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Political talks and propaganda

M.Damha says "The simple fact is: Malays do not want to see themselves to be like the Red Indians in the US, the Maoris in New Zealand, the Aborigines in Australia, and the Palestinians in Palestine, to quote just a few examples" Artikel ini saya bawa untuk perbincangan selanjutnya dalam blog arahkita. Ini adalah untuk memudahkan kita bertukar - tukar pandangan memandangkan ini adalah satu isu yang perlu kita tangani sebaik mungkin.

Berikut adalah artikel penuh tulisan M.Damha dari www.prowaris.org untuk sama - sama kita perbincangkan

Formmail.to: umnoreform
From_Email: mdamha
From_Name: mansal
Subjek: Request for Proposal
Segera: Yes
Pesanan: Dear Editor,

It is no surprise that DAP supports PAP. This has been known all along by everybody. The racial ethnocentric ness of DAP is similar to that of PAP, however much they want to hide it. The acid test of whether DAP will be "Malaysian" in their effort to redress Malaysian political scenario (that appears to be "unjust" to them), is when they are at the helm of the government.

I shudder to think if this should happened. (By then it would and could be "too late" to change, as it could be seen in PAP ruled Singapore with their so-called liberal-democratic - but autocratic - rule that also "marginalising" the minorities).

But, then, which country and nation do not do that? Otherwise, what the DAP says are all "political talks and propaganda." Because they know full well PAP Singapore is "no better" than what the DAP claims happening in Malaysia.

The crux of the matter of Malaysian politics is: Malaysia is a Malay land - a Persekutuan "Tanah Melayu" - (even, and as, recognised by the British when they agreed to the incorporation of Article 153 in the Constitution) before Merdeka, under the Federation of Malaya Agreement 1948.

The simple fact is: Malays do not want to see themselves to be like the Red Indians in the US, the Maoris in New Zealand, the Aborigines in Australia, and the Palestinians in Palestine, to quote just a few examples. What's happening in Palestine is not caused by religion, but because of the "land-grabbing" of birth right of the Palestinian land by the West.

Which country will give up their land to others? Except for Malaysia and Brunei who generously give their lands to others. By nature, Malays being Muslims, do not believe in taking other people's land, nor like to be involved in international conflicts, unless forced to. (Read the article on Pope Benedict XIV remarks that caused international uproar recently in the latest umno-reform-com to understand Malay and Islamic cultures to widen one's world view)

Malays do not want to be like ducks that died in the pond, and chickens that died in the box. Malays have a long history governing their own country. The sultans are the proof that Malaysia is Malays' who came all over the Nusantara. The British brought other races for their vested economic interests. What better ways to ensure that these interests were preserved and protected?

Of course, flood Malaya with other races; "divide and rule" them. Malays realised this when negotiating for Merdeka and the constitution. Said the Colonial Masters: "Give other races citizenship in exchange for political and special privileges for the Malays, to ensure 'harmonious living' in the country." That was the essence of the social contract, which the present generation is tied to. There will never be "harmonious living" as long as there is no equal "harmony" in economic wellbeing of the Malays.

Despite almost 50 years of independence and the NEP the matter is still NOT redressed. Why? Because the "systems" do not provide the possibility of this happening. The capitalistic Aristotelian political systems breed opportunist, exploiters, manipulators, cheats, corruptors, etc. to thrive. The systems favors the materialisticcaly - inclined. Honesty and hard work of the rural folks, for instance, are seldom rewarded. These people are as much "marginalised" as the claims of the non-Malays.

Further, Malays are constrained by their religion, Islam. They have to abide by the halal-haram, dosa-pahala injunctions strictly. These do not generally and necessarily apply to non-Malays. Materialism is the main part of their cultures. Humanity and humanism are secondary. Life is meant for today. Let the devil takes care of tomorrow.

Malays are as hardworking and intelligent as any human beings given the opportunity and support, (without interference from others, (by pretext or design) on a level playing field. After all they are as human as any one else. This has been proven since after merdeka. But the non-Malays, besides being hardworking and intelligent, too, are already favored and bestowed with opportunities and support by the colonial masters.

Richard Winsted said: "Let Malay children be better farmers and fisherman than their fathers, Chinese, the compradors, and Indians, estate and railways workers." Thus this divide and rule policy had its impact on the development of the Malays as a whole. Majority of them lagged behind wealth-wise. How to do we expect them to compete when the playing field was deliberately made not leveled by the colonial masters? This never happened when Malays ruled the country prior to 1511.

Malacca was a thriving city and a famous centre for international trade and commerce. So was Kedah, Langkasuka, Johor-Rhiau, etc. Malacca had its own Malay government, ministers, ruled by a Sultan. It was so known that China sent a Chinese princess, Hang Li Poh, to marry the Sultan, with famous Admiral Chen Ho as envoy.

This proved that Malays could run their own country successfully as any other; and they are as intelligent and as hardworking as any others. The presence of a large number of successful Malays in all fields today, after Malaysia gained its independence and provided with government support, too, proved the point. To say Malays are lazy, not hardworking, etc. is but a colonial myths and propaganda to psychologically degrade them, consistent with the colonialists' divide and rule policy.

To be a real Malaysian one must know his history what made him to be what he is today. All of us are a product of a baggage of history that is beyond our control. No matter where one goes, nobody can have all the "cakes and eat them." This is a fact of life that one has to put up with. Life is destined and what we made up of it. This does not mean that we do not share the "frustrations" felt by people whose fate has been cast by the Providence that created us all.

Still everyone has a choice...... Merdeka was won "on the platter" they said. But, the fact remained, those who vehemently fought for it were the Malays. According to Percivil, the non-Malays did not contribute much to fight for Malayan independence. It is understandable. They would prefer the British to rule Malaya as long as they possibly could, as this would be to their interests and advantage. In fact in 1911, they even felt that they should have a "separate" Singapore to promote their business interests and activities.

Now, they got it and are asking for more and saying Indonesia and Malaysia "marginalised" them. Do you think the Nusantarians have forgotten what happened to them and how they were treated by the colonial regimes? mansal


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Percivil? A British colonialist who is afraid that chinese communist take over this country because they got the capability to do so at that time.In Fiji,former British colony there is no such thing of bumiputras policy,why?
Because there are no communist threat there although non-bumiputras make up half of the population there!Their leader is a non-bumiputra!Malays should admit that they marginalised the chinese here and not by asking Lee Kuan Yew to apologise about something which is a real fact!Hiding behind thr truth is for coward! Let Lee Kuan Yew condemn this at United Nations like Mahathir condemning apartheid !The time has come to bring this matter in the UN assembly or is LKY the former malaysian is just farting for the day?Malaysia is almost 50 years old yet the malaysia government still lied that malays are still poor and getting into local U is not based on good results but by your skin colour!Sabah and Sarawak should not join Malaysia in the first place,they were forced by british colonialist to join,because of communist threat but Brunei was spared! See the double standard here?

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Persekutuan Tanah melayu is long over. We are now living in Malaysia. Is that hard for u Malays to accept the fact that we are too the people Malaysia.

We strived and work hard for Malaysia but all u people can say is ketuanan melayu. Look ... this is what we felt. We agreed with LKY and we do believed that us Chinese are being marginalised.

It is the stupid Umno. The Malay race just succumb to the lies of their leaders.

It is time now for the Chinese and other races to delete out Barisan Nasional.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DAP supports justice for all Malaysian as in Singapore, no law of racist nature will be supported. Every citizen must be protected by unbias law, justly laws should be drawn up so no citizen can blame the government or others when all the proper freedom and justice had been serve to them to improve themselves. When all this is in place its only the effort and wisdom of individuals to improve themselves to achieve whatever they want in their life.

Malays should fight for justly laws and policy as this is what will protect them and others irregardless who is governing. No country will give away land, neither does Malaysia or Brunei had ever given away free land. “Land-grabbing” is the term use when huge lands are consfiscated by means of war or force, neither this had ever been perpetrated by the other races in Malaysia or Brunei.

The British had allowed other races into Malaysia for its own intrest, neither did they ever favour any race. The “social contract” had been agree by all during that time so to ensure “harmonious living”, unfortunately since 1969 riot this “social contract” had been abuse to include highly racist policy ever since then. We can see this abuse in car importing, education, business and purchasing of luxury properties. The list had been added and growing year by year.

It is a challenge in capitalistic system to punish opportunist, exploiters, manipulators, cheats, corruptors and etc. With the NEP the negative effect of this had been magnified as laws had been use to legitimise opportunist, exploiters, manipulators, cheats, corruptors.

It is true that Malays are as hardworking and intelligent as any human beings. Their success should not be tainted by discriminatory policy. No matter where one goes, it is a fact that they hope justice and equality will always be around to protect them. Today they're not asking for anything more then justice, equality and fairness.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The simple fact is: Malays do not want to see themselves to be like the Red Indians in the US, the Maoris in New Zealand, the Aborigines in Australia, and the Palestinians in Palestine, to quote just a few examples"
Would like to say, neither does non-Malay in Malaysia want to be viewed as intruder who came with guns and swords to conquer and overtook Malaysia few generations ago. Our forefathers came with bare hand too. If Malays are fear to be victimised, non-Malays are more fear to be demonised. Malaysia is our only home country, where else can we call home if not here??

1:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NEP was created after racial riot in 1969 to marginalise the chinese.That is a fact.It is some sort of apartheid or should i call it bumiputratheid policy.Let's go to the UN and had a debate there!

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Blogger Anuar Mohd Nor said...

I've decided to post this email received from En Mansal - Anuar Mohd Nor

Assalamualaikum Sdr Anuar,

Bersama-sama ini disertakan satu ulasan yang menarik berkaitan dengan kenyataan Menteri Mentor Singapura, LKY, terhadap Malaysia dan Indonesia bersabit dengan kedudukan kaum China di kedua-dua negara jiran mereka itu untuk makluman dan perhatian Sdr.

Terima kasih.



(Forwarded Message)

From: "Mohd Fauzreen" gruzeagle@yahoo.com
Reply-To: prowaris@yahoogroups.com
To: prowaris@yahoogroups.com

Are the Chinese discriminated in Malaysia?

Date: Tue 09/26/06 03:49 PM

Are the Chinese discriminated against in Malaysia? Looks like what is good for the goose is not good for the gender. This is in so far as Singapore's long standing veteran leader and Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew is concerned.

In a forum in Singapore in conjunction with the World Bank/IMF meeting there last Friday, he condescendingly accused Indonesia and Malaysia of marginalising the Chinese. To him both Indonesia and Malaysia are
discriminating against the Chinese.

It looks as if he doesn't know his facts (which is odd considering the
worldwide accolade attributed to his legendary intellect) or if he
does then he had purposely feigned ignorance. More of this later at
least in so far as Malaysia is concerned.

It is also odd that the Minister Mentor deem it fit to derogatorily
comment on a sensitive domestic issue of Malaysia. Singapore do not
brook any nonsense over anything they deem to be interfering in their domestic affairs. But what is no go for others is OK for them? Isn't Lee's comments not interfering in our domestic affairs? Is it now open season for the Singapore leaders to pass negative remarks/judgements about its neighbours?

