Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Political talks and propaganda

M.Damha says "The simple fact is: Malays do not want to see themselves to be like the Red Indians in the US, the Maoris in New Zealand, the Aborigines in Australia, and the Palestinians in Palestine, to quote just a few examples" Artikel ini saya bawa untuk perbincangan selanjutnya dalam blog arahkita. Ini adalah untuk memudahkan kita bertukar - tukar pandangan memandangkan ini adalah satu isu yang perlu kita tangani sebaik mungkin.

Berikut adalah artikel penuh tulisan M.Damha dari www.prowaris.org untuk sama - sama kita perbincangkan

Formmail.to: umnoreform
From_Email: mdamha
From_Name: mansal
Subjek: Request for Proposal
Segera: Yes
Pesanan: Dear Editor,

It is no surprise that DAP supports PAP. This has been known all along by everybody. The racial ethnocentric ness of DAP is similar to that of PAP, however much they want to hide it. The acid test of whether DAP will be "Malaysian" in their effort to redress Malaysian political scenario (that appears to be "unjust" to them), is when they are at the helm of the government.

I shudder to think if this should happened. (By then it would and could be "too late" to change, as it could be seen in PAP ruled Singapore with their so-called liberal-democratic - but autocratic - rule that also "marginalising" the minorities).

But, then, which country and nation do not do that? Otherwise, what the DAP says are all "political talks and propaganda." Because they know full well PAP Singapore is "no better" than what the DAP claims happening in Malaysia.

The crux of the matter of Malaysian politics is: Malaysia is a Malay land - a Persekutuan "Tanah Melayu" - (even, and as, recognised by the British when they agreed to the incorporation of Article 153 in the Constitution) before Merdeka, under the Federation of Malaya Agreement 1948.

The simple fact is: Malays do not want to see themselves to be like the Red Indians in the US, the Maoris in New Zealand, the Aborigines in Australia, and the Palestinians in Palestine, to quote just a few examples. What's happening in Palestine is not caused by religion, but because of the "land-grabbing" of birth right of the Palestinian land by the West.

Which country will give up their land to others? Except for Malaysia and Brunei who generously give their lands to others. By nature, Malays being Muslims, do not believe in taking other people's land, nor like to be involved in international conflicts, unless forced to. (Read the article on Pope Benedict XIV remarks that caused international uproar recently in the latest umno-reform-com to understand Malay and Islamic cultures to widen one's world view)

Malays do not want to be like ducks that died in the pond, and chickens that died in the box. Malays have a long history governing their own country. The sultans are the proof that Malaysia is Malays' who came all over the Nusantara. The British brought other races for their vested economic interests. What better ways to ensure that these interests were preserved and protected?

Of course, flood Malaya with other races; "divide and rule" them. Malays realised this when negotiating for Merdeka and the constitution. Said the Colonial Masters: "Give other races citizenship in exchange for political and special privileges for the Malays, to ensure 'harmonious living' in the country." That was the essence of the social contract, which the present generation is tied to. There will never be "harmonious living" as long as there is no equal "harmony" in economic wellbeing of the Malays.

Despite almost 50 years of independence and the NEP the matter is still NOT redressed. Why? Because the "systems" do not provide the possibility of this happening. The capitalistic Aristotelian political systems breed opportunist, exploiters, manipulators, cheats, corruptors, etc. to thrive. The systems favors the materialisticcaly - inclined. Honesty and hard work of the rural folks, for instance, are seldom rewarded. These people are as much "marginalised" as the claims of the non-Malays.

Further, Malays are constrained by their religion, Islam. They have to abide by the halal-haram, dosa-pahala injunctions strictly. These do not generally and necessarily apply to non-Malays. Materialism is the main part of their cultures. Humanity and humanism are secondary. Life is meant for today. Let the devil takes care of tomorrow.

Malays are as hardworking and intelligent as any human beings given the opportunity and support, (without interference from others, (by pretext or design) on a level playing field. After all they are as human as any one else. This has been proven since after merdeka. But the non-Malays, besides being hardworking and intelligent, too, are already favored and bestowed with opportunities and support by the colonial masters.

Richard Winsted said: "Let Malay children be better farmers and fisherman than their fathers, Chinese, the compradors, and Indians, estate and railways workers." Thus this divide and rule policy had its impact on the development of the Malays as a whole. Majority of them lagged behind wealth-wise. How to do we expect them to compete when the playing field was deliberately made not leveled by the colonial masters? This never happened when Malays ruled the country prior to 1511.

