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Draf Rancangan Struktur Pulau Pinang (2005-2020)

Setelah isu penggiliran menjadi desakan Pemuda UMNO Pulau Pinang, disusuli dengan desakan agar Ketua Menteri melepaskan jawatan Pengurusan Air Pulau Pinang, satu deraf dirangka bagi memberi peluang masyarakat Melayu disana mengambil bahagian dalam memacukan aktiviti - aktiviti ekonomi dan penglibatan Melayu dalam sektir itu.

Satu draf dirangka untuk membolehkan orang - orang kembali berusaha dalam sektor ekonomi dengan memberi kelonggaran kepada Bumiputera. Apa pun berikut adalah deraf yang dirangka bagi menjana ekonomi.

Dewan Perniagaan Cina Pulau Pinang (PCCC) membantah Draf Rancangan Struktur Pulau Pinang (2005-2020) yang memberi penekanan kepada penyertaan Bumiputera negeri ini dalam sektor ekonomi.

INFO: Draf Rancangan Struktur Pulau Pinang (2005-2020)

  • Menguatkuasakan syarat penyediaan 30 peratus kuota Bumiputera bagi semua projek hartanah perumahan, perdagangan, perindustrian, pertanian/industri asas tani dan pelancongan;

  • Keutamaan dan peluang kepada Bumiputera menyertai aktiviti perniagaan, perindustrian, pertanian dan pelancongan yang berpotensi untuk dimajukan dengan menetapkan minimum 30 peratus ekuiti perniagaan kepada Bumiputera;

  • Sekurang-kurangnya 30 peratus diberi kepada Bumiputera dalam pembangunan ruang perdagangan yang mampu dimiliki terutama dari jenis rumah kedai setingkat dan kedai mini di lokasi strategik;

  • Bangunan perdagangan baru disyaratkan memperuntukkan lebih banyak ruang niaga yang dilengkapi kemudahan yang sesuai dengan kadar sewa yang munasabah untuk peniaga Bumiputera;

  • Sekurang-kurangnya 30 peratus daripada rumah yang dibina dalam skim baru perumahan, dijual kepada Bumiputera sebagai syarat dalam memberikan kebenaran merancang;

  • Mengekalkan kuota unit Bumiputera yang tidak dijual sehingga dibeli Bumiputera lain, agensi kerajaan/badan amanah Bumiputera yang dikenal pasti atau diambil alih agensi amanah yang dikenal pasti; dan

  • Memastikan kuota itu dikekalkan melalui pengawalan pertukaran hak milik serta penentuan plot Bumiputera dalam pelan pembangunan.

Deraf ini dibantah kerana menurut Dewan Perniagaan Cina itu, sudah sampai masa pengagihan sama rata antara semua kaum diberikan untuk memastikan kemajuan Malaysia. Apa pendapat anda


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Malays have to revamp their political system. Their leaders are eating up what should be theirs.

The leader as what been sum up by Mahfuz Omar in betrayed their own people. I think this arah kita blog and umno reform should now concentrate on beating up their foul leaders.

What about clearing Pak Lah from the site - maybe this will strat the ball rolling.

As for PP I guess the draft is quite unfair for the rest of the people.

Anuar what do you think?

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kebanyakan bangsa lain tidak membantah jika terdapat keikhlasan untuk membantu mereka yang ketingalan dalam arus pembagunan, tetapi bukan dengan cara sebegini yang bagaikan merompak dengan kerakusan yang tidak dapat dipuaskan.

Tidak tahu malukah pemuda Umno ini asyik hendak merompak dari mereka yang telah kerja siang malam menjayakan perniagaan mereka? Dari yang tua hingga yang muda tak habis merompak, merasuah, mengkroni dan menindas kaum sendiri dan bangsa lain.

Sebenarnya bila2 sahaja dan sesiapa pun boleh berniaga dan berusaha. Di dunia perniagaan, tak kira bangsa semua hendak untung. Persaingan yang sengit tidak memberi sebarang ruang untuk peniaga berdiskriminasi. Perniagaan yang mampu mendiskriminasikan bangsa lain adalah kerana perniagaan tersebut senang untung dan kurang persaingan seperti badan2 kerajaan, Petronas, Tenaga, Telekom, PNB, Felda, Tabung Haji dan Proton.

Bilakah kerjaan ini khususnya orang Melayu akan sedar tabiat mereka ini tiada kaitan langsung dengan keadilan. Perbuatan mereka ini tersangat dosa, manakah kesedaran mereka ini? Bertaubatlah sebelum terlambat!

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with this Malaysia country: Too many cronies greedy hands that are asking for easy money, instead of creating and earn for it!

The government can come up many plans, but nothing will succeed. Since Mahathir became prime minister, the plans are for cronies to become rich. It is good to have long term plans to develop and to set direction for the future, but in Malaysia it is more for the ministers and cronies to make good bucks out of it.

Firstly, the government must be transparent in awarding contracts, improve the existing infrastructures, weed out corruption, which are in dire state.

All in all, they actually want is to see the reverse of what it is now, i.e. the malays in control of everything.

As pointed out, the plan is not going to improve racial harmony as the NEP has been extended further. The government must plan to remove the crutches provided to the weak communities and allow them to progress on par with other races.

As long as the malay have the subsidy mentality, 100 years of NEP will not accomplish anything. They will forever be a backward race.

Take it away from him/her, the child will cry out. Forget about the 50 years as I am willing to bet my top dollar that it will last forever. The NEP will never die off and Umno will fight to the very end to make sure that it will go on forever.

I agree with one. Most youngsters now are ignorant of their rights - and many (among my own group of friends) have not registered as voters although they are eligible.

It may even be 100 years and we still vote for BN because it seems we have no choice at all. However, we all capable of making radical change through ballot box but still reluctant to do it since everyone fear of change.

The question of building a just and fair society is a dead ideal. Malaysia is already in the history book of legally accepting apartheid of a minority. There is no other possible historical interpretation.

If Malaysia is lucky, it will be said and apologized for it some day but if it is unlucky, it has to live in denial and eventually implode.

We should stop discussing this digging grave policy. Let us join the ruling (since we cannot beat it) - make our money and think of what other country we can emigrate to.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some have claimed that the bumis dominate the banking industry, I would agree. And dominate the automobile industry in Malaysia.