But woe betide a foreigner if he so much as hint negatively on a
sensitive domestic issue of the island republic. The Singapore
leadership is legendary in not allowing such things and will not rest until they can clean out anyone brave enough to make such remarks on its domestic issues through its courts.

A number of foreign newspapers and periodicals that have crossed such
lines had the unpleasant task of meeting head-on with Lee and company resulting in them meekly becoming compliant to the dictates of the island state apart from suffering monetary losses.

But what exactly did the Minster Mentor said? The Singapore Straits
Times Interactive quoted him thus: "My neighbours both have problems with their Chinese. They are successful, they're hard working and therefore they are systematically marginalised, even in education. And they want Singapore, to put it simply, to be like their Chinese, compliant." So said the great champion of the Nanyang Chinese.

In response to a question, Lee said it was important for Singapore to have a government that was 'really firm, stout-hearted, subtle and resolute', noting that the attitude of Malaysia and Indonesia towards
the Republic was shaped by the way they treated their own ethnic
Chinese minorities, according to Straits Times Interactive.

What does it mean when he said the Chinese here are being systematically marginalised? Don't the Chinese have a share in
governing the country? Isn't there power sharing among the Malay, Chinese and Indian political parties? Do the Malaysian government though dominated by the majority Malays curtailed the Chinese from carrying out their various endeavours? Do they not have a share of the economic cake, in fact the major share?

Lee attributed the Chinese success to their being hard working and
diligent. But this is only half the story. It is not as if they are
not given any chance at all in getting government largesse. Most of the Chinese enterprises big and small continue to get government jobs and tenders? Even when a Malay/Bumiputera enterprise obtained government tenders, the Chinese businesses is still not left out. They continue to benefit from the Malay contractors and will still have a share the job in some instances even the majority share. But can the Malay contractor expect the same treatment from a Chinese enterprise/business? How many Malay contractors have won tenders from Chinese owned enterprises/conglomerates?

In any case a company 51 percent owned by the Malays, meaning 49 percent is owned by the non Malays, is still deemed a Bumiputera company. So even if it gets a government job the Chinese still have a very substantial share. But can the same be said of a Chinese company? Invariably it would be 100 percent owned by the Chinese.

It is the Malays who often times get only the crumbs. Of course in
some instances it is the Malays themselves who are to be blamed if and when they are only interested in becoming rent seekers.

Thus the country's economy is still in the hands of the Chinese. For a Malay contractor who gets a tender to build a building, he will need various supplies and materials. Invariably these can only be obtained from a Chinese distributor or wholesaler. Even when they do the work themselves, they still need to get supplies from the Chinese merchants who continue to monopolise the wholesale and distribution businesses.

And often times he is the one who gets discriminated against. A
Chinese contractor is said to be able to purchase his supplies at a
discounted rate which a Malay contractor do not enjoy. The Chinese contractor is also given longer credit terms sometimes up to six months whilst his Malay counterpart not only have to settle cash on delivery terms without the discount. And even if he can get credit it will be at a much shorter period of credit.

There are other cases of discrimination. Even in employment for example when for no valid reason a profiency in Mandarin is required even for a job as a salesgirl in a retail outlet at a shoping complex patronised by the Malays.

Yet the Malays continued to get the brickbats that the Chinese are
discriminated against and the latest from the Nanyang Chinese champion himself.

One good criteria to measure whether the Chinese are discriminated against or not is the differentials in their per capita earnings.
Latest figures supplied by the government say for every ringgit the Malay earns, the Chinese earns RM1.64. But no matter that this figure is disputed because prior to this the ratio had always show a widening gap from 1:1.6 some five or six years ago to 1:1.7 then 1:1.8 and even 1:2.04 a couple of years back. But suddenly the latest seem to show this ratio had improved to 1:1.64.

Even at this ratio, the target set by the government to get income
parity between the Malays and Chinese by 2020 seems a tall order.
Whether this is attainable is to be seen but what is certain it is a
very difficult goal to reach.

In so far as Indonesia is concerned, suffice it to say that despite the Chinese accounting for only 5 percent of the population, they control nearly 90 percent of the Indonesia economy. If this is
discrimination then I am sure the Pribumi Indonesian want to have that discrimination.

One thing that can be concluded from his statement, Lee Kuan Yew still has that fortress mentality – not surprisingly with all the Israeli advisors at his disposal.

So the island republic feels constricted by the larger neighbours which encircles it. Such inferiority complex has rendered the republic to its present stance pouring billions of dollars yearly into modern and sophisticated weaponry and war hardware and software including
chemical and biological weapons capability thanks to the US and
Israeli assistance. But this is a subject for another commentary.

1:37 AM  
Blogger Maggi Mee said...

I don't think the Malaysian Chineses like the Singaporeans at all. To us, they are arrogant, kiasu and looked down on fellow Chineses in Msia, Indonesia, Thailand etc. Sad to say, even my own relatives in Spore always talked bad about Msia when they are here but they always like it here bcos things are cheap. However, the turn of events over the last 2 years of this new PM has changed our views significantly. We see it that Badawi is encouraging racism and allowing kurang ajarism to creep in. Events like Khairy with his racist remarks and Umno Penang with its stupid banners on Koh Tsu Koon woke the Chineses up that MCA and Gerakan are not men enough. Thats why I feel Badawi is a worst off PM than Mahatir as he is seemed to encourage more racial disharmony among the races. I may be wrong but that is the message being sent across the whole nation by him. So, why should my business expand, pay taxes or even hire Malays? I might as well invest the money elsewhere. And it is alarming that many are doing so. The Umno Malays can say pack your bags and go but once the exodus begins, there is no turning back and these same Umno people will be looking at their next generation as maids, drivers, prostitues in other countries as this country will just dry up.

1:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, Please read the article "Don't say it is impossible to make peace" in umno-reform.com of Sept 15, to understand how a Malay as a Muslim think.

This will enable one to have an overview of the whole political, social and cultural perspectives of the topic under discussion.

Brunei gave parts of their vast land to the British that include Sarawak, Sabah and Southern Phillipines.

Singapore was part of the Johor-Rhiu Sultanate, then after 1963 became part of Malaysia. Because the Tungku didn't want to have "two Prime Ministers" in Malaysia, he "generously" gave up Singapore to the present Government. He did this wihout even consulting his cabinet colleagues (perhaps one or two), in contrast with when Singapore joined Malaysia on a Referendum.

Malaysia, or Tungku could have retained Singapore if he had wanted to.

Palestine that was "taken away" by the West to give it to the Israelists (to appease the West of their conscience and wrong doing to the Israelists with their hollocusts during World War II)are now a defaco land of the Jews.

The Palestenians are now driven away from their mother land.

The undeclared "third world war" in the Middleseast is NOT a religious war, or a war of terrorism, but a war to reclaim what is rightfully belong to the Paleastinean - their land.

Everybody knows how this fact was "twisted."

Now, can anyone see why people will protect their land with their lives - even if the land was taken away from them, or "given" to them?

What happened when the only land the Malays have in this part of the world is directly or indirectly subjected to a similar situation?

What happened, if similar situation happened to other people in other parts of the world elsewhere?

Malays have no other land than Tanah Melayu (the Malay Land) that they now have (with their Sultans still living as owners of their respective States land) yet these lands are now shared as equally as possible with others (not out of their own wish or doing.

Despite their willingness to share their lands with others, yet others still feel that they must have equal rights to the land and all the wealth therein onto themselves, thereby depriving the land owners of their birth right?

Be fairlah to the Malays as you would Malays be fair to you.

Malays want to live as much you want to live.

Malays are prepared to share his house, or his rooms. But, it does not mean that they will alow you to take the rooms and the whole house as well.

Lets face it. Malays want to be economically strong as you would want yourself to be.

Malays are prepared to share with everyone, politically as fairly as possible - even giving seats to a majority Malay areas.

Would non-Malays take and train Malays in their organisations without imposing something beyond their ability, like must know Mandrin thing?

Would non-Malays really take Malays and put them in a position where he deserved in the top hieracy of their organisations - not just to serve as "puppet" or wallpapers:

The fact no self-rsepct Malays would like to hold to cruthes, if they could. But, as long as the playing field, especially the economic field, is NOT levelled and effectively redressed (this requires sincere efforts and sacrfcies by eveyone), there will never ever be "harmonious living" that we hoped to achieve.

This is the crux of the whole scenario of Malay thinking that Malaysians must know.

Malays are not materialistic by nature. They are gentle people and are always everwilling to share with whatever they have and with whomsoever.

By nature and culture, they are always willing to give - not to take - as it is the nature of those who are materialistically inclined.

Please do not take them for granted. They fought for independence not to be dependent. But past situations put them in a palce that no one would like themselves to be in.

This situation need to be seriously redressed with patient and understanding.

However, we are faced with the evil society of today who relies too much on the "imported" isms and systems from the West that ispurposely designed to grab things belonging to others.

This develistic systems must be reformed first, if harmanonious living is to become a reality.

Yes, do not say it is impossible to make peace. Peace will come when everybody looks deep into his conscience honestly and sincerely.

Do not be mislead by the devils who have coloniliased and poison our minds, without we realising it.

In fact, we are all the "vitctims" of the Western agenda. Read whet Cheves said in his latest book, now available in the market to know more.

We must resolved to be good Malaysians with Malaysian spirit of give and take and tolerance.

We must oppose those who are selfish and cared for a small minority rather than the society at large.

But, for certain, nobody could be just and satisfies everybody.

The concept of justice, just like many other such words, itslef is not only subjective, abstract, obsecure, and vagued, but is also heavily loaded word which could mean both "right" and "wrong," depending on who says or dispense it.

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Timg, why are you so slefish always thing of your self first? Do you others have no feelings, too?

The way yuo think is just like those who are drwn to materialistic thinking.

However, as I see it, the disharmoneus thinking that we see in this coloum I feel has its root in one's culture. They problem is actually cultural bound.

So, why not we see the commonness in us rather the differences that we have to better understand each other?

Let's harmoniise our commonness and have a try to set our future for the betterment of all, shall we?

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear prime minister, I can assure you 99% of Malaysian Chinese agreed with Lee Kuan Yew since he said what has been a fact to them.

The Chinese BN leaders (so called) are just the Umno yes man, and do not represent the Chinese community most of the time, or almost all the time!

If you allow Lee Kuan Yew to stand election here, you will find that he get all the Malaysian Chinese votes and not you!

Somehow the Umno ministers like to find ways and means to waste their time on such comments yet they do to others without feeling they are wrong at all.

I have noticed a lot of time are wasted talking nonsense all these 30 years or more - which I suspect they do not know how to manage the country until they consult their experts - always at the background mostly foreigners.

I am a Malaysian Chinese living in Singapore for the past 10 years. Life has been great even as a PR. I have never once felt like a second class citizen despite being a PR.

Singapore is a meritocracy society. Everybody has a fair go in life. When I was living in Malaysia, everyday I was reminded that I am second class either through the press or on your everyday work dealings. To put it crudely, it feels like shit!

