Friday, September 15, 2006

Konflik serius dalam UMNO

Terbahagi Dua - satu indikasi serius

Adakah ini tidak melambangkan konflik yang serius dalam UMNO? Kelab Maya UMNO kini terbahagi kepada dua - Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO dan Berita KMU (Kelab Maya UMNO). Perpecahan ini adalah kerana satu menyokong Pak Lah dan satu lagi menyokong Tun Dr Mahathir. Indikasi ini sudah cukup kuat menunjukkan bahawa UMNO adalah dalam situasi yang amat tidak selesa. Krisis dalaman sudah mula merebak dan ini pasti akan terus membengkak selagi janji - janji Mahathir untuk meneruskan kritikan dilaksanakan oleh beliau. membuka seluas mungkin diskusi siber, "Pak Lah atau Mahathir" bagi memberi peluang rakyat dan pelayar lain membaca dan memberi input mengenai senario ini.
Adakah Pak Lah gagal dalam menerajui kepimpinan parti dan negara? Adakah Mahathir mahu kembali dalam memimpin negara ini? Kenapa Mahathir bangkit dan secara terbuka menyerang Pak Lah? Banyak persoalan timbul, apa kata anda?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! There is no such a thing as "retire" for a politician. Once a politician, forever a politician because politics is forever in him or her. It is funny to think of a group of politicians like a group of dancers. I suppose this is where strength and unity lies.

Mahathir administration and Pak Lah administration are both the same - they say same the ways. All the previous abuses are still in place.

Civil service inefficiency is still in place. Corruption is still in place. Election Commission misuse is still in place. Media blackout is still in place.

Mahathir wants to right Pak Lah's wrong and Pak Lah wants to right Mahathir's wrong. They all become millionaires. Ultimately the citizens will be the losers.

It does not augur well for this country when the government goes all out to suppress the comments of a former prime minister. If they can do this to Mahathir, they can do it to anyone and we would all be the poorer for it.

Pak Lah's promises sound so hollow now - and we can be sure that more election promises will be broken. Transparency, my foot!

Mahathir is upset because his cronies have been largely left out in the current dispensation. It looks like Mahathir has not make enough "hay while the sun was shinning" for his 22 years in office.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Summary of the cases need immediate attentions:

(1) ACA revamping
(2) Automobile industry like Proton deserved to be scrapped
(3) Corruption in the highest order to the lowest rank of civil servant
(4) Crooked bridge - did we just pay for more when it is not built
(5) Economical growth is stagnant in the country
(6) Education issues - especially meritocracy systems
(7) Islamic religious stuff that undermines constitution
(8) Jasin a.k.a. the close one eye case
(9) MAS draining taxpayers money
(10) No equal wealth distribution to the people who needed it
(11) Police effectiveness
(12) Poverty in a few states namely Sabah and Sarawak
(13) Racial discrimination in many important positions - civil service
(14) Racial issues being fanned by Umno themselves
(15) Rafidah and Sammy
(16) Scomi accused of corruption
(17) Son in law which undermines the power of the prime minister
(18) Uncontrolled Muslim immigration (Project M) that swamped Malaysia
(19) White elephant sport center

Boys and gals - here are the top 19 biggest problems in Malaysia that require immediate attentions. If anybody can solve at least 50% of the problems, you are a good candidate to become the good prime minister of Malaysia. Ponder about it.

2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What role can we Malaysia play to foster better understandings of religions, cultures and civilizations?

Well firstly, we……….I am lost for words. Can't think of any role.

Yes, we have no qualifications to offer any solutions for the world illnesses. That would be the blind leading the blind.

Looking at the quality of our leaders and what they have said and not said, done and not done, and the many social, religious, racial, judicial, educational, cultural happenings we experienced over the past few months alone, I suggest we lie low, very, very low, and become like a tree in the forest. Yes, nobody's home.

We have nothing to offer the world in the matters until we proof to each other in this country that we do not have to resort to jealousy, hate and oppression.

It is highly arrogant of us to think that we can offer a solution to the rest of the world. Our model is based on subjugation and suppression rather appealing to reason and sensibility.

The racial and religious unity we have is just a facade. Deep down there is resentment and suspicion. Fortunately, all these negative elements have been contained because our economy is strong.

Maybe we can, by keeping our mouths shut, and continue to set a good example as a multi-culture, multi-racial, multi-religious, and highly tolerant nation, enjoying harmony and peace, in general, but lots of suppress ill-feelings against each other, following the recent spats of abuses by the people in authority.

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No matter how weak and ineffective Pak Lah is?
No matter how unemployable our local graduates are?
No matter how many billions the nation loses in its many economic ventures?
No matter how low the quality of our education?
No matter how ineffective the civil service is?
No matter how incompetent the CEOs of GLCs are?
No matter how corrupted the nation is?
No matter how brutal the police force is?

The people will continue to support the Barisan Nasional.

Take my word, the BN will be returned again with a two-thirds majority in the next general elections.

