.

The real bumis are the natives of Borneo and the Orang Asli. Not these malay free loaders and wasted sperms.

"Son of the soil" incorrect! More appropriate term would be "Rapist of the soil"! Malays are pendatang, they called Chinese and Indians pendatang! Tak malu!

To malays pendatang from Indonesia, you are also enemy to Indonesia, stupid! Apa? Tak faham English? Makan tahi dan berambus balik to Jawa! Setia kepada negara Indonesia! So are you, malay pig!

Aren't you a bloody hypocrite? You are not the Orang Asli of this country - you are an immigrant from Jawa, Sulawesi, all elsewhere - why did you come here to this country then?

Why not help your own country (or should I say your dilapidated kampung in Jawa) and improve the situation then? What……….what did you say? Oh you want a better life is it? I see - so what does that make you? A patriotic fake? Or a hypocrite with no substance?

Compare China and Indonesia - then tell me who is faring better in the international stage. You useless malay pig. At the end of the day - you work for me.

Obviously, you are worse than shit. Not pigs, for pigs - are really smart animals. Tanah Melayu my ass! Orang Asli were here before your ancestors crept onto this land. Learn some history, ok? Of course, you can always change history! Tak malu kah!

You are sick in the brain, thanks to Mahathir!

Chinese got pissed off as not all Chinese are rich, but all work their asses off to make an honest living, while idiots like you think that you are entitled to riches without sweating. What discontent? After all these years all the handouts, you still couldn't get your acts together, and you want to blame others, the Chinese, the Indians? Where is your dignity?

What anger? You get angry at the Olympics because malays can't run faster than the Americans? The Aussies? The Chinese? (Just imagine some of you jokers made it to the Olympics, although none did!)

If you want to run amok, go ahead, join the apes and chimpanzees, your kind have been doing that at UPM, brainless monkeys they are, and so are you, go flock together.

The reason why malays tend to run "amok" is because of close relative breeding. Just like non-high breed dogs - brother have sex with the mother, and father marry their own sister, and the confusion goes on.

The end result is non-high breed dogs - that are difficult to train and tend to even bite their own master. Unlike the Chinese, they are very careful not to have too close relative marrying one another.

That is why you can see how Chinese excel in different part of the world. The Chinese are indeed a world race now, as China progress with such speed which is unknown off in any other race in the world!

Singapore is a fine example of Chinese superiority! Sad news for the malay race but then again it is the truth!

(Malay extremists racists are going to call you pendatang etc, even hang you upside down by your balls, for socking them in the balls where it hurts most, like you did.

But you have been brave in telling them the truth about the dark side of their race which explains why they are so backward. God be with you……….)

Rich and successful Chinese don't owe you a thing. Not so successful Chinese are working honestly to make ends meet. So, you either work, or go get fed in the ass by Mahathir, ok? He won't charge you for the ecstasy and the service you may receive.

You are nothing but scum. You give fellow malays a bad name. You make your parents lose face. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? A good-for-nothing idiot! That is all there is in you.

You are a babi hutan from either the jungle of Jawa or Sumatra. All you Umno malay pig are in fact pendatang to this Tanah Orang Asli. So get the fxxx out of my country!

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem in Malaysia is, we shouldn't have independence from British at very first place. How nice it will be if Queen appoints someone calibre person in Malaysia like Satyanand. God Bless Malaysia!

No need to look so far. Even our neighbour down south has an Indian for a deputy prime minister.

And, don't forget the same southern neighbour is also having an Indian as president. Not for a single term. Now he is on his second term as president. This is called transparency!

The so-called unity in this country is very much superficial. There are only two reasons why it appears this way to the outsider.

(1) Anyone that says anything that the Umno-malay deems racial will be thrown to jail under ISA.

(2) As general, citizens appreciate the harmony and peace in this country. Especially with all the terrorist attacks and wars all over the world.

As for a reason a true "Malaysian" race will not happen, there is only one. As long as the discrimination and separation of "bumis" and "non-bumis" exist. People will be automatically very conscious about their ethnic race.

The logic is simple, the more discrimination, the more conscious about their place in society and the more conscious about protecting the benefit of their ethnic races.

Once this "bumis" and "non-bumis" status is abolished and everyone is equal, citizens will automatically merged into one Malaysian race.

The cause is that Malaysia and Malaysians still prefer to have race-based political parties to rule this country.

Then, what you get are politicians who gain power using race-issues, and politician-wannabes like the upstart son in law playing dangerous claptrap racial politics to be in the limelight.

In a multiracial country like Malaysia, where Malaysians political maturity is just out of infancy, Malaysians become easy suckers and convenient victims of dangerous racial politics, including the manifestation of keris-wielding dramatics in public by minister come from these race-based political parties.

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do someone mean by "It is acceptable for Malaysian Muslims to live alongside people of other religions?"

Who do you think you are? You are the only humans that have the bloody right to live? What is this a Nazi country? Yes talking bad about Jews, hey look at yourselves, you are segregating yourselves with the so-called "non-Muslims".

So it is a small surprise if others think you are Muslims all terrorists and extremists. Look at your statement!

If the Muslims really hate the US so much due to their religion especially! Boycott la, why are you still using "Made In US" products?

If you guys are so religious then why eat drug? Why drink alcohol? Why want to follow the Chinese around?

The malays can't accept themselves as who they are, but want to interrupt the lives of others. They just can't help but want to be us (non-Muslims).

Well, I sure do hope the malays employ their Taliban rules upon themselves if they really wishes too. I mean after all the Muslims are the ones doing the most crime, raping their own daughters, stealing and so on.

As long as they leave the non-Muslims alone, it is fine.

Secondly of course the Muslims find it acceptable to live with the non-Muslims because it is the non-Muslims who are feeding their families.

I can get out of this country. But I will not get out. I can emigrate to Australia, but I will not emigrate to Australia, because Malaysia is my country and a lot of Malaysian Chinese have help to build this country.

Mahathir only build Putrajaya which only benefits 10000 malay government workers. The 98% of the Malaysia population does not benefit from Mahathir project.

Umno-malays only sit down on their ass and collect commission. They didn't build this country. They don't even know how to manage a project, what more build a country.

Umno-malays talent is threatening, shouting, screaming, begging, asking for free lunch. That is their talent.

4:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Singapore is a Singaporean Singapore. Read Lee Kuan Yew book from the third world to first world, then one can realise that the so many issues considered taboo in this country are the creation of the politicians, Umno politicians to be exact.

Obviously Singapore is unlucky to have a small land area which cannot even collect enough rain water for its own use. But modern technology allows Singapore to be independent of Malaysia and even in water supply. With Singapore's success, no country should claim that multi-religious and multicultural citizens are a liability to the nation.

Politicians in Singapore are people who forgo larger earnings to serve the nations public officials. Here in Malaysia, politicians fight with all dirty means including poisoning the mindset of the people to get into positions to make national wealth serve their individual desires.

If Malaysia can be like Singapore, there would not be so many snatch thieves living on crimes. Malaysia cannot be like Singapore; but of course we can always say the grapes are sour.

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reasons are economic and education. If we find the local environments do not suit us and we find there are or have found greener pastures overseas, why should we not go?

This is the age of global economics. Are we Chinese continue to work the old traditional ways to start small business like car repair shops etc, while the game today to global?

Every human being, be it malay or non-malay should have an equal right to reach to the level of his/her ability. Do you see this possible for Chinese without double or triple efforts?

Yes, Malaysia is losing so many talents as a result of NEP and not knowing how much damage had been done. In my own family circles, I have not less than 5 nephews and niece who are top scorers and opt to be overseas working and doing very well.

The gist is that there is no such thing as having the best of everything. When one implement policies that favours one race to the detriment of another, there is always a price to pay.

The price is already showing from top university status to junk university status. Everything from airline to our currencies are heading south.

Any solution? No definitely not.

An entire community cannot be changed overnight and from recent events it will head further south. Meanwhile just watch what will happen after peak "oil".

Remember a lot of Malaysia exports and industries are foreign owned who may pack up anytime to China or India.

Palm oil? Indonesia is overtaking us. What have we left?

Human resources……….what human resources do you have when you churn out degree mills by the thousands of low standards not recognised by the world?

Most people are heading to Australia because many can foresee that in the next 10 years, it will be virtually impossible for a middle income earner to send their children to local university, taking into consideration cost and the infamous "quota".

If you are in Australia, a bus driver can afford to send their children to university like Melbourne/Monash/RMIT without digging deep into their pockets. All because their taxes are well managed channeled towards the right direction.

We are all proud but the Umno government they are not proud to have us (non-malays) around as our attitudes and work ethics put most of the malays in shame.

My attitude toward the country changed since 13 May 1969. We all knew it was Harun and Razak who plotted the racial riots and got away with murdering thousands of Chinese.

All my children and grandchildren are in Australia. Some have Bachelors with honours, Masters, PhDs, and etc.

They are no such blatant discrimination like we are having in Malaysia.

My daughter is a professor, son is a financial planner, son in law is a businessman, grandchildren all doing very well.

If they are still in Malaysia, I am sure they just cannot compete with even fourth grade university graduates of Ketuanan Melayu.

So, they are too tired to fight with all the obstacles that the Umno government placed in their path. If you are brilliant, you do not need the "shit".

If you intend to emigrate, let me know, I can introduce you a couple of brilliant migration agents from Australia.

4:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The path of evolution for UPM malay undergrads towards becoming PAS and Umno Youth members. Malaysia Boleh!

Mob rules Malaysia. Here in this stupid Bolehland you are not entitled to your own opinion. Everything must be from the government even sex. The government will need to know how productive you are in having sex!

Like father, like son, or like Umno Youth, like UPM students.

You can't blame these monkeys, after all they are only following in the footsteps of Umno Youth. Mark my words, no action will be taken against these monkeys. They have been brainwashed to be racists and that they are the superior race by their Hitler, the Umno.

Universities in Malaysia? Yes, to train one to be a hooligan! Yes, to train one to be racist. Yes, to train future Umno Youth! That is the meaning of universities in Malaysia.

Yes, to train one to follow the examples of present Umno leaders - either to be an Umno hooligan racist (as in Umno members of parliament) or to be "useless followers of elegant silence". Either way they are fine examples of the uses of public universities in Malaysia.

Sooner or later, Malaysia will become the Planet of the Apes. I am quite certain that many of these mobs will not be able to get any jobs after their graduation. But don't worry, the government will hire them and eventually they will become the leaders, ministers, who will run this country.

This whole chunk of malays are not monkeys! They are the ill-bred barbarian coming deep from underground tunnel. I really have not seen such heinous behavior of university students in any part of the developing world.

They are putting their own family and race into great shame. And yet, what is the education minister doing? Keeping quiet over this racial attack! Just because they are the malays while the victims are the Chinese. Really feel shame of this country!

The keris waving minister of education from Umno will be very happy when he see the video recording and learn that many UPM malay students have picked up his intimidation tactics.

They have what it takes to be future Umno Youth leaders and members. Bravo Umno Youth - show more examples of how you can apply the law of the jungle in Bolehland.

There are many illogical things in life. The malay fascists folks don't like the Chinese. And yet it is the Chinese who is funding the structure of Ketuanan Melayu. Why?

The majority of tax money comes from the Chinese. If all Chinese move out from Malaysia, our economy will shrink by 80%. This means that we will be 80% poorer and all the free subsidies that malays enjoy will cease to exist. So basically the monkey in the orange shirt did not realise that his scholarship was 80% effectively funded by the Chinese guy parents.

But anyway, malays don't need to worry too long. Looking into the future, seeing how big China has become and our own irrelevance in the world economy. I just feel that one day the Malaysian Chinese will voluntarily move back to China because the country will become much richer than us.

We always laugh at the Indonesian immigrants who brave the sharks to come to our country. We may one day find ourselves in the same position at the shores of China.

I am just concerned that one day it will be our malay children turn who get bullied in the China, just like how we see in today. One of the scariest quality of God is that he is fair. I will continue to wish that God stay fair, so that malays can continue to bully and discriminate our Chinese brothers, with any repercussions in the future.

Watching the video is sad but reading these comments is sadder. What kind of mentality we have and what kind of society we live today? Mahathir, you have failed us miserably, your tear does not suffice, we want your blood. Pak Lah, you better do something fair and quick or resign, so another can rule wisely.