Why are we Chinese treated like this? My grandfather fought with the malays side by side during World War II defending the nation and now I am constantly reminded that I am second class. When is this NEP going to end? (Of course, we all know the answer is never.)

The last thing I want to do is go back to Malaysia. In the long term, I will change my citizenship to being a Singaporean. I don't want my children to grow up in Malaysia being told that they are second class citizens.

Let us all take the advice of the malays (offer on Umno) and leave Malaysia. Trust me, you won't regret the decision. By the way, Singapore is going for a PR drive. Please check their immigration website for details.

On the Singapore malays. They are not marginalised. They have equal opportunities and also a share of the country's wealth. Whereas in Malaysia, the NEP only benefits a few malays and the majority are left stranded.

On a fine note, do you know who face is on all Singapore dollar notes? A malay, Yusof Bin the first president of Singapore. This will never happen in Malaysia! I can guarantee this. The current president is an Indian. To all who is reading this note, ask yourself if what I am saying is true!

So, stop bashing Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew is calling a spade a spade.

I have lived through the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. I can assure you now that the NEP is winding up instead of winding down. I am glad to be out of Malaysia (no offence to anybody).

By the way Badawi, the MCA and Gerakan running dogs are never the representatives of the Chinese in Malaysia, they are just there to lick yours and Umno balls. The Chinese in Malaysia have already disowned them. If the Chinese could, they would dragged their sorry arses to the firing range, and shoot them dead for betrayals!

Just to add: How many times Malaysia politician has openly stated "Malays in Singapore are marginalized"?

The fact is this: When Malaysia politicians saying the Singapore malays are marginalise, they are just not telling the true but playing politic. But when Lee Kuan Yew saying Malaysian Chinese is marginalised, he is telling the true and nothing but a true statement!

Unfortunately in Malaysia, you need to apologise for making a true statement, especially when it touches on Umno politician!

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

· Canada is a multi racial country like Malaysia.
· Canada is a relatively young country like Malaysia.
· Canada is a very progressive country.
· Canada is one of the G7 countries.
· Canada is one of the highest per capital income in the world now.
· Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world now.
· Canada allows both French and English as its official languages.
· Canada builds many 100% government subsidized French primary and secondary schools and French medium universities.
· Canada has very liberal policy in education and languages.
· Ratio of English speaking citizens vs. French speaking citizens is almost similar to malays and Chinese in Malaysia.

What is Malaysia now? Discrimination, discrimination and more discrimination!

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We made a decision to emigrate to Australia 15 years ago deserting my high fly corporate position with our three children.

If history could turn back, we would still do the same.

It is a joke when our three children are fully qualified in their respective professions, then our Malaysia leaders only realize that "Actually English is very important in this era of globalization, let us go back to English again in our primary school for science and mathematics subjects."

It is fortunate that we had our own thinking and were able to jump out from this "black box" of trial and error type of management in practically every aspect of the government administration machinery. As a result, our children do not waste their precious years.

Our children enjoy the experience of equal opportunity not only in education but also in employment. That has a very strong impact in character development because then they believe in themselves, i.e. their own ability and equal opportunity available for personal development to the fullest extent.

And they could fight for their own rights too simply because the environment encourages them to do so, i.e. freedom to think, and freedom to express. They enjoy their work in their respective professions and they have both close Asian and Australian friends.

The Australian authority treats the problem of racial discrimination very seriously and takes action very fast. I still remember those days when my youngest son was teased by certain racial remarks by his schoolmate. My wife reported the case to the school authority and after a proper investigation, the Aussie kid was made to make a public apology to my son and was suspended a week from school attendance.

Australia herself is a country of migrants from all over the world, the Britishs, the Italians and other Europeans also never give up their citizenships although they may stay for over many many years. If they tell you to go back to China, you have equal right to tell them to go back to whatever country they come from. "Fight for your right" is the spirit.

What we are concerned is actually the management of the country. There is enough wealth to be distributed among all the people who can theoretically enjoy better education, better life and medical facility. But poor management and the evil "corruption" have eroded away what the people deserve. If people demand a change, "racialism" is always a powerful tool to protect the regime.

The Australian government extinguishes any little spark that concerns racial issue. There are strict laws and they are very good in enforcement. The two party systems ensure no one monopolizes the government. If the government is not good, people will vote it out for sure.

It is a land of plenty, and of equal opportunity for everyone. One will make his way if he is prepared to seize the opportunity and work hard for it. No one believes in "God" will give, and most believes the creation and reward from their own hands and intelligence.

Though we pay high taxes, the future is more or less ensured as in case we are sick or in difficulty, we have all the assistance from the authority. It is the right for every kid in Australia to have the opportunity to finish his tertiary education if he could make an attempt and possible financial assistance is always there.

Australia's economy is very robust now and most graduates and school leavers are doing very well. My three kids who are qualified as professionals at a very young age are doing very well. They would not have achieved that type of level if we were to remain in our country of birth. Thank God!

We face less racial discrimination in university and workplace in Australia than in our country of birth.

The ironical fact is that we are being treated more a first class citizen in our host country than in our own country.

Human rights, good administration, equal opportunity and transparency convince us that it is no point wasting our precious time in our own country.

If you really miss our own country, earn and save more money in the host country and join the shiver hair program later on. If you have the money, any country will welcome you for sure.

In general, it is an educated society. People talk not shout, and people reason not accuse and more over it is a much cleaner and more beautiful place to live. I am pleased with my decision and have no regrets at all.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The headlines in news, Malaysia leaders: Lee Kuan Yew must apologise, really amused me. The leaders are asking for something which is out of line in their own practice.

There are umpteen times where our leaders, particularly Umno, had made derogatory remarks that are hurtful to the non-malays, especially the Chinese. And yet they found it fit not to apologise.

The latest one being Hisham and Ong Tee Kiat, with the education minister accusing Ong Tee Kiat of trying to be a champion for the Chinese community. Having proven that the school had been shortchanged in the repair work, Hisham did not even utter a word of apology.

Then Khairy made the infamous remark regarding the Chinese seeking to exploit the split within Umno. He too, did not apologise to the Chinese community.

As far as I am concern, I have never come across any of our Malaysia leaders ever apologising for obvious mistakes or remarks made. Thus, I do not see any reason why Lee Kuan Yew need to offer an apology for a remark that is too obvious.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I refer to the article - The Chinese are the biggest taxpayers.

Mahathir disclosure about the Chinese being the biggest taxpayers did console me to some extent. He has spoken what the Chinese dare not speak in public even though we knew all along the fact that the Chinese are a major contributing force to the building of our Malaysia nation.

Be it in the nation's commerce, economy, education, industry, achievements and well-beings and all other aspects, the Chinese have always been a driving force and a strong supporter of the government of the day.

This announcement is of great significance. It makes you wonder about how much money the rich natives of the soil actually contribute to the nation which they call their own.

A minister was robbed of RM350000, an ex-minister was caught with lots of loose change many years back. A captain of the industry got lots of money from the sale of his shares to the government.

Do all these rich people pay enough tax? Many beneficiaries of Mara scholarships don't pay back the loans. Do they pay taxes? They are the middle-class backbone of the sons of the soil. They consist 60 percent of the population. They form 90 percent of the civil service drawing quite good pay. Do they pay enough taxes?

The Chinese work their backs off to support the nation that they love so that the government can implement projects that benefit the nation. The Chinese do enough to support the nation and the government. They walk the talk. Some others only talk.

But who cares? If 'Chinese are the biggest taxpayers' comment was uttered by someone from the Chinese community, such a person will surely be condemned as being insensitive, racist and unpatriotic by certain malay politicians. He might be asked to go back to his country of origin (even though he was born in Malaysia.).

Now, Mahathir has taken the words out of the Chinese mouth and confirmed the contribution made by them all these years. The malay politicians who have always accused the Chinese of being greedy, selfish and unpatriotic should shut up from now on.

Sometimes, majority does not mean right. Majority may not lead better. Majority may not bring good. Hence, if Umno strongmen can humbly admit the facts and remove the stumbling blocks, believe me, Malaysia can do much, much better than what we are today.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Najib said: "Malaysia does not practise a policy of blocking opportunities for non-malays to progress further."

It amazes me no end, that politicians could say things like that with a straight face. But then again, if they can't they would not be politicians.

There is no need for Lee Kuan Yew or anybody to apologise as what he mentioned is the truth.

The truth hurts, people say. So, our Malaysia government is hurt because what Lee Kuan Yew says is the TRUTH.

Forget the Gerakan, MCA or MIC. They are a joke. Treat them as if they do not exist, which is exactly what they are!

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The special privileges and rights, while being implemented for the malays in full force, have also been used as a deadly weapon to suppress the non-malays. Look at the way universities allocate places to the non-malays. Look at employment ratio in the public sector from A to Z.

It is true that there have been abuses under the name of malay special rights and it is the duty of the malays in particular, and all Malaysians in general, to stop it so that the rightful malays get their rights, and the non-malays get their rights as citizens of this country.

Ninety-six percent of the education budget was spent on national schools while the Chinese and Indians only got 2.44 percent and 1.56 percent respectively. But how much of that 96 percent was taken up by the elites?

Less than three percent of the national budget is spent on the maintenance of all the Chinese new villages in the country from which more than two million people's taxes come from. Indian settlements got even less.

The non-malays know for certain how their contributions are being employed to bail out elite cronies. The amount used to bail out Renong was sufficient to cover the cardiac by-pass operations of more than one million patients (the country only operates on less than 3000 cases a year).

To say that the second class non-malays are richer than the first class malays is utter rubbish.

These special privileges and rights were once a necessity for them to move forward. Today, after many decades, they find themselves still standing in the same place.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Open communication or not does not make sense anymore - and we have to live in this Bolehland unless we got a chance and money to emigrate.

This is how they want the country to be rule and rot. Malaysians have given many comments on all this crap, but all remain unheard.

Sometimes I just felt that we are wasting our time putting up comments for a better Malaysia where the government is not prepared for and yet still dwell in denial.

In this Bolehland of denial, any effort to improve the country is considered unpatriotic and insult. There is no way it can change and that is the fact.

We only can change our own destiny and not this country by emigrating.

No wonder there are so many government-sponsored students (malays and non-malays) choose to remain overseas to work and live - to stay away from this Bolehland……….

You need globalisation to teach them a lesson - it won't be long and soon you will see the effect - in fact the rot has already started.

What you and Malaysians want is just a transparent, fair and accountable government to equip the country to face the globalisation challenge, and yet the government take it as a plot to discredit the country.

Whatever good deeds you fight for, they label you as unpatriotic, traitor, party agenda, nonsense and communist.

Hearing all this really breaks my heart and many Malaysians hearts.

Those contributing from their hearts are true, proud and courageous Malaysians - they are very concerned for the future of their motherland and the welfare of its ordinary people.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Malaysians, our politicians practise racialism and our main news media do not publish the majority non-malays sentiments and feelings. But judging from the outburst of frustration and anger expressed by readers in forum, I shudder to think of the future of Malaysia. We are sitting on a time bomb.