Out of the 10 anchor banks in Malaysia, only Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank Bhd and Southern Bank are controlled by non-bumis.

Again, after Oriental Holding Bhd lost it franchise and dealership of Honda. Hyundai franchise has been acquired by Sime Darby. Only Tan Chong which holds distributorship of Nissan remain under non-bumis.

Actually, it is ridiculous to excluded government link company (GLC) on it calculation on 18 percent ownership. If included GLC, bumis control more than 50% of Malaysia economy. All GLCs are head by bumis and majority of its staff comprises bumis plus it has the bumis culture.

Other than the two industries highlighted, they fail to include plantation industry. With the GLC control of Golden Hope, Guthrie and Sime Darby, bumis actually control the majority of the plantation land in Malaysia.

It just that it yield of the company unable to compete with those control by non-bumis like IOI Group, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd and PPB Oil Palms Bhd. Thus, it is time to improve efficiency and competitiveness rather than improve percentage of ownership.

All the plantation company also has a property development arm to capitalize on the land-bank like Gutherie Land, I&P and Sime UEP.

Bumis also control all the free to air TV via Media Prima Bhd. Holding company of TV3.

At one point of time, bumis control the whole Kuala Lumpur transport system via IntraKota and Park May Bhd. However, both have been acquired by the government due to inefficiency and unable to pay its debts. Again, this is a question of efficiency and not a question of ownership percentage.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loss billion is just another number to the Umno grassroots, and to the uneducated or to the uninformed. As long as the country is still standing, the voters will continue to be conned into voting for BN at every general election.

We can shout until we are blue in the face - in the parliament or in the alternative media - but when BN control the mainstream press and blatantly suppress such information, then there is little hope that such scandals will see the light of day.

Only when a calamity occurs to this country which brings the country to its knees could we see a real revolution. This calamity could be economic or could be political. Why do you think the RM is still a "controlled" currency with no convertibility outside of Malaysia?

All this is now history. But unfortunately only a tiny percentage of Malaysians know about this dark side of the Mahathir era. The masses have no inkling that this happened and many still think of Mahathir as the greatest economic genius who saved the country from the evil West, when he is in fact an economic moron.

I think we should stop using Bolehland. Bodohland run by Bodoh people would be much more appropriate. Even if they did not have the intention to cheap, they are obviously very naïve and stupid.

A little learning is a dangerous thing. I simply find so many of them around holding important positions today. That is why scandal must repeat itself.

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to tell somebody you that Singapore is not a prefect society. But in Malaysia, we are citizens but still treated like second class citizens, right!

Let me be honest with you. I am better off in Singapore as a PR than as a Malaysian. In the 10 years I am in Singapore, nobody has told me to get lost and I have never felt like a second class citizen despite being a PR. In Malaysia, you know the story.

I feel so let down to know that Singapore treats us better than our own country. What a shame! Ask any other Malaysians living in Singapore and they will tell you the same.

If I am given a choice to serve in the army of Singapore or my own country Malaysia, I would have no problem choosing Singapore despite you claming it is unfair (and you maybe right too).

Why? Do you think the Malaysia government cares for me to putting my life on the line for the country? Let us be honest.

Like I said, Singapore is not prefect, but its anytime better than living in Malaysia.

While Singapore government is sincere and doing all the right things, saying all the right things, in contrast, we can't say the same about Malaysia government, filled with hypocrites who only sing song, nice racial harmony song on certain occasions, the once in a year Merdeka speech, in general elections vote-fishing speeches, that is all.

And talks are cheaper than bull shit, or dinosaur shit for sure. Cause on many other occasions, during Umno assembly, meetings in kampung etc, we see the apes come out of their cages, instigating hatred, this is our land, waving keris, we are the tuan, we deserve this and that, we need to be strong so that other races won't get to take advantage of our weaknesses, blah blah blah……….no more Chinese schools, no more funding, blah blah blah. Same old shit from the same old clan of monkeys.

Open your eyes, go and live in Singapore for a few years, then you will feel differently perhaps.

On the surface, Singapore government is doing everything right to forge racial harmony, that is important, because perception is everything.

In Malaysia, we have all the opposite. That is the difference. Big difference. Big mama difference. Huge difference.

When I first lived in Singapore, I had the mentality of a "Malaysian".

Guess what? I now don't think like that. Every time, you hear a speech given by the Singapore prime minister, you know he is speaking from his heart and that matters.

I am a very skeptical person and it is very hard to buy me over unless you are speaking the truth. Do you know the government tells all their citizens in their national day rally speech to welcome us foreigners?

I personally admire the Singapore government, they actually walk the talk, really! I can see this with my own eyes! Nothing is more convincing that this. As for our Malaysia politicians, all they care is their bloody self (MCA, MIC, Umno) and their hoodlums.

The large publics of Chinese, Indians and Malays have to fend for ourselves. Why should I go back to Malaysia if I believe I have a better life in Singapore! I don't want my kids to grow up in an environment where they are told there is a distinction between malays and non-malays. Think about this!

This is my personal answer. The 10 years of being happy in Singapore is nowhere compared to the 30 years of rubbish I have got from Malaysia as a non-malay.

I will pass you my Malaysian passport next year (hope you are happy now).

Yup right, what an irony, I am willing to die for Singapore being a PR and not for Malaysia being a citizen. That shows much we feel we belonged in Malaysia.

In 1994, I tried to apply a scholarship in Malaysia but I couldn't get it due to the impartial system albeit I desperate for a scholarship as I was very poor. I tried to re-appeal but to no avail.

Fortunately, Singapore had offered me a scholarship and I was in fact "forced" to leave Malaysia no matter how reluctant I was.

Having stayed in Singapore for 10 years now. I salute the Singapore government for its efficiency. Whatever promises they make to the citizens, all will be materialised. This country practises meritocracy and if you capable and work hard, you will definitely be able to hold high post regardless of race.

I agree that Singapore is not a perfect country but it treats everyone in Singapore fairly whereby there is no discrimination at all.

On the contrary, Malaysia marginalizes the non-malays which ultimately will have great impact on itself. I believe eventually Malaysia will lose (already lost) the competitive edge in which all the capable and smart non-malays will leave to other countries.