The reason is simple. With the election commission being a de facto member of the BN, and the widespread vote rigging, there is no way the BN can lose.

It has been impressed upon the people that the nation will be destroyed if the BN falls - malays will be wiped out from the surface of the earth.

The people are not so bothered about human rights, about good governance and transparency, about corruption.

They don't evaluate the prime minister performance. All that matters for the malays, is a party that will protect their special rights.

For the Indians, there is no choice but they follow the majority.

For the Chinese, they want to be left in peace to live and make money.

The government can rule with impunity and yet remain strong. What a dichotomy?

It was initially assumed that the victim in the ear-squat case was a Chinese national, prompting a protest from the China government. Imagine being lectured by, of all people, the China on how to treat prisoners and respect basic human rights!

How low can we go?

What we see today is the struggle for the spoils of office. While corruption is rife, no one is willing to do anything about it. Why rock the boat?

Since you can't fight corruption you might as well join in - that way you get to share the spoils of office, and create a small empire even for the siblings in business while the sun shines.

This culture of corruption has taken decades to take roots. Change will not come easy.

The race card will continue to be played. Why not? It is a damn good tool to use during times of disunity and apparent chaos. How else would you unite the malays?

The educated and politically inactive among the malays need to wake up - and do something, rather than wait for a (financial) crisis of the proportion we saw in the late 1990s, we are experiencing a leadership crisis today - make no mistake about it.

Pak Lah is asleep at the wheels.

I don't even trust my own country prime minister anymore……….he is a disappointment to me……….

Pak Lah if you read this I will tell you straight to your face "I don't support you anymore!"

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is also time to ask Mahathir to account for the many billions he spent with impunity - CyberJaya, his palace, Putrajaya, the Twin Towers, and million lost in derivatives, speculation, tin market, etc.

What happens now is an extension of what he established - the culture of corruption and extravagance.

This is a golden opportunity for local universities to do something good for the country: set up a group of thinking scholars to critically and objectively - analyse the positive or negative contributions of Mahathir during his tenure as our PM - do the various projects initiated by Mahathir - really bring benefits to Malaysia and Malaysians?

(e.g. the Bakun dam, the Bank Bumi incidents, the highway, the Multimedia Super Corridor, the Petronas Twin Towers, the Proton car projects, Putrajaya, the steel industry, the attempt to corner the tin market of LME, the toll contracts signed with the operators, etc.)

How much money has been lost? Would it be better if the money were distributed to the citizens of Malaysia?

Vision 2020 is destined to fail because Malaysia has the naive mentality of "buying its way" to "fully-developed nation status".

Ask ourselves: Are we mentally ready? Are we socio-economically ready? Do we have the skills, perseverance, knowledge and above all - the right attitude and ethics?

Look at all the developed nations. Is there any one country that has achieved its developed nation status by chance? There is surely no short cut! Are our management and system of this country failing?

Having efficient and good leadership is one thing, but having a management without a good system is scary because good leaders come and go, and we can't depend on just that……….therefore having an efficient and good system is crucial or else, disaster is waiting to happen.

2:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me tell this.

The malays have been Hindu and Buddhist from the beginning of time, and only became Muslim beginning from the fifth century. Most malay words bear Hindu and Buddhist influence, from Sanskrit. Arabic only forms a small portion of Bahasa Melayu.

'Bahasa' is also Sanskrit for 'language'. The British meanwhile, called the malays East Indians as opposed to Indians from India. They never associated the malays with Arabs.

I have nothing against things Arabic. Arabic culture spawned modern technology and science, together with Indian, Chinese and yes, the malay culture.

But to make the malays 100 percent the product of Arabic culture, is to reduce them to an artificial people, a people without their own identity and history. It is cultural genocide.

Are we trying to say that without a Bangsa Malaysia, we cannot progress? That is absolute nonsense. In the older days when nobody spoke of Bangsa Malaysia, we had more respect among races. Now it seems we are heading towards the opposite direction.

If Umno has the answers, there is nothing to fear. But the question is, does Umno have the answers?

Attempts to ensure that divisional will be interpreted by outsiders as Umno paranoia.

So Umno, please answer.

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have descended into chaos and contempt, looking at other races suspiciously, no matter what the politicians want us to believe. I feel sad that we did not build on what our founding fathers left for us, and for the divisive lives we had got into, and that we are literally at each others throats.

I sometimes see these with anger and sometimes with despair that what we could have been but never did. My reflections these days seem to throw my hands up and remark that we, as Malaysians, have lost.

To claim that we are proud to be Malaysians rings very hollow in my ears, as we are not. We have grown to be racists, from the prime minister and the rulers to the average man on the street. The exceptions are too few to be recognised.

The day the leader of the country is able to stand for and convince us that he is not a racist, that is the day this country will move forward.