At this rate we are going with so much hatred among us it is not fear of the country going down the drain but the fear of country breaking up. With a population of 23 million, can't we have a capable leader? Sigh……….

Our education system is a failure, this sort of thing should not be happening. Why can't we tolerate? Why create such a problem? Why can't problem being solved in a peaceful debate and talk? Why perform violence?

Ok, I am telling myself to face the reality - I am embarrassed of my own country, people cannot just live together, there are just some culprits who like to create problem, seeing there is a little too peaceful in this country. The racial problem will never be solved, not in the next 30 years, it is hopeless. That is it, end of talk.

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Citizens of Malaysia, be you malays or non-malays, it is time to wake up, the earlier the better, and realize that the mother of all problems in Malaysia is not caused by ordinary citizens but by Umno, who have insatiable greed for money and power, and hence must divide this country by race, and rule.

It is their insatiable greed that is ruining Malaysia, including our education system and universities. The struggle in Malaysia is not between malays or non-malays, but between Umno-malays and the crony.

The current political environment does not properly and fairly engages opposition parties to debate issues of national interest.

In this age of Internet and information technology, it will be great mistake for any government not to change quickly and try to control and manipulate information to influence the people.

It is wise to empower the people with accurate, factual, meaningful and timely information so that they could use it in a globalised and competitive world.

Information has put power and influence in the ordinary people hands, and a successful country is very much depends on the distribution of timely and accurate information to its people - the western countries are good example.

Without the practise of free thinking, speech and actions, we have a huge problem to overcome the shortcoming of our students and employees. Students and eventually employees that don't know how to work around different circumstances and goals will remain just clogs in an economic machinery controlled by someone else.

And of course the government goes on pretending like they don't exist, or they are cavemen from the jungle. So much for bumis policy.

The Internet is but a reflection of real life. Racists exist in Malaysian societal structure, therefore racists will exist in the Malaysian Internet realm as well.

Oddly although, as long as the government of the day practices institutionalised racism through preferential policies, this racism won't go away. The government can't see that, and therefore Malaysia deserves what it gets.

I am a Malaysian. And stop bad-mouthing Chinese, because part of me is Chinese. If malays end up being slaves, it is their own fault. Stupid, typical malays.

First thing to be blamed is the politic which spoilt them so much that they would never learn to stand on their own 2 feet. Politic is about uniting people in a country, not just a certain race and then be racist.

Leave those comments here as reminder why the malays have to work so hard. The younger ones never had to face those sentiments and it is good that they come to grips with it.

As for harmony, there was never real harmony in Malaysia. There was tolerance - thus faked harmony, but not true acceptance which bring about true harmony.

The directions set out in the first place was wrong. We are living the consequences.

Maybe I should. But wait, I do have a life. Do I need to reconsider that? Don't think so. It is my rights anyway to live how I want to, as long as it is ethically and morally right.

This thread is just a place for discussion just like a cafe. But I see anger. I see hatred. I see unsatisfaction. And I want to see changes so that all these don't continue.

Enough said. I am drawing the line here. Focus on the topic at hand, or shut up if you don't have anything better to say but stupid stuff like emotional, blah, angry, etc.

I apologise for the language. I am tolerant of many things, but not incompetence fueled by misplaced bravado.

For those who plan to move away, pray go with all our blessings. Good luck. There is nothing to be sad about for this country does not even value you. Go and give your children a chance to breath true freedom and justice.

Don't ever thought of coming back for, there are not much pleasant things to return to, even if the government invites you back.

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our Malaysia nation is slowly but surely going backwards. It is indeed a sad day for Malaysia.

What can we say about these folks, who are lost in this globalised world and refuse to face up to reality and continue living on goodies……….

Malaysia is slowly turning itself into the dark ages. With the bully tactic and narrow-minded thinking of the government, our country would one day turn into another chaos incident like the May 13.

Pak Lah should be fair and lenient and not always listening to the extremist Umno Youth who is out to destroy the forum for discussion in our multi-religious society.

Frankly after nearly 50 years of independence, we are still not free to discuss our own constitution. This means we just simply sweep the issues under the carpet and let it fester and eventually explode in a bloody revolt.

God asks us not to lie. But it seems that our prime minister is the liar of all time! Which election promises did he full fill so far? None. This is plain lies. He should quit immediately.

Do you think the non-Muslims will support independent in 1957 and Sabah and Sarawak will join Malaysia in 1963 if it is an Islamic state?

Decades of politics of religion had a long term and permanent consequences to the country and people. Many people have lost touch of their Asian cultures and adopted an aggressive culture of the Middle East.

Islamic being our national religion is a fine matter with me. But Malaysia being Islamic state is something I can't put into my head. As there is 50% non-Muslims in Malaysia, how could Malaysia be an Islamic state?

We have to accept that Pak Lah is not in the class of political animal as Mahathir. Though he had the weaknesses, he still has some conscience. Sadly for us, he had not the capability to change the system corrupted by Mahathir.

I wish Pak Lah could be stronger, but then our fate is such that capable people in this land had evil intents. We reject people with evil intents at all costs.

You can't expect too much from our interviewers and reporters. Most of the time they are just overawed by the "great" person they have the privilege to interview.

Further they have already been coached on what questions not to ask and even if they make a mistake, the sub-editor is going to whitewash the interview.

Malaysia with all its repressive laws has not progressed much in the last 20 years although the present authorities appear to have tolerated a slight opening of the gate but that may also be locked again soon.

In Malaysia, talk the walk is given preference. Then how can we expect talk the walk! In fact the ministers do not even know how to talk as well as how to walk.

The prime minister retreat from accountability and transparency is a measure of his declining political capital.

He broke many of his campaign promises and now with the increase demands of the economy and political challenge, must resort to the age-old Umno tactic of pandering to the fringes of his constituencies - the fascist, indulgent, intolerant groups.

The mediocrity of our nation begins with the mediocrity of our leaders and a glass ceiling to all we do.

That is the results of social engineering when politics is the way of life. It is the shortcut to material gains. There is no way Malaysia can ever pull itself up to be a nation of respectable people.

The country will have to self destruct first before it can ever be rebuilt. Colonization is one alternative, unfortunately.