It is no doubt our Malaysia education system is getting down the drain as almost all the key posts are filled with all the cronies who are incapable and apple polisher. Besides, lots of our ministers act like an uncivilised person and speak with no substance.

We have already suffered a high level of brain drain - a lot of Malaysians have left for greener pastures in Australia, Singapore etc. Some of these are my friends and they are very happy where they are.

These are people whom others recognized as huge contributors not only to the company they are working with, but the country as well.

Imagine how great Malaysia would have been, if these people are working in Malaysia, and contributing to the growth here.

A lot of non-malays are feeling the pinch of staying in this country, especially when our politicians are becoming more confident about being louder and vocal at being racist to win more votes.

But I have heard very few Singaporeans saying they would prefer Malaysia. I know - I was there for about 10 years.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stone-aged politicians who practiced narrow-mind mentality, for personal gains, should be sent out to Ghana.

(Malaysia gained independence at the same year as Ghana……….some jokers said we should be happy, at least we are better than Ghana.)

Have they no shame? If they really believe that University Malaya is world-class, even God cannot help Malaysia!

So much anger so much disgust so much hatred vented by so many citizens. When will these gangsters running our country wake up?

Malaysians, I beg of you, vote wisely! Vote for our future and our future's future too!

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, please tell me how do you best manage a country, whereby - the majority community who rule, can't competitive on equal footing with other countrymen, and fear to end up as working for very competitive - the other minority.

(Australia/Singapore/USA etc, don't have these scenario, as the community who call the shot is also the majority community.)

Our government complains of brain drain, but do we actually do something to lure all these professionals back?

It is sad to see that we have the greatest minds around the world. One would be proud to see that we have great Malaysian minds in almost every field, for example in dentistry, medicine, physics etc, and yet where did they end up?

They ended up in the developed world, helping the developed countries to become better day by day.

It would be more logical to try to attract these great minds back from other countries than to continue employing health professionals from foreign countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, that would not be dedicated in their work in the end, because of the poor system here.

But building a world-class university in a third world nation is unheard of, with the exception of large nations of China/India. Simply, a third world Malaysia software does not nurture a first class world-class university.

Will this country ever change? Unfortunately, I doubt it.

We have a daughter who is currently studying oversea. My wife and I have been trying to tell her to stay there and get a PR and not come back.

Even though the white man's land is not wholly a bed of roses, we know we will be treated more fairly and the system is much more transparent than what we have here.

It is a heavy heart that we have to make this decision for our daughter but deep down inside, we know it is better for her and her next generation. We are already near the final lap of our careers and life, and the political situation here has little impact on us.

Our children have a whole new horizon ahead of them. It is their future……….do they have one here?

Malaysia will always be here. It is a nice place to holiday - you want to live a compromised life you can return to work. But you want to be yourself then go wherever you please. We all wish you well.

Believe me, the government too wishes that you don't come back to quell the Chinese professional numbers. So they remain obliged to make your life miserable. All this talk about brain drain……….come on, you doesn't really buy the government's feigned attempt to show concern, do you!

So, be wise, stay outside. Come back to get yourself rejuvenated with Malaysian food, and culture, as often as you can and stick your fingers up to the government too.

But just remember if you are not prepared to compromise principles……….just stay out!

Just be practical. One anesthetist told me, your perception will change when you have kids and a wife to worry about.

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Learning ones mother tongue is a human right, no dispute. Teaching thing in Bahasa Malaysia has never been made a racist agenda by the non-malays.

On the other hand, the Umno flyers (Utusan, Berita Harian, etc) are the culprits. What is racist agenda?

Closing down schools that teach mother tongues without letting chance for expansion, relocation, rebuilding (all using private funds on private donated land), is racist agenda.

Up and coming Umno politicians (especially Umno Youth) often cash on racial issues. In fact, it has evolved into some kind of peer pressure amongst them.

Today one wave the keris, tomorrow another must bring on the parang. If you take out a butter spreader, you are not a defender of the noble race.

If there were no non-malays in Malaysia, these keris and parang flaunters will become political bankrupts.

What will happen then? There will be more episodes of Mahathir and Rafidah APs skirmish coming up.

And the poor malay nelayan still remain as poor malay nelayan in kampung (where is this place? who cares?).

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fine, I can look past that, malays can have their special right, but not to the point of causing plenty displeasure and plain unfairness to other races. It is like we are second rate citizens of this country. It is no wonder non-malays don't feel that patriotic about this country, who can blame them?

What we want here, we have to work our asses off, and we can't expect help from the government, only private and corporate companies. Hell even corporate companies have to stick to quota, that already limit our options already.

NEP my ass! It is making the poor malays poorer! It is not creating opportunity but a generation of subsidy addicts!

The five-years plan contains no paradigm shift. It is a continuation of many of the failed ideas of the past.

Something must be wrong when a policy fails to meet its target, not once but twice. More so, when in recent years, the share of bumi ownership in the corporate sector has not increased one iota. It was 18.9 percent in 2000. It was 18.9 percent in 2004.

Worse still, the share of equity ownership held by Indians has declined - from 1.5 percent to 1.2 percent - during this period. Until and unless we examined why we failed in meeting these targets, we may not achieve them at all.

What all of you have said is pure facts - from public transports to media, to licenses for business, to corruption of the top officials, Malaysia isn't democratic as what we initially thought or rather make to believe - Malaysia is of no hope.

Australia must be a lovely place to live (emigration), but then some of us haven't been to Europe. Learning a new language must be very difficult for most people let alone speak so many languages. So the world could be more open for you than for others.

With very good command in knowledge of law as well as loads of courage, it is not impossible to find there - are us out there, that is brave enough to voice out our objection in topic like this.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I been reading a lot of comments about malays and the government politics, and it all sound so familiar to me. I am foreigner in Malaysia country and everyday I have new perspective for people thoughts and government policies.

It is so sad to see such a nice country going for waste; almost everybody hates malays, atmosphere in so hullabaloo, that sometimes I don't know what to think. But the worst thing is that the Malaysia government is feeding the fear and hate.

I travel quite lot of with taxis and like to chit-chat with shop owners, but peoples fear for government and its officials and police to its enormous. People are truly afraid; maybe somebody can hear……….

The idea the people being afraid its own government and its officials is chilling. And it is very dangerous too, because one day the all fear and frustration is going to explode.