At the moment, there are still some unseen forces binding all the various races together in Malaysia. However, once these "forces" are gone, our country would fell like former Yugoslavia and other racially torn countries.

I do not agree with our present government's racial policy, neither do I agree with those highly racial remarks in forum. I believe not all Malaysians are racialist in nature, we are just being stuck with the present system with the racialist politicians who cared for their own interest. The politicians are the main culprits who always "champion" for their own race's interest.

My father's neighbour is a malay family and they are friendlier to my father than to their malay neighbour next door. I also have a malay friend who, after staying in a malay community for years, said that if he were to move out, he would prefer to move to a mixed community area.

I could only pray for the future of our country. I pray for a change of our present government so that the present "policy" could be reversed and all Malaysians live in harmony. It is no use telling the world how well the various races live together in harmony superficially, while deep inside hatred and anger is building up.

The sometimes very strong and rabid rage opinions given are at both frightening and disappointing. We seem to have failed as a nation when it comes to inter-ethnic unity. I just hope our leaders take heed of this.

Refer some comment to above, do you think they will ever learn? They even have the "onion face" to tell the world that we are the best model of multiracial country, uh!

Those politicians are only fooling the innocents, they say one thing but act the other. Come next year they will sing another tune to please the Chinese, Indians, you know why? Because it is time to fish some votes then! How pathetic.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it just appeared on the google page when I searched for racism subject this afternoon.

I have been in New Zealand for 15 years and I have no intention to go back to Malaysia simply because there is an equal opportunity here for everyone, and I don't feel less ranked in the society.

I am not sure if I am part of the cream but I do have both bachelor and master degrees, and I am currently serving the New Zealand community.

I love the place I was brought up in (Sungai Petani) and the memory I had when I was attending primary and secondary schools, but the way the Chinese and Indian people are treated by the Malaysia government is just flawed.

I have no intention to go back, until I see a non-malay PM.

Way to go!

Let us celebrate the human spirit that strives against the odds! Persistence definitely bears fruits! And certainly they are sustainable and cherish-able!

Universal truths!

One got to be prepared to look for challenges, in any areas of your interest, beyond the shores of Malaysia.

Malaysia's economy is very small and unsophisticated. Australia's economy is bigger than all of the South East Asia countries combined. Imagine USA and Europe!

To be sure, I see this syndrome with our people. I see many non-malay Malaysians at Stanford, Berkeley etc, who got their first degree from Oxbridge but feel they need to further their studies.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yuking commented :

Ninety-six percent of the education budget was spent on national schools while the Chinese and Indians only got 2.44 percent and 1.56 percent respectively. But how much of that 96 percent was taken up by the elites?

Mind me - it is national school not Malay school. We strive for edu - intergration but the demand 4 chinese school is the only thing that matter huh? The actual thing is that - u never wanted intergration - all u want is to marginalised the Malay in this country known as Malaysia. We should have retain as Tanah Melayu instead of Malaysia

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malays today are nomadic people that originated from the south China as well.

The Chinese made their money before the NEP anyway. Before there was no any affirmative action. All the people like Robert Kuok and the rest of them made their money before 1957 when there was no affirmative law.

Probably it is time to take away the cane from the rich malays and give it solely to the poor ones. I am sure the petani and nelayan would appreciate the aid better.

The very reason why Malaysia has not yet to achieve a similar status like Singapore is due to the very reason that we are arguing or disputing on the malay special rights. There is just no unity among races. We manage until now is due to tolerance. And this would not get us very far.

What has become of this nation of our? Is it going to the dogs? To be fair, I don't blame it on the Pak Lah government, this all started some twenty-five years ago during Mahathir era and it has been left to rot. Twenty-two years is a long long time he ruled the country, but did he care to rectify the situation?

Umno were responsible for our Malaysia Malay, Indian and Chinese identities in their divide-and-rule policies. Religious and racial bigotry is the result of a long history of discrimination, lack of political and cultural space, and abuse of power for the non-malay Malaysians.

This tyranny and nonsense has gone on for too long. Malaysians want a transparent, just, corruption-free and clean government that ensures equal rights to all Malaysians, without the current institutionalised racism and blatant discrimination.

The New Economic Policy has degenerated into a subsidy programme and policy, benefiting a handful of Umno-members at the expense of the many bumis.

But they came across as smug, hypocritical, conceited humbugs when they lectured the people about the need to be weaned from the subsidy mentality - when they are not prepared to set an example of eradicating such a subsidy mindset in the first place.

Without accountability and transparency, the record of the use of the Petronas hundreds of billions of ringgit to bail out mega-financial scandals like the repeated Bank Bumi rescues, Renong and Malaysian International Shipping Corporation, and to fund mega-projects like Twin Towers, Proton and Formula 1 Circuit - the most spectacular examples of a subsidy culture and mentality - is it any wonder that the people are not convinced by the government's case for the hefty hike in fuel prices?

They were elected through the grand subsidy of the politics of money, running into hundreds of millions and even billions of ringgit, totally against the principles of free, fair and clean elections.

Malaysian students are sadly very ignorant of what is happening around them now. When I look at some of my friends in the universities now, the most they care is how can they pass in the exams and even if they are reading the newspaper, most probably they will be reading the sports or entertainment section rather than national or international news. The things that are really affecting them are ignored.

We must educate our young on the freedom of choice and the responsibility of electing a government that truly upholds and protects the freedom of all Malaysia people through the rule of law and the constitution of Malaysia.

Any government who fails to protect the constitution and the Malaysia people could be removed from government seat.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry it is not a comment by yuking it is reek

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be like that, you stupid Mahathir! Just look after your own shit! You are in a deep pool of dinosaur shit!

Singapore has all the reasons to be proud, beat your stupid ass a million times over in every area of governance of a country:

- Good government, close to 100% corruption free
- Education system
- Economic progress (shit, compare Malaysia foreign reserves to Singapore, shame)
- City planning and cleanliness
- Transport system
- SIA (while MAS had to sell shares to your crony and then relegated from buying back - hanky panky!)
- Racial harmony
- Housing development
- Health care system
- etc……….

Long list to blur your old blurry eyes! You have got 22 years, not only did you not manage the country well, you messed it up.

Just compare the education backgrounds of the two country's cabinet members, and listen to the ministers of both parliaments speak. Even kids can tell you we have a zoo in Malaysia parliament with bunch of stupid monkeys.

Singapore has all the reasons to be proud of. But they don't necessary taunt your thin skin emotional violent loose canon big mouth freaks.

You know from top to bottom, you have shamed your entire race to the max. The world is no longer isolated - it is borderless, news travels faster than the sound of your stinky fart. And the whole world gets to see the stupidity and idiocy that so define you and the self-proclaimed sons-of-the-night-soil.

Due to the education policies, most young and intelligent Malaysians have either cross over to Singapore and other countries to further their studies.

In fact a great number of them have been earmarked by the Singapore government before their finals to take up PR status and attractive jobs offered. Some of these Malaysians are actually in Singapore parliament to help the nation to progress.

Actually the fact that smart Malaysians who capable are going to other countries be it Singapore or Australia can be a good thing for the country or for Malaysian Chinese in particular.


In the age of globalisation, it is important to have roots and contacts around. These bondages among relatives and friends among all Chinese spread around the world can benefit trade in future. It is a form of bridge to better future. Companies headed by Malaysians can in future help each other.

We can never know what the future in Malaysia will be like given the circumstances. So in a way it is a good thing. It is like the old days when Chinese traded among each other in this region.

So stage one export our experts around the world - next connect each other. That is good. One day maybe someone will initiate an association of overseas Chinese Malaysians eh?

Malaysians are not genetically inferior to Singaporeans - we are the same kind of people except for the proportion of various ethnic groups. The reason why many intelligent Malaysians went overseas is due to a government bent on dividing us along religious and ethnic lines.

For too long Malaysians of all ethnic groups have been bamboozled by scoundrels who'd used divisive slogans to enrich their own pockets and the pockets of their relatives and cronies. Malaysians must unite and give the opposition a chance to do better.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those who decided to leave Malaysia or has left this country - I bid farewell, so just shut the hell up. I see racist remark posted by u people. It is the chinese that are racist not us.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should be an interesting study on how Singapore has capitalised on the failure of the NEP, and the Malaysia system where we removed all the Sultans powers and replaced them with politicians, who now rule our lives through devious means.

Each year, Singapore attracts hundreds of our best and brightest.

Even my malay friends advise me not to go back Malaysia after completing my PhD here. It is a well-known fact that no matter how hard they strive, they will never be able to go to the top.

This comes from the horse mouth of a group of foreign experts and researchers in my university. Just feel a bit embarrass when they told me this. But have to admit. After all, it is the truth, nothing but the truth.

Meritocracy in Malaysia? We must be in the land of fantasy! With the present socio-political status quo, Vision 2020 is nothing but a mere mirage.

Why is that so? Because it is creating a mediocre-minded culture that drives away excellent-minded non-malays and malays.

Can you work in an environment where merit is not rewarded?

As long as the blatant, shameless policy of rewarding only the mediocre, and denying opportunities to the best, based merely on one race and religion, the obviously myopic leaders of this country are ensuring that this country will go down to the dogs in the not too distant future.

The standard of English language in Malaysia going down to the dogs is one fine example of our leaders myopic policies.

A lot of things change for those who leave. Once you are in Singapore, much pressure is "applied" to keep you there.

The programs in Singapore are structured in such a way to make sure that the "immigrants" would stay after completing their studies. Many take up Singaporean citizenships after many years of agony and contemplation.

This normally happens after one finds his/her spouse. Practical considerations come in; idealism flies away.

These "Malaysians" never forget their Malaysians past. But as the days, weeks, months, years go by, they slowly lose their Malaysians and become one of those floating masses in the global village. (I have met Malaysians of this kind in all sorts of odd places in different parts of the world.)

Make no mistake - however - most of them are very successful.

The malays do not live in this country alone. Malaysia is made up of all the races. Everybody looks the same when they send out the tax forms. In fact, our economy will be doomed if one of the component of our multi-racial society suddenly vanished.

Our overseas brains refuse to come back. Capable brains here not valued, and they want to leave. The rotting education system stops producing capable brains. Overseas countries are "fishing" for smart brains worldwide. Added together..........you get the brain drain effect.

Unless there is a structural change in our mindset to set things right, we will continue talking about the same thing for the next 100 years.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a brain drainer whom has fled to Australia, here are my reasons for leaving.

(1) Better government. Australia government is way less wasteful than Malaysia government. I am rather tired of seeing my tax money going into white elephants and useless projects while our Malaysia schools are getting neglected. Oh, and my tax returns are guaranteed to be paid back in 10 days. Usually I will get my tax return in 4 to 5 working days.

(2) Better lifestyle. I cannot own a car and still be able to get around Australia. I am looking forward to do my masters degree in a proper university environment and being supported by the government through PELS scheme and tax deductions.

(3) Better traffic. Besides Sydney, traveling around cities in Australia is quite a relaxing task. You don't have to deal with some corrupt policemen or crazy drivers.