It could be an elusive dream during my lifetime, as what we all had were racist politicians polluting the average man's mind for their own political expediency, except for the first prime minister, but write to anyone content and heart, we are not going to be a developed nation as these people keep saying now and then, as what you sow so shall you reap and that time will set the clock back.

Anyway who cares! We all live in a world of pretence as if everything is ok but time will tell whether I am right even though deep inside me I would wish otherwise.

We are about 13 years away from the supposedly dream of attaining the developed nation status and as the word implies, it could well end up as a dream after the hype and ho hah. When we have an education system which is not only lagging far behind but very, very politicised and with a "trial and error" guinea pigs that we have become, it is all talk and talk.

The prime minister talks but these days very few believe anything he has to say. Maybe there has been a revolution indeed that he promised - just that I did not or could not see it.

After all, he had the audacity to claim that he had done a great deal to arrest corruption. I must have been sleeping because I did not see it. Multitudes of projects are just being dished out without any tenders and we have gone down further on the corruption index.

Of course, nothing what we write here will ever reach those politicians because they have proven us wrong over and over again by being voted in election after election and they continue with their complacent and lethargic attitude as ever.

We are a divided nation, more so by religion these days than by any other reasons. While we fight, our neighbours rejoice. The sorry state of affairs will continue.

A recent survey showed that people have the least trust in politicians. I was surprised that there need to be a survey to find that out as the word "crooked" has become synonymous with politicians, from the top to the bottom.

Most universities of developed nations are autonomous and although we have private universities, which are nothing more than money-making institutions, the quality of education is very pathetic indeed.

From the top to the bottom, it is "tidak apa" all the way. A small nation to the south with no known natural resource has placed itself comfortably in the economic world but we have "half-past-six" (just borrowed from Mahatir) people handling the government and its agencies with almost predictable results of losses. Are we going to sleep forever? Are we supposed to be proud?

You talk to the monkeys in parliament, they behave more like "samseng" than elected representatives and such people are walking our parliament house.

How, can we expect our children to be decently educated when these people continue behaving like circus monkeys? Instead of trying to get the races together, these are simply exploits to create animosity.

Even the way they explained the merits on the university selection was very off the mark - we all could see that they were lying through their teeth - and they too know that they are lying but they just do it.

I am tempted to say they are just dreaming - daydreaming. Mahatir tried for 22 years and failed and he is supposed to be one of those intelligent prime minsters but he approached and dealt with almost racially blurred eyes.

Those before him also failed. They have created a sub-standard species of walking zombies in Malaysia who will either nod up and down or right and left. The will was never there and it will never be. Just make hay while the sun shines - grab as much as you can as if you don't, others will. May the Creator has mercy on this country.

2:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The announcement of the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) by the prime minister was another empty promise. How could we expect this corrupted government to manage the lots billion implementation plan to achieve the nation's Vision 2020!

Our nation financial coffer is running dry and the foreign debt almost equivalent to half of our GNP. Let us see how these bunch of monkeys going to suck the nation dry. Monkey see, monkey do. As long as Umno is in power there would be no future for all Malaysians (the poor and the needy).

I don't see how this plan will propel Malaysia into develop nation. Just can't believed such a huge sum of money can be used to pull vote to retain the ruling at the expanse of the people.

What I can see from the plan is just like a kid telling his father all those fantasy and ideal he wanted from his imaginary world he created without thinking further what need to be done to achieve such a result.

On the 30% equity - I would like to suggest that the ruling maintained it till doomsday come. The non-privileges have proven that still can compete without all this protection. Without this 30% - I don't think they can retain their power in Malaysia.

Just can't believe that they can sell their own race future in competitiveness for the sake of benefiting their own friends, family and cronies. They are in the process of wiping out their own race.

From the 1MP to the 9MP - all this will only benefit someone. These are projections made by the BN government to gain the wealth indirectly to its cronies. By giving out multi-billion projects and finally they gain.

The 30% equity ownership has devalued the 9MP. It simply means the plan is going to create a few malay millionaires through corruption, malpractice and mismanagement. Integrity, morality, patriotism and righteousness are quite alien to our Umno politicians and the civil service.

There seems nothing in the 9MP that set in place these checks and balances to ensure public sector governance.

The media freedom is not given importance. The government must be prepared to listen to critics which can be achieved through independent media. But unfortunately, our media only 'suit' the government so that their business can run. Why TV only carrying study on environmental destruction, not even a single talk on corruption, which is the biggest enemy of Malaysia? Why all the media is under one roof and linked politically?

If all this term continues……….we can only see crying prime ministers such as Mahathir and Pak Lah. Prime ministers who practice these methods will definitely fail because it is against human nature. All in all - you need political will, I don't think anything can be expected from corrupted Umno party.

Well, as for me, I don't have any authority, so I can only voice thing out, but I know, my voice will only fall into deaf ears - so I will wait and see the failure of 9MP.

There is really nothing much to think about. Rather it is better to think of something else.