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I am living in Australia now, I do believe there are still hopes for Malaysia. Well at least there are many malays who know how to think now and more open-minded... open-minded is not only refering to accept the homosexual and others culture, but its more likely to listen to other race's voices and also accepting changes, its not about losing ur race's pride or anything, if you believe changes and listen to other peoples, there is a hope. There are too many monkeys among our politicians, who only know how to screams and making fun of other races... I wonder Do we really need these people to lead our country. I am not a citizen yet in australia because i refused to give up my malaysian citizenship. I do wish to go back one day if our country is getting better than the current stage. How can the formal prime minister making fun of the current prime minister openly and become the laughing stock around the world yet we are not able to criticizing our government for them to turn better.. we are worst than the people living in china sometimes.. Freedom is to achieve anything, freedom doesnt mean that our country is sinking to moral terpitude or losing our pride... Umno, no doubt its really a bully, they dont wan people to call them bully, but they like to pretend to the victim for other races.. as if they are graduate from drama school.. if they know how to use their talent in acting, i am sure they can make it to hollywood and become world famous malay stars...

I grew up in a malay community village from the north. When I was young, I can see they received no help from the UMNO, unless when its near to the election, they might get a few tin of free milo and a packet of 5kg rice.. and funny enough.. those people from the village themselves are the padi field farmers...
Some of them do really need help from UMNO to get help like to get a better structure for their nearly-collapse rumah atap. But they never get the helps from them... even they asked for help, I know that all because they were my neighbour, until sometimes my dad donated them a new bed.
Umno fights for malay's right? I dont really think so.. they were just a bunch of... "I wan my things back" people... claiming everything belongs to them and want every special rights yet.... a seat in uni for their UMNO younger members... I think they are more like gangster, If you wan something good, become the member of UMNO, the big brother will get the things u wan for you. If you dont, well too bad, u will sleep under the rumah atap and no one will help you. Unless the election is near.. u get some freebies.

Some malays from rural areas do need help. UMNO, where are you when they need you? We only can see umno where they wanna claim something or making noises when other races wanna built something for the people or the country.. and they wanna be part of the big project too..

our country is sooo independent.. selamat hari merdeka, umno ;)

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Orang seperti Anuar ini langsung tidak patriotik terhadap perjuangan Umno. Merdeka adalah perjuangan orang - orang Melayu khususnya Umno untuk membebaskan diri dari penjajahan British. Ini bukan isu perkauman sungguhpun kita harus sedar bahawa Melayu adalah orang - orang yang bangkit dengan serius menuntut kemerdekaan sedangkan yang lain hanya menunggu untuk mengaut erti merdeka.

Kita harus berterima kasih kepada Umno dan orang seperti Anuar ini harus dipecat dan dicampak kelaut dengan kenyataan beliau khususnya menghina kepimpinan Melayu yang selama ini berusaha bersungguh - sungguh membantu Melayu. Hanya orang Melayu sahaja yang tidak tahu bersyukur kepada Umno. Jangan pecah belah kerana Cina menunggu bila kita berpecah. Hanya Umno sahaja yang mampu menyelamatkan kita bangsa Melayu. percayalah

11:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

assalamuaikum & selamat sejahtera,

sudah masuk tahun ke-49 merdeka tapi masih lagi banyak rakyat menjadi musuh dalam selimut! ternyata ape yang dicakap oleh nenek saya benar. bangsa cina tak boleh dipercayai!

to non malay especially the chinese if some of you don`t like this country, go away! berambus!

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the country already free from penjajahan british, 49 years ago, and they wont want malaysia anymore at any reason and any stage , now and the future. What are u still fighting for, why are u still worry about british will come back and claim the land again in the future? get urself ready and move on for god sake! its 2006, are u still living in 1945? wake up call for u guys, stuborn heads.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do think anuar is the real malay and he is independent and listen to other people. at least he doesnt behave like a taliban and not listen to other people's comments and opinions.

He has his own voice. and he has his brain to think and filter things.

You reckon Umno should fire Anuar because he speaks his words.
See.. whats the different with taliban , big bully and communist country? You say our country in independent? think you it urself. And hopefully you can have ur own brain that works as well, not only take what ur leaders say and believe everything is true.

A leader is also merely human being only that they have more responsibility and doesnt mean that they can rule the country perfectly.

No one will stop you to fight for the Malays of course, but are u fight for the right things? You cant even help the poorest people from the rural areas for them to get the basic needs, dont talk about big future, big tower, big uni and big building. Get your foundation strong before u build some heavy things on the top.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now if you followed speech about a new agenda to help bumis. So this is the way to create towering malays - just give them more handouts.

All talk was about helping, read enriching the malays. No one had the balls to talk about the Malaysian agenda. If this is what our future leaders spew, then I shed tears for my beloved country.

Much of so-called leakages of bumis allocation has not gone to other bumis but merely lost. Look at the ringgit depreciation, the loss of Proton, the debt of Perwaja, the bank write-offs etc, and you get an idea where they have gone. The non-bumis benefit is marginal compared to the larger loses.

Just look at how many of the Menteri Besar and chief ministers reap profit from their position for personal gain, compared to few did not do it. They must be using the same pretext of some noble cause like NEP. But at the end the one benefiting is their closet cronies.

What left to Malaysians is the exorbitant car prices, high toll rate, no viable alternative public transport in cities, ever increasing water tariff, etc. Who is suffering at the end? Isn't it the "rakyat" at large and bumis forming the largest portion?

Have they not considered why previous implementations failed? In fact one needs not look far to find the answers - CORRUPPTION and ABUSE OF POWER leading to nepotism and cronyism.

A simple solution is to implement an independent judiciary, answerable to parliament and freedom of the press as a starter.

Instead, Umno is asking for more privileges. Who are the main beneficiaries? So long as Malaysia's resources are plentiful, the non-bumis as scapegoats, the use of religious fear factor works on the people, Umno will continue to call the shot.

Unfortunately there is not enough resources to satisfy the greed of Umno, the people will remain poorer while the rich get richer.

For non-bumis, their ultimate aim is going abroad. Those left behind, well, the left over will join the poor including the bumis in Malaysia. Thus denying Malaysia the skill and wealth of the emigrating Malaysians.

Don't forget the call for more help, enriching the malays are actually for Umno, selected few and cronies! Not all the malays!