(4) Things are actually affordable here. You might have to pay 10 bucks for a plate of 'char koay teow', but the size of the plate you can share is with 3 people in Malaysia. Oh, and you get the big prawns too.

Like someone said, I go back to Malaysia for the 3Fs - family, friends and food. If I do stay in Malaysia, I do not see a future for myself or my family. My children will be discriminated at school. Education will be extremely expensive. And I will die earlier due to all the pollution in the air.

As many doctors leave Malaysia every year, there are more illegal Indonesian workers coming in and became citizens so easily. The country does not only flush away good brains but also refill with……….(sigh) - this is an insane country.

No no, this is not insane. We did great things to the world you know, like providing brains to others, and accepting rubbish from others. That is a Malaysia Boleh!

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysia export electronic goods, furniture, oil, palm oil, rubber, textile, timber……….and multi-lingual human talents.

There is nothing wrong with those who choose to stay overseas. As highlighted in my view, even my best mate and the best man for my wedding has sown roots in Singapore - I definitely don't "begrudge" him for that.

To me, do not begrudge them who are justly reaping the fruit of their hard labour and paying back a debt to the hand which fed them. It is very difficult to continue to love your motherland which does not love you in return.

There is nothing wrong with having different philosophies in life and taking the route that best fit those philosophies.

And what facilities (hardware and software) do we have to offer? Besides, what financial package could local varsities offer? Last but not least, the factor of critical mass. Can some one find the like-minded colleague to pursue what he is researching right now?

I have heard those "Malaysia Truly Asia" commercials on CNN over and over. I always felt the slogan was rather fishy. But you have supplied important details about matters that I only had a vague awareness of.

Why don't you do something to challenge the slogan? After all, Malaysia is discriminating against people of the two main nations in Asia, China and India. How dare the Malaysia government claim to represent the true Asia?

There is a theory say that Malaysia may suffer in 50 years time because all the best brains will leave the country once and for all because of the affirmative policies. Brain drain still takes place even today and tomorrow, and forever as long as the government protect particular industry and particular race.

If the theory is correct (time will tell), then the so-called world class universities will stay as dream forever. To be world class, there should be 100% open policy with fair play field.

To sum up the things, the affirmative policies should go. However it won't take place very soon or even be forever.

Bolehland is still in denial syndrome.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is absolutely right!

For those who have been victimized under the Malaysia made meritocracy trap, look elsewhere. Opportunities abound.

I left Malaysia long time ago when my mother told me to look for greener pasture elsewhere.

Absolutely no regret. The government and local organizations sponsored all my educational and living expenses here to the maximum I could go.

Frankly speaking, if not for those incompetent, extremist and brainless malay baboon leaders and cronies who have destroyed Malaysia for the past 30 years, this land is a heaven on earth.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo, young man. You have compiled a good post there. And I think this post is part of what was on Lee Kuan Yew's mind when he commented that Malaysians of Chinese descents are being marginalised in Malaysia

And someone, I beg to differ. Some of us are not complacent people who accept all these discriminatory nonsense as part of a 'fair deal' (my foot!) in order to live in Malaysia.

Many of the Malaysian youngsters today (below the age of 20) - be they pribumis, Malays, Indians, Chinese etc - do not really know what and how much the Chinese had contributed towards our independence, politically and economic-wise.

The world community condemns Japan for rewriting their history. How different are we Malaysians from the Japan when the history books in schools now claim that Yap Ah Loy, Loke Yew, HS Lee etc, did not play any roles in building what we now call Malaysia?

First, history books for use in all Malaysia schools can only be published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, DBP (again, a malay-controlled agency). I know this as a fact as I myself is in the educational publishing line.

It is damned easy to twist/change the facts in a paragraph or two, and the future generation shall know nothing of the contribution of Malaysian Chinese towards nation-building and economic prosperity.

The future generation of malays will continue to think that we Chinese are the leeches that encroach on 'their' land, instead of partners (well, actually in most cases, the leaders) in developing our nation! Thus, the malays think we can be treated as inhumanely and as discriminatorily as they please.

As and when the older generation of historians, like professor Dr Khoo Khay Khim pass on, so will the rich history of the hardworking Chinese in Malaysia.

We the young generation of Malaysian Chinese should soldier on, instead of saying, 'It is ok, I just want to live happily in Malaysia and not stir up anything because I am afraid the malays will beat me up.'

That in itself have shown how weak our minds are, and we can never stand up united to fight the stupid unwritten/written laws created by the malays to suppress us.

We should educate our Malaysian Chinese community and tell ourselves that it is not ok to be treated worse than a second-class citizen in our own birthplace! What an insult! (By the way, I can speak flawless malay, and many malays themselves were stunned to hear me speak their language!)

And yet, I am not sure this discrimination-riddled place is the one I would want my future children to call home……….

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you expect from our local universities? Ivy league breeds? Come on!

Who the hell are we kidding? We are a plain joke to the world - look at the current issue regarding malay monkeys harassing others in UPM or whatever university its named after - these malay monkeys are worthless mad dogs.

And guess what was their punishment? Let off with an advice……….hahahahaha. We are really in a sad state - damn sad state.

The reason why Malaysians are leaving for overseas education is plain and simple. Our Malaysia system is fraud with the biasness, fraud from the get going. All in the name of bullshit malay babi policies.

Come on - if you want the best of the best breed - don't look at the person heritage etc……….look at their work.

Now who is running the country better? The Malaysians or the Singaporeans? These Singaporeans have beaten us in terms of cleanliness, economically, efficiency, financially, hospitality, productivity, religiously……….

Need I say more?

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let the pigs make Malaysia the most corrupted place to live in and see what happened in 2020?malays came from all over the nusantara (after losing out to each other in civil war),thats why we had many sultans here,Thai had only one king ,why the malays so many?i guessed malays will go back to indonesia as malaysia dont belong to them ,they are also immigrant from sumatra,jawa,sulawesi etc.i am a hakka chinese and ex-DBKL director (valuer department) and i know that
chinese here are marginalised and all i care is that now i am retired ,i am rich from taking bribes when i was in DBKL!

K F Wan (Kajang,Selangor)

12:20 PM  
Blogger Anuar Mohd Nor said...

Please to do not abuse this forum. We do not intend to exercise censorship. Let us discuss and get something positive out of this discussion. Thank You

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read all the comments and opinions posted here and came to the conclusions that:

1. Most wanted to hear their own "voices" rather than "listening" to others. They tend to "hear" more, and by and large, are emotional.

2. This will take us nowhere, unless something is or could be done to "undo" the situation that we are in.

3. Most made no mention of the plight of the Malays in term of being economically "marginalised" in their own country to which evey "true" Malaysian should be sensitive to and try to help them in every way possible.

As it is only the Goveernment is doing everything about it. Without Article 153, and despie of it, they are still where they are.

Do not besurprised, one day they will be "wiped" out and become pariahs in their own land.

This is the essence of the social contract seen appropritate by our forefathers and embodied in our Constitution.

4. No mention was also made of how all Malaysians should help each other and share the Malaysian cake/wealth "fairly", instead of "depriving and pushing" the Malays to the corners of the world. Compassion and humanessare required here.

5. There is always the game of "one-upmanship" played by the "haves" bracket of the society at the expense of the "have-nots."

6. If everybody feels he is "marginalised, " feel free to live elsewhere; for Malaysia cannot and will not "follow" be like other countries. Malaysia IS Malaysia. What she is today is the result of a given historical baggages that were not within their control.

8. It is NOT the government that is at fault, but rather the "man" behind it.

He is the product of the past political-historical procesess that moulded him to be what he is today, which determined his behaviours and actions, bagged by the prevailing "systems."

9. To change history one must be prepared for a "cultural revolution" or "retooling" of sort, to quote the late Presiden Sukarno.

10. Are we prepared for this?

11. Singapore is a "Western" and "Western" favoured nation, as they "followed" what the West wanted and moulded them to be.

12. To quote verse 120 of Surah Al-Baqarah in the holy Quran, "The Jews (read the West as well) will NEVER be happy and satisfied, unless and until the world accept and adopt their life-style."

This is exactly what happened. To be in the good book of the West, one must accept their ways of living. The "devilistic" life as quoted by Chevs.

But Muslim-Malays have their own life styles or Muslim way of life.

I believe this cultural differences that now is the bond of the so-called "Clashes of Civilisation" which people are now talking about.

This fact as stated in verse 120 of the Al-Quran quoted above, was known to those who read and understood the Quran; and was foretold over 1400 years ago.

The question is: Do all Malaysian want to live "harmoneously" and be real first class Malaysians, i.e. equal in every respect of his life?

The answer lies in the hearts and minds of all of us, and the willingness as well as the preparedness to reform the current systems that embroiled us into this unnecessary situation we face today.

Research and find out what is the best and workable political, socio-economic, juidicial, media, cultural systems, etc. that would ensure Malaysian majority have a "just" life.

But, what is "just" or "justice?". It is, like many other such loaded words, merely mean "doing things to everybody's satisfaction."

The fact is, being human, nobody could please and satisfy anybody in this world, except perhaps to a certain degree.

The only thing possible is, if everybody is a robot, or accept the fact that he is not going to live in this world forever, and that when he dies, he cannot bring his worldy wealth with him to the grave.

Then he will realise, afterall he is nobody. He is, just like anyone and anything else on this earth, created by the Almighty; the Omnipotent.

Should he place himself in this posititon in life, he will certainly become humble and live a more peaceful life.

For he knows where he came from and who he really is.

Arrogance. the work of the "devils" created specially for a temporary satisfaction of human lusts and greed, will be gone forever from him

Life is not just about living, but is also about dying. All that live will die one day, says the Quran; except He, the Almighty, the Creator and the All Omnipotent who will live forever.

This is a cultural life reality. Life is too short for us to quarrel with each other. Do make the best of it by trying to give more than to receive and be kiasu.

Let us not exmphasise on the "differences" that we have, but rather more on the "commoness" to foster and ensure a better future Malaysians and Malaysia.

This "sameness" in us is reflected in the Quran and stated by our Creator, the Almighty that: "We are all made different from each other, so that we can learn from and respect one another."

Damn the devils, whoever they are!

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are UMNO and Khairy afraid of answering the question who amongst the Malays own the 45% or RM 325 billion out of the total RM 715 billion market capitalization of Bursa Malaysia? Malaysians, especially Malays who do not possess millions of shares or imported vehicles APs, should focus on the important question who the rich Malays are who have benefited. And not be distracted by false lies of such rich or millionaire UMNO leaders who do not wish to answer this question and try to distract attention with lies that the 30% bumi equity of the NEP has not been achieved.

How many poor Malays or Malaysians can afford to buy RM 9.2 million worth of shares like Khairy Jamaluddin? Or so powerful until Mukhriz Mahathir, former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir’s Mohamad son, had to beg him to reinstate a RM 214.3 million contract for Opcom Sdn Bhd to supply fiber optics to Telecom Malaysia in 2003. Only after Mukhriz begged Khairy was the contract reinstated although the value was slashed by 15%.

Or can be like MCA Youth Deputy President Ling Hee Liong who can borrow RM 1.2 billion to control 3 publicly listed companies.