When I go back home country and tell them about what is happening in Malaysia, they don't believe me!

It is so impossible for them to think the reality about this poster picture country. I have always really hard times to make them understand.

But maybe that is the whole purpose of it. It is far more easier to keep population in place with threats and fear, than really try to tackle the problems in society, being honest and straight is always far more difficult.

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with you. Instead, we are always entertained by many clowns and idiot jokers in the parliament.

Yes! Malaysia is having the one of the largest cabinet in terms of ratio to population size in the world.

The ranking performance of each ministry, minister, deputy minister etc, should be published in local media and forwarded to the prime minister for the public, and prime minister post mortem.

The criteria of evaluation should also be exposed to the relevant persons so that they know what is being evaluated and make it easier for them to get better.

Even better, if the criteria are benchmarked with advanced countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, UK, USA etc, according to its relevance.

Furthermore, the evaluation can include indicators such as top 5 performing ministries, ministers, and deputy ministers, worst 5 performing ministries, ministers, and deputy ministers.

Once you start this big government syndrome, you just can't revert back to small government. Everyone is enjoying the gravy train ride and you just can't get them off without adverse repercussions. And Pak Lah as the train driver cum conductor doesn't have the guts and courage to boot them off.

A decade ago, 800000 civil servants were considered too many and there was a temporary freeze in recruitment. But now, even with the IT revolution, we have more than 1.2 million civil servants.

You can see many of them loitering around aimlessly when you visit any government office. And the government has to give them all incentives and annual bonuses to keep them all happy.

It is all about votes and Pak Lah knows it. Smaller government? Most unlikely - Same old ministers will be re-appointed. Old is new and new is old. Get them all hooked up and they will all keep quiet.

All docile and on leashes. Obedient servants. It is the BN way.

Then we preach to the world we have a very stable government, there is racial harmony, we work as a team blah, blah, blah and more blahs.

Many of the ministers are deadwood and from their performance should have been shown the exit long ago. Some have been too long in the cabinet and have run out of ideas.

It is time we not only downsize the ministerial portfolios but at the same time kick out those that are not performing. There is no rational reason to have so many ministers doing so few works.

They are a heavy burden to the taxpayers money. Pak lah should immediately put to pasture some of the ineffective and long serving ministers.

But not only we need academic excellent, but also charismatic, creative, sharp strategist with high self discipline and religious moral code of leaders, to maneuver Malaysia to its greatest.

They should learn some part of it from our southern neighbour.

12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Better fly off whenever you feel not satisfy.

What I do know is that with so-called special rights, Malaysia lost a lot of talented brains. Those well-off enough go overseas to study and stay there. The rest just make do. Some turn out to be big and successful businessmen. The rest may be on smaller scale but beside business, what can they do?

With many families who had moved to a country that outwardly displays basic rights, it would be wiser the families who are still in Malaysia can really push themselves to get settled in Australia, from been regarded as second class citizens.

With so many who had already established and became citizens of Australia/US, in all fairness they must pull the stranded families from the clutches of the evil and bigoted malay government.

It is pleasing to the soul and heart to see success stories in this board, and hope many more can get out from the horrible and nightmarish daily events anyone have to go through been in Malaysia, that regards its other races as unimportant and not part of the fabric.

Once again success comes from hard work and determination, and I know everyone has to go through to get the rewards, but in Malaysia there is no such thing for any to be successful from resolute, because it only favors one race and no one else.

No matter how many times you tell your encounter abroad, they would just turn a deaf ear, continuing to practise their racial discriminatory policy.

They are just like robbers. Time after time they'd said if you don't give us what we want, violence is the only answer.

Regretfully, there is no such thing as a free lunch in the real world. Whilst someone has to pay for it in the interim, everyone has to pay for it in the end.

12:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with us is that our country is run by politicians who pretend to be knowledgeable and competent, and when they are not sure, they hire half baked consultants, who are out to make a fast buck.

What a way to end 2006 - Proton and MAS threatening to becoming dinosaurs through poor management and political interference.

If the government had learn to apply the concept of meritocracy and shut up the bumbling interferences by politicians who don't know what to say, maybe we won't see all this today.

How much can we be involved? Nothing. All does is reveal our anger and frustrations and 2005 will end with the government no wiser than before.

Shame on these so-called leaders who only know how to put the blames on others rather than resign with dignity (if they still have some).

In this Bolehland, GLCs invest in business not looking into profitability. Even it is on the loosing side they will still go ahead. You know why? They try to create some activity which involved huge money transaction, where they can take some out for their own pockets during the transaction.

Who cares the company will lose since Malaysians will pay for it. This is widely practised and you can see so many stalled projects in GLCs. Sooner or later our income tax will go up to pay for all these losses, and some might say easy money for others who are privileged.

Why should they go for transparency when it will be detrimental to them, as it will expose more of their dirty laundry. Better to keep it under wraps for now. Forget about Vision 2020 and whatever visions. All talk only.

Look at China now. They even hauled up those people who are guilty of mismanagement of funds and appropriate actions been taken. For us? As long as we got connection we can live another day.

We will definitely give them time but normally new GLC management team come in messed thing up and then left the shit behind. Another badge come in and repeat the same thing.

It is like a routine, time after time and yet they cannot perform but will try to "arbitrage" from their cheap management skills. How many resources and time are we afford to lose? They are real thrash to society.

Just a matter of time, all these will become episodes of silence. People in Malaysia always have short memory. That is why BN always win.

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Common, we accepted the fact that Chinese is more dominan that the Malays where economic is concern. We are not looking at the surface of it. The mirco of it still remain the same.

Dont just talk about GLC where you should know that each contract out do benefits the Chinese. Ain't that sharing.

We see Malays buying food from Chinese store, hiring Chinese contractor to build houses, house maintenace and other transaction that very well indicate that you are never marginalise.

Were education is concern please compare those Malays which still cannot afford to have the luxury of it.

I believe we can still work it out only if we are united to get rid of the present government.

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kalau yang suka sangat duduk kat singapura tu kenapa balik duduk malaysia

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a good draft. However, the implementation and monitoring are the BIG QUESTIONMARK? The Houses or Shoplots that allocated to 30 % should be maintained until Malay Buy them. They should be bought from Developers via Government and shall be sold to Malay at Buying Price plus some admin fees.