Do read them carefully and not counting it as every malay or Malaysian! Because of this nature of speech don't count it as "for all malays" and a case for you to bombast the innocent malays!

With all the multi-billions and hundreds of millions of ringgit contracts going to the Umno bumis and crony companies, with all the Approved Permits (APs) going to the bumis (almost), with all the banking licences going to the bumis (almost), with all the big government-linked companies (GLCs) coming under the control of the bumis, with all the government jobs (almost) going to the bumis, with all the petrol stations, transport licenses going to the bumis, etc.

Perhaps one reason that Umno Youth perceived that the bumis are not faring too well in the economic field is that the wealth that is now in their hands is not well shared out, and is concentrated in the hands of a small number of elite and crony bumis.

If you look at the number of government contracts going out to bumis is really discriminating against the non-malays.

Until now, I have not heard of one malay who has the courage to admit that about 90% of the government projects and assistance, that went to help the malays has gone to waste - huge wastage and squandering.

It is the reason why they are not being respected by other races.

That is their huge weakness. No matter how much monetary assistance you give to the malays, somehow or rather it doesn't improve their character and attitude towards work. It doesn't improve their knowledge on any business they are in.

Their business ethic is the lowest among Malaysians. Their wealth will never improve. Later down the road, they will be spending most of their money if not all on material gain rather than on building values, skills and knowledge.

That is why, 90% of the student scholarships, or 90% of the government projects goes to them, has gone to waste. They didn't take the opportunity to enhance their skills, knowledge, but merely for material gain.

They have no confidence in themselves after so many years of independence. No faith and no confidence in themselves to do their best and compete in the world. None at all!

Because most of the time, they spend their time and money on politics and material gain. I would say malays place more importance on the form rather than on the substance.

Look at the amount of protocol they have to follow in their daily life. Most of it is not practical at all.

In short, we are stuck in medieval concept of balance of conflicting interest rather than those about moving forward to be become one.

So long as we are stuck in such medieval thinking, so long as we will be paralyzed by our insecurities and fear, and honestly substandard as a low class country.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't imagine what goes through the minds of faceless Malaysians when Badawi declares prosperity and justice for Malaysians small and great every 31 August.

We have laws criminalizing hardworking family physicians while un-taxable illegal immigrants live off the fat of the land without fear of being apprehended and deported.

There are families too poor to take a bus ride from the hospital back to their kampung and politicians who throw tantrums in public because they were only offered "some useless cars" from the customs department.

The cops arrest couples for holding hands in public and crackdown on sincere, dissenting voices but "close one eye" when BN warlords contemptuously ignore their traffic summonses and fan and religious and racial sentiments in mainstream media.

The BN government spends millions to "retrain" unemployed university graduates after spending years brainwashing them with the nebulous Umno agenda and thereafter expects them to perform in the real world.

Our teachers, lecturers and healthcare workers are understaffed and underpaid, overworked but we somehow have RM600 million annually to organize the great Malaysia summer camp a.k.a. National Service.

Our special schools for special children are miserably pathetic yet the ruling feudal masters feel that a RM490 million sports academy is of greater urgency.

Our local citizens wait for months for an ultrasound scan while Project M citizens have no qualms paying for a RM20000 angiogram.

Even as the monkeys in Umno, brandish their keris and sound the battle cry annually, snatch thieves wield their daggers and rob the lives of innocent Malaysians on a daily basis.

As Malaysians of all creeds and colors daily face the threat of violent crime, HIV, drug abuse, diabetes, choking haze and a disproportional rise in living costs, it seems that the only issue that Umno is concerned with, is a non-existent Sino threat to its obsession with fake Ketuanan Melayu.

It is should be compulsory reading for all politicians, national, local and state - in fact for all Malaysians as well - on the cavernous divide between the wretched and the fortunate in the Malaysia country.

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least Khairy has something in common - selective memory. As far as I remember, when Umno deregistered, MCA was there to help.

Even for Mahathir, he acknowledged and was grateful with MCA on the spirit of BN, which is harmony and tolerance. As for Khairy, what have you done for Umno besides burning flags and opening stinking mouth?

I pity this Khairy. But I pity the Umno Youth leadership more. Khairy and the Umno Youth leadership are really a pitiful and sad lot and they do need our sympathy and understanding.

Of course we all know that they are totally useless human beings who have been thrust onto the leadership role to drag and pull a whole lot more of totally useless and good for nothing human beings.

Bereft of any ideas of how they can improve their lot, they see their common cause only when they can see enemies or perceived enemies. In last years Umno Youth assembly we had their leader Hisham wielding his keris. They all cheered seemingly knowing and understanding who their common enemy was.

Don't Umno Youth leaders have any agenda that can stand on its own without it having to depend on the existence of bogeymen and demons supplied by perceived enemies? Or is this testimony that the malays would rather sit on their backsides and not move until and unless they see an enemy trespassing their territory?

Weak Umno bad for Umno-malays. Less chance to become super-rich in super-short time.

Umno-malays will instill more third class mentality such as Ketuanan Melayu among malays. Fooled malays will make Umno-malays super-rich. What is left for the fooled malays is - third class mentality.

All these suckers want is to get rich until the end of the world and they will do anything to get what they want. They don't care about anything anymore. It is sad to see the human race reduced to such garbage and best of all, it is been honed to a fine art in Malaysia. No wonder some people just emigrate away.

Ever wonder why, Umno leaders chanting Ketuanan Melayu, non-malays are threatening their rights! MCA, MIC and the rest chanting to their community, we will fight for our rights. If they are all fighting each other, why is there a BN?

In actual fact, all of them at the top are good friends. At the bottom, they are stroking up distrust and fear among the communities - at the top, grand discussions and plans are going on how to enrich each other and what is each other's share.

When the common fools found something fishy, they will just stroke the racial storm and everyone will forget the fishy smell. In the end, semuanya ok. Business as usual.

Weak Umno bad for BN? As I always said, life is getting miserable by the days for the kampung people. Everywhere the average people are quietly suffering. What good is it to them a strong BN?

We don't need a strong BN. We need a caring government, no matter who they are.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysia has gone to the dogs. Not a day goes by without some report in the national dailies on the occurrence of armed robberies, bloody gang fights, child abuse, cold-blooded murders, gang rapes, road rage and snatch thefts.