How many can spend RM 3.5 million on a wedding by Datuk Roslan Hashim? Malacca-born businessman Roslan said his wedding gifts to his bride included RM444,444.44 in cash and a further RM22,222.22 in dowry. Other gifts include a BMW 320i worth RM250,000, a RM150,000 jewellery set, a diamond ring worth RM20,000, a RM25,000 Rolex watch and other designer items.

Or other rich Malays who have benefited from the NEP such as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Effendi Norwawi. In court documents on the divorce settlement with his former wife Zariah Hashim @ Farida Effendi revealed that he had generously given her assets worth more than RM20 million, exclusive use of two houses in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching worth RM10 million and RM2.5 million, respectively. Since the divorce, Effendi claimed that he provided monetary assistance amounting to almost RM1 million, costs of maintaining the house, maids, drivers, security and cash.

Tajudin Ramli sold Malaysia Airlines shares at RM 8 per share for RM 1.8 billion when the market price was less than half at RM 3.68, a premium of RM 1 billion. If the public lost RM 1 billion then Halim Saad was worse.

Halim Saad get cash rich United Engineers Malaysia (UEM) to purchase his 32.6% worth of shares in Renong without triggering a mandatory general offer during the Asian financial crisis in 1997. In the midst of the Asian fnancial Crisis. Halim committed to a put option to buy back his shares from UEM for RM3.2 billion within 3 years. And guess what? UEM never saw the return of their money and Halim today is relieved of all his financial obligations.

The entire episode saw the share prices of UEM and Renong plunged within 3 months from RM8.75 and RM3.16 to RM1.60 and RM0.66 respectively wiping off hundreds of millions off the wealth of thousands of minority shareholders, many of whom were bumiputeras as well as bumiputera funds.

And RM3.2 billion will work out to almost RM 40,000 for every household living below the poverty line, many of whom are the bumiputeras the Government and UMNO claim they were seeking to help. And yet every single sen of that money went to a single individual, probably representing the interest of the rich and powerful in the country.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are only asking for fair and equal treatment for ALL Malaysian, is that so hard to fulfill ? NEP is meant to help poor bumis not to enrich certain elite bumis,and what about those poor non-bumis ?Dont they rseserve a share ? The 30% equities quota set by the NEP is rubbish ! GLC controlled almost 50% of the Bursa Malaysia what does it benefit the bumis ? NOTHING ! Except for some selected corrupt UMNO ppl.
I am afraid for our country future, globlisation do not care if your are bumi or non-bumi we should stop bias treatment of our own ppl and view the world as our market. If the bumis could have step out the comfort zone i am sure they can be as sucessful as other race, feeling insecure hiding under the pretext of not getting a level playing field is just a sorry excuse to avoid the reality of globalisation. The strongest and fittest will rule the world market, let us all malaysian opened up our eyes and see further than our shore.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you mean not coming back to Malaysia? Of course you should not come back because Malaysia is not yr country, China is yr country. If you choose of not going back there, fine, who cares anyway? The problems is the likes of you not willing to go back where you belong! i suggest you go back to China and teach them democracy the way you see it.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justice demands that the NEP be scrapped so that everyone is given equal opportunity. Justice is never done by taking from one group to give to another. That is not justice, that is grace. At worst, it's theft.

That is why after 30 years (10 years past its expiry date), the NEP serves only to marginalise the Chinese, Indians and Others and enrich the elite few.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not the issue of marginalisation, it is the issue of 'who wants them here'? Pack your begs and go the the country of your choice. Australia, england, anywhere,there you can raise a family and send your children to a Chinese school.( if there is such school over there)Plain and simple. You are akin to uninvited guest,so behave like one. You are not required here, we marginalise you because you people do not understand polite language. Crude straight forward language is "he door is open wide for you to go."Need to elaborate more?

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read before if majority of the people in the country dream of tomorrow means this country have hope of good future. But if majority of the people keep continue thinking memories of the good old days or years ago, this country will likely be left out and forgotten in future. How far this is true, only time will tell and for an objective historian to investigate. The point is the cheese had gone and we need to find new cheese. There is no point thinking of old cheese.

For a country to develop, a good system must be available. Is fortunate Malaysia hava a system is stable enough, I would say until it is self demolish by 1 small group of people, elite-Malay. Mahathir have selected a group of elite-Malay to take over GLCs of Malaysia in the hope that this elite-Malay will help other Malay. As all know most of theis elite-Malay are history but yet they still live comfortably leaving their poor Malay around.

Apart from system, the society must mature and growth as well for a country to develop. For this, the rich in terms of intellectual and wealth (Malay and non-Malay) must help their poor sisters and brothers. The Malay rich should help the poor Malay and non-Malay do the similar in their own race groups. We don't see enough of this especially the Malay. They are the majority group, so obviously more visible due to also being politicised by their own political leader. Sad to say this political leader politicised for their gain instead of the group.

As we read in newspapers Malay have gained many benefits from MARA and Government loans and subsidies for study and Business ventures but majority refused to pay back. They should repay back the loans so that the money could recycle and benefit other Malay but why they don't? Is a question only them could answer honestly.

When this continue to happen, Malay will have bad credit rating and Banks would definitely refuse to lend them money. And they would complain to Government they being marginalised by Banks. What happen then is the Government force the Banks to lend money to Malay even without collateral! Else they will be penalised or license revoked! True enough majority of this Malay borrowers will meet the expectation not repaying the loans irregardless the Business fail or success. But do they care less? No because Banks are mandated by Government to lend the money. As if the Govenrment own them a living.

The intellectual rich Malay and even non-Malay are being supressed by their own leaders. They can't debate or discuss even in close door on any issue. Reason given was there are sensitive issues. So can blame them not able to educate the intellectual poorer groups. What actually happened was, sad to say, this poor groups are being exploited by their respective political leaders to gain power for their own benefit!

I think sensitive issue is an unknown boundary and the society must consistently test this boundary if we are to grow and develop. Having said that this consistent test must be handle in a mature nature or level. For example having a Commission like Inter-Faith Commission to dealt conflict issue between Faith and religion. I think more commissions like this need to be setup to to discuss or debate in freer and mature manners.

A State or Country boundary is fixed (maybe) but the society boundary is growing everyday. Nobody can stop this progress not even the powerful Country!

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not believe in being unjust or unfair to others. But, as I have said, what is "justice" or "fairness?". Is the inclusion of Art.153 (Special Malay Preveliges) for instance is "unjust/unfair?". If it is so, why did all the best legal brainsfrom five different countries, together with our wise forefarthers agreed and signed the social contract to the said Article to be enshrined in the Constitution in the first place?

I coulld only presume that all of them must have thought it was "just and fair" that the Malays were accorded that "special previleges" that are now deemed by most non-Malays today as "unjust and unfair."

The question is, despite the Article and other "favaours" given to the Malays, why are they still not fully redressed?

It could mean one of two things: Eitehr the so-called democratic systems (based on secularism) are faulty (as has been stated by an Indonesian writer recently, referring to military coup in Thailand), OR as stated by some writers here, that the people who helmed the government is to blame for "enriching" the few among themselves, rather than spreading the economic cake "fairly" to everybody?

But, if the second reasoning is "true", I guess, logically, we must fall back to the first reaon - that the secuaristic Aristotalian systems that are in practice today really created the "monsters" that we are facing today.

We know that the capitalist secularistic systems did really, in one way or another, created "monsters" out of us; unconsciously making us the hypocrites, cheats, exploiters, opportunists, kiasus, (and all other negative traits and behaviours) in us.

Yes, we are the products of the systems, saddled with and aggravated by historical baggages that are beyond our control.

I always believe, like a doctor, in whatever issues or problems we face, we must always look at the CAUSES. What made us to be what we are !

All this while, most of us have been talking about the SYMTOMS rather than the CAUSES, compounded by imcomplete information, misinformation, half-truth, and knowledge of what we are talking about, and worst, by emotions.

I would like us all to be sane and reasonable in assessing our situation in Malaysia.

Let us not talk propaganda and divisive politics.

Yes, we are all part and parcel of Malaysia, especially of those people who were born in this country; be it before or after merdeka; and those who have made Malaysia their home by whatever means.

We have no way to go; and if we want to, it will not only cost a lot monetarily, but also emotionally; with no guarantee that we will be happy in our new surroundings.

I know for certain and from my travel all over the world meeting Malaysians at those places, who privately wished they could stay back in Malaysia, their birth place.

Of course, there are few of who are "happy" to live there and leave Malaysia, but the number is still "marginal" unless they want to lie to themselves.

And, of course, again if they were to move to a place deemed to be the "heavenest" (if there is such a word) place to them - Singapore.

I wonder ?

My call to "synthesise" our thinking in terms of finding "commonness" or common values and tolerence among us in this coloumn, could afterall be the possible solutions to "Malaysian dilemma" if we care to tray with a cool and sane mind.

Along the way, we strive to find means and weays as to the best possible solutions to "reform" the systems that not only divide us but also cause us to unnecessarily misunderstand each other.

I thought the Barisan way is the answer; but for human greeds, created by the prevailing political, socio-economic, media, and judicial systems.

Maybe, in time, we may not need a Barisan component type of governmental secularistic systems, once we become "truly" Malaysians - leaving the historical baggages behind us altogether.

But, whatever the future governmental systems that we plan to have, it must never ever be at the expense of leaving Malays economically behind, nor at Islam as the main religion of the country, with other religions be allowed to practice in harmony.

Also no other religions should be allowed to be propogated among Muslims in the country. Articles 3, 4 and 11 of the Constitution should remain intact.

This is in respect of Malays being the "owner" of the country and the Sultans as the respective rulers of the majority States of Malaysia.

With this, everybody is given the freedom to choose to be wherever he wants to be.


7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actuallty is the poor people been marginalized, not only malays, many chinese and indians still poor compare with.....u know
do u think every chinese/indian got his/her own car/house? the answer is no
so it is possible that special right just reserved to the poor
if u hav $$ to buy a million ringgit house.... why should hav a discount from it....
for those who want to halau chinese/indian out from malaysia, i think u r the racist, and for non-malays that shouting the malays are pig, u r racist too, not all of malays like what u think.
for non-chinese ready to entering the university, i can understand why they are being marginalized because good result doesnt mean can enter the local U.
A full marks student in STPM just can hav a biologi course instead medic courses?
remeber that STPM is very difficult paper to score, for the malays that taken this paper b4, they know about it.
are the chinese not a country lover? remember chinese pay tax too, and the amount is a lot, why chinese cannot enjoy from the public facilities? if some malays that think chinese hav no right, these malays are racist, of course, if u think like that.
celebrating the national day with the mat rempit style is correct and for those non-malay celebrate with normally is wrong? if u enjoy ur son and daughter to celebrate merdeka with mat rempit style, i salute u.
is not fair to the children and teen that pay their attention to the academics and hav a high score but rejected from university because they are non-bumi.
as the non-bumi that born in malaysia, we already treat the malaysia as our country, but still hav some "family member" want to halao us bcos we are not bumi...
we as the non bumi can choose the school we want, just like some malay kids choose to hav they primary education at the religion school, chinese and indian plus others also hav the right to chooose too
we dun choose SK bcos we think we can learn chinese better at chinese school, nowadays China is a new power in economy area, why we refuse to learn chinese to attract the business opportunity?
just like we learn english to facing the globalisation
dun forget some politician sebd their children to international school, why some racist dun dare to shout out of them why dun study at SK? because they are the UMNO leader so u dun dare to shout out but shout on us bcos we are non-bumi?
Mat Nacak, u always think that u r superior than others, and u dun want the non-bumi to stay here, and u want to keep the special right because u think the other poor non-bumi not deserve it and u never discuss and giving u view why non-bumi should get out from the malaysia, what u say is unfair for those really poor non-bumi, may be u can say that bcos u never know the taste to become to be poor, u just avoid and simply kick out people when people giving the view, and u think the non-bumis is grab ur $$ although many special rights given to the bumis, u just know how to halao people but unable to convince people, if the country is managed by u, then i think only bumis can be stay and u will KILL non-bumis that not willing leave the country where he/she was borned....U R so CRUEL!!!