It is now after 49 years of self rule, and we are still harping on the separate achievements of the different races, and using all kinds of statistical data to justify what the BN government knows best, to divide and rule and to stay in power forever.

There shows that the government is lazy to think about a way to administer the country to make the people live in pride, and practise first world mentality such as righteousness, politeness, modesty, honesty; free from shame, disgrace and corruption.

Can the BN government reform its mindset to show the world that it was able to government with fairness to all without resorting to the dirty political means of dividing the people for political gains.

I would like to point out here that the Indians will keep lagging behind. No wonder they are causing a lot of social problems. Soon it will be like the blacks and Latinos in America, if nothing is done.

NEP was an emergency measure to defuse conflicts. It was an unfair system. It is like a medicine which relieves some symptoms but would cause side effects. We have seen these side effects everywhere ranging from problems at governance at the public sector, moral hazards and crutch mentality among the target beneficiaries of the NEP, selfishness and all the negative characteristics which a person with pride would not want to have them.

NEP has helped the race-based Umno politicians to perpetuate their hold on powers, and they are now addicted to it like opium. I am sure the issues I have raised have long been known, possibly as far as in the 1970s. But the powers-that-be chose to ignore.

I raise it here just to give notice that we are aware of their play, and to show that we cannot be fooled all the time. They can choose to ignore, maybe at their own peril. Powerful dynasties and kingdom didn't remain forever. It rotted from within. When the powers-that-be live by unjust practice, they will get thrown out by unjust practice also. So I wish as that is all we can do.

The contracts that will be given out will not benefit the average malays but will benefit those rich malays with contact at Umno. The only way to describe the disappointment is that the non-malays have nothing to look for in the coming years, just further hardships and sufferings. The civil service and all important GLCs post will continue to be monopolised by one race.

In fact, when we actually look at it, it is plain to see that equity control is concretely vested into the hands of the malays. Be it only a small number of them, it is still theirs. To solve the Malaysia dilemma, I believe we need a person and a party not bereft of sound ideologies and ideas. We need a solution, not a problem, i.e. the NEP.

As long as the NEP exist, the 'Malaysian Malaysia' dream will be just that an illusion. It is impossible for us to be in full NEP throttle and then suddenly take our foot off it in year 2020. The NEP which is a corrupt 'ideology' was initially a clever plan to vest power from the people. Now 35 odd years later, it has fed a generation of citizens with its corrupt ways, fallacy, ideologically inferior practices.

The economy will not always be booming and the fact that the government keeps harping on racial sentiments will serve to fuel this inevitable outcome. Hopefully by then, we will have real leaders that are given or take the opportunity to inculcate a 'better' way of life with a more sound branch of democratic capitalism.

Good Luck to all Malaysians. You all deserve it but will you get it - is another story.

2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a problem to Malaysia. The Big Brain Drain.

Sure, opportunities are plentiful, but not for everyone. Until and unless there is a level-playing field, many non-resident Malaysians will be reluctant to return.

Based on the recent intention of the government to attract Malaysian experts from abroad to return home, it is obvious there has been a brain drain, which has been detrimental to the economy of Malaysia.

I doubt very much if the government can succeed in reversing this trend if they do not remove the policies, which caused the emigration in the first place.

In short, we are a divided country living in harmony along racial and religious divides. Is this the multi-racial society we are proud to present to the world?

Immigration and emigration are part of the dynamics of an evolving society. People will continue to migrate from time to time. Look at the positive side of it all. Who knows I or my children might migrate to China! It is a nice place after all.

You have a larger issue in going to a foreign land for your children to find their identity and place. You choose to look to the future, so seize it and take responsibility.

Like any building, we are works in progress. Without the strong foundation of where we came from, there will always be questions as to where we are going.

3:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you think we are not capable to change Malaysia?

Umno is but a small machinery. In the past centuries, humankinds have abolished slavery, communism, Berlin Wall. We determine our destiny. We live in this system and we need to create awareness for people to wake up and change the system.

We need to voice dissent. We need to separate the evil and good. When we criticise laziness, incompetence, fanaticism and corruption, those who are good will come out of the system.

We then create a new system. Parties within Barisan Nasional begin to come out - MIC, MCA. Or leaders that follow the citizens cry, come out. When the good leaders are out, the party is but a wrecked evil not capable of any good and not getting the support of the people.

We then can begin to start anew. Debate policies and build a new Malaysia.

We are in the making of this. Already we are using forums and blogs to discuss what we want of Malaysia. When we debate this in parliament and in open forums, we will be so much closer when all the people want change.

Change is inevitable with globalisation. If not today then tomorrow.

We are Malaysians - we need one another and we can change Malaysia if we want it much. Let us live for Malaysia like the forefathers of Malaysia - the independence fighters who free Malaysia for the coming generations.

3:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you malays are not happy in Penang, just leave and go to the more developed states like Kedah, Perlis, Sabah, where you will not be marginalised.

Gerakan, MCA who are reading this, just a simple advise: Leave BN now before you lose more voters.