And I don't think the government of Badawi is doing enough to tackle this social malaise. But to be fair to the prime minister, he had inherited these social ills from his predecessor, and one just cannot expect him to stamp out the problem in a matter of two or three years.

Back to the dogs. Some time ago, a young woman's body was found in a box. Some time ago, a young woman was walking back from work at night when she was shoved into a car and taken to a bungalow where she was allegedly gang-raped by some Africans.

Sound familiar? Remember the girl who was raped and then killed by the bus driver after a terror bus ride? There are countless others whose names I can't recall, but the graphic images of the violence perpetrated against these victims remain. And of course, the case last occasion of the young woman who raped and killed while out jogging.

Well, it is more than just fate. Fate is just an explanation for those events that led one to being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But what caused the brutal murder?

The two decades under Dr Mahathir saw rapid economic development. Spanking new highways were built, crisscrossing the country, the world's tallest buildings were built; new factories mushroomed overnight; illegal immigrants arrived in hordes; foreign direct investments flowed into the country, while the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange was turned into a virtual casino. Those were wonderful and heady times indeed.

When the stock market crashed in 1997, we cried foul; we blamed Soros for our financial sorrows. Did we blame ourselves? Of course not.

Who cares about values or ethics when you can make money at the expense of others? You want better roads? "No problem, we will give you better roads. Just pay your toll."

But at what cost? It was two decades of social havoc. Money or material wealth became (still is) the new God. Corruption, greed and ugly money and race politics set in. Social and religious values became subordinated to the new God.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly, the NEP is severely outdated. Even during youth many were against it, mainly of course non-malays. Almost 40 years after, even the malays are discontented with it. It is outdated. The theory is severely flawed.

The NEP is the reason why Malaysia cannot reach its full potential with regards to GDP and will always keep falling behind its more successful neighbour, Singapore.

Our Malaysia country is sinking……….what a shame.

I was lying down having a deep reflection last night. The last time I was in Singapore was in the year 1996. As I compare Malaysia with them today, we are not even at their level in terms of progress. Singapore's 1996 status is still better than Malaysia's 2006. We are some 10 years behind our neighbour.

With this prime minister leading us, we will even fall further behind. I think he will resign after 1 term. He should be giving talks which to me inspirational talk is the most appropriate.

As a pro-reformist of Malaysia today, I believe Pak Lah as the 21st century prime minister should break new grounds and demolish old synaptic connections with regards to the way we run our country.

The Ninth Malaysian Plan will be based on the NEP. Hence, from what I've seen so far there is no change and promise executed in the 21st century. What makes us think that there will be any in year 2020! After all, the 'old' stalwarts will still be running the country i.e. Najib, Hisham.

They may succeed in fooling the kampung folks, for the time being, clearly not forever.

Still I agree that some credit must go to the man. But the media is still not free, although there seems to be a kind of preference not to do anything to change the natural course of events - but more out of a loss of what to do than anything resembling policies.

The laws that give rise to government control of the media are still securely in place. The draconian law that allows detention without trial is still very much in place.

Human rights abuse by the immigration, police and the special branch is still rife - and it is not going to go away just because there are several royal commissions set up to 'whitewash' the handling of such issues by the government. And one can go down the laundry list - like forever.

The country's courts are still very much a laughing stock of the whole world - dispensing justice to suit the needs of the ruling government. The fact that of late there seems to be a 'renegade' appeal judge of sorts who chooses to be vocal about extra-judicial issues, does not mean there will be more judges like him.

Still his trail blazing ways provide some glimmer of hope that others may follow in his footsteps - although I am quite sure that his early retirement is being discussed as we speak.

The country's parliament and the legislative process are a joke - and an embarrassment. Need I go on?

We need a leader to lead us out of this mess! I am sorry for not being able to see the leader in the man. What we do not need is an apologist for the excesses of previous administration. So far he is unable or unwilling or both to take on the heavyweights within his rank for corrupt practices.

I do not have confidence that meaningful change will come and, if does come, the ability for such 'change' to sustain itself in the long run is seriously in doubt.

We need to achieve political maturity, like that in USA, Germany, France, Britain and other countries. We also need a totally free press to inform the people, to check and balance, as a watchdog to the government. Sadly, it is not the case in Malaysia yet.

I call upon the directionless, heartless, hopeless, intelligent-less, listless, mindless and soulless prime minister to just quit - and spare Malaysians further agony of having to read more about his management by inspiration - now replaced by sclerotic mismanagement.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It pains me further to know that as advanced or intellectually superior we claim to be, we are still unable to see past skin color or beliefs.

Let me ask you a question, if your mother treats your brother much better than you, give him a car, education and house and you "zero" - how will you feel?

You malay pig are so lazy to even talk, what can you do? If you don't like us arguing, you can go back to jungle in Indonesia!

Malays being strong? Even with all these racist quotas to help the malays, the malays are still weak, so don't talk rubbish here! If we take away the tongkat, don't you think you will fall? Strong? Strong people don't need tongkat in the first place!

If the Chinese were to leave Malaysia as when they leave Vietnam, Malaysia will be just like Vietnam - one of the poorest countries in the world!

Malays are sharp? Copy food and marriage festival from Indian, copy language from English. What are your original things that you guys invented? I think even the sarong is borrowed from the Indians!

I know one thing you malay pig didn't borrow from people - laziness and stupidity!

I forgot, you are a Muslim but I thought Quran ask people not to lie. So do you think you will go to heaven or hell by your religion standards?

If Malaysia was built by malays, the British won't bring in Chinese and Indians to develop the economy. Malays are well known for being lazy and stupid, that is the reason why the British brought in foreign labours, were you sleeping when Mahathir pointed out this fact?

Does a strong man need a tongkat to walk? Only those paralyzed malay pig like you need tongkat.

What is wrong with Mahathir saying a person who needs a tongkat is weak, because that is the truth. Other people can run but the malays cannot even walk without a tongkat!

Then why don't we use your logic: Give the special rights to non-malays, and malays have no special rights. By then, you will complain and should you go back to Indonesia?

Why do Indonesians come to Malaysia to work when they are so strong? Because they like to be parasites and feed on the Chinese's income tax! Use your brain, which has not been used because you are so lazy.