8:56 PM  
Blogger wan zaharizan b wan zan said...

I don't know who you are and I wish you would reveal yourself. The trouble with history is that it can be skewered to fit one's agenda but the truth is when we achieve our independence there was an agreement made an understanding between Gentlemens that this country will always upheld ketuanan melayu and in return citizenship was given to the non malays whom Percival(not "i")from what could be said was nolt interested in independence although I can beg to differ because CPM was establish in 1928 although most say 1931 Jelebu N. sembilan but the point was what sort of kemerdekaan were these people fighting for. PKMM fought for independence since the 1920's but these warriors were freedom fighters but they were not why we achieve independence. Dato Onn never wanted independence so too were the Sultan including the Malays MCS officers(including Raja Tun Uda- Raja Petra's Grandfather).
It was Tunku who seize the opportunity to capture the hearts of the Majority of the Malays who crave for independence. So in 1951 the battle cry of UMNO change from Hidup Melayu to Merdeka. The Brits says no because this is Perseketuan Tanah Melayu and if given independence what happen to the non malays who were all British subject. Just imagine the island being flooded with yellow skin and brown and this was in the 1950's where racism againts coloured was extremely high. If CPM got her way we would be the satellite state of China and if PKMM has her way we would unite with Indonesia to form Indonesia Raya.To Protect Malayan interest (espeacially the malay elite interest)he came with the understanding with his friend Cheng Lok and Sambathan he is willing to share this nation of ours provided this ketuanan melayu is safeguarded. It was agreed and this agreement was the basis of our independence. I am not going to be apologetic I am a Malay and it is fair for the malay who are poor in the homeland to be help to excel. The NEP formulae was the eradication of poverty regardless of race and the erasing of economic identification of race thus we want to see Malay Lawyers Engineers Doctors and Businessman in all fields so when we talk about lawyer we would identify it with Indians although in criminal cases there have the ability to talk but the idea was to create a coloueless society, it was good policy it fail during the implementation stage. I am appaled nowdays the Government is regarded as a Malay government and that all GLC are Malays thus skerwing the datas about Malay ownership in companies. Truth be told the Malays only have 19.2 ownership in the economy pie the indian has gone down to 1% while previously they have 1.8% you have to ask. Samy Vellu why. The Chinese still owes a lot so teach me how can we achieve a fair and equitable pie? I am a Malay and I believe in ketuanan melayu for this is where I belong.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wan zaharizan b wan zan

may be u didnt read the paper that told us more than 40% in capital market held by bumi according very reliable sources (conducted by some malays too) and when the question throw to UMNO leader by opposition, they refuse to answer and not willing to reveal who are those rich guys.

u show the spirit of willing to discuss and i respect u, but unfortunately ur shield is protecting the malays and not the poors.

when somebody without higher educations and capital, that somebody considered poor because no money and unable to find a good job, and many chinese still under this category.

however, at least u are the among the malays i respected

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If everybody is not going to talk with sense and stop being emotional, I think we should stop this foroum.

The fact that everybody is not happy, be they Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc. is good for this country, because it shows that everybody, irrespective of his race, religion and creed is treated fairly.

We do not talk emotionally. We must talk by producing facts. These have already been provided by an earlier commentator in this coloumn, entitled: Is the Chinese marginalised in Malaysia.

It is also a fact, that despite the numerous number of Malays shown as "successful", the richest Malaysian is still an Indian and a number of Chinese. So, what the hell is "unfairness" that people are talking about here?

A naked fact of the distribution of wealth is the wide desparity of income between the city folks and the rural dwellers, despite the latter being known for their hard work in the padi fields and the seas.

It is no use supplying the figures here (where one could find out for himself if he wants to) if people still insist on talking without thinking and emotionally.

It is incumbent upon the Government, any government for that matter (including the future ones) to ensure that every citizen is accorded his fair share of the country's wealth the best possible.

But, as I have repeatedly said, as long as the Malaysian economic cack is not fairly distributed, especially to the Malays as the land-owner (like what is happeninfg in Indonesia, with the five percent Chinese population controlling the economic wealth there) there will never ever be a true Malaysia.

Yes, it is simply "unfair" to let others (who not only did not "care" much about Malaysian independence struggle, and yet was given citizenship rights at the insistence of the British Raj) to enjoy and to rob Malays of their propriety rights.

No country in the world, if they have their ways, will allow this to happen to their own citizens. Nor would any country in the world allow the minority citizens to have a "complete" equal rights to them. Where in the world you have minorities holding ministerial post as many as in Malaysia? Placed minority candidates in Malay majority areas to ensure they win the election, so be part of Malaysian law makers?

Again, it is also a fact that minority Singaporeans, especially the Malays are being marginalised. You do not, for instance, see a Malay holding top posts in the SAF; nor a combat pilot in the Air Force and other brances of the Armed Forces. You do not see Malay millionairs there; maybe there is one or two, but if they do have, it would have been of their own accord and their personal regional or global business connections.

Most of these minorities would relate their plights to others privately for fear of the repressive and authoritarian liberal-democratic Singapore government backlash, directly or indirectly.

Here everybody is free to express himself. The freedom of speech here is much, much higher than Singapore, despite having the ISA, Seditious Act,etc.

Malaysia use them sparingly, unless compelled to do so, for example if and when the national security is threathened.

Majority of Singapore Malays are just middle class people, for the simple fact Singapore is a "rich pimp" island State Republic, fully backed by the West and world super powers as their blue-eyed boys.

It is not because, if they could, they would want to give "equal" treament to the minorities, but because the Republic have to give back the minimal most of their wealth to them for their contribution to the republic's wealth.

Again, I would like to refer to what I have said earlier about understanding each other through knowing what made us to be what we are, and how we came about as a nation.

I might say that we are all victims of circumstances beyond our control. So we have to make the best of what and who we are.

Learn to get the good side of ourselves; the good values that everyone of us have. Blend these values to be the Malaysian values, thereby creating new cultures uniqued to Malaysia.

If need be, we may even think of "seperating" one or two States in Malaysia turning them into what is Hong Kong, Macau, or Shanghai to China - as centres of business and trading cities - to help the rest of the States which might by then have evolved their own governmental systems that would suit all Malaysians, with the current Malaysian Constituion as a base.

Turning to the the current Singapore's uneasiness with Indonesia, it seems to have stemped out from "extradiction" issues between the two countries.

At the time of the fall of Suharto, most of the rich Chinese parked their wealth in Singapore. The Indonesian felt that the acquirement of the wealth is still suspect. Hence the need for the Act which currently they do not have. Indonesia is seeking Singapore's co-operation to get those alleged involved in transferring the ill-acquired welth to face charges there. But todate the matter is still unresolved.

The fact Malaysia made the transactions of Malaysian Ringgit invalid in Singapore, and many Malaysian businessmen had also parked their wealth to Singapore, and also the paging of MR 3.80 to one USD during the monetary crisis 1979, was a deterrent to such possible "illegal" transfers of the MR.

If Malaysia do not have the "Malay brains" to stop the scourage, and refused to get help from IMF, every rich Malaysian would have been a loser, with possibility of being made bankrupt.

Please stop being kiasus and be different from Singaporean beseiged mentality. LKY is NOT, and must NOT be made your "leader" if you want to be a true Malaysian.

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malays are afraid that they will end up like aboriginies in Australia. Because of that goverment use NEP excessively after 1969 riot to boost up the malay moral but in actual case only benefited the melayu perdana. Now it is 21st century. If Malay still require NEP to maintain their moral. I am afraid they will still end up like aboriginies in Australia. Malays have attained enough moral boost and it is time to learn the hard way by working hard to face globalisation. NEP should be given to the poor regardless of race. Malaysia needs an effective and clean government. The right people should hold position regardless of race. Jangan dengki, give chances to those who are more able and learn from them. Malaysia can't improve if the leaders are behind compare to their peers in other countries. Some of them only know how to talk and are not wise enough. Singapore malay might not be in par against their chinese counterpart. However they learn things the hard but true way and improve leaps and bounds. They are the malay who are ready to face globalisation without special privelages. Malay are kind but still commit most of the crime. Maybe this is due to western influence or lack of self control. Melaka might be a pride for the malay but we must learn from history that every government even if dominated by one race fall if they are corrupt and not competitive. Although there are a lot of reasons why melaka fall, the main reason would be lack of fire power. If Japan didn't have Meiji Restoration and westernize their military. They will end up like Melaka too. Like wise in 21st century, malays must be competitive. The best place to start is to do away the special privilage and equal help to the poors regardless of race. Special previlage has become drug that weaken malay mentality. A community regardless of race won't progress if they don't have the right attitude and mentality.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The non Malay race in M'sia definitely is discriminated since long ago. Before year 2000, it was government policy that no local private institutions are allowed to give out degree.

Its also during this time that TAR college was never allowed a University status. Therefore many of the non Malay parent would use all their saving or borrow money to fund their student oversea for a degree. Upon graduation this students and their parents would have to save up every penny to repay the loan.

Those poorer one would just waste 2 years in sixth form and get a job as clerk or operators. So many qualified talent had been wasted despite their potentials.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No need to ask for anymore explaination from lee kuan yew or try to explain malaysia government isnt marginalised chinese or other races... we all already know that...
people from other countries know about that, no need to spend another day trying to explain it that you government malaysia not discriminate againts other races, dont just talk, DO IT... blah, thats the most easy simple way to do it, but it never happened to us...
and for those who say malays being marginalised in singapore or not a millionaire...
well.. it is based on personal performance in that country, you not good, you earn no big money, its like in other democratic country, you stupid you know good or YOU LAZY, you can only get what you deserved... MALAYSIA? NO, you LAZY you STUPID or you MALAY, you deserve more than other races...
oh my my.....
I am half Malay, my mom is chinese, i dont really care....

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Petikan dari blog: kickdefella.blogspot.com

Teringat saya sebuah lawak dari arwah ayah saya. Lawaknya yang sering di ulang-ulangkannya. Lawaknya begini.