In this way, we can improve the Malays Equity and Ownership in Penang and in fact should be in Malaysia.

It should be run by professional and not political. If everything is political, I don't think we will meet any objectives or targets set as what happenned to DEB.

The Well-to-do Malays took every opportunity to be richer at the expensed of poor Malays. That's why we are still talking about this issue. This is happening thru-out Malaysia and not only Penang.

We must be objective and professional in executing the tasks. That's what it takes to achieve anything in this unfair world.

Penang scenario is very serious as we can see the development is chasing the Malays away from their original "kampung Houses". The developers offer RM$200K houses at the developed area and the original community (Malays) mostly farmers,Fishermen,and low level Factory Workers will just look at the houses and say "Good-Bye". This was happenned many years since I came to Penang. UMNO never give a DAMMED! May be someone is doing the work for developer to make all the people in the affected areas AGREED to the development plan and give away their land for a small compensation while the "brookers" already millionaires!

What Malays need to realised are the following:
1) UMNO cannot help Malays. UMNO is too weak and teh leaders can be bought-off by many means especially $$$.
2) The moment Malays gave the citizenship to non-Malay 1957 for MERDEKA, Malay already gave-up their rights to others to stay in Malaysia. This is a BIG sacrifice as something like we gave permission to outsider to stay in our house and later the outsider can say our rules are NOT FAIR!!
In Malay words, we says" Kurang Ajar and Tak BerterimaKasih".

Now, the Chinese forgot that they originally was given permission to stay here by the poor Malays and very nice Malays.
Malays should change the Budaya and become more aggressive and if necessary "kurang Ajar" to non-Malays. This will take Malays to the same level as the Chinese. Otherwise, Malays will always give way and "Tidak Apa".

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ini pun lagi satu hal, mengenai bangsa yang tak tau nak berasimilasi dengan tuan punye tanah. Dah bagi betis nak paha pulak. Jika kita perhatikan bangsa yang tak sedar dek untung ni hanya akan berasimilasi/bercampur dengan penduduk BUMI sekiranya ianya mendatangkan keuntungan kepada mereka. Cube kite lihat bangsa sepet ni, walaupun pegi sekolah kebangsaan, cakap bahasa Melayu pun lintang pukang. Kalau betul nak mengaku orang Malaysia pun, bahasa tu kasi betulkan dulu. Ini tak, sesetengahnya termasuk menteri kabinet berbangse sepet ni langsung macam bukan penduduk Malaysia. Tu belum campur bangsa yang lagi satu. Itu pun berani kau nak mintak hak sama rata dalam ape jua bidang. Orang melayu memang mudah untuk bertolak ansur dengan bangsa-bangsa lain, tapi janganlah sampai pijak kepala pulak. Agak2 kalau tak boleh terima kenyataan pasal Bumiputera ni, lebih baik la hangpa semua bangsa sepet balik ke Tanah Besar China. Duduk menumpang, buat cara menumpang ok. Penentangan Dewan Perniagaan Cina terhadap draf tersebut bukannye satu kejutan, malah sudah dijangka sebab bangsa sepet ni mane boleh bertolak ansur dengan Bumiputera. Kalau tak percaya, cubelah jadi pekedai runcit. Pemborong bangsa sepet ni mengenakan harga yang berlainan kepada peruncit bumiputera dengan peruncit bangsa sepet, betul? Peruncit sepet dpt harga murah, peruncit BUMI harga mahal sikit. Pastu saper lagi yang nak beli dengan peruncit BUMI sebab harga jualan lebih mahal dari peruncit sepet ni. Sebab tu boleh kata majoriti pemborong barangan kat Malaysia ni terdiri dari bangsa sepet. Kalau macam ni lah senarionye, sampai bile BUMIputra boleh cemerlang di dalam bidang ekonomi.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

saya bumiputra. saya dah berniaga 10 tahun dah. even saya pun tak berapa setuju with draf ni. Almost sure geng2 umno yang bolot 30%ni. You chineese dont worry. This Umno fellow will give back the project to you. They wont give to malays pasal takut pecah lubang. Thats why genuine malay businessman tak boleh hidup. 70% non bumi dapat. 30%umno dapat. berapa melayu dapat?(umno sold back project to chineese tycoon) Thats why melayu tak leh maju. The umno melalak suruh malays kerja lagi kuat dalam business...haiya. Even i malay pun fikir nak migrate..

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ni saya lagi yang malay dah berniaga 10 tahun tadi. Saya baru terbaca comment malays yang marah sangat kat non bumi. marah sungguh melayu2 ni kat non bumi. I wonders these malays ni keje apa?? Umur berapa? dah matang ke? Berapa pahit perjalana hidup awak semua?? Apa pasal nak marah sangat kat non bumi? dah kalu rumah harga 200k malay cant afford, dah nak camne? marah non bumi? thats ridiclious. Patutke...kita marah orang sebab dia lebih kaya dari kita? patut ke kita marah orang sebab dia pandai dari kita? Lighten up malay. Improve yourself bukanya hantam orang. Study betul2 mengapa kita lemah, malas, bodoh dan complacent then buat correction. Takkan semua malays stupid or tak reti meniaga. Jangan salahkan orang lain, salahkan kita..