The reason why Malaysia suffered a currency plunge is because the government was giving out a lot of loans to people who cannot pay back (the malays) and they were helping a lot of government cronies based on race.

Why didn't the Singapore suffer a similar fate? Because they are efficient. In Malaysia, it is all about malays subsidies and saving malays asses.

If the Chinese didn't save the economy in 1997, the currency would have plunge even lower and the economy suffer even more! This is all because of the weakness of the racist policies.

Isn't it stupid to see these racial bashings, and to think that we consider ourselves a successful multi-racial country?

If you do not want Malaysians and even foreigners to criticize Malaysia due to their racist policies, please remove them. That is the biggest obstacle to unity and not because we have Chinese or Tamil schools!

I am trying to tell everyone this country is belong to every Malaysian - a country which left majority Chinese will develop like China and a country only left malays will become like Indonesia - there is nothing special about this country anymore.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with you.

I feel so sad that our MCA and Gerakan - all blind..........act like idiots, they even go to blame professional non-malays for leaving our country. Sad to say they just want to serve their own private interests. They are the worshippers, followers of the great greedy.

They shamelessly lie, mislead and deceive on all issues, we find the traces of work of these running dogs. They twisting the principle of social fairness, justice and equality, distorted facts, for just to win a bone throw by their master.

The people acted like beasts, had already traded their soul with the devil.

My daughter scored straight As in her STPM exam in 2003, but she was only offered a place to pursue an ordinary science course in University Malaya instead of her choice pharmacy course. Other students (malay pig) with 2B 2C result had the opportunities to enter pharmacy course.

Eventually, my daughter decided to apply Singapore University, she was not only accepted to study a course of her choice, but was also offered a scholarship. Where is the justice?

Now I am thinking to emigrate to Australia for good.

Like many others say: losers will stay, go out winner.

I sympathize with you on your some bad experiences in foreign countries. I can relate 10 similar bad experiences in Malaysia, and I can also relate 10 good experiences in foreign countries. So it is not the few bad experiences that should determine your and your offspring's future.

You feel comfortable in Malaysia because that is your comfort zone, so you prefer not to leave. In a foreign country you don't know their custom as well so you might have behaved inappropriately that caused some bad vibes. Understandable.

All the same, a frog in a well can only describe the world as big as a well. I am not saying you are a frog, just a Chinese saying.

From my overseas experience, I can say that Australia is very nice, very high class, very beautiful country! Indonesia otherwise is making troubles, terrorists, robbers, pirates, they are a "negative group inferior people".

Never go to this inferior country travel, your life will be safe, don't forget terrorist attack in Bali Island. Never employ this inferior people working in your house, they can murder your family and took away your money. Never employ this inferior people working in your factory, they can damage your machines.

I suggest we must employ India, Thailand, Vietnam labours. Thank for cooperate.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Membaca tulisan Anuar dan komen - komen dari bloggers ini nampak jelas ada satu tujuan jahat yang dicipta oleh Anuar. Beliau menghentam kepimpinan Melayu dalam Umno dan membiarkan bangsa lain mengutuk Umno. Saya berpendapat orang seperti anuar ini mempunyai niat jahat terhadap Umno. Saya minta Umno bukan sahaja pecat anuar malah mencampakkan beliau dalam penjara.

Mereka yg ada dalam blog ini tertipu dengan psy war yang dimainkan oleh anuar. Tindakan segera dipercepatkan untuk membuang anuar dari Umno kalau betul dia ahli Umno kerana kalau tidak Umno akan dipersalahkan.

Bagi Cina yang telah berhijrah, lupakan saja soal Malaysia. Cukup dan jangan ganggu lagi keharmonian Malaysia.

Tidak ada satu negara luar lain yang memberi ruang kepada banga asing untuk menjadi pucuk pemimpin negara. Dalam jemaah menteri dan timbalan menteri berapa banyak Cina, Cina pegang menteri pengangkutan, Cina pegang menteri sumber manusia, Cina pegang menteri telekomunikasi, Cina pegang menteri kesihatan, cina pegang menteri perumahan dan kerajaan tempatan dan kalau timbalan menteri banyak lagi jawatan yang diberikan pada Cina. Adakah negara yg kononnya disanjung seperti Australia memberi kuasa pada kamu.

Sebenarnya rakyat berbangsa Cina harus sedar, orang - orang Cina yang memimpin kamu sendiri yang yakin dengan Umno. Umno adalah parti yang banyak bertoleransi dan kepimpinan Umno telah berusaha utk membangunkan negara. Hanya minoriti org Cina seperti bloggers ini yang buta dan anuar ini yang tak nampak terus menbantai kepimpinan Umno.

Sekali lagi anuar patut tutup blog ini dan kalau tidak Umno akan mengambil tindakan sewajarnya.

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Untuk anda yang baru memberi komen sebelum saya,

In Fact they do have a chinese Lord Mayor in Australia, Do you realised that? The world most livable city, Melbourne, the Lord Mayor in Melbourne is John So, He was born in hongkong, and he migrated to australia when he was a teenager, and he cant speak good english yet he became of the lord mayor based on his ability and love towards the country, and he was the chairman of Commonwealth Games 2006, do you still remember what is Commonwealth Games? And Australia Cheers for him when they mention his name in the Stadium, and there are Artists composed a song called "John So, My Bro" for him too, well... you keep saying Your Umno is goddess treat other races good , and other country, they dun give a shit... What menteri pengangkutan what menteri kesihatan.. in malaysia, I dont give a shit because all i see is our country is getting worst, you know that! And would you mind open your eyes and stop using ur Taliban method of asking someone to quit Umno If they have a free speech here, you such a big bully. IF YOU NEVER DID WHAT WE SAID HERE, WHY DO YOU AFFRAID OF IT. PROVE TO US YOU ARE INNOCENT, NOT BY SHUTTING THIS WEBSITE . We are human you cant shut us just like that, you thought we are the cows in the farm? put us in the kandang? you are too naive man, you are just simply dumb. no wonder malaysia still a piece of bolehland but its empty!

For us who already in overseas, you know what! because of us.. u guys heading to o. Even when u want to migrate you need to reach certain education level and certain standard before other country accept you. And of course.. You got to prove your ability to compete with other people in other country... you hear that.. COMPETE WITH OTHER PEOPLE, they dont say.. COMPETE WITH OTHER RACES....