Malacca was a thriving city and a famous centre for international trade and commerce. So was Kedah, Langkasuka, Johor-Rhiau, etc. Malacca had its own Malay government, ministers, ruled by a Sultan. It was so known that China sent a Chinese princess, Hang Li Poh, to marry the Sultan, with famous Admiral Chen Ho as envoy.

This proved that Malays could run their own country successfully as any other; and they are as intelligent and as hardworking as any others. The presence of a large number of successful Malays in all fields today, after Malaysia gained its independence and provided with government support, too, proved the point. To say Malays are lazy, not hardworking, etc. is but a colonial myths and propaganda to psychologically degrade them, consistent with the colonialists' divide and rule policy.

To be a real Malaysian one must know his history what made him to be what he is today. All of us are a product of a baggage of history that is beyond our control. No matter where one goes, nobody can have all the "cakes and eat them." This is a fact of life that one has to put up with. Life is destined and what we made up of it. This does not mean that we do not share the "frustrations" felt by people whose fate has been cast by the Providence that created us all.

Still everyone has a choice...... Merdeka was won "on the platter" they said. But, the fact remained, those who vehemently fought for it were the Malays. According to Percivil, the non-Malays did not contribute much to fight for Malayan independence. It is understandable. They would prefer the British to rule Malaya as long as they possibly could, as this would be to their interests and advantage. In fact in 1911, they even felt that they should have a "separate" Singapore to promote their business interests and activities.

Now, they got it and are asking for more and saying Indonesia and Malaysia "marginalised" them. Do you think the Nusantarians have forgotten what happened to them and how they were treated by the colonial regimes? mansal

Friday, September 22, 2006

Khairy liabiliti buat siapa

Kenyataan Khairy mengenai sikap masyarakat Cina yang mengambil kesempatan ketika UMNO bergolak mendapat kritikan khususnya dari Gerakan. Mahu tidak mahu kenyataan beliau tersebut ada kebenarannya tetapi ada yang mengatakan bahawa itu adalah isu sensitif perkauman. Tidak kurang pula dari pembangkang yang mengatakan bahawa ini adalah untuk mengalih pandangan dari isu kritikan terhadap Pak Lah kepada isu perkauman. Khairy Jamaluddin adalah antara mereka yang dikritik dan mungkin mendapat tempat sebagai " Ultra - Malay " setanding dengan nama seperti Dr Mahathir Mohamed diawal penglibatan beliau dalam politik.

Mungkin isu bangsa ini tidak boleh dikompromi dan Melayu secara jelas nampak tercicir. Isu yang dibawa oleh Khairy mengenai tuntutan Cina sewaktu UMNO bergolak mempunyai asas yang boleh diterima. Namun dari segi politik ini akan menjarakkan masyarakat Cina dari UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. Adakah ini sedang berlaku? Blog ini memperlihatkan bahawa terdapat unsur - unsur kemarahan kaum lain mengenai isu yang dibawa ini.

Rentetan dari kenyataan Khairy itu beberapa isu besar yang melibatkan perhubungan antara kaum timbul. Antaranya adalah tuntutan penggiliran Ketua Menteri, isu ketinggalan masyarakat Melayu Pulau Pinang dan berbagai isu khusus mengenai ketidakpuasan komponen BN timbul. Adakah ini tidak akan memberi impak terhadap sokongan Cina dan bangsa lain terhadap Barisan Nasional? Sekiranya ini berlaku adakah ini boleh menjejaskan Barisan Nasional dalam pilihanraya akan datang? Mungkinkah kenyataan Khairy Jamaluddin dan tindakan beliau boleh dianggap sebagai liabiliti buat Barisan Nasional. Sekiranya beliau liabiliti adakah wajar beliau mengundurkan diri. Apa kata anda?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Konflik serius dalam UMNO

Terbahagi Dua - satu indikasi serius

Adakah ini tidak melambangkan konflik yang serius dalam UMNO? Kelab Maya UMNO kini terbahagi kepada dua - Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO dan Berita KMU (Kelab Maya UMNO). Perpecahan ini adalah kerana satu menyokong Pak Lah dan satu lagi menyokong Tun Dr Mahathir. Indikasi ini sudah cukup kuat menunjukkan bahawa UMNO adalah dalam situasi yang amat tidak selesa. Krisis dalaman sudah mula merebak dan ini pasti akan terus membengkak selagi janji - janji Mahathir untuk meneruskan kritikan dilaksanakan oleh beliau. www.umno-reform.com membuka seluas mungkin diskusi siber, "Pak Lah atau Mahathir" bagi memberi peluang rakyat dan pelayar lain membaca dan memberi input mengenai senario ini.
Adakah Pak Lah gagal dalam menerajui kepimpinan parti dan negara? Adakah Mahathir mahu kembali dalam memimpin negara ini? Kenapa Mahathir bangkit dan secara terbuka menyerang Pak Lah? Banyak persoalan timbul, apa kata anda?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Membicarakan Ceramah Anwar Ibrahim ( siri UMNO adalah parti perkauman)