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, its me again. the 10 yrs bzness malay man. Cannot help to write a bit. Few comments ada cakap non-bumi (chineese lah) cakap they all feel like second class citizen in malaysia. How come?? No lah. Chinese actualy is the 1st and foremost class citizen in malaysia. maybe super citizen. Malays? I think malay 4th class citizen, not even second. why?? If you go to luxury housing, almost all chinese. 2nd class citizen dont live in luxury are. and so on and on you know betterlah. malays? not even 2nd class citizen. why?
My self was restricted from hotel entrance in bkt bintang pasal they dont think i can afford to stay there. My family was summonsed to get off the pool in 5star resort (we stay at the resort for 4 nights), coz they thot we were from kampung sebelah curi2 mandi (imagine how sad i was)(it was memalukan since they ask with loud voice depan foreigner and of course chinese). With these two personnal experince, i not dare to cakap we malay even 2nd class citizen. 4th yes. chinese a definite 1st and superior class.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yang ada cakap... pelajar melayu yang masuk uni tempatan lebin banyak daripada yang bukan melayu... kerana jumlah penduduk melayu lebih banyak dari yang bukan melayu....
cakap saja orang miskin.. sure yang ada kata cina semua kaya raya... kenape? kerana mereka tidak fikir tentang cina hanya terdiri daripida jumlah kecil sahaja. Orang kaya melayu... banyak! tapi mereka tak pernah menjadi topik perbincangan ini.
yang miskin... mesti ada jalan menjadi kaya... ini hanya terpulang kepada individu yang mahu berjaya ataupun tidak... umno pun cakap ini tanah melayu.. kenapa anda tidak boleh berjaya? Jangan cakap cina tak bagi chance... india cuba henti anda mencapai cita cita... NEP pun dah 50 tahun.. 50 tahun dulu.. lagi banyak cina miskin dan tak makan 3 hari. selepas 50 tahun, dengan wujudnya NEP dan pelbagai "claim " dari UMNO Youth... banyak orang miskin cina pun jadi "kaya" , kaya tu.. ada kereta ada rumah dua tinggan, ada piano di rumah, ada air con... cuba anda fikirkan.. semua duit tu.. mana datang nya? kena TOTO atau 4D? Kerja dan simpan lah! adakah cina dapat diskaun beli rumah? kerajaan sponsor? tidak... jika cina boleh kaya di malaysia kenapa melayu tidak boleh.. 50 tahun pun dah lalu, masih nak minta minta sana sini. Banyak budak cina tak pernah pergi uni pun untung banyak, Jangan kata mereka jual pirated CD, bukan... bapa saya hanya pemandu lori hantar surat khabar, dia kerja kuat dan simpan keras..
jika anda memang pun bangsa melayu yang teguh bijak dan rajin, anda dihantar ke cambodia juga anda akan jadi jutawan...
jika anda tidak kebolehan, tunduk kepada reality, anda orang miskin dan jangan nak minta.. jadi orang miskin kena ada muka air sikit ...selalu minta, buat sendiri cheap saje...

kerajaan ada bagi duit kepada "bumi putera" mereka juga... tapi duit tu , hanya until orang cacat yang tak mampu kerja... jika kerajaan bagi duit tu kepada orang bumi mereka.. mereka malu nak ambil... takut orang ketawa mereka tu tak mampu nak kerja ataupun bodoh.... mereka ada muka air.. di manakah muka air umno youth?

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Results speak louder than anything else in the world. Our Malaysia university standing keeps on dropping. The stock market is declining, while our currency continues to weaken. So what does it matters if it is 30% or 100%? No quality, only quantity!

So long as the government continues to spoon-feed the malays, the nation will eventually collapse like so many that we have already witnessed up till now. We cannot stop the ruling party from doing what they want to do, can we?

They are so used to doing the wrong thing that they simply cannot undo what they are enjoying. Singapore is doing the opposite. They are virtually addicted to doing the right thing, just like what all the successful countries have been doing.

Good genes breed even more powerful genes. Our culture will surely bring us down and out, unless some drastic changes take place. It is already happening, like "rotten food". We are definitely rotting away like gangrene attack. After amputation, we just wait to die!

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason is to help malays so that they can be at par with other races. They get all this sorts of privileges and advantages that in the end it all goes down to drain just like that. Scholarships, 7% discount on properties purchase, matriculations, Mara and the list just goes on.

Well, I did agree at first with this. But hang on, 2005-1957 is 48 years and that is like 2 generations of human beings……….what happen now? Are they at the same level with other races? In a way yes, but every way is no. I do not think so.

Malays take all these advantages as their rights and not as a stepping-stone for them to move forward. The question is how long more do they need the government to support and feed their mouth?

If you ask me that, I'd say that they need not even a single second more for all the privileges that they have. 48 years is more than enough for them to realize that they need to change.

Can someone please tell me which race in Malaysia that top the chart in drug addiction? Can someone please tell me which race in Malaysia that is in the 'deans list' for raping, illegal racing and gangsters?

If that is what the privileges do to them, perhaps we should give them more privileges so the malays who do that will just extinct in this world leaving only the 'enlightened' one.

While the malays are 'bestowed' with all the privileges, other races are working hard to change their fate themselves realising that the government places a greater emphasis only on malays. I have seen this and I speak from experiences.

While the non-malays are working hard, the malays are lazing around because they know that government will back them up. Well, which one do you think will excel more? The one that has no advantages but work hard or the one that has all the advantages but do nothing?

I did not say that they are all like that. Some do take full use of the advantages and they really excel. As a malay, I guess that they need to learn the hard way like other races do. Give them what they deserve or distributed the resources equally.

Am I one of them? I guess I compete fairly in my study. I refuse to go to boarding school when I get the offer and I am thankful for that. Boarding school only narrows your scope of thinking because you are just interacting with the malays.

I wholeheartedly agree with the real meritocracy effort by the government. Learn the hard way man! Feel free to share them with your friends (however be careful) and am willing to opine more.

I believe it is possible to get your message across without having to resort to name-calling. Let us not be racist for the sake of Malaysia and its people, no matter how much we resent some of the government policies that have impacted our lives.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a huge diamond in the centre of a square room and there are 4 people in the room. Batman, dumb malay, smart malay and Spiderman stands at each corner respectively.

So the lights went off, and 4 of them rush towards the diamond. Who got the diamond?

Answer: Dumb malay, because Batman, smart malay and Spiderman are fictional characters.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no freedom of press in Malaysia although the government has "freedom to press".

There is an old saying: "the people get the government they deserve". It also extends to the fact that we get the newspapers we deserve.

The fact is that Malaysians are not interested in demanding more of their newspapers. How else can you explain the daily deck that we see in "The Star"? That is not a newspaper - it is a tabloid.

Journalistic standards are slipping because demand of the job is not news, or insight or commentary, but just something to pass the time while eating breakfast before going to work. Has anyone seen the typos and hideous spelling mistakes in The Star?

The newspapers we have represent what we want to read. They are only responding to market forces. So before we ask about self-censorship and freedom of press, we should ask if we want newspapers of that standard and quality!

Serious responsibility. Do you think our journalists are ready for this! With all due respect to "The Sun", the only responsible journalists I know are either writing sports columns or have retired.