50 years is enough. Vote DAP or any opposition in your constituency. We must not allow BN to fool us again. Down with BN and have a better future for all Malaysians.

Opposition leaders and parties should keep quiet. Umno is doing the work for them.

Smaller parties in BN will be severely punished in the next election for not standing up for their communities and parties interests, and for not taking proper care of the country. Their political survival could be leaving BN and run as independent party.

The malays are just too lazy even to analyze their own predicaments! After 49 years, they are still lamenting on not enough money in their pockets, and they are blaming the non-malays for this.

How further from the truth can this be? The malays should ask themselves how NEP has enriches a minority of malays, mostly the Umno politicians and their relatives and cronies.

That is where their money has gone to, so don't blame the non-malays who have sacrificed so much of their rights for the sake of the malays!

Most political parties are "unbreakable". They will find a scapegoat or common objective/target to unite the party at all costs to hold on to power.

Who cares whether a political party is breakable or unbreakable. They are only there to take care of their members and party interests first, not the ordinary people.

The ordinary people want to see the country and people properly taken care of, e.g. effective and efficient government departments, fair policies, good public facilities and social welfare, increase public safety and less crimes, no corruption and etc.

The Umno Youth act like crazy mobs same as their terrorist counterparts outside the country. They use the loophole in democracy which the little follow the many. Their member are not gullible but just plain evil and vile - they are just waiting for a chance to act.

These can be seen by the future generations in the UPM incidence. The UPM psychos are just the chips of the main Umno Youth block.

This week, I send of a cousin, a friend, a sister and two nephews to the airport who will never return to this country. They are all top graduates or students of top universities in UK and US, some with millions in their bank accounts. These news only convince them they are right and not to look back.

Just today I spoke to an old student of mine who has returned for a short holiday. I asked whether he has secured a PR in Australia and he said yes. I told him to serve there and stay there.

DAP, Gerakan and Keadilan may have to build Penang as a different country. That is the happening if your power is being threatened.

As long as Gerakan, MCA, MIC and other non-Umno in BN, they will never fight for our rights, the Umno say "yes" no one dare to say "not", how do we call it a partnership? Just like a dog following his master.

DAP and other champions of Malaysian rights, please do something about this and don't worry the next election, all the votes will go to you guys.

This is how idiots save themselves for the wrong things they firstly created. By putting blame of others then add more weight to their argument and cause - they think they would neutralise the troubles that is within their own party (Umno).

I tell you, we will end up having another May 13 for sure. Let us vote all of these idiots out if you are truly Malaysians.

I am just wondering how stupid these malays can be. Why are they not asking, after nearly 50 years for which 34 years of the NEP, all under malay prime minister and Umno but yet they can be marginalised and still poor!

Really idiotic thinking, they just don't ask themselves or their Umno leaders but blaming others.

Damn Umno, their denial syndrome, their extremism, their mentality, their self-righteousness. There is no greater curse than willful blindness and obscurantism.

Penang malays want more crutches. It is gimme, gimme, gimme. They do not know how to strive on their own but want handouts.

What about the Umno executive councilors! Were they sleeping all these years! It is the BN state government which is responsible for the state of the malays there. In any case, they will be blaming the chief minister even in 2200 and till eternity.

Umno had critical internal problems for decades. So far they had been able to divert their internal problems by using race and religion at all costs at the great expense of the country.

If one is confident, secure and strong, one do not need to resort to aggression, intimidation and threat to achieve one's objectives. These behaviors are strong signs of failures, insecurity and weaknesses.

Why are Umno Youth acting as if they can do whatever they like and not respect BN component parties and Umno which is the government?

Like in a family, if you don't set a good example for your children to follow, they will not respect you and they will rebel.

The national interests being scarified and ordinary people are being used for narrow and selfish party interests for far too long.

This is a sick government. After so many scholarships and after so many years given to the malays, I am wonder why there is still no bright and smart Umno politician to lead Umno?

Anyway, don't want to sound racist but I think the NEP will never achieve its targets with the malays current mentality.

3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tidak ada sebab ahli-ahli UMNO berasa tidak selesa. Sudah menjadi kelaziman (bukan zalim) dlm UMNO ada Presiden meninggalkan parti mahupun melepaskan jawatan kepada penggantinya. Allahyarham Dato' Onn Jaafar meninggalkan UMNO lalu menubuhkan parti baru. UMNO dan ahlinya masih utuh. Orang kuat UMNO dari Perak pada tahun 1950-an, Datuk Panglima Bukit Gantang pun melakukan hal yang sama keluar UMNO lalu menjadi penentang UMNO. Ku Li pun melakukan hal yang sama. Cuma pada akhirnya Ku Li kembali semula ke pangkuan UMNO. Mantan Perdana Menteri Malaysia kecuali Allahyarham Tun Razak, tidak terkecuali menjadi pengkritik kerajaan. Mereka juga pernah menyokong parti serpihan UMNO. Kalau nak sebut pasal kroni, nepotisme, anak menantu, suku sakat dan keluarga - usahkan orang UMNO, kalangan parti pembangkang pun melakukan hal yang sama. Kalau orang berniaga dan senang lenang malah kaya raya pada zaman Tun M, zaman Pak Lah pun nak keadaan yang sama: maklumlah anak bertambah kalau cawangan bertambah, cucu pun bertambah, hobi pun bertambah dan sebagainya pun bertambah. Jadi, kalau zaman Pak Lah orang lain tak payah jadi macam mereka yang kaya raya tu biar mereka saja yang begitu. Kalau jadi CEO syarikat-syarikat berkaitan kerajaan biar saja mereka sandang. Orang lain tak payah. Kalau dulu dah puas jadi CEO, bagilah peluang kepada orang lain. Kalau di Proton tu CEOnya dari zaman Tun M sampai Pak Lah pun biar orang yang sama saja. Di Khazanah Nasional pun biar CEO orang yang sama. Ahli lembaga pengarah pun biar orang yang sama saja. Wakil Rakyat dan Ketua Bahagian yang dah puas memegang jawatan tu biarlah tak payah tukar. Teruk sangat kah ahli perniagaan, pegawai kerajaan dan ekonomi negara pada ketika ini. Berapa buah agensi kerajaan yang dah tutup sebab ekonomi teruk sangat. 30 Julai yang lalu umur saya genap 50 tahun. Pada 4 Ogos sudah termasuk dalam akaun bank saya sejumlah RM70,000.00 daripada pengeluarawan KWSP. Saya percaya ramai lagi yang menerima simpanan mereka malah lebih banyak yang saya terima. Kalau buat pesta Jom Heboh ke apa ke, bukan main ramai orang Melayu. Papa kedana sangat kah orang Melayu pada hari ini? Terus sangatkah pelajaran anak-anam Melayu pada hari ini. Sudah muflis semuakah jutawan Melayu pada hari ini? Barangkali sudah ramai pegawai-pegawai kanan Melayu yang kehilangan jawatan digantikan dengan orang bukan Melayu pekerja luar barangkali? Lalu Pak Lah perlu meletakkan jawatan!

8:16 AM  
Blogger zulzain/umno said...

By coincidence I read all the comments today. It look like this is a forum to lepas geram sahaja but nothing sound or smell politics in the blood of those who write these comments.
First Questions:
Are you an Umno members?
If you are ,good! If not ,just go out of this alam maya and get one form and fill up and submit at any Umno branch chairman.

As everyone is aware that Umno is a Malay grassroot party, it is a very simplistic party, it is easy to understand its policies to champion the malay interest, as the backbone of this demographic country. The malys were left behind because they dont have many good leaders who can champion their rights.Most of the good brain ,are outside Umno.JOIN NOW!!!

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

malays in penang want to develop together with the chinese, help them to do it, c'mon kok.

kok said that he sent his relatives abroad and they won't come back. when will you get your butt out of here? can't wait to hear!!

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umno, the most racist organisation in Malaysia has launched his attacks on non-malays, particular the Chinese.

All Chinese, please be aware. Umno have started brainwashing the malay students into believing that the non-malays are agents for Israel and USA.

Chinese and Indians please do not get into the business of Umno fight. It is not our business. It is the malays business.

At the mean time, Umno has run full force in brainwashing all the universities students in Malaysia starting from UM, UPM, USM that non-malay students are agents for Israel and USA.

We pity the non-malay students studying in malay university like UM, UPM, USM but we encourage you to hold on or move to UTAR.

One day, Chinese will become prime minister in Malaysia and Malaysia will become a better country for everybody.

I guarantee that the Chinese prime minister will not discriminate against other races like the Umno does.

The Malaysia economy will improve and most Malaysians will have high skills jobs. Everything will be affordable from cars to houses. And most malays will be able to afford a decent house.

A Malaysian Chinese prime minister make all roads toll free and Petronas money will be spend wisely on public schools and public transports.

Malaysian Chinese prime minister will also facilitate any Muslim who wants to die in Middle East.

2:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The major barrier to Malaysians becoming competitive is our ineffective and outmoded education system.

Malaysians are fully aware of this, and those who can have already abandoned it. This includes our own minister of education! Witness the steady stream every school day morning of our young heading to Singapore for their education.

The glaring deficit of our leadership is lack of execution. Your answer to every problem is to form a committee. Punting problems onto committees reflects shallow executive talent. Not paying attention to execution is the bane of many leaders. All your wise policies would be meaningless if their execution is wanting.

Make Malaysia and Malaysians competitive; that would be a legacy more enduring and worth striving for.

All these aspirations would be for naught if Malaysians were divided. I am distressed at the deepening polarization of Malaysians and the increasing fragmentation of Malaysians.

The solution lies not in emphasizing but celebrating our differences; not in minimizing but sharing our commonalities. You must blunt those elements that would drive a wedge between Malaysians, and nurture those that would bring us together.

Malay leaders are again selling to their followers a bill of goods with the doctrine of Ketuanan Melayu (malay hegemony). These leaders delude themselves and the masses into thinking that we malays have been anointed Tuan (master) of Malaysia, with all the implied glories and privileges.

Both the premise and promise of Ketuanan Melayu are false. The sooner malays grasp this stark reality, the better it is for us and for all Malaysians, as well as for the nation. In this competitive world, you work to be a master; you must earn it!

In feudal societies, whether you are fated to be master or servant is determined at birth by your heritage. Malaysia has long passed that stage although many are still entrapped in the feudal mindset.

The sure path to uniting Malaysians is not through culture, education, language, politics, or religion but economics, specifically through the wonders of the marketplace.

Embrace free enterprise, and encourage the market exchange of goods and services among Malaysians, and between Malaysians and the world.

Once Malaysians view each other less as malays and non-malays but more as potential clients, customers and partners, national unity and prosperity would be enhanced. Likewise when we view foreigners in those terms, Malaysians would be contributing their share towards world peace and prosperity.

Build on our own legacy, and if you are successful, the excesses of you predecessor will become obvious through comparison. Create your legacy in your own style. There is no need to blow out someone else's candle in order to make yours shine brighter.

2:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it appears that the leadership of the university, especially the students department head, and in cohort with the notorious Biro Tata Negara (BTN), had displayed to the whole wide world the extent to which it was willing to go - and this is to the level of the gutter.

And for what, you might ask? Well, in order to ensure victory of its favoured 'pro-government' faction of the student community in the forthcoming campus election. That is Malaysia campus democracy for you!

Contrary to its official objective of promoting national unity, seminars of this nature often end up stoking racist sentiments of a particular ethnic group, which really is pathetic.

What is even more despicable is the fact that such a 'seminar' was organised by an institution of higher learning that prides itself of competing on the world stage. Can one really believe that these people could actually face the various facets of globalisation by a hare-brained and simplistic strategy such as Jew-bashing?

And I thought the UPM recent ghastly episode was bad enough. Looks like the local universities are 'competing' on the kampung level to show who is the foolish of them all.

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Academic qualification is usually an indicator of achievements. However, over the last three decades, qualifications from Malaysia are suspects. Further, appointment to teaching posts in universities might not reflect ability.

So when a malay is appointed, the tendency is to think that he is a product of the NEP, in the sense that he could not be there based on meritocracy. People perception take time to change. The change might take place long after the NEP has been banished.

You cannot appoint a non-malay to the position and expect him to perform when he is expected not to rock the boat. He or she had to accept the Umno standard of meritocracy which is merito-crazy.

As has been said elsewhere, meritocracy is an anathema to the NEP and although world-class university is aspired, the NEP is not only more desired but a non negotiable imperative and cornerstone in every other aspect of national life.

The politics of race has already started in the 1960s when Ungku Aziz was arguably appointed as the vice chancellor (VC) or of University Malaya over the better qualified professor Wang Gung Wu. From 1960s until now, one just has to ask, has politics defined by ethnicity be less or more? The answer is obvious.

The criteria are still not world-class criteria of getting the most qualified person based on merits to be the VC of whatever race, nationality, gender and creed.

The nation premier university need antidote to relieve back the glory day of the university.

What is of concern now is that the government is limiting itself on the choice because of political expediencies. It has been proven that many CEOs or VCs are not capable yet the government cannot seem to accept it. When opportunities arise, the government time again is blinded by its selfish agenda and thus depriving us of having the best talent appointed.

Since when has our 'Malaysia Boleh' spirit being influenced by other or international standard and assessment when the latter is inexpedient or inconvenient?

We just don't care. For examples: we did not run to IMF when the hedge funds attacked our currency; we did not care about international opinion when we prosecuted our deputy premier for sodomy and gave him a black eye;

we certainly do not care for international opinion questioning the oddity of why affirmative policies are institutionalised here to favour the majority when world over there - they are institutionalised to favour the minorities.

In the absence of alternatives - since pride, politics, NEP and hubris, will always be the imperatives, it is really the only way to go!

2:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you were prime minister of Malaysia…………I will make:-

1. Abolish bumi special rights
2. Abolish racial quotas in the country
3. Abolish the ISA
4. Bring back power to the people
5. Downsize the civil service
6. Establish a true meritocracy system for education
7. Heavier punishment for corruption, drug, rape
8. Revive English as the medium of administration and education
9. Revive true freedom of speech
10. Sack all the corrupted officers and politicians

2:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The earlier we abolish race-based political parties and promotes multi-racial parties like Keadilan and DAP the better we'd live.

49 years is a very, very long time to be fooled.

It seems that racism in this country has now becomes a BN government sanctioned policy. It is no wonder that we saw the type of behaviour demonstrated in UPM.

As usual, we don't hear a squeak from the component parties in defense of our civil liberty. How about bar, man?

I am all for the support of multi-racial parties which is not based on racism or ketuanan. In a globalize world, ketuanan could really just end up as Jaguh Kampung.

Other than garnering grassroots support, I don't see how else we can compete with the upcoming Vietnam, the rising India and the awakened dragon of China. Welcome to the globalize world where information is just at the click of the mouse!

Our universities are meant to promote academic excellence, to enhance independent thinking, to create new ideas and many others. To brainwash our freshmen with hatred and anti-Semitic talks are totally an unacceptable and idiot measure!

Fresh innocent souls are being misled and confused. Eventually those wiser youths will realise the whole sham and hypocrisy. They will emigrate leading to brain drain which the BN government is all out to promote relentlessly. Malaysia Boleh!

No wonder there are so much racism in the universities nowadays. Look who is playing religious and racial issues! Why hate Jews? They had so many towering personalities and are much smarter than those pro keris waving fanatics.

They even have globally ranked universities whereas ours are a shame. We should be emulating their success. I would have no more hope for Pak Lah and can only wish that he is a one-term prime minister.

This activity of USM is highly racial and deplorable. Time and again, MIC and MCA have shown themselves to be political puppets and eunuchs of Umno.

A vote for MIC or MCA is a vote for the likes of Khairy, Hisham, and all those Umno-malays who sideline and discriminate the non-malay communities whom have sacrificed so much for Malaysia. The racial politics of Umno has no place in Malaysia, or for that matter any country in the world.

Brainwashing is Malaysia government method of retaining the support. That is. Others may not be relevant.

2:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let them to continue the Umno racist and other MCA and Gerakan coward ways.

The way Umno put on the Penang issue, and the way MCA and Gerakan response to this Umno bullies, will help the Penang back into DAP hand.

I would like to see Penang go into opposition hand. And prove to the racist BN that, multiracial party doing much better than the BN racist way of management.

What is BN tradition?

BN tradition is Umno racist dog can yell and scream around with all the racist statement, even bullies their partner party openly.

But other BN component parties are totally not allow do the same as Umno did. They will only allow to use BN insider deal.

So, we have all the cowards BN party make it MIC, MCA, Gerakan, or other tiny party.

It is high time to all other BN components to leave BN, since Umno is strong enough to hold the position to form the government.

MCA, Gerakan, your fate will exactly like those in Sarawak. If you guy still silence, I am very sure, all of you will lose big in the coming election.

2:57 AM  
Blogger kesumat said...


4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya, yang berlaku bukan krisis, yang berlaku adalah keterperanjatan terhadap sesuatu yang dianggap baru dalam UMNO iatu mengeritik kepimpinan. Masyarakat UMNO dibesarkan dalam "suasana ampu sana wa ampu sini wa angguk saja", jadi apabila Tun Dr Mahathir mengeritik Pak Lah, lahirlah tanggapan di kalangan UMNO bahawa berlaku perpecahan.

Memperkatakan kritikan kepada PAk Lah, kita semuapun tahu bahawa kritikan dan hentaman pembangkang jauh lebih dahsyat dari pada apa yang Tun sebut, tapi orang UMNO tak kisahpun, kerana mereka tahu itu adalah biasa, yang menjadi isu adalah apabila orang UMNO menghentam pucuk pimpinan.

Saya menyokong penuh tindakan Tun yang membawa satu arus baru dalam UMNO, di mana orang UMNO sendiri boleh mengeritik pucuk pimpinannya.

Saya sarankan agar Tun terus mengeritik pucuk pimpinan sehingga ia menjadi satu budaya baru yang sihat untuk kepentingan semaraknya demokrasi tulen dalam UMNO.

Kalau ahli biasa yang mengeritik alamat kena pecatlah ia, atau suaranya diredam dari arus perdana. Kita semua maklum Sang Kelembai akhirnya dipecat apabila ia mengeritik Pak LAh


Penyongsong Arus

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fucklah bangang

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

brother zai,
setakat simpanan kwsp rm70,000.00 jangan la nak heboh satu dunia.....dengan kenaikan harga barang keperluan i.e minyak, gula, tol, cili, ayam, dll. kalau simpan selama 20-30 tahun rasanya belanja tak sampai 3 bulan leh abis.....kalau nak mula berniaga tuuuu pikirla 200-300 kali dengan keadaan ekonomi tak menentu niii kecualila ada cable ngan anak menatuuuu

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kepada penyonsong arus

Pak lah memang patut dikritik bukan sahaja oleh pembangkang malah oleh org - org umno sendiri.

Masa sudah sampai utk membunyikan slogan nyah pak lah

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wonder what this discussion is leading to...Another coffee shop talk that ends with the cup of coffee?.

We talk about UMNO - an acroname for United Malay Nationalist Organisation (an english words!!!!). How in the world would you claim to defend a Malay heritage when you use an English name to represent the organisation?.

5:04 PM  

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