Ceramah Anwar Ibrahim pada Kongress Parti Keadilan Rakyat 2006 ( video boleh ditonton di www.malaysia-today.net ) membangkitkan beberapa isu. Untuk membicarakan kesemua isu itu pasti menyulitkan. Oleh itu saya menjemput rakyat Malaysia untuk membicarakan salah satu isu utama yang diketengahkan oleh Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim dalam ucapan beliau menggambarkan bahawa UMNO adalah parti perkauman dan setiap kali UMNO merasa tergugut maka isu perkauman dibangkitkan. Anwar Ibrahim menyatakan bahawa formula parti perlbagai kaum adalah relevan sekarang ini dan dasar seperti Dasar Ekonomi Baru harus di lupuskan kerana ianya hanya membantu golongan elitis UMNO yang merompak hasil rakyat biasa.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia adalah parti yang melangkah dari pemisahan kaum kepada satu bentuk perpaduan yang akan membantu semua kaum. Kepimpinan Keadilan terdiri dari pelbagai bangsa dan ini menunjukkan bahawa parti itu lebih relevan dari UMNO. Menurut Anwar Ibrahim, setelah 50 tahun merdeka kita masih lagi mengamalkan politik perkauman dan lebih memburukkan keadaan UMNO menggunakan isu ini sebagai senjata apabila mereka tertekan.

Adakah formula struktur Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia yang terdiri dari berbagai kaum adalah struktur yang terbaik? Adakah struktur ini mampu menjaga kepentingan politik orang - orang Melayu? Adakah hak - hak keistimewaan orang Melayu harus digugurkan memandangkan demokrasi menyeluruh adalah pegangan Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia? Mampukah Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia memjaga hak orang - orang Melayu dalam kedudukan mereka yang dipimpinan oleh pemimpin dari berbagai kaum? Persoalan - persoalan ini harus kita fikirkan bersama dalam membicarakan isu UMNO adalah parti perkauman. Saya menjemput ahli - ahli UMNO, PAS dan pembangkang lain seperti DAP serta rakyat menyeluruh untuk membicarakan secara terbuka. Ini adalah satu persoalan penting yang harus kita perbincangkan sebelum kita membuat keputusan dalam memilih kepimpinan dan parti memerintah.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Pemuda UMNO mahu bela MELAYU

Bukan perkara baru - akan bermesyuarat - akan melakukan sesuatu perubahan untuk Melayu , bagi membela nasib Melayu yang terpinggir di kota. Melayu akan terpinggir jauh dari pembangunan arus perdana kata Khairy Jamaluddin Naib Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO. Dalam melihat kenyataan ini akhbar Berita Harian 3hb September 2006 , saya termenong seketika, sejak 1971 lagi sewaktu Tun Abdul Razak mula membicarakan DEB hari ini kita menceritakan mengenai Melayu bakal terpinggir dari arus pembangunan.

Teringat saya mengenai cebisan tulisan saya yang belum sempat yang suarakan dalam blog saya. Mencari cebisan tersebut dan inilah kata - kata sempat saya cakar :

Anak Bangsa ini,
Kini berdiri,
Lesu berbicara
Di sisi,
Di tepi
Mengeleng - geleng,
Menyesali diri,
Tidak ada tempat lagi,
Anak bangsa ini,
Diambang mati
9/5/2006 Melawati 1.52pm

Adakah kali ini - dikota kata. Exco Pemuda UMNO akan bermesyuarat - seolah mengerti apa erti Melayu di kota dan di desa. Apa erti kesusuhan mereka dan siapa yang menyusahkan mereka. Kenapa tidak mahu ditanya hanya duduk membicarakan erti - diertikan sendiri, duduk mencari jawapan - dijawabnya sendiri - duduk mengatur langkah - menari ikut rentak sendiri. Bila mana kita mahu melihat Melayu itu bangkit, bila mana mahu kita lihat Melayu itu bangsa bermaruah dan bermartabat.

Akhirnya Khairy berkata " perkara seumpama itu sepatutnya tidak berlaku kerana kerajaan yang memimpin negara sejak merdeka diterajui Umno dan sepatutnya nasib orang Melayu lebih terbela." Apa pula kata Melayu?