Most Malaysians are not bothered about their right to a free "anything". They have become too comfy.

Speak for yourself. You maybe ready, but are Malaysians ready for freedom of press? I seriously doubt it. How many Malaysians willing to read what they don't agree in the press?

What make you think that Malaysians are "not ready" for freedom of press?……….read some foreign newspapers - not the online one - the hard copies, see what is in them and then ask yourself will Malaysians like to read what they don't agree?

Try getting the hard copies of The Times, The Independent (UK) and The Australian. Read their columns, read their editorials and also their letters to the editors page.

Most Malaysians are more interested in who raped whom! We like to read craps. News about broken water pipes and cracks in bridges, are the news only in Malaysia. That is why I spend lots of money reading the foreign newspapers. The NY Times for instance is an excellent example of an independent newspaper in the US country.

Someone once said: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it." How many Malaysians are brave enough to practise this right? Will you?

Press freedom can only be actualized where the right to offend and the right to take offense do not lead to violence. No body can hurt your feelings without your cooperation.

Wise word, no matter what degree of press freedom the world has, a vast majority of people will still be misled by the power-to-be. It is a gullible world; a world of imperfection.

Sad to say, I think most Malaysians simply couldn't give a damn.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an endless list of examples: faulty traffic lights, illegal street racing, killer potholes, snatch thieves……….

Innocent people are still victimised by snatch thieves. (Where are the police? What are they doing?)

It has already become a Malaysian culture to keep "one eye closed" and "one eye opened".

The authority and everybody will have one of their eyes closed, behaving as although nothing has happened, everything is ok. Until some lives are lost, the ministers will debate the issues, suddenly everybody is wide awake.

But, my dearest fellows Malaysians have very short memory. Very soon, the pains subside. Very soon, history repeats………..

Malaysians are one whole lot of hypocrites, irresponsible living things.

How I wish one minister got killed by snatch thief and tomorrow government will pass a law to sentenced those culprits to death. This will save many more Malaysian lives.

How I wish one minister got videoed while doing ear squat in police custody, and I am sure government will revamp the police force the next day.

And how I wish the money lost by Proton, MAS, Bank Islam and other GLCs belong to their grandfathers, and I am sure those jokers will raise their right hands and swear not to make further losses again.

Only if those tragic events fall on prominent personality, then we will see changes in the government even then how long will the changes last……….

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Malay Dilemma" revealing the weaknesses of malays. But did they do something to amend their weaknesses using the correct way, like work harder, compete equally, etc?

They did with the fastest way, implementing unfair policies. How many of you all will agree that the policies are not benefiting the malays?

From the society to the education and to the economy, all policies were meant to "close" their mind and body.

Is Pak Lah announce that NEP will stay, as long as the gap between the poor and the rich exists. In a free economy, this will always be the case. How can the gap be narrowed if they do not work hard? Just ask any economists how an economy works.

Let us assume that they are trying to perform transferring wealth to the poor in this way, it would be better to practice socialism or communism, where everything belongs to the country and no personal assets are allowed.

After 35 years of NEP, how has it benefited the country as a whole? No one benefited in the end except those in power.

The most important thing is that the malay goes back and tell his children and grandchildren that in Malaysia, all you need to do to survive is stretch out your hand and ask for handouts. If you malays don't get it, then use force.

Many non-malays in this country share the same view - Give in to them. Why bother to fight? Can you win possibly? Give in, and eventually it is not the non-malays who will get hurt. It is hurt the malays themselves.

A friend of mine used to say that if you want to kill off someone, spoil him.

The non-malays are not afraid of the malays asking for handouts. They are worried that they don't and start to become hardworking like non-malays.

This plot begins to sound more like the X-Files: the only way to fight the future is to collaborate with the alien invaders!

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and for those stubborn malay who always say: tak suka, balik tanah cina" yes.. that man who said that, let me tell you one thing. you are like a creature that never really see the outsite world... If you scare to become the ORANG ASLI in Australia, ataupun Red Indian... well... let me tell you one thing, Do you know those aboriginese ( Orang asli australia lah, incase you dont know what is that) Alot of them choose to live in the bush or the desert because of their strong culture background, and the government never stop them if they are success and want to become famous, no, never... not like malaysia... If u wanna become successful u either a malay or you are a muslim will help a little too. And there are many successful aboriginese artists and businessmen and also tv presenters if you dont aware of that... and if you say why the percentage of the finance controlled by the white man, yea.. becoz of their ancestor starting farm and business here... there are alot of stubborn aborignese like you hating them , well.. poor them, because if the english never came to australia, australia will remain like papua today, poor country and riots happening now and then.. no doubt . And also Caucasian stands a lot more than other races there, and also, caucasian or Orang putih.. they are not just from ENGLAND these days.. they are from around the world, germany, ireland, you name it... there are so many different cultures in Australia compare to malaysia, stop thinking our country is the only multi cultures that live happily together.. the pain of Second class citizen like chinese in malaysia, you never will understand it, if u grow up in a country you born and they treated you like second class citizen is like your IBU abandone you that kind of feeling. Shame you, aboriginese never ask for any thing like percentage of the finance of the country control by them, they knew who is capable who deserve it.. they will have it.. at least they understand the concept of " You eat more.. you shit more, If you eat a little, you shit a little"... I wonder if you understand what I mean there... " you work hard, you earn more, you lazy, you deserve to be poor" ... Australia, they never discriminate who you are what colour are you, You are good, you deserve it. Mind if I tell you the Lord Mayor in Melbourne is a Chinese, John So, people loves him because he is good and he is capable to make melbourne a little spark on the earth . He speaks english quite badly, thats no problem, because he never grew up in melbourne, he was born in hongkong, but the love of his towards the Melbourne is endless... If there is a china man wanna become a menteri in Malaysia, I think its so impossible in Malaysia, those malay will blame he cant speak Malay and stuffs like that. There is something call translator my friend, if you cant speak a language very good, you can have someone to translate for you.
And mind you, a lot more successful Asian/ MALAYSIAN in Australia that you dont know!
This year, the most talented young film maker in Australia, is a Malaysian, and if he still stays in Malaysia, I wonder if he will manage to get the honour like that...
If you wan to be success and rich, why do you bother to beg? You can ask for help, well.. no one will stop you... if someone become rich and you wan part of it... dont you feel shame? And THIS IS MALAYSIA, your own land, You wanna be sucessful , you are the bumiputera sure got a lot of chances, and chinese, mind you, second class citizen... they are! but they are more successful, you know why!
stop asking this and that! I am from butterworth... I know how lazy those "poor Malay" there! they got opportunities to become successful since the day they were born... but... well... not that Malaysia just got its independence last year! 48 years ago.. If you wanna be successful.. and if you are only 48 years old.. i think u can be a millionaire by now if u are hardworking and not keep moaning people stealing your land... If Chinese really steal your land back... steal it back from them! not by asking, but buying back from them with ur million ringgit.. Chinese open eyes wide you know.. if got a sign of $, they will definately sell you the land and they will leave this country as you hope! And the bottom line is.. Chinese rich because they own it.... and they got good ideas for running a business and earn big money. If you think they are robbing from other people, why dont the police put them in jail..
why dont you stand at on the penang bridge and yell at the island " cina go back to china" maybe you can get a few ringgit from people donating some money for you while they pass the bridge thought you are begging.. That make more sense, instant cash, you know?