UMNO... blah... continue ya UMNO, I dont like it, I wont stop you. And if you dont like we here talk about it, then dont read.

Its barely about basic human rights, freedom of speech! think about it.. its time to use ya brain to filter things and think .

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

inilah org yg tidak tahu berterima kasih kepada umno. Cina sama macam pendatang asing spt indo dan bangla. no moral and social obligation. all they know is how to make money regardless of anything.

hey, it is only a mayor where he the opportunity given is up to the miniterial level.

u people dont care as long as u make money, selling vcd, prostitution - then cabut reside in australia or else where. dato nenek moyang ko rang pun lari dari china bila china berdepan dgn masalah. tak de semangat kenegaraan.

bagi yg sudah berabus dari malaysia diam aje la..sebok nak cite pasal malaysia.

jangan memekak kerana spesis cina memang tidak ada moral, keje simpan pompuan simpanan dan menipu. ingat sejarah la wei, korang itu hamba abdi british, datang merempet dan tidak di undang.

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apakah nilai sesabuah negara yang merdeka? Apakah nilai persefahaman antara kaum kalau pendatang tidak setia pada tempat dan kedudukan yang diberi?

Kita bagaimana mahu dimanipulasi sejarah harus ingat - kemerdekaan cina dtg dari melayu.

2:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tanyalah diri sendiri anda, Kenapa bangsa lain di Thailand cinta kepada negaranya, Kenapalah Orang singapore bangga dengan negerinya, Kenapa Orang Cina di Australia sayang kepada Tanah air nya... Kenapa bangsa bangsa lain di Malaysia berfikir begitu terhadap tanah airnya sendiri.

Kutukan dari bangsa lain , tak kira cina, india atau lain lain, tidak semestinya hanya mentertawakan leader awak, dan awak kena ambil kutukan dan kritikan sebagai comment atau rujukan until anda mencapai result yang lebih baik lagi. Jikalau tak suka comment tu, biar lah.. kenapa berpekik pekik macam ayam kampung.

And as I said. Why some of you Malays like to call Us Pendatang. Mind you I am the 3rd generation in Malaysia, are we still alien? I was born in Malaysia, I study the same education i eat the same food and i watch the same tv channel like u do you know?

and mind you , if you keep saying we are pendatang... ur cucu cicit in the future will be the same like u will call other races pendatang.. in which... this country wont achieve th vision 2020..

OK if you want me to shut up, fine shut my fucking mouth that u hate! well.. good luck then, continue to stay in ur bolehland which u think everything is possible... and you are the Tuan of the bolehland .. enjoy ur happy life and pay ur high price petrol and continue to shop in the foreign owned hypermarket like Jusco or Carefourre... in which basically Malaysia owns nothing...

I enjoy my life so much here in Australia, at least,,.. there are equal opportunity.. and I travel overseas every year because i have spare cash.. and to be a bloody cheap designer here we simply earn more than what u have in ur 10 years salary , what do you have, bloody malaysian?

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do I have ???? less one Cina in my country who is now in Aussie dreaming that Aussie is his country to pledge loyalty.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to San:Hei you maybe san saytan or what ever if you are leaving this country that is very good for malaysia at least has one more less trouble maker.The malays are well very happy for people like san to leave the voluntarily.

One more good advice from me is that you better organize a group exodus of chinese to flock little tiny no space singapore for better living if you find malaysia is a bad place.Common go far beyond yonder to seek greener pasteur- a land of no return.

once you are in Canada or California or in Australia open a chinese chapter there to demand the setting up of chinese schools,chinese university,chinese hospitals,chinese news papers and what ever more chinese instituitions if you dare.I challenge you chinese to do so in these white country like what you have been doing here in malaysia.

My answer to that is big IMPOSSIBLE.


12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"jangan memekak kerana spesis cina memang tidak ada moral, keje simpan pompuan simpanan dan menipu. ingat sejarah la wei, korang itu hamba abdi british, datang merempet dan tidak di undang."

spesis melayu memang bodoh, malas, berfikiran mudah, mudah berdengki dan berdendam, suka mengutuk org lain tanpa pikir tentang kelemahan dan kesalahan diri, asyik mimpi kat kekayaan tanpa bekerja, berpendidikan rendah dan miskin, jadi peragut handbag, dan sbgnya.

Read your history up dude. Why is it the majority of Malays are so freakin' poor while other races succeed in life despite all sorts of adversities? Why is it the Malays in history are those poor and uneducated farmers trapped in villages without access to modern technologies while other races thrive themselves into the global arena? Why is it out of the top 20 richest men in Malaysia, less than 20% are Malays, despite their overwhelming population + free walking sticks from the government? Why is it over 80% of unemployed graduates are Malays? Why is it the Malays form the lowest level of the social hierarchy here in Malaysia? Why is it most Malay graduates can't even speak a proper sentence in English while other races can speak their mother tongue + Malay + English fluently and can alternate between each language freely? Why is it Malaysia is still in Third World while Singapore squeezes herself into the first World in less than 30 years?

Talking about "keje simpan pompuan simpanan", Malays aren't better either. Yes, despite they are astonishingly poor, despite they have no stable income, despite they still have to pay off bills and debts, my gosh, the men... can still take up to 3 or 4 wives! What do you call this then? Tak mampu membiayai keluarga tapi tak mampu juga mengawal keghairahan seks! One woman and 3 children (despite the pathetic conditions) are still not enuff, they want more! They want 4 women + 20 children! And who is to pay for their daily expenses? The husband alone? Nope... He can't even take care of his daily needs himself! But who? The oh so glorious UMNO! Yes... the walking stick is ready to service you young lustful men! Call ye when you need it! It will come to your rescue!

Making such stupid generalisations and assumptions only make you, your government and your whole ethnic race look even more worse. Malaysian harmony? Please!!! What do you expect from other races when you, the host ethnic of the country, is spilling out such horrendous words to other races which they have their fair share of tears, joy and history in developing this country into what she is today. Do you think one hand can make a sound? You'll always need two, or more to clap and make a huge clapping sound! Malays alone will not make this country successful. You'll always need all communities (disregarding races) to co-operate and develop this nation for a brighter future.

1:48 AM  

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