Ia mengisahkan sebuah keluarga dari golongan pertengahan. Suami dan isteri bekerja. Mereka mempunyai dua orang anak. Seorang lelaki berusia 9 tahun dan seorang perempuan berusia setahun. Segala urusan rumah di kendalikan oleh seorang pembantu rumah Indonesia.

Pada suatu malam, ketika sedang makan malam sekeluarga, si anak yang berusia 9 tahun itu bertanya pada si ayah, “Ayah, apa itu politik?”. Tersedak si ayah mendengar persoalan anaknya itu. Jawab ayah, “Politik itu macam keluarga kita. Ayah dapatkan wang untuk keluarga kita, ayah adalah kapitalis, Mama gunakan wang itu untuk menguruskan keluarga kita, jadi mama adalah kerajaan. Kakak pembantu rumah kita adalah golongan pekerja. Kamu adalah rakyat dan adik kamu adalah generasi masa depan. Faham?

Kelipok-kelipok mata si anak kejam celik. Memang tidak faham. Lantas si ibu mencelah, “Tak apa, malam ini waktu hendak tidur, kamu fikirkan apa yang ayah cakap dan cuba faham okay.

Jadi semalaman si anak berusia 9 tahun itu tidak dapat lelapkan matanya berfikir tentang politik. Sehingga akhir sekali dia menjadi jemu dan hampir terlelap. Pada waktu itulah, si adik buat perangai. Meraung tengah-tengah malam pulak. Si anak itu pergi ke bilik ibu dan ayahnya hendak memberitahu bahawa adik sedang meraung kerana pampersnya sudah penuh najis.

Sampai di bilik dia lihat si ibu sedang lena tidur. Walau berkali-kali dipanggil, si ibu tetap tidur. Di lihat si ayah pula tiada di sebelah ibu. Jemu mengejutkan ibu yang tak bangun-bangun, dia mengambil keputusan ke bilik pembantu rumah. Bila dibuka bilik pembantu rumah, dia lihat si ayah sedang ‘membelasah’ si pembantu Indonesia itu. Akhir sekali si anak terpaksa menyalin pampers adiknya sendiri.

Sewaktu bersarapan esok pagi, si ayah bertanya, “Dah faham apa itu politik?.
Sia anak yang sedang selera makan selamba menjawab, “Dah!”. Si ayah dan ibu terkejut dengan jawapan selamba itu. Lantas si ibu mencelah, “jadi apa dia politik tu?”.

Si anak tanpa mengangkat muka melihat ayah dan ibunya, dengan tenang menjawab. “sewaktu kerajaan sedang asyik tidur, golongan kapitalis menodai golongan pekerja. Akibatnya rakyat di abaikan dan masa depan bergelumang najis! Itulah politik”.

Kali ini mata si ayah dan si ibu pulak yang kelipok-kelipok kejam celik!


7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Babu, Lawak juga, tapi kurang tepat.

Bukan kaum kapitalis sahaja menodai golongan pekerja. Malah ahli politik yang bepengaruh (terutama nya dari UMNO), pegawai kerajaan pangkat tinggi, menteri, menteri besar, anak-anak dan menantu mereka adalah yang menodai rakyat.

Mereka menerima kontrak-kontrak kerajaan atau dari syarikat berkait kerajaan (GLC) atau mendapat peruntukan istimewa kerajaan, seperti peruntukan saham Bumiputra untuk memenuhi syarat 30% ekuiti korporat dalam syarikat yang tersenarai di Bursa Malaysia, mendapat permit istimewa atau mendapat biasiswa kerajaan, geran dan pelaburan agensi kerajaan atau pinjaman bank.

Walaupun mereka boleh dianggap sebagai "pemegang amanah" kepada jihad menaikkan taraf sosio-ekonomi orang Melayu yang belum lagi berjaya, tetapi mereka telah menyalahgunakan kuasa untuk kepentingan kewangan sendiri dan ahli keluarga mereka sendiri.

Harap pagar, pagar makan padi. Iya, masa depan rakyat Malaysia amnya, dan kaum Melayu khasnya, memang bergelumang najis.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soalan yang terutama:
1) Siapakah orang di dalam UMNO yang boleh diharap untuk bangkit melawan kemunafikan dan dia boleh dianggap pemimpin Melayu yang agung yang dihargai SEMUA rakyat (tidak kira kaum)?
2) Siapakah yang boleh melawan kenaikan harga yang dicanang oleh Kabinet yang akan membuat SEMUA rakyat (tidak kira kaum) resah dan bengang?
3) Siapakah Melayu yang boleh buat Melayu lain bangkit dari kesusahan mereka menjadi tuan semula di tanah sendiri (tanpa menimbulkan perasaan iri kaum lain) dan Melayu yang dibangkitkan dari kesusahan itu benar-benar seorang yang berusaha dengan tulang empat kerat, jujur dan ikhlas?

Sila jawab? Terima kasih.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soalan yang terutama:
1) Siapakah orang di dalam UMNO yang boleh diharap untuk bangkit melawan kemunafikan dan dia boleh dianggap pemimpin Melayu yang agung yang dihargai SEMUA rakyat (tidak kira kaum)?
2) Siapakah Melayu yang boleh melawan kenaikan harga yang dicanang oleh Kabinet yang akan membuat SEMUA rakyat (tidak kira kaum) resah dan bengang?
3) Siapakah Melayu yang boleh buat Melayu lain bangkit dari kesusahan mereka menjadi tuan semula di tanah sendiri (tanpa menimbulkan perasaan iri kaum lain) dan Melayu yang dibangkitkan dari kesusahan itu benar-benar seorang yang berusaha dengan tulang empat kerat, jujur dan ikhlas?

Sila jawab? Terima kasih.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malay if you want to progress, please learn from the wise and able ok? Be humble and foget about the skin colour for a while ok? Sometimes things can be better if you just put the right people regardless of race at the top. The country will be much better and you can have a better role model to learn from. If your people are mediocre in certain field and you still insist to put him there just because he is same race with you, then you can't improve much or maybe take longer time to improve. This is the effect of "umpama ketam ajar anak berjalan lurus". Malaysia has a lot of talent oversea. If you guys just be humble and willing to accept them regardless of race as your leader, then you can improve a lot. Japanese are so smart and hardworking but Nissan employed a Brazilian as CEO. Lenova China which bought over IBM notebook & PC business employed an American as CEO. If chinese & japanese keep on jumping of anger because other race is at the top of their company. Then they can kiss success goodbye. Maybe their ancestor will react like that but now the world has change, their decendent know their shortcoming and willing to learn from all people regardless of race to improve themselves.

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... "Malay. if you want to progress...

To me this is a positively constructive comment. I like it; and I think most progressive and fair-minded Malaysian, too, like it.

But, perhaps, with one flaw: that the Japanese, Chinese, etc. are homogenous and are in complete command of their country and destiny.

There is no risk of their being "marginalised."

Let's face it. We are all human. We are imperfect.

Whether we like it or not, however fair we try to be, we inevitably tend to set heirachy of priorities in our life - like the Maslow laws.

First, our family; second, relatives, third, close friends, fourth, own people; fifth, faith, sixth, others close to our own people, seventh, country or nation, and so forth.

If we live in a homogenous society or country, thsse practices of priortisation, may be less conspicous.

This is simply because we do not feel in any way "threatened," psychologically - imagined or otherwise.

It is human to priortise and take care of one's immediacies frist, especially in a plural society like ours. Other countries, no exception.

This does not mean that we are chuvinists or racialists. It is simply instinctively human, and physchologically logical.

To show whether these assumptions are valid or not, one can put them to test or research.

The priority shown by the super-powers to their two captive soldiers that caused the recent Lebnon invation and innocent peoples lives, for example, is a case in point where people care of their own people first before others.

Just because two of their soldiers were "kidnapped" (whereas they have been killing innocent children and old people brutally and mercilessly everyday), they went to attack and destroy the so-called "terrorists" countries in the name of "democracy" and "patrioticm."

The moral of this message is: as human beings we tend to consciously or unconciously, have our priorities in treating others.

Correct me if I am wrong, if Malays tend to want to "protect" and give priorities to their own kin and people, it is only natural?

Others would do the same, too; given the situation.

In fact this is already clearly manifested in most of the postings seen in this website.

Another possible good example is in sports.

How often we could clearly see, when a particular contry with similar backgound as the audiences participated and did well in a game, this similar-bacground-audience would "unconsciously" give priority to cheering the said team, rather than the local team?

Finally, would one consider it "unfair" for a person to protect and give priority to his family and home?


1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its wrong to say that its right to defend one race just because it is human nature to do so.

Human has both positive and negative instinct. It is the negative intinct that had cause destruction as what happen in WW2 when Hitler wants a superior aryan race.

Nature is not perfect, but it is human effort and endearvour that continuously pushing for perferction.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living in Malaysia I sure all of us would had colleagues and friends from all races whether there are Malays, Chinese or Indian. Most of them are good people as well as hard working personal depend on what they really want for their live and family. On achievement it really depends on individual desire for success. All the people regardless of Malay, Chinese or Indian want a safe and stable place to live and work where they can raise their family and persuading their own dream.

Some would prefer a stable job to had spend more time with their family or persuade their own personal interest in any field they like. Some would want to become an entrepreneur and make a different in their life.

This doesn't mean those who prefer to stay with what their doing are lazy but just a different priority for them.

I am sure this is common among our friends or colleagues regardless of races. Thus please do not insult any race with word like lazy pig or express superiority over your own race against others. I am a Malaysian Chinese but I don’t feel that my culture is anything superior than others. Is your attitude and behavior that gain the respect but not your race or culture background. In fact my Malays friends and colleagues are very nice people and berbudi bahasa, a quality that make others very comfortable when with them.

Life cannot be 100% perfect as well as race. Every race will have their own social problem no matter it is corruption, selling pirated VCD or commit crimes. So please do not mark any race just because of minority of them had persuade such activities.

For the bloggers who use such an insulting words against any other race, either calling them lazy pig or asking them to go back china or india, I believe their are the very minority and all of malaysian would want this country to be successful.

So please do not fall into their trap till become emotional and make nonconstructive criticism.

We know the country is in her soon to be realized crisis economicaly and socially especially with the depreciation of oil reserve around 2011. Don’t be surprise our politician would have their house ready in US, Australia or London and be the first to run away with money!

We also know that the current government can never be trusted. Malays know UMNOputra had betrayed them just as Chinese and Indian know how MCA or MIC takes advantage of their own people.

The first step towards problem solving is hearing. Try understanding what other trying to tell us, ask till we fully understand it and can rephrase it without error.

Reading most of the posts here had really opened my eye on what other race trying to tell us, things that may be too sensitive to voice out or discuss even amongst our multiracial circle of friends.

The good thing of internet is it provides opportunity for everyone to voice their opinion. Let’s use it as a tool not a weapon to destroy others in our own country.

Our next discussion should be on understanding the fact that cannot be changed and how can we help each others towards a better future.

Till them, wish all of us who do care about this country and willing to spend our time reading all these blogs a wonderful day and overcome every challenge in life.

3:11 AM  

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