if you think we steal the land, prove it! I am sure pak lah will listen if we are guilty.
30% to make it equal... oh lord.. why dont you say.. drop NEP to make it equal for other races...? No I bet you wont say that.. because that wont make you free money coming into your bank account everymonth...

I wonder why there are alot of malay still dont understand the "EQUAL" and " DESERVE"..
Maybe our pendidikan moral missed a chapter call " Equal rights and who deserves more if they are hardworking and good.."

Seriously I lost hope for this country, yes I am planning to leave! Congratulation, wish you luck Begging for more... May god bless you or the one who deserved what they earn from their hardwork all these years.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

above there, the boleh said this

"And how do you think they survive? By playing dirty. And most of the time, very very dirty. To those malays who are successful, trust me, they are not pure malays. They are even embarrassed by the fact that they are malays"

how could you say this?!! i'm malay - proud MALAY!,schooled in SRK,never get any scolarship,went to PRIVATE college loan by PTPTN, graduated, become professional and success in my own career.

never once i ask for any TONGKAT help. if you dare to playing in the same level field with me, come forward....

and dont even say that again my dear friend...

the wrong thing is our LEADER! and that includes all races...Malays,chineses,indians, and lain-lain.

shame on you

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NEP has got to be regularly phased out.It benefits a certain sector of malay population only.While it is a good noble intention to assist malays in certain fields, it has been misused.
The sad thing is, while chinese clamoring for better treatment, their greedy and selfish attitude when comes to money make they loss their heads.No chinese will employ malays, indians. They will not unless forced upon them. They won't give even the smallest opportunity to do business. They contemplate to emigrate everywhere except China.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



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5:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth is Chinese inject entrepreneurial and economic progress in South-East Asia. If the Chinese left Malaysia, your economy would be on the verge of collapse and will become little more than a backwater hellhole.

There are very simple reasons why Chinese do not fully assimilate into malay society. It is because the malay people are very hostile and disrespectful to the Chinese. It is well ingrained in their society, this anti-Chinese sentiment.

Also, given this hostility, why should Chinese integrate with your society? Let me tell you, it is a very simple reason. Unlike primitive tribesmen minorities in your territories, our civilization and culture is actually far superior than your malay culture.

We are the inheritors of one of the greatest civilizations in human history. Why do we want to downgrade our cultural knowledge and perception, and accept a backward and undeveloped primitive culture?

You Filipinos, Indonesians and Malaysians need to learn from the example of the Thais. They are friendly to Chinese and many Thai Chinese are very integrated and are loyal to Thailand. However, they also have links to China and bring the two countries closer.

Hence, China and Thailand enjoy very strong relations and all of this bodes well for Thailand economically and politically. It is no wonder Thailand has experienced a great deal of economic progress.

Too, I lived in Malaysia before and let me tell you that Malaysia is not rich. The government owes a lot of money to Japan and other countries. The nation is corrupted! In outside look, you think Malaysia is rich but the truth is Malaysia is very poor. A lot of projects have been cancelled such as new airport in Kuching, and etc.

Indeed right, in Malaysia the malays are like shit. They disrespect the Chinese. And you want to know why the malay government has money? It is because the tax! Chinese pay high tax to the malay government where the malay government even use quota control!

The malays given of special treatment, the government give money to the malays because without this, the malays will have nothing! We Chinese in Malaysia depend on ourselves! We earn money on ourselves!

The Chinese in Malaysia is dropping rapidly, one day and one day will come, when the malays don't like Chinese and riot, then we Chinese move away and hahaha! Malaysia will become like Indonesia!

Now look at your Indonesia, last time when Chinese there, the government can be rich. Now when Chinese gone - your country like shit! Hahaha! This is dream funny!

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Non bumi-Putera,

we are still in the poor level Non bumi putera status. Please be reminded that not all non bumi-putera are rich or qualify to emigrate to other countries as right now. we know the inequality and we are struggling inhumanely upon ourself just to pull away from this weakening econmy day by day. We surely wish our people move out from this country as soon as we able to and start a better future for our next generation. Deep down you know there is no use to post provocative message to these malay and hoping they will change or letting your anger out. You are just pushing these people to hurt us before we are able to make our way to escape to other country. We know it sounds sad but what can we do since we are the poorer people in our non bumi community. Best if we could make it, but if not then we will have our next generation out of this racist, corrupted, constant threatening, criminal gangster tolerance, unsafe and pro-inequality country. If you pay attention, amount of indonesian and Philipine(muslim) migrate into malaysia are off the chart. These people get their IC with Bumi putera status in short time even by illegal entering Check Sabah(most happening area). With this kind of unusual growth of malay in this country there will be no need to have our vote in the country to get them the power seats. We know they shouting loudly and openly about us go back to china. These has shown how bad the situation is getting for all non-bumi. The time is not much, just hope that we could get enough qualification and leave this place. Maybe it is not a good place to invest your money in malaysia any more because your lifetime investment may swallow up by flame and hatre as you've seen in Indonesia not to mention your love ones. Surely there are more to say but this is enough. I know there are many of you know the weblink of application to emigrate to other countries. If you would post it out for us, we would know what need to be done be get qualify in order to get our love one out.

thank you